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I HAVE RETURNED FROM THE DEAD! Ok, so that may have been a tiny bit of an exaggeration. But can you blame me? I've been gone for so long! I have a good excuse though! Life.

Yep. Life has been the ultimate reason for my not being able to do anything in the realm of Harrypotterfanfiction. With my getting married, having a job, taking care of my one-and-a-half-year-old, and moving to sunny California, my life has pretty much been way busy. So I sit here, typing this out to you, my readers, because you deserve to know why your story has been gone.

So, going back and reading through this story while looking for things that didn't necessarily comply to the ToS, I've decided that this was complete and utter crap. So, being the OCD freak that I am. I have completely rewritten the entire story. Don't fret. All of the main points are the same, this is still Draco/Hermione, I just cleaned it up a bit and buffed out the rough edges it once had. You may have also noticed that I've deleted all of my other chapters. Well, you can't exactly tell a story when you have what it once was on the same page, can you? Nope.

So, here I go again. Re-presenting to you my pride and joy.

The Demon In Me

Part I

Deep in the heart of Wiltshire, England, sat a handsome manor house known to many as the noble home of one of the most noble of magical families. Elaborate gardens surrounded the manor, each plant intricately placed in perfect order that only served to enhance the magnificent grandeur of Malfoy Manor. Pristine white peacocks roamed about the vast expanse of the gardens, trilling ever so often in an almost melancholic fashion as they strutted proudly. The single cobblestone path that led from the wrought-iron gates to the impressive entrance of the manor was completely empty, save for the two-horse carriage that was currently making its way to the Malfoy's home.

Draco sat back against the emerald velvet seat, staring out the window in a bored fashion. The dark suit he wore was a sharp contrast to his pale features, making him look more sallow than he really was. His hands were currently in a relaxed position on his lap, the Malfoy ring glinting on his right ring-finger.

“Don't be so silent, darling. One might think that you'd find your mother's presence boring.” came a light, airy, voice from across the carriage.

Draco tore his eyes from the window to gaze upon his mother, slightly annoyed to see her smiling at him like she used to when he was a small child. Despite this, however, he could see the love and adoration that also took residence in her icy blue eyes. Her long blonde hair was set in a rather fancy up-do, making her features appear sharper than what they already were.

“There's nothing to be said, so I'm not going to waste my breath in trying to make small-talk.” he replied, before once more peering out of the window.

In a matter of seconds, he would be returning to Malfoy Manor and return to the abysmal dimension he called his life. Spending two weeks out of the entire summer holiday with his mother was not something he had in mind. But despite enjoying himself quite a lot(not to mention the French beauties he had come in acquaintance with), Draco had been looking forward to his return to the manor. Anticipation had been filling him for weeks now, and now it was just about ready to spill over. There was really no question as to why he was feeling like this. To him it was rather obvious. The Dark Lord was currently residing in Malfoy Manor, and it wouldn't be long for Draco to become a full-fledged Death Eater instead of an underling.

Memories of earlier times of this summer holiday flooded his mind. Bloody images of the muggles he helped murder filled his mind, their screams penetrating the cool façade he held. Cool hands clenched tightly into fists on his lap, gray eyes closing as Draco fought to push the thought from the forefront of his mind. It had been over a month since it had happened, and he still wasn't over it. Despite him having killed them, despite it seeming almost like a favor from his part, it was still wrong, and he had still stained his soul red by committing that act against nature. When he had returned that night, alone, he wanted no one near him. He wanted to stay alone, he wanted to just disappear from the rest of the world altogether. The only thing he did aside from sitting prone on his bed that night, was gaze down at the muggle photograph in his hand that bore the two people he helped kill and their announcement of expecting their first-born. The mere thought of killing yet another innocent was enough to make him sick.

Pale hands gripped his knees fiercely as he locked his jaw and tried to maintain his impassive demeanor. Draco was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts when the carriage came to a rather rough stop. Shooting the driver a glare, he waited somewhat patiently for one of their many attendants to come and open the door.

