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Hermione rushed through her bedroom door and closed it quickly behind her. Her mind was blank and tumultuous all at the same time. She walked to her bed and fell flat on her back across it. How often was this going to happen? And how long would it take for her to be immune from his touch? She closed her eyes and relived the last hour.

His hands on her body. His mouth on hers. She'd tasted him, the spices and flavors that revolved around his tongue as it danced and mingled with hers. She'd been under an influence that was both ecstasy and torment. Ecstasy because he drugged her with his mouth. Torment because he represented everything she'd fought against for so long.

After she'd left the tower, she'd hurried down the stairs as fast as her legs would take her. But not fast enough.

"Granger!" His voice rang in her head along with the quite thud of his shoes on the floorboards behind her. She didn't turn around. "God damn it, Granger listen to me." He'd finally caught her and wrapped one strong hand around her upper arm. She pulled but he held fast.

She turned her head slightly, not looking at him but alerting him that she was listening.

"Granger we have to go see that old loon," his voice was even, low as he spoke to her. "I know I saw that white cat outside. Most likely it is just some Hufflepuff's pet that the idiot didn't keep in her dormitory, but we still have to let Dumbledore know of the issue."

She stayed silent.

"Damn it Granger you're going to have to look at me eventually," he snarled.

She raised her head defiantly. "I know. I was just hoping that I could avoid seeing your grotesquely simian features for as long as possible." As he looked at her, the torchlight flickered over his high cheek bones, straight nose and sculpted mouth leaving the hollows of his beautiful eyes momentarily in shadow. Dear Merlin he is fine. She mentally tackled her inner monologue and shoved it into a trunk.

Malfoy rolled his eyes. "Alright, I'll go talk to our whipping master and inform him of potential threats while you sit here and stick your nose in a corner." He released her and moved to turn away.

"Are you going now?" The eager concern in her voice toppled the callousness of her previous statement.

"Yes Granger," he tossed over his shoulder. "I figure the sooner the nut knows about the danger of a white Persian, the sooner he can implement plans to save all the little idiots sound asleep in their dormitories." He continued walking.

Hermione fumed inwardly. He'd left her with no choice but to go with him. If she didn't, she would appear to be neglectful of her duties.

"Arhh!" She screamed and hurried to catch up with him.

Draco was positioned so as to hide his face from her. But a small, victorious smile lifted his lips just for a moment before he caught her out of his peripheral vision.

Three minutes later, three because Hermione had counted the seconds to herself so as to not let her mind wander anywhere near East Tower, they arrived at the gargoyle outside the headmaster's office. Hermione suddenly realized that neither of them had the password to enter the office within. She grudgingly turned to him.

"What's the password?"

"Since I so frequently enter this old coot's lair I have all his passwords written on the back of my hand so I can certainly tell you what the current one happens to be." He grinned widely at her, intentionally positioning his hands so she could clearly see the blank flesh that resided there.

"Is mockery all you think about?"

"And sex."

She blushed slightly as his smirk only grew. Turning huffily back to the gargoyle, she stared at it angrily. "How the hell do I open you?" She muttered.

"By giving me the password." She jumped as the stone figure responded to her hushed query.

"Oh look Granger," Malfoy said, "a piece of stone beat you to answering a question. Now don't you feel ashamed?"

"You had better shut up right now or I'll –"

"Yes?" He stepped a foot closer to her, bringing his body inside her sphere of comfort. She shook her head to clear it.

"Sugar quills!" She cried desperately at the animal next to her. To her complete and utter astonishment, it opened revealing the gently revolving staircase behind it. She looked back at Malfoy.

"Shall we?" She gestured to the staircase.

"Ladies first." He bowed slightly to her and she skipped through the doorway ahead of him.

She perched herself on a step, carefully balancing on the widest outer part. He came behind her, standing on the next step below her. They were too close for her to turn around to look at him. However, his breath came in gentle puffs against the back of her left arm. Her stomach jolted violently as she flashed back to the tower, his hot exhalations on her lips just a hair's breadth away from his.

She had to break the silent tension. She arched her neck over her shoulder to speak to him. To her surprise she found his face only a few inches away from her shoulder and slightly lower down. She opened her mouth, but no words came out.

"Did you want to say something?" His voice was low and teasing.

She bit back a scream of rage in her mind. How often was he going to do this? How many times would he get in her face and make a coy remark that is completely undermined by his sex appeal?

I did not just say that. Oh hell no I did not say that.

She turned away from him again finding the task of remaining calm much easier if she could not see his face. She focused on her breathing, taking deep inhalations, holding them until she thought she would die, then letting them go as steadily as she could. She began to feel calm. The strain in the air began to ease.

She heard him move a split second before she felt him. She let out a gasp ending in a small cry as she felt him mouth make contact with the back of her neck. His tongue darted out to taste the ridges of her spine. Her eyes automatically fell closed and her back stretched as he lavished the crook of her neck. He kissed across her back very slowly, making sure to completely devour one section before allowing himself to move to the next.

