The trip to Hogwarts had been rather uneventful. Hermione had sat in silence most of the way, thinking things over, and letting the chatter of her friends surround her. She just couldn’t feel the excitement that they did. This was their last year, with the exception of Ginny, and she really should be more excited about it. She loved school. Hopefully after a little time back at Hogwarts, she would relax and enjoy herself a bit more. If she kept herself occupied, she could stop thinking about the puzzle of her adoption. There was one thing that kept playing on her mind over and over. Why couldn’t she remember her old family? She was two when they gave her up, surely she should remember something.

The welcome feast wasn’t much more exciting either. The sorting hat done it’s job, Dumbledore made his usual speech, Ron inhaled most of the food and again, Hermione kept to herself. She couldn’t help but notice that Harry and Ron hadn’t even realised that she wasn’t participating in the conversation. Ginny, however, kept throwing her worried glances. Hermione picked at her food but barely ate. More food for Ron she guessed. She was right, he helped himself to her food while Ginny threw him a hateful glare.

“May I have your attention one more time please?” Dumbledore’s voice echoed throughout the hall. Silence fell immediately and all eyes were on him. “I just have one more thing to announce. As you all know, another year is upon is, and therefore we have a new Head Boy and Girl. Please put your hands together for Miss Hermione Granger and Mr Draco Malfoy.” Polite applause followed before Dumbledore cleared his throat again. “If Miss Granger and Mr Malfoy could please wait behind after the feast with a chosen friend, the rest of you may proceed to you Common Rooms.”

Almost immediately chairs were scraping against the floor as students head to their Common Rooms. Harry and Ron were among those. Hermione rolled her eyes. “Ginny, would you mind?” She asked. Ginny turned to smile warmly at her.

“Of course not. I’m not surprised you didn’t pick either of those insensitive idiots. We are going to talk about what’s bothering you later.” Ginny stated. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Hermione felt a warm sense of relief flood through her. At least someone had noticed that she wasn’t herself. She had always known that Ginny was the more sensitive of her friends. The hall was now almost empty. Hermione and Ginny made their way to the front to greet Dumbledore. They barely glanced at Malfoy and his friend. What was his name? Zambini? Zabini? Something like that. Dumbledore smiled before them.

“Well, congratulations are in order Miss Granger, Mr Malfoy. I am sure you will do the school proud. As I am sure you are aware, there is a Head Common room with sleeping quarters for our Head Boy and Girl. You will be expected to carry out meetings with prefects and plan any events such as Hogsmeade trips and balls in these quarters. Though usually only the Head Boy and Girl would live in these quarters, I am more than aware of the rivalry that comes between you and I would really like that you didn’t torture each other this year. For this reason, I am allowing you to choose a friend to live with you, to hopefully keep you both sane. This is providing that it is OK with your chosen friends?” Ginny and Blaise both nodded eagerly. “Well, that is that then. Follow me, I shall show you to your Common Room.”

Dumbledore made to walk out of the Great Hall and the four students followed him. Hermione didn’t dare so much as glance at Malfoy. She would want to hex him into an oblivion if she did. She was stuck with him for a whole year and she had no idea how she would survive. It didn’t take long to reach the Common Room. It was on the second floor behind a marvellous painting of a child mermaid.

“Well, this is your Common Room for meetings and such. Living quarters are easily found. I hope you enjoy your last year at Hogwarts. I must be off now. Oh, before I forget, the password is ‘I like fluffy pink bunny rabbits’. Quite a cheerful password if I say so myself. Well, toodle-oo.”

And with that, Dumbledore was gone. Hermione and Ginny had let out a small snort at the mention of the password. This would be fun. They turned back to the mermaid child who was waiting impatiently.

“Well?” The young mermaid asked in a shrill voice. Malfoy looked expectantly at Hermione.

“Uhh, I seem to have forgotten the password. Would you do the honours Ginny?” Hermione glanced at Ginny with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Ginny smirked.

“Oh dear, I seem to be as forgetful as you. Now what was that darn password.” Ginny pondered, looking deep in thought. It took a lot for Hermione to not laugh. Malfoy and Blaise glared at each other.

“Dude, I am not saying it. You say it. You were always more in touch with your feminine side.” Blaise said, a huge smirk on his face. Hermione and Ginny almost choked holding back their laughter. Hermione had never heard this boy talk before, but she was liking him already. Anyone who dissed Malfoy was welcome for tea and biscuits with her anytime. Malfoy’s jaw was hanging open in astonishment. He quickly recovered and returned the smirk.

“Oh, really? I seem to remember that you were the one who used to steal your mother’s lipstick and wear it up until you were seven. I seem to remember that your colour of preference was ‘Candy Apple’.” Blaise skin flushed a little as he ignored the roar of laughter from the girls (including the child mermaid).

“Oh you wanna go there? Fine. Well I seem to remember having to help you make a pink glitter sashay for your Miss England costume. You know, the red bikini and stilettos. You even wanted to put on your own catwalk.” Malfoy’s hears beamed red as the horror of the memory flooded through him. Hermione and Ginny could barely stand from laughing so hard. “Oh yeah, and remember the time…”

“SHUT UP. I’ll say the damn password.” Malfoy growled. Hermione’s shoulders sagged slightly in disappointment. She really did want to hear more embarrassing stories involving Malfoy. “ilikefluffypinkbunnyrabbits.” Malfoy muttered. Hermione bit her lip in amusement.

“I’m sorry sir, I can’t hear you.” The little mermaid girl replied timidly. Malfoy growled.

“I like fluffy pink bunny rabbits.” Malfoy repeated, a little louder this time. The little mermaid child imitated putting a finger in her ear to clear it out.

“I’m sorry sir, I still can’t-”

Malfoy roared, completely enraged.

“Really Mr. Malfoy, I’m sure you do, but please refrain from informing the whole school, I’d hate to think what it would do to your reputation.” They all whirled around to see Professor Snape standing behind them. Malfoy flushed red as the other three fell about laughing. “Quiet please, and enter your Common Room before I start docking points before you have even had the chance to earn them. Now!”

All four obeyed and turned to enter the Common Room. After all the hilarity, Hermione decided that it may not be such a bad year after all.

You know what they say about famous last words.

Author’s Note - Hope you all enjoyed the latest instalment. I thought a little bit of comedy would brighten you all up (I know I’ve had a miserable day). And as promised to readers of the original story, I did not forget about the fuffy pink bunny rabbits! Look out for the next chapter shortly.

As most of you know, I don’t like to badger for reviews. But I’m not receiving as much feedback as I hoped for, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I love every review that I get! But I would really appreciate it if you could just take a few minutes of your time to tell me what you think of the story. Will you continue reading? If not, what would make the story more interesting? What direction are you hoping the story will go in? I am also more that happy to receive constructive criticism. Every writer strives to better themselves, and your thoughts and comments can really help.

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