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Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs entirely to JK Rowling.


Scorpius Malfoy


Chapter image by Esha@tda! 



“Weasley! Would you kindly pay attention! This is for your benefit!”

Rose snapped out of her wild racing thoughts and landed heavily back on earth.

“Sorry Professor,” she half groaned, blinking and rearranging her arms underneath her desk.

She heard a snicker from across the room. She knew it was Malfoy without even having to look. It was a familiar sound that she had been hearing for at least five years, and it always came from Malfoy. May snorted a lot, as Rose was told off for sleeping in class on a regular basis.

She undoubtedly had her mother’s brains, but the concentration and focused attention to her work was sorely missed.

In fact she had inherited a gift for dozing off in class, one that did not often come in useful.

“As I was saying,” continued Professor McGonagall, turning to the window.

Rose took this second when she wasn’t looking to flash a very rude had gesture in Malfoy’s direction. The whole class began to smirk. The slight whispers made McGonagall turn around again and silence fell,

“As I was saying,” she repeated, “Transfiguring something into a reptile can be very difficult. In fact few wizards manage to turn commonplace objects into a real cold-blooded reptile. Most are transfigured into things that look like reptiles, but then later on produce not eggs, but warm blooded offspring that they have given birth to themselves.”

The entire class grimaced. McGonagall wasn’t one to describe in detail, but even this way of explaining things made them cringe.

“I would like you to try with the pieces of parchment that I have laid out on your desks. Please remember only small lizards, no crocodiles. I doubt anyone here will find it amusing.”

She turned to her desk, clearly finished. The class began to talk amongst themselves, as they started waving their wands about and murmuring the spell, “Serpitius Reptilio.”

Rose turned to Laura who sat beside her, already pulling up the sleeves of her robes. Rose leaned forward onto her desk,

“So if you could just do mine while I have a snooze that would be-“

“Nice try,” said Laura, grinning at her,“How do you sleep at one in the afternoon?”

“Simple,” said Rose, “Listen to McGonagall drone on about-”

“Shh,” Laura interrupted as McGonagall swept to the front of Rose’s desk.

“I expect to see results Miss Weasley,” she said, “I’ve had just about enough of your laziness.”

Rose nodded resolutley. She flicked her hair out of her eyes and got out her wand, knowing she had to be focused.

Her first attempt was not a bad one. The parchment produced a scaly pattern and even a long quivering tail shot out one end. Rose sighed, feeling unimpressed. Most had not got this far, their parchment sitting placidly on the desk, doing nothing.

Rose was still not satisfied. It was bad enough that she knew how much her parents expected of her, but being Hermione Granger’s daughter, or even Ron Weasley’s daughter, proved to be difficult.

She had seen the photograph of Mum, Dad and Harry posing in front of Hogwarts all those years ago in almost every teacher’s office that she was sent into. It was right after they had defeated Lord Voldemort and his death eaters. The photograph made her feel more depressed than proud when she knew that this was what she had to keep up with.

Her thoughts were interrupted suddenly by a wand tapping loudly on her desk. She looked up.

“Weasley I now realise that you refuse to take my class seriously.” Professor McGonagall was gazing down at the tail that waved hopelessly about as the parchment remained still. “Therefore,” she continued, “I shall give you some extra books to read. I shall examine you on your knowledge in your own free time.”

Rose groaned.

“Wait here,” she continued, “the books are in my office. No talking.” She marched out of the room. Lucy patted Rose on the shoulder as she slumped down.

“Why can’t I just concentrate?” she whined.

“Oh, poor Weasley,” came a sneer from across the room. Rose looked back,

“Just shove off Malfoy,” she snapped.

“I’ll tell you why you can’t concentrate, Weasley,” he smirked, flicking his blond hair out of his eyes, “You may have inherited some so called intelligence, but you missed out on your mother’s mudblood brown nosing techniques.”

