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Beautiful Chapter Image by Marit @ tda
Scorpius Malfoy and Blaze Zabini

History of Magic is the complete bane of my existence. James and I were sat at the back; the back desk is where you sit when the Professor knows that you don’t want to concentrate. Binns flew from one side of the classroom to the other. He was making me dizzy. I wish that he would just stop moving, just, fly still, like a normal person. But he’s not a person. He’s dead.


“I think that we should tell people,” James said. I turned my head quickly to send him a sharp glare. He was looking right at me as if he wanted my approval. “I mean, why not?”

“Do you want my list?” I whispered back.

He raised a brow and smirked. “Do you want mine?” I silently smirked and caught his smile, the real one. “Look, I know that you’re worried about Evie.”

“What gave you that idea?”


I shut my eyes and released a sigh. “You can’t tell that girl anything.”

“Yes, you can.” He seemed pretty insistent on it. “I’m just better friends with her than you are.”

I snorted. “You’re better friends?” My echo didn’t seem to change his mind; neither did the tone of my voice. “Uh, yeah…okay, let’s go with that.”

“You don’t believe me.”

I shook my head with pushed my fringe from my eyes. “It’s not that James, I just can’t figure out how you’re closer to Dixie than me.”

He blinked and put his hand on my thigh. It was a sign of affection but I am sure that I blushed, his quiet chuckle assured it. “We have Astronomy together.”

“And that makes you close?”

He gave a simple nod. “Yep,” I bit my lip. “It’s a strange friendship, but it’s a lasting one.”

“Oh,” I looked back to my work and moved forward so his hand fell from my thigh. I knew that Dixie was always a little out-there with her guys, I just didn’t know how out-there. Either James did, or he was one of those guys.

I sneezed and wiped my nose with a hanky. James said that I looked like Rudolph today. Yesterday was heaven; we had been standing out on the pitch for at least an hour or two. The rain fell and it got bitterly cold before James ushered me inside. I would have stood out there through an iceage if it meant staying with him.

The result. A cold.

James didn’t get one. It was unfair. He said it’s because he is all man, a macho man. I said it was because he was wearing layers; I wasn’t.

He noticed my expression. James has always had the uncanny ability to read my mind when we’re one on one. “Charisma, you’re the only girl for me.” I smiled and leant sideways, leaning my head on his shoulder. “But when you seriously piss me off and I need someone to vent to, it can’t be to you anymore.”

My gasp was mixed with a little shock and a laugh. Was I the only one that found that a little disturbing? “I still wanna be your best friend.”

“You’re always going to be my best friend, you numpty.” His hand went back to my thigh. “But I’m just going to love you more.”

We had been friends since we were eleven, but only recently he had re-discovered how to make me blush. “Good,” I breathed. “Because it simply wouldn’t be fair if I was the only one.”

“Right, now let’s tell people.” The passion in his voice made me shiver. I sniffed.


James rolled his eyes and cut me off. “It doesn’t matter Charisma. Everyone knows that we are inseparable-close. If Evie is what you’re worried about then don’t be. She may not be a very nice person, but she would learn to accept it.”

“What about the rumours?”

“Which ones?” He asked, drawing a smiley face on to my work, “the ones that will begin about me and you, the ones that are already around about me and you or that ones about you and Scorpius.”

I shyly shrugged. “All of them.” He scoffed. “James, none of that’s the problem.”

“Then what is?” He challenged. “Charisma, I don’t want pretend that we’re only friends. I want you to be my girlfriend.”

I actually died inside.

He had no idea how long I had been waiting for that sentence.

“I want that too,” I whined and his laughed.

I tried to tear my eyes away from his and remove my head from his shoulder, but the tasks just seemed impossible. I could easily cover it up; say that I was staring at the bookcase behind his beautiful, beautiful face. Actually, no, that is a lie. We are being totally obvious and sexual in the back of a classroom.

My thoughts were shattered when Binns groaned a sigh of relief after looking at the everlasting watch on his wrist. I saw it in third year; it has a little crack in the lens.

“Class dismissed.” It was actually shameful that we had missed the entire lesson. For the first half we had been playing noughts and crosses on our textbooks and ‘editing’ the text inside. It took Binn’s loud voice and a paper ball to my head from Drew to draw my attention back to reality, to get my head from the clouds.

“Then, let’s do it.”

I stood up from my stool and gathered my books, coughing a little as I did so. A head cold really wasn’t what I needed right now. James sat there impatiently; he was waiting for an answer. We had been through this before. With the drama in my life already, I didn’t want anymore. The new relationship between James and I would cause a few problems per say. But I want him. I love him.

