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Disclaimer: Hereby disclaim that not one sherrick of this is mine. Not the world, not the spells, not the characters, not the anything. Sadface =[

Women am probably definitely maybe in love with, 2
Problems this poses, 2 (times infinity million billion) ,
Strings starting to be pulled, 2 (again, although neither by self)

Still Saturday 10 February


Still 11ish p.m. Somewhere in centralish Muggle London.

Hngggg.”  Oh, appear to have said that out load. Wish was spell to retract words, not Memory Charm obviously as illegal, but vaguely similar.

Was standing roughly between bar and dancefloor. Normally wouldn’t be an issue. Annah, in tiny dress, or – well who cares? Annah in tiny dress wins.
However, at bar, next to girl leaning ever so casually, was the source of the ‘hnggg’

She was long, she was lean and she had possibly the greatest afro known to man. Thanked Merlin and similar that she was black, as white people with afros are both rather hilaro and downright embarrassing.

Must have felt eyes on her, as tilted her head around slightly. Eyes caught, smiles flashed.


Rarely, if ever have been displeased to have Annah holding elbow. Afro Girl, complete with this brilliant, wide, red headband, looked at self with deeply amused look and turned back to her friend. Worst.

As non-verbal communication tends to take place in less even than a flash of seconds, not entirely sure if Annah had seen – then again, as with Dominique, best just to assume had.

“Who’s the girl then?”


So while had assumed, still bloody surprising.

“You’ve got that look on your face. Bit dazed, bit not there, bit how you used to look at me?”

Blushed inadvertently. Although suppose no such thing as non-inadvertent blush. 

“I’m just joking Louis,” she laughed.. “No need for that.”

“Shuddup,” I muttered, even if lips starting to curl upwards. She’s got a fantastic laugh Annah, a proper laugh, amusement written all across her face.

Trying to fight back her giggles, she pressed on. “Well are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to guess?”

“You can guess seeing as what how you know me so well.” Realised may have sounded rather petulant. As petulance not unusual state of being, decided not to modify anything.

“Alright, but you watch this, I’m not even going to ask for three guesses, first go.”

Maintained dignified silence.

“Hmm let’s see then…”

Don’t know why spend so much time with girls. Always seem to spend most of time mocking self. Way uncalled for.

“She’s got to be at least as pretty as you, which rules out pretty much everyone,  you aren’t really all that interested in blondes, got to have good cheekbones, maybe look a bit quirky , a bit out there? Oh, and she’s got to dress well, which pretty much leaves no one in the entire world, save that stunning girl with the afro over there?”

I hate her.

“Did I ever tell you how much I hate you?”

More laughter. Far too much laughter. “I know her actually –“

“What? Really?”

“Well, not so much know as know of. She’s an assistant stylist for Chloe Vanderlay, this photographer I know. Meant to be a right piece of work.

Unfortunately, hearing things like that didn’t so much dissuade self as manically encourage. May have issues.

“Go on then, what’s her name?”

“No idea, why don’t you go ask her?”

“Because, like, well, I’d have to talk to her then wouldn’t I?”

Once more she broke into hysterical giggles, “Good bloody thing you’re pretty!”

Stood and sulked. “I’m getting a drink.”

“You do that.”

“I will!”



Totally won that round. Strode purposefully over to the bar, walking with purpose surely being better than not. Arrived and realised that didn’t exactly have plan for what to do once arrived. Could always go and talk to the girl, but then felt that might rather have proved Annah’s point, even though not entirely sure what Annah’s point was.
Looked over at Afro Girl again, ridiculously tight red dress being worn. Worn so perfectly it didn’t even clash with the red headscarf thing.
Drew money out of jeans pocket and began waving it round in vague manner to gain attention of the be-stubbled bartender.

“Hey man, can I get a rum and coke?”

“Rum and coke?”

“Could you get me a vodka – raspberry while you’re at it?” a female voice interrupted.

Both self and hipster-slovenly bartender turned towards voice. Stared blankly for a minute. Bartender bloke recovered rather quicker than self.

“Er, she with you mate?”

“Um, yeah, yeah sure she is.”

Vaguely bemused, vaguely amused, vaguely unsure, vaguely vague. Definitely intrigued.

“ Hi…. I guess?”

“I’m Charlie.”

Good name, Charlie. Really good name actually. Clearly not masculine, but determinedly  feminine. In like, hot lesbian band-member sort of way. Repeated in head a few times for affect. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie and Louis, Louis and Charlie…

Jerked back to present with somewhat sheepish gaze. “Oh, I’m Louis.”

“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Louis,” she smiled over her glass.

Sat back and looked at her for a minute. Then turned head just to the side and saw Annah dancing with unreasonably tall and unreasonably good looking youth. Suddenly overcome by horrendous feeling of jealousy.

Turned back to Charlie, with somewhat of a wince on face. “Yeah… this isn’t really going to work.”

She shrugged, wry smile on her face. “Hey man, it happens. Her in the black dress?”

Nodded ruefully. “How’d you know?”

“You’ve not really stopped looking at her since you got here.”

“Ahh.” Was own witty riposte. “Well, that would rather do it wouldn’t it?”

She laughed. Good to know still had charm. Veela charm anyway. “She’s fierce, can’t really blame you. Although…” Slightly awkward look crossed her face. “Umm… you might want to do something about that though.”

Turned again to see Annah dancing far, far too provocatively with the youth. Found hand sliding into pocket almost of own accord. Flung quick Trip Jinx across the room, watched it catch his ankles and send him hurtling into a group of girls, drinks flying everywhere. Really rather brutal chain reaction. One of the drink spillers copped a slap, then suddenly was on for one and all. Eyes widened slightly at consequences of actions. Saw Annah slip from fracas and cast half admiring, half distinctly-unimpressed look.

