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Blue Skies Don’t Last Forever
  Fab Chapter image by HarryandGinnyPotter@TDA

Prologue: A Winter Night


It was cold, snowflakes were floating lazily in the night. I loved watching them up in the third story balcony. Here in this room. Everyone was downstairs, drinking and laughing. Happy that Teddy had finally proposed to Victoire. That was the end of my hope, the hope that he would leave her to be with me. I could feel my heart breaking slowly as he kneeled on one knee and pulled out the tiny velvet box, holding a gaudy over priced ring. It fit her perfectly, she always like things like that.


Of course she’d said yes. Everyone in my family was so sure that they were destined for one another but, what about me? I wanted him. I love him. But, of course nobody even realized that I was here enjoying the winter night even when my heart was breaking. Tears froze on my eyelashes, forming tiny glistening diamonds.


I don’t know how long it was before I heard footsteps approaching me on the balcony. I didn’t care who it was, as long as it wasn’t Victoire shoving her ring in my face again. If she asked me to be Maid of Honor or a Bridesmaid, I will push her off this balcony. “Hey Dom, why are you up here alone?” asked a voice. His voice.


“Just enjoying the winter night. It’s quite beautiful isn’t it?” I asked in a whisper, as he leaned against the balcony rail next to me. I could smell the Fire Whiskey on his breath. I expected his eyes to at least look happy or glowing because he’d just gotten engaged to his dream girl. But, they didn’t, there was tension or something in his eyes. He looked me dead in my eyes before bringing his face close to mine.


“Beautiful, you’re so beautiful,” he whispered, as the chilly winter air blew through his electric blue tresses. I couldn’t believe I was here with him. I never would have thought this would happen, that he would see me as anything but, little Dominique Weasley the girl next door. But, he did. He thought I was beautiful. I wanted him to kiss me but, I knew he wouldn’t.


“No…she’s beautiful…I’m not…I don’t look like her,” I said, looking up at him through my lashes. He chuckled softly before taking my hand in his.


“Of course you are, don’t ever try to bring yourself down. You’re very beautiful, you don’t have to look like her to be beautiful, you’re perfect the way you are. You’re you and that makes you beautiful to me,” he said, making me smile. He sure loved the word beautiful.


“Thanks, um…maybe you should go back to the party. People might start talking,” I said, as his warm hand slid off of mine.


“Sure, but first…look up,” he said, smiling his bright smile. I looked up and gasped as the silvery white mistletoe gleamed above us in the moonlit sky. I loved the balcony here at my Grandparents’ home in France. We were visiting for Christmas and he was with us. It made Christmas even better. “Don’t want to break a tradition, do you?” he asked, looking into my eyes. I looked at it for another second, blushing before I looked right back at him. He smiled and before I knew it, his lips were pressed tenderly against mine.


“I want you,” I whispered, hoarsely. His lips were like ecstasy coursing through my veins. I wanted to tell him that I loved him but, I didn’t want him to know. I didn’t want to ruin this moment.


He complied scooping me up in his arms while I wondered what it would be like to be his lover. He carried me into his lone room that he shared with no one seeing as Louis was with his girlfriend’s family in Italy this Christmas. I didn’t think of the consequences in the moments of our lovemaking. I melted under his touch as his hands explored my body.


I moaned as he slowly slipped in, caressing my neck with his lips. I ran my fingers through his tousled sapphire locks and cried to the Heavens as he uttered my name in hoarse breathy whispers, as if confessing his love. I moaned his name as his hands ran down the plains of my back. I loved every bit of him and he didn’t even know.


But, I wasn’t thinking about that, or about the fact that Papa, Maman, Grandmere, Grandpere, and Victoire were downstairs drunk and laughing. Unaware that Victoire’s Teddy and Daddy’s little Dominique were making love. I can’t make excuses, I wasn’t drunk and I knew exactly what I was doing. I guess the mood had something to do with it. He kissed me again, as we both hit that perfect climax.


I was so glad that he was my first, I was so happy that in that moment I didn’t care about anything. I was in his arms and he had taken me. I didn’t even care that Victoire was his first. He was my first and he was here with me. I just didn’t count on something changing everything in my seemingly perfect life.


“I love you,” I whispered, as I snuggled in his arms and closed my eyes. I never heard him say it back, I never even heard his reply. All I know is that, the next morning, I was in my pajamas and in my bed, in my room.


A/N: Okay so it’s a little to blah for my liking. It will get better, at least I’ll try to make it better. Thanks for reading this. It’s my first Teddy/Dom. Fic title inspired by the song I would Stop the World by Charles and Eddie.

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