Drew popped over, he and Freddy leant over the front of our desks. Drew stayed somewhat upright. Fred however just fell forward, his head landing on the desk with a loud thud and a groan.

“You coming to the Pitch?” Drew asked.

Arg, Quidditch Practise, great. The game is tomorrow. The rematch.

“We’ll be there in a minute.” James snapped. Since Christmas, he and Drew haven’t been on the best of terms. Actually, Drew has been perfectly friendly. James was being an arse. He knew it. They both knew it. Drew had accepted it pretty quickly.

The two walked from the classroom, Drew dragging Freddy behind him by the wrist. He bashed in to every piece of furniture going. I knew that History of Magic was deathly boring, but Fred just brought it to a whole new level.

“Now,” James cooed, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in to him. He was stood up straight, an inch taller than me at best. “The classroom is empty,” he whispered, “No one will be here ‘till morning.”

I grabbed hold of his collar and he pulled my lips to mine.

“No,” I said quietly. “Wait, I don’t want to give you my sicky germs.”

He laughed. “I don’t care.”

I am sure that if he didn’t kiss me quickly, he would have done a Freddy and danced to the song ‘Germ me Up, Baby’. It was a hit written by Lily in her second year.

It was nice, innocent kissing that was long and lazy. His hands slid to the small of my back and tangled themselves in my sweater vest. I should have been freaking out about doing this so openly, but James was right. No one would be here until morning.
I slipped my hands up to his hair before he pulled me closer. To think, that while arguing and him dating, we could have been doing this. It’s a travesty.

I felt the fire erupt in my body again as he nipped upon my bottom lip. I kissed back with a match force and quietly giggled. This only seemed to provoke the animalistic growl that emerged from his throat. I leaned forward, my hands resting on James’s chest as we broke apart for only a second for air before returning to the kiss only I could dream of.

“Should we come back?”

We broke apart as if we were on fire. Correction, I did, James still hung on to me tightly. I saw why.

“Hey, guys…uh, well. This is really awkward, isn’t it?”

In the door way stood a smugly smiling Scorpius and Blaize. Zabini seemed more shocked than any other emotion, where as Scorp wore something more nonchalant.

“No,” I said quietly. “We were just leaving.”

“No we weren’t.” James stated with unnecessary force, still his hands were on the small of my back. I could only face him. I leant my head forward against his chest in embarrassment. My hair was up in a messy bun at the back of my head, secured today with a big red bow. If it had been down, I could have covered my reddening face. I curled my arms up infront of me.

Scorpius nodded once or twice. “Do I want to know what’s going on? Or should I just take the piss and walk away, forgetting this ever happened?”

“Language.” I muttered in to James’s chest, I heard Scorpius laugh.

“Caught in an incriminating position and still she has the comments.”

“Shut up Blaize.” Scorpius said with what I could assume was a thump to his chest. James groaned, but not in the way that he had a few minutes ago. “So,” Scorpius proposed. “What will it be?”

“I’m going to go with the leaving.” James admitted miserably.

“Why?” Scorpius asked with amusement. Oh yeah, this is really fricking hilarious isn’t it? “Is this a first time thing?” My head didn’t move from James’s chest. “I’m taking your silence as a no.”

“It’s a definite no.” Blaize muttered. Another smack to the stomach. “We come here to finish our History report and instead we find teenage porn.”

James was breathing heavily; he really hates the two of them. I can never understand why. “Guys. Fuck off.”

“Oi!” Scorpius taunted. “Language, you know the lady doesn’t like it.”

If I wasn’t holding on to him, I swear that he would have been over the other side of the room by now, pounding on the poor lads. “Come on James,” I muttered. “Let’s just get to the Quidditch Pitch.”

He stood still for a moment before glaring at Scorpius, pulling away and grabbing his stuff. Scorpius smirked, that stupid, stupid smirk that makes him look like a moron. He parades it around, like James does. What is with their insistent smirking?

“Charisma,” Scorpius said on my way out. “If Rosie and I could tell people, then so can you.”

He may be a modern day Romeo, but he certainly isn’t a scholar.

Without any warning whatsoever, Scorpius wrenched his broom into a cutting right infront of mine, cutting off my path of flight. He sent me to a screeching halt, of when I dropped the Quaffle. It was caught by Kyle.

“Ladies and Gents!” Lee boomed through the speakers. The sound of his voice seemed to release my anger and form my adrenaline. “Now, may I express my delight on how good it is to be commentating on this particular match?”

I narrowed my eyes and forced my gaze up past the booth and to Scorpius who had now obtained the Quaffle.

“You see, it’s one of the first matches having to be replayed in almost 26 years.”

I nearly lost my balance from the halt as Blaize swerved dangerously close to