No one had time to gasp. In that split second Rose had shot up out of her seat, glaring at Malfoy with a rage that made people around her quite frightened.

She pointed her wand at Malfoy and a flash or bright purple light shot towards him.


When the light faded, Malfoy had disappeared.

Only his clothes lay in a heap on the floor. People started screaming and Rose gasped for air.

She had never felt so angry, or afraid.

What had she done?

Where had he gone?

But then, out of the shirt collar crawled a lizard.


Everyone yelled in horror as they clambered up onto their desks, so they wouldn’t step on it.

The lizard raised its head, and began to crawl down the leg of the chair and onto the floor.

Rose, suddenly in a panic, grabbed wildly at it, but the lizard took off. Rose began to chase it around the room as it ran under desks and over flagstones, moving further and further towards the big oak doors of the classroom.

“No, no, no, no,” muttered Rose, racing after it. She was almost there but then she saw a glass jar suddenly lay out on the ground. The lizard ran into it and someone picked up the jar.

Rose sighed with relief and drew herself up to thank whomever had captured it, but all thoughts of relief disappeared as she saw McGonagall standing above her, her eyes ablaze with fury.

“Whose lizard is this?” she asked thunderously. She looked about her at the panic stricken class. “Where is Mr. Malfoy?” she asked.


“It wasn’t too bad,” said Laura, “Detention every night for the next two weeks, seems fair to me, you know, considering that you turned one of her students into a reptile.” Rose smirked,

“He deserved it,” she said.

McGonagall had told her to wait outside while she turned Malfoy back into his usual, idiotic, scum bag self. Everyone else had gone to their next class by now so the halls were deserted.


A while later the doors creaked open and a dishevelled looking Malfoy appeared glaring at Rode. She glared back. McGonagall appeared beside him.

“Miss Thomas, you can go,” she said. Laura smiled apologetically at Rose and then walked away.

“Now then,” said McGonagall, turning to Rose, “It appears that you have transfigured Mr. Malfoy into a fully cold blooded reptile.” Rose gasped in delight,

“Well, professor it’s not just me,” she said, “I man Malfoy’s already cold-blooded so-”

“That’s enough Weasley!” snapped Professor McGonagall, “Although you hardly deserve any praise, your feat is quite impressive and, though you deliberately broke a school rule, I am inclined to believe that you did understand today’s class and I shall therefore not give you any extra books to read.” Rose grinned, “However,” McGonagall continued, “the detention still stands,” she turned to Malfoy, “for you too Mr. Malfoy.”

Malfoy looked outraged,
“I didn’t do anything! She was the one who transfigured me!”

“I wouldn’t say you did nothing Mr. Malfoy,” she said, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but using the word mud-blood as a derogatory term to offend a pupil or a pupils family is now also against the rules. I will not tolerate that kind of language.”

Malfoy stared defiantly at her. He was almost as tall as she was, Rose remarked to herself. She smirked. Now that Malfoy also had a detention, this day was just getting better and better.

“So that’s settled,” said McGonagall, “My office at eight O’clock tonight,” she strode off down the hall.

“Thanks a million Weasley,” Malfoy glared, “Do you know how many quidditch practices I’ll miss now?”

“Actually I do,” Rose snarled, “Because I’m also on the quidditch team. You remember, Gryffindor, the one that’ll beat you in a weeks time.”

Malfoy took a step closer, but Rose didn’t back down.

“I look forward to it,” he smirked.

“You look forward to being beaten?” Rose asked, laughing a little.

“No, I look forward to seeing your face when we win.”

“Ooh, chances of that are kind of slim Malfoy,” said Rose in mock concern, “I suppose you’ll just have to rely on luck.”

“As if I need anything to beat you, Weasley,” he smirked.

“As if I care Malfoy.”

“Please,” he sneered, “if you didn’t care you’d be halfway down that corridor right now.”

Rose glared and said,
“Fine, see you at eight.” And she marched off in the direction of her next class.

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