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He sat there rather stunned with his hand at his lips where she had touched him. He was dazed for one, she had not thrown herself into his strong arms two and for the three, she had in fact touched him. She had touched him and it had been gentle and soft. For these three reasons he wanted to leap up and chase after her and make her listen to his yammering and be distracted by his rather spectacular body. He shook his head a final time and stood leaving The Sexual Practices of Trolls and Gnomes on the table. The book he needed was the sexual practices of odd teenagers.

His first class was Charms which he was quite pleased to find out was shared with Gryffindor house. They all stood around Slytherin on one side of the room Gryffindor on the other waiting for Professor Flitwick to appear and assign there seats. And there in the corner of the room was his girl. She appeared to be squishing herself up against the wall as if by some means of escape. This made him bite his bottom lip trying to stifle a laugh from her ridiculous position.

Suddenly the short professor burst in the room a pile of books in his arms. He shuffled his way over to his desk where he let the books fall with a thud and then turned to regard the line of students before him.”First welcome back.”He told them in his squeak.”Since you are all seventh years and this is not your first time let us get to work right off.”

When no one moved he scowled for a bit then smiled and toddled back over to his desk picking up the parchment with their names scrawled upon it. “I’ll have to seat you then wont I.” he chortled to himself and pointed at the back row and called out the name of a rather grungy looking Gryffindor named Antius Anderson. Next a few Slytherins he knew and a few Gryffindors then he was called and he made his way to his seat which luckly was by a window. He plopped his book bag down and looked around the room to see where the girl went.

But she was already on the move and coming right to him. To his delight she took the seat at the table right next to him. She sat quickly and huddle herself up as if trying to avoid touching him even though he sat rather far off from her.”Fancy meeting you here.” He whispered to her.

She of course did not look up just started down at her hands that sat in her lap.”My name is Leif if you didn’t know.” He told her quietly “I’m head boy this year.” Still nothing in response.” Look I just want to know your name is all cant you tell me that.”

“Avalon” she said so quiet her barley caught it. He smiled smugly and sat back in his chair pleased by his charm.

“I’m Leif which I already said. I’m keeper for Slytherin have you seen me play.” He asked her his voice just as quiet as hers now.

She just shook her head and pulled out her charms book and opened it. He frowned at this and looked up to see that Flitwick had started a lecture and had scrawled a page number on the black board. Sulkily he pulled out his own book and opened to the page requested.

Classes dragged on all day for Leif. He had taken a heavy load this year to make up for the pissing he had done the years before the list included Potions, Charms, Herbology, Ancient Runes, History of Magic, Defense against the Dark arts, and Transfiguration. And Leif was delighted to find that he shared almost every class with the Avalon. This would make things much easier he decided. It would be hard for her to resist this much eye candy all the time. She may have been a loony but she was still a girl and a girl he could manage.

As he left Ancient Runes he spotted her quickly walking/running ahead of him making for the library. He smiled and put on speed himself knocking the odd first and second year aside. When he reached the library watched outside through the window in the door as she fled to the back to her table out of sight. So this is where she spent her time was it. He pushed the doors open and walked in for the second time in his life. The smell of books he had never really noticed until now and he decided her rather liked it. He could get used to spending time here. He ran his hand through his hair and made his way over to her back table. And sure enough there she sat looking very relaxed and very much like she had a few hours ago. He stood for a moment as if to analyze and he noticed her squirm under his stare and look at him from under her eye lashes. He smiled and sat down next to her and stuck out his hand at her.

“Let’s meet right and proper yeah.” He said holding it for her to take and shake.

She just looked at it for a time then looked back at him puzzled.”You take it and shake it so we have met good and proper.” He told her.

She put hers in his rather hesitantly and her gripped in gently and shook it.” So Avalon where do you come from.” She just looked at him and pulled her hand out of his slowly.”Look I know you can talk I have heard you I am just trying to be friendly.”

She furrowed her brow then replied.” I can talk I just don’t want to waste my words on something so trivial” Turning away.

He sat rather stunned for a second. No girl had ever spoken it him in such a way. Trivial!! He was rather insulted.”Oi that was pretty hurtful.” He said rubbing his chest as if pierced by some barb.

“I know you are not used to people telling you the truth about your lack of character and the fact that you are not irresistible but I know you need to hear it from someone. There for I am not going to waste my time getting to know you because you are only going to get insulted and leave.” And she was of course right. He did not just leave he stormed out of the library making Madame Pince look up rather concerned for the books sakes. Avalon watched him leave rather impassively then turned back to her books and let out a breath she did not know she was holding.

In the common room he threw his bag on the black leather couch beside the happily glowing fire and joined it with a plop. His eye brows furrowed with her words. Lack of character and not irresistible! This bird was not just a nutter she was mean on top of it all. He let out a breath and started thinking on a new plan. Charm was out of the question. She was like Sprout not swayed by his good looks and fast words. No she was different and this was going to be a challenge.

“How was the first day” Mikko said coming around the couch and sitting beside his best mate. He looked rather tired after a long first day himself but still had the light of mischief in his eyes like always.

“Horrible.” Leif groaned.

“Horrible? I take it she did not fall right on your Er, in your arms” Mikko asked grinning.

“She insulted me. Went right for the kill she did. Bout pulled my balls right off.”

Mikko laughed at his friend and tried hard the imagine the scene that had taken place. Merlin, he loved Leif but a bit of humbling was good for every bloke including him.” Well a good plan is in order I believe. Since Allan has already got Megean making eyes at him. And he is making eyes at her. Well at least certain parts of her.”

Grabbing a throw pillow Leif pushed it into his face and groaned.” This is impossible.” He said pulling it away and looking at Mikko” she is a real freak like a complete nutter.”

“She sounds perfect for you mate.”Leif glowered.”You just need a plan obviously she does not like the you that you flaunt around you need to make her a you she can fall in love with.”

“How do I do that all she does is go to classes and sit in the library. She barely even eats.” He bellowed.

“I don’t buy it, you follow her around and see what she does, ten galleons says she is doing something besides studding.”Mikko said thoughtfully.

“Like what!” Leif exclaimed.

“That is for you to find out not me.”Mikko said taking out a flask of fire whiskey and unscrewing the lid.” For the road.” He said handing it to Leif.
Leif took a gulp and handed it back getting to his feet.” I won’t be back till late.”

“That’s more like it.” Mikko cheered.

“Might get detention or points taken.” He continued.

“Here here”

“But I will follow her and find her secrets.” He turned then and stormed out of the common room in the Hogwarts cellars and back up to the library.

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