“Okay what the hell was that? You just waved some stick then suddenly everything’s gone off? I mean, what the fuck man?”

Was Charlie sounding rather panicked. Couldn’t entirely blame her. Realised would need to do something about memory. Also, if she’d seen the wand, likely the bars cameras had picked it up as well. Typical Muggles, have to make everything bloody complicated.
Over the sound of the rapidly growing brawl, managed to make self heard.

“I’ll just have to go and sort this out, you coming?”

There was a crash behind us, sounded rather like a table smashing.

“You better go get that footage Louis.” Annah emerged from nowhere to inform me. “Oh, and Obliviate!

As the familiar glazed look came across Charlie’s eyes, Annah continued. “Come on mate, Statute of Secrecy, can’t just let Muggles see you casting spells, and if they do, you sort them out yeah?”

“Don’t you think that was just a little bit harsh? And not to mention completely illegal. How much did you even wipe?”

“Hardly any, no need to go and get all precious over it, I’ll watch her, you just go get rid of that footage.”


Stomped out and around the bar, couple of quick Confundus Charms smoothing passage. Opened door towards management area, found room containing computer linked to all surveillance cameras. Cast a Magnetising Charm on it, completely wiping the hard-drive. Who’s awesome? Me. Totally awesome.

Walked back out to see Annah sitting watching the carnage with still rather dazed looking Charlie. “Alright, done. What are we doing now?”

“Leaving before the police come, let’s go.”

“Alright fine, but you really didn’t need to make the Charm that strong. Just saying.”

“The funny thing is, you’ve only got yourself to blame for this. It’s entirely your fault. ” The amused tone had re-entered her voice. Not at an appropriate or appreciated time either. That I wasn’t actually going to do anything about, or with, Charlie irrelevant.


Tuesday 27 February

3.37 p.m. Work. Enough said.

Working hard, working hard, working hard, except not really working at all. Pretty much just doing the usual, smiling and nodding, had had a meeting earlier, but that was earlier. Not much to do until five, when could go home. Decided to see if Dom was around, Annah less of an option as usually actually had to work.

Stood up, stretched, not out of any real need - just felt it was the thing to do. And strode off down the corridors and lifts of power towards the Auror office. Aim to sneak in unobserved and unnoticed. Unlikely seeing as Harry was, well, Harry.

Exited the lift and decided confidence the best option. Clearly wouldn’t be stopped if appeared as if actually had purpose. Strode towards the cubicles, ducking the letters flying everywhere, winced slightly at the picture of Anton Dolohov pinned up centrally. Utterly evil man, brutal scar across face, twisted smile, downright scary. One of the original Death Eaters, he’d escaped from Azkaban not long before. Problem with having wizard guards, as opposed to Dementors, rather easier to escape from. Was fairly pressing issue, public fairly panicked, putting significant pressure on law enforcment types. Minister starting to get some serious criticism over the issue. Had briefly considered possibility that Dominique had something to do with it, then realised not even she was that crazy.

Spotted Dom over on far side of the room, red hair really rather visible. Bent over, seemingly working on something.

Whistled to capture attention. “Dom!”

She turned her head, as didn’t have awesome swivel chair like self.

“Hey Louis, whats up?”

“I’m bored. What are you writing?”

“Eh, nothing much, just a letter to Lily.”

“Lily… Potter?”

“Do you know another one?”

Scoffing tone definitely uncalled for.

“What are you writing to her for?”

“Going to see if she can shut down Hgwarts.”

Decided was a time where really best not to know. Didn’t sound good however.

“Oh,” she continued, “I meant to ask, have you got those photos of Molly? Sam gave them to you when she left?”

Felt flicker of emotional trauma cross face at the mention of the name. “Nope. Haven’t. Maybe she put them in a box somewhere?””

“Alright, well can you write her and find out where they are? Kind of need them.”

Again, felt prudent course of action probably to stay as far removed from things as possible. Couldn’t entirely tell how much progress had been made on the grand plan to topple the Minister, save that the general public did seem to be rather angrier than normal. Unsure as to whether was genius work by Annah and Dom, or just one of those things that, you know, happens. Reminded of plan, looked back over shoulder to the poster, then back at Dom. She noticed.

“Oh come on Louis, give me some credit here! As if you actually think I’d do that.”

Actually looked rather offended at the thought. Not entirely offended/horrified like most would be, more a fairly standard unimpressed glare, which was rather used to anyway. Held up hands in universal gesture of surrender. “Alright, alright, had to ask.”

“Bloody cheek. While you’re here actually, you’re still in contact with that opposition guy yeah? Completely forgotten his name, umm.. What is it?”


“Yeah, yeah, that’s the one. We’re going to need him fairly soon, just going to feed him a tiny little piece of information. Hardly anything really.”

Saw eyes darting oddly over right shoulder. Dominique normally the type who stares one down, full eye contact all the way. Rather intimidating when not used to it. To see her distracted slightly unnerving. Remembered that there was a certain poster behind self.

Felt anger rising up inside self. Voice came out harsh and grating.

“What have you done?”

 A/N: Man, am I not just the worst at updating? Although with that said, did say I was on something of a roll in the A/N of that Victoire novella thing as what’s just up so who’s to say. Anywayy, another chapter of Louis. It’s not my favourite, not as funny or as actinony or anything as most of the others really, but still, it’s something which is more than usual. Hope you kids liked it, if you did please do let me know! Oh, and last thing, there’s probably not going to be any new pretty girls for a while. Probably. Until next time or whatever XD

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