Draco felt her arch in front of him and moved his hand to her hip to keep her still. Her own hand came down to rest on his, gripping slightly but not as though she wanted him to stop. He smiled against her skin as he heard her breath hitch as he found a sensitive spot on her left shoulder. He pressed into the spot and nipped slightly, not hard enough to break the skin, but enough to make her squeak in pleasure. He smoothed over the bite with his lips and began to make his way back to center.

Just as he returned to the middle of her neck, she jolted in front of him. They had reached the landing of Dumbledore's office and she'd stumbled at the threshold. She leaned against the wall lightly, attempting to recover the strength in her shaking legs. Malfoy was watching her calmly, as small smile of amusement on his face. He reached by her and knocked twice on the door.

Hermione threw her head up panicked. She could hardly stand let alone speak coherently to anyone. She looked daggers at Malfoy whose expression only grew more entertained. She heard footsteps from within the office and hastily jerked herself into an upright position. The door clicked open and Dumbledore stood before them dressed in star-laden robes of palest ivory.

"Ms. Granger. Mr. Malfoy. Do come in won't you?" He stepped back to allow them entry and they obeyed.

Dumbledore shut the door behind them and walked around the edge of his magnificent desk to face them. "Please, sit." He gestured at two ornately embroidered golden chairs positioned close to his desk. The two obeyed him and settled down.

"Now, how may I be of service?" Dumbledore reclined lightly in his desk chair, the tips of his long, spindly fingers resting together.

Malfoy spoke. "We went up to the East Tower tonight like you instructed, sir." Hermione glanced sideways at him. She couldn't pinpoint the origin, but she had the feeling that the 'sir' was insolent.

Dumbledore nodded. "Did you find anything of interest?" Malfoy glanced sideways at Hermione for the briefest of moments. Her stomach dropped at the suggestive look in his eyes. "Yes we did, sir." He explained briefly about the cat, detailing that it had not appeared threatening and had disappeared the moment the light broke from the castle.

Dumbledore listened quietly throughout, his eyes deep in thought. When Draco finished, Dumbledore looked up. "Is that all you saw?" Malfoy nodded slightly. Dumbledore turned to look at Hermione. "And you, Ms. Granger? Did you see anything?"

Hermione shook herself. She'd been using the time Malfoy was speaking to Dumbledore to attempt to regain control of her body. She straightened up and looked at the Professor directly. "Well sir, I – " her voice faltered as Malfoy brushed the tip of a finger along the outside of her thigh. Their chairs were close enough to the headmaster's desk that he could not see their hands. She tried to recover from this most recent assault on her defenses by quickly clearing her throat. "No sir, I did not see anything." Malfoy drew light circles on the skin that showed below the hem of her dress. Her hand tightened into a fist. She would call the headmaster's attention if she batted his fingers away. "The night was unusually dark but nothing extraordinary caught my eye." As she finished, she shot a glance at Malfoy, waving the double meaning in his face.

Dumbledore nodded again. "Very well. I will alert the teachers about the cat though I am fairly certain it is just a loose pet. Thank you for your work." The two students made a brief motion to leave when Dumbledore said "Oh, since I have you here, sit for a moment please." They resumed their seats, Hermione intentionally shifting to the right to avoid Malfoy's tantalizing touch again.

The Professor leaned forward on his elbows. "I know it is late so you'll forgive my taking a moment to talk to you. It is nearing the middle of October and Halloween will be approaching soon. As usual we will have our banquet in the hall in the evening. However, I have had a new idea. Perhaps after the feast, the upperclassmen could be allowed to attend a ball."

Hermione sat up straighter. Draco glanced over at her from his slouched position in the chair.

"I am aware that Hogwarts is not normally one for galas of this sort. However, I figured it would be a refreshing change from tradition. The event would be only for fourth years and above and last from roughly eight o'clock in the evening until midnight. The feast will take place on Halloween, so it would make the most sense for the ball to be a costume ball." Dumbledore paused as if pondering his next statement. "Since you two hold the highest student positions in the school, the task falls on you to plan the event."

Hermione thought she was going to be physically sick. She actually had to plan a major school gala with the moron sitting next to her? How in hell was she going to do that? She'd already let him devour her on multiple occasions when she was trying her hardest to avoid him. Now she had to fend him off while being forced to interact with him frequently! What could she possibly have done to deserve this agony?

Dumbledore was speaking again and Hermione wrenched herself away from her depression to listen. "You may enlist the help of the prefects if you so choose. Any monetary concerns you have please send to me and I will inform you whether or not they are permissible. The two of you have free reign of the decorations and other details." He smiled suddenly, eyes twinkling at their slightly stunned faces.

"I think that will be all. If you have any questions, feel free to drop in at any time. Now it is late and I must bid you goodnight." He gestured at his office door.

Malfoy stood and strode to the heavy, gold-embossed exit. Hermione followed him and the two disappeared down the stairs into darkness.


Ok. SEVERE Author's Note: I would like to let you know that I am a fan of the whole Halloween Dance thing that a lot of these Dramione fics try to do. However, I generally hate how cliché they become. Thus, I am going to do my damndest to make this the most realistic, non-cliché pile of hotness this side of Saturn. Ok? I am declaring war on clichéd dances and all the horrible pile of overdone sentiments that accompany them. Draco? Hermione? Ready? CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGE! Review my dolls! Thank you

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