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Granger. Of course. Who else could it possibly be?

Draco watched Hermione walk into the library and pause upon seeing him. It was momentary but she paused. Draco took that as an invitation to take the Mickey out of her. So he did the only rational thing and followed her after a minute.

But his plan was thwarted as when he approached Granger had an angry look to her and proceeded to come on him. “May I help you, Malfoy?”

“Why are you in here?” He asked fairly. Draco hadn’t seen her in here while he was here before.

“Well Malfoy, this place is called a library. I generally come here to read,” she continued to condescendingly mime opening a book. Draco couldn‘t believe how sarcastic she was being nor how endearing he found it. He found himself staring at her rather than listening. Watching her mouth quirk up in a smirk. That evil little smirk! Oh my. It was fairly adorable, kind of like a… well Draco didn’t think much of anything was cute. Except maybe Granger right now. Wait. He hates Granger! Upon realizing this Draco blinked rapidly and listened.

 “-Oh Donald Wrenchough! you are just so handsome!” Hermione finished off, He had no idea what it was that made her profess her love to a book but she was quite mad in the first place… Oh she was being sarcastic!

“Well, Granger didn’t know you had the ‘ol funny fang!” Draco stated quite plainly, it was a shock after all. Draco, remembering his point started again, “Come now Granger, why are you here? You’re not usually here except on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Sunday evenings.”

“Stalking me now, are you Draco?”

What? NO! he thought desperately trying to get the words out of his mouth, but he was in shock.

“Couldn’t get enough of little old me?” Hermione practically purred standing up and coming close.

“No I-” This was getting a bit too weird…  Why did she have to be a vixen!?

“That snog in the corridor not enough for you?”

Whoa. Saying something snide and intimidating would be nice about now! he thought, scrambling for off putting words. He took a step back as she advanced towards him.

She was very close to him now. Draco could feel the heat of her body radiating off her in this cold climate. He had been taking steps back each time she took one forward and had seemed to find himself suddenly up against a shelf.

“ I just, I‘m in here a lot, and-” he growled trying to composed himself and scare her away. Her body was totally up against his and he could smell her sweet scent, like raspberry jam and lemons… interesting.

“Shhh-“ Hermione put a finger on his lips “Come on Draco,” She purred making him shiver a bit, he hoped she wouldn‘t notice, “don’t cha wanna play?” It was almost too much to bare.

Draco took a ragged breath in response. Hermione drew close to his face and he had decided. He had to kiss her again. He felt it would…ease his longing or something. Plus her face was right there. His eyes slid closed. He waited, but nothing. But then something. Draco felt her hot breath on his face, or the side of his face and her lips at his ear.

“Malfoy,” She said “I loathe you, go back to your table and leave me be.” He didn’t dare open his eyes but he plastered a scowl on his face.

He waited until he heard Hermione’s stool scrape on the stone floor, and a few seconds after, to slip away back to his table.

At his table Draco did nothing to further his investigation of the statue, he just concentrated on not exploding. Hermione Granger had gotten right up to him, or on him rather, and he had not been repulsed. Something was very wrong here.

Or something very right. Draco thought to himself. Granger was an odd girl, she was kind and sweet and all the things he detested, even muggleborn. But sometimes like mere minutes ago she had transformed into some sort of sex-driven demon and he had loved it. Sure it was unexpected and slightly out of character for her, but it suited her somehow.

Maybe it was those untamable curls or her clever wit. But Draco couldn’t get her out of her head for almost two hours. He sat day dreaming. Her in pansy’s place from several days ago, when they kissed in the hall. When he found her, drunk and with the crazy woman.

I can’t possibly like her. Hermione Granger is a Mudblood and I hate her… Oh Crap! Here she comes! Pick up the book and pretend to read!
“Um, Malfoy?” She asked quietly.  Draco barely lifted his head from the unreadable text.

“What do you want Granger? I’m busy,”  He growled.

She leaned over on his table and he was forced to look her in her eyes. He watched a smirk spread over her thin lips.

“Your book is upside down.” Hermione walked away chuckling as Draco brought his head to the table and commenced in banging it on its surface repeatedly, thinking Stupid,  stupid , you are so stupid with each time it connected.

Draco finished punishing himself, slightly reminiscent of what his old house elf used to do when he displeased his father. He got up slowly and closed the book he had been reading then swept his way out of the library and towards the grounds. He had to clear his head. The whole “he might like Hermione Granger” thing was a bit much for him to handle.

The lake was frozen over and the snow was sticky and deep. Draco didn’t care a bit, he just made his way towards the popular tree to sit under, melted a circle and conjured a blanket. There he sat until the sun started setting.

Draco had come to the conclusion that he found one particular side of Hermione attractive. The confident, smarmy, sex goddess side. And just maybe he wanted to see more of her. But even if he did, she would probably rather puncture her eyes…

The chill of the air, although he found it slightly calming, was still a chill. When Draco found himself beginning to shiver he vanished the blanket and trekked into the Great Hall. The holiday break would be over by the third of January. It was the…Draco slapped himself and stumbled to a halt in the middle of the corridor. It was the twenty fourth of December. He had yet to buy his mother a present and his dad would be expecting something from him.

I’ll go into the village tomorrow. Maybe I’ll find a necklace for mother. But what could I get father?
Draco had givin his father many things yet he still didn’t know what he’d want. Nothing was ever good enough for his father, not the diamond cufflinks, the new cane with a compartment for poison and even a way to inject it through a small needle in the tip. He didn’t even like the owl he had gotten him, he just said it was a waste of his money and gave it to Draco’s mother.

As he turned the corner to the corridor that would take him to the library Draco had another thought.

What if somehow they found out I kissed a Mudblood? Fear shot through him. His father would beat him senseless. He would disown him, or worse, kill him. Like a runt. His mother was young they could get another heir, what was he to them?

Then, strangely, anger coursed through his veins. Hermione was more than a Mudblood, she was a clever witch, a girl, a beautiful girl who is more than the sum of her parts. If his father knew his son was head over arse for this girl…Draco growled, if his father touched even a hair on Hermione’s head he would kill him. Death Eater scum.

His feet brought him to the library before he knew that’s where he wanted to go. Draco pushed open the doors with force. Thinking of his father’s disapproval and prejudice  gave him the fuel he needed. He strolled angrily to the back stacks and then cast a Confundus charm on the statue by instinct. He walked right past it without the slightest urge to search for a reference book on Mermaids, just the feeling of ebbing anger and new curiosity and triumph. To his left were books but on the right was a door, barely visible against the stone.

This was what the statue was placed here for, he knew it when he saw the glyphs carved into the stone. Draco went to put his hand on the door only to fall through it, into darkness and the unknown.

A/N: Hey Guys! hope you liked Draco's Chapter! I'm sorry its a bit Wonky and random at parts, i couldn't get it to flow right... Well thanks for reading to this point!
I ask you, no, beg you to reveiw! It means the world to me :)
Your summers are going well I trust?
I haven't begun to Write the next chapter yet but I'll get on it. Love you guys!
Over 6,000 Reads! keep it up!
I have a new story in the process, so if you feel so inclined, read it when its posted.
This is a very long Author's Note, so I'll end it.
Sirius Black is my personal hero!


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