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The Vampire's Pet by Rather Be a Malfoy
Chapter 1 : The Case File
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Hermione Granger was scared out of her wits. For some strange reason she had become an Auror; better yet, she was crazy enough to take on a dangerous solo case. She didn't realise that by taking the file she would be tracking down rouge vampires. Vampires that were also Death Eaters.It has been almost five years since the war ended. All the Death Eaters were locked away in Askaban; well, all but a few handfull. Now though, Hermione Granger was more scared than she had ever been during the war. Why? It all started with that case file....


"Harry!" I exclaimed as my best friend walked into my office, "How nice to see you!" When I noticed his crestfallen face, my smile faltered.

"Mione, I am sorry, if I had any other choice I wouldn't give you this file. We are so short on Aurors this month, it isn't meant to be a solo mission, but I have no choice. Just promise me you'll be careful. This case isn't even safe for a whole team of Aurors."

"Of course Harry." He smiled a small smile before handing me a case file and quickly leaving the room. I took my time looking through the file. Vampires that had sided with Voldemort during the war, who had been on the run since four years ago, were finally spotted in the mountains. They had been attacking travelers to those parts, and were quickly getting out of hand. Harry was right, this wasn't meant to be a solo mission.

I didn't want to waste any time on this case, the sooner it's done, the better. I apparted to the mountains and spent a few hours scouting the area. It started to be dark around 8pm, so I moved to set up camp. Before I could put protective spells around me, a body collided with mine knocking the wind out of me.

"You are an adorable meal, you know that?" A familiar voice graced my ears.

"You always were a charmer Zabini. You know you're supposed to be dead right?"

"How did you know my name?" He asked looking into my face. "Granger. Of course. What in Merlin's name are you doing here? You're an Auror aren't you? Boss said we couldn't harm Aurors, but I think he'd make an exception with a Mudblood like you." The usually cold Slytherin looked kind of scared, "but maybe I should check first."

"Who's Boss?" I asked. He ignored my question, pulling me up off of the ground with a rough jerk on my arm. 

"Come on." He pulled me after him. I tried to pull away, but human Zabini was much stronger than me; vampire Zabini couldn't even be moved. I gave up and let him drag me along through mountain passes. We finally reached a cave after about half an hour, but I couldn't be sure. I tried to reach for my wand, but it was snagged on the inside of my boot. "Boss I think you should see who I found in the west  mountains today while hunting. I thought you might like to have some fun with her first."

"Brought me a meal have you? I am perfectly capable of finding food for myself Blaise." Without Boss stepping out from the shadows, or even looking up, I instantly knew who Boss was.

"Hello Malfoy. Did you miss me?" He spun around and his silver eyes locked onto my hazel ones.

"Granger. Blaise go clean up her camp and leave her with me. Tell everyone not to disturb me for once." He said without breaking eye contact. Zabini nodded and left the cave.

"You never did answer me Malfoy." I told him as he circled around me slowly. I stood completely still.

"Yes Mudblood, I did miss you." He whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine. "There is no one decent to argue with since we left Hogwarts. Everyone here is too afraid of me to argue with me."

"Are you going to kill me Malfoy?" I asked, trying to keep the fear from my voice. I couldn't reach my wand, and since I hadn't expected to attract the vampires' attention so quickly, I wasn't ready. He spun me around to face him in one smooth motion and forced me to look into his eyes. He smirked.

"No. I don't think I will Granger." He cocked his head to the side and added as an afterthought, "yet."

"Oh?" I asked. "And why may I ask, are you keeping me alive when you have killed every other traveler in these mountains?" He shrugged.

"Pure entertainment."

"How did you and Zabini get to be vampires? And When? And why are you killing-"

"Ah, ah, ah. Not too many questions, my Pet." He sneered.

"Pet?" I glared at him, he just laughed in response.

"Oh yes, you will be my Pet." he stepped foward and trailed a cold finger down my jawline. "Anyhow, people don't eat their pets do they?"

"I couldn't exactly call you a person. More like a monster." I spat.

"My Pet, I am just as much of a person as you are."

"Malfoy quit playing head games with me and answer some of my damn questions."

"Pets are supposed to be obediant to their Masters." I drew my wand on him.

"Really? Because in my case it's not bloody likely." He snatched my wand from my hand so quickly I didn't see him move. He easily snapped it in half.

"Now I get to have some fun."

A/N please read and review. *hands out cookies to all reviewers in advance* Thanks!

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The Vampire's Pet: The Case File


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