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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that has to do with Harry Potter, that right belongs to the lovely and talented .J.K. Rowling, I just like to play in her World Sometimes. Please leave a review, and tell me what you think, Thank You!

Remus Lupin paced the front porch of Lily and James Potter's house, racking his hand through his hair as his friends sent worried glances at him. Lily Potter sat next to her new friend Tonks, Remus' wife, in a porch swing as they chatted, occasionally spearing quick glances at Remus.

"He's just really worried," sighed Tonks, to her red-head friend. Lily being dead far longer than Tonks nodded her head. She understood what it was like to worry over a child you couldn't hold anymore. "And your not, though...." Lily asked her, right now, pink-haired friend curiously. Tonks shook her head as she watched her husband pace pass them for what must have been the fortieth time in the past twenty minutes they had waited for Dumbledore to arrive.

"I'm more anxious," she told Lily. "I mean what If I get too attached to watching him or if I break down in tears eery time I see him, and what if it just makes me-" Lily cut across her friend, "sad." She finished with a small smile. "Yeah," Tonks said returning the smile.

"It does watching at first, feeling sad, even a little resentful, then you feel like you should let them get on with their lives without watching," Lily said with a laugh. "Do you feel like you should be giving Harry his privacy now?" Tonks asked Lily. "Yes, of course I'll check in on him from time to time, but he's an adult now and he now is going to be getting to less trouble without Voldemort around, and besides he'll have a family of his own one of these days," Lily trailed off smiling to herself at the thought of Harry, happy and laughing, maybe throwing his child in the air and catching the child in his arms as the child squealed, laughing.

"So You'll watch over Teddy as a kid and you'll be able to start soon, too." Lily said, reaching over and squeezing her friend's hand. Tonks smiled and rolled her eyes as her husband past for the eightieth time. "Merlin, really, Your going to dig a whole in the porch if you continue like that Mooney," James said as he shut the house door and past Remus, as he sat on the edge of Lily's side of the porch swing. His hand snacked up to her waist and drew circles on her back and smiled as she shivered at his touch. "Maybe later...." He thought to himself, with a private grin.

Lily shifted in her seat and gently scooted away from James. The man was never at anytime not up for some alone time, even sending Sirius away once or twice, much to Sirius' amusement.

And as if appearing out of thin air, a familiar barking laugh met the people on the porch ears. Sirius Black stood at the railing of the porch and easily swung himself over it and right into the rocking chair near the porch swing. Murmuring hellos to Sirius, everyone greeted the dark haired man.

As James and Sirius started up a conversation, the women peered out into the vast lands of heaven, waiting for the approaching figure that would surely come soon.

And soon they heard the familiar sounds of someone apparating onto their land as the familiar long white hair and beard of their old Headmaster peered at them.

Gliding up their porch steps the man, that looked too innocent for his own good, smiled up at them. Twinkling blue eyes gazed at his old students through his well worn spectacles.

Professor Dumbledore did not look like a man that Voldemort feared, in fact he looked like a loving grandfather, which is what most of the people on the porch came to regard him as.

Smiling and bidding everyone hello, and insisting on Remus sitting, fifteen minutes later everyone was settled into a large room in the Potter's Manor. A big screen .t.v took up the space of one wall and a coffee table had been placed in the middle of the room. Snacks and other assortments of food lay along the table with comfy looking chairs surrounding it. The two windows in the room where the only source of light, but their curtains had been tightly shut and the room fell dark.

Taking seats, Remus and Tonks took up two seats together, while Sirius lounged on a chair looking very much like a King. Dumbledore graciously poured himself some tea and sat upon another chair near Sirius. Lily and James took up the couch, bickering lightly as they waited for the .t.v. to turn on.

"Remember, there are rules to follow," Dumbledore said, peering at his old students, his eyes still twinkling as he glanced at them all, lingering on Remus and Tonks.

"You can hear them, not touch them or speak to them, you can see them, but you must watch and never interfere," he listed the rules, Lily and James only half listening, as they had already heard the rules before.

"I must warn you to learn to let go and not to become obsessed, you are no longer in your son's life-" He stopped as Tonks opened her mouth to speak. "You were a part of it yes and always will be, but other people in his life have the job of keeping him safe now." He finished even as a look of hurt washed over Tonks' face.

"You care about him, yes, but others down there do as well and they will honor your memory by caring for the legacy you left behind." He said, gently patting Tonks' hand.

Then with a swish of his wand, the .t.v. began to glow a soft blue light and then it grew brighter until a scene came into view.

It was dark in the scene, night time peeking through the home of someone. Tonks recognized the living room as the one in her Parent's home and tears welled in her eyes. The scene changed to a bedroom upstairs, lighted by candles. A crib stood in the middle of the room, a mobile swinging over head played a soft melody. Fake stars glowed on the ceiling reflecting it's light on a couple who stood over the crib.

Recognition dawned on everyone's faces as they saw the face they had come to known these past years appear on the .t.v.'s screen.

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