“Lady Malfoy, young Master Malfoy, welcome home.” came the voice of one attendant whose name Draco never bothered remembering.

His mother didn't bother to return the greeting as she took his gloved hand and allowed him to lead her down the carriage. Draco quickly followed and once he was out, the man shut the carriage door quickly with a small snap of his wrist. The luggage vanished from its perch atop the carriage, and the familiar soft pop alerted him of the House Elves taking the luggage and placing it in their respective rooms.

The grand entrance room of Malfoy Manor was, well, grand. It's sleek black marble pillars opened in a rather magnificent archway as portraits of several generations of Malfoys hung on the wall. Eyes full of disdain and haughty looks greeted Draco's sight. The small murmurs that always filled the air had gone silent, and Draco paid no mind to the painted eyes on canvas that followed his ascension to the house. Draco climbed the marble staircase towards the second floor, his eyes immediately catching sight to the robed figures that donned silver masks.

There were two, and they stood as guards before the double doors that led to the drawing room. Of course, from the amount of noise that emanated from the room, it was clear that a meeting was currently taking place. Dark eyes peered at him through the holes of the silver mask, wary as he neared the door. Just when one, Shunpike, was about ready to tell him off for being so close, the door opened and the elite circle of Death Eaters slowly flowed from the room.

Long pale hair spilled from the dark hood and silver mask and came to stop directly in front of Draco. With a single wave of his wand, Lucius Malfoy looked at his son in a neutral manner.

“I've seen you've returned.” he stated.

“Mother and I have just arrived.” Draco confirmed, keeping the formal manner in which he and his father usually addressed each other.

“I expect that you two had enjoyed yourselves, then?”

“Of course we did, Lucius. How could we not?” came Narcissa's voice. A warm smile on her face as she addressed her husband.

Gray eyes that were so similar to Draco's own tore from his son's gaze as he landed them upon his wife. There was no happiness evident on his person, nor was there a hint of a smile or warm embrace, but Narcissa knew as she always did that he was glad to have his family home safe.

“Wonderful.” Lucius replied before turning back and addressing his son. “Come, Draco. There is something that I must speak to you about.”

“Yes, Father. Right away.”

Draco closed the door to his father's study silently, before coming before his desk and taking a seat. His father had removed his ceremonial robes and his mask sat to the side, glinting dangerously in the firelight. A glass of amber scotch in one hand as he leaned back in his leather seat. Draco sat there, his arms resting on the armrest as he crossed one leg over the other. Unlike his father, his pose was slightly more rigid, as if he were expecting some sort of horrible news. Neither said anything for a long time, and Draco waited several moments as his father took sips of the amber liquid before setting it down on his desk.

“The Dark Lord is in need of a spy.” he began.

Something akin to dread began settling itself into Draco's stomach before he immediately squashed it down with his sense of duty. No matter what his thoughts or opinions(like he was able to have any) were, he still had to uphold the honor of the Malfoy family. Especially during these times, where his father was an escaped convict, and the Dark Lord plotting Potter's demise. It was his sense of duty, of being a Malfoy, of self-preservation for him and his family, that finally gave Draco the strength to speak up.

"And you have volunteered me."

Lucius' sharp gaze met his own, his gray eyes gleaming slightly in the firelight. His thin lips were pursed slightly before his deep voice rang clear through the room.

"I did. You are the only one capable of such a task and we need to bring Hogwarts to its knees by any means necessary."

The crackle of the fire was the only form of noise coming from the room. Both men sat completely still as they faced one another. How does one go about this? How does one give up his son, give up his heir, for the sake of their beliefs? For the cleansing of the Wizarding World? Draco swallowed the knot that had formed in his throat as he looked towards his father.

"Do I have a choice? An option? Am I free to turn down this assignment if I wish?" he said, boring his eyes into his father.

Lucius took a deep breath before opening his eyes and taking in his son. Draco had grown into a fine young man over the years, reaching the peak of his adolescence at the end of his last term. He bore so many similarities to himself, and yet was the very epitome of who Narcissa was as well. Lucius was still silently astounded by the work of nature. How two beings could come together to form the perfect balance between them in creating a new life. And yet here he was, about to offer up, sacrifice, his legacy to his cause. To his belief.

"You have a duty to this family, and as head of this family, I have a duty to serve my beliefs. Whatever they may be."

Draco clenched his hands tightly, his nails digging into his palms painfully as he felt anger beginning to swell in the pits of his being. Not again. Not now. This was simply not fair. This was unacceptable. But what choice was there?

There isn't. He thought bitterly. There is never a choice.

Without so much of a glance, Draco stormed off, shutting the door to his father's study with a loud slam. Lucius exhaled sharply through his nose, downing the remaining contents of the glass before him. The low burn of the scotch wasn't nearly enough to distract his muddled thoughts. His silver gaze watched as the golden flames lapped up the walls of the fireplace, the scent of smoke filling his nostrils as errant thoughts ran through his head. In a single fluid movement, Lucius stood and hurled the empty glass towards the wall, breaking it into thousands of tiny glass pieces. The action didn't hold any relief for him. It only served to show him the distorted images of himself that were embedded in the facets of broken glass. As Lucius turned sharply on his heel and walked out of his study, there was only one thought running through his mind.

If he is ever to realize just what exactly is his purpose... he will never forgive me.

Fury coursed through Draco's veins. Raw, unfiltered fury. The magic in his blood whirled dangerously, the soft candlelight in his room blown out by his anger alone. Draco sat alone in his room, locked in as he glared balefully at the stone wall before him. How could he? How could his father possibly do something of the sort to him? To offer his son up like some tool for the Dark Lord's use... it was disgusting. And yet, Draco was accustomed to this sort of life. He was not surprised to learn of his father offering him up to be used as the Dark Lord wishes, but then again, Draco wasn't surprised much by anything.

Throughout his entire life, he had been taught the importance of his blood. The importance of the purity it held and the historical signifigance his family was. He was born into nothing short of a legacy that had lasted several dynasties. The Malfoy Family, along with the Blacks, were legendary in having kept their blood as pure as it had been since the first wizard of time had set foot on this earth. But with this, came the immense pressure of maintaining the important standing that one had as a pureblood. The world had been overrun by muggles, forcing all of wizarding-kind into hiding and slowly but surely, mudbloods and half-bloods had soon become the majority of their population. They drove purebloods into near extinction, they would have, had it not been for the Dark Lord and his rising cause.

It was during this time, a time of peace, that Draco had come into this world. A place that held the cheery façade of peace while beneath it, they were already plotting to bring rise to the Dark Lord once more and pick up exactly where they left off.

Draco let out a frustrated yell as he knocked everything in his room off of their shelves. Parchment and garments littered his floor when he looked up, heaving slightly. As of late, it seemed that his magic had been growing more and more out of control. The slightest bit of his anger left unchecked would trigger a wave of his magic to leave his body and bring harm to anything in it's path. He grit his teeth as he forced his anger to once more subdue itself.

Once he was sure that he was once again in control, he peered around at the damage that had been done. Somewhat numbly, Draco withdrew his wand from his pocket and fixed his room. Just as he was ready to head into his private lavatory, a piece of parchment caught his eye.

There, atop his side dresser, sat a wax sealed envelope bearing the Hogwarts crest.

Taking the envelope into his hand, Draco broke the seal and emptied the envelope of its contents. In the palm of his hand, sat a silver crest with the emblem of Slytherin on it. Embellished in clear script were the words 'Head Boy'. Tossing the letter to the side, Draco made his way to the lavatory, the weight of just another responsibility falling on his shoulders and the beginnings of unease forming in the back of his mind.

So there it is. My anxiety is getting the best of me at this point in time. So submit a review will you? I'd really like to know what you think.

xx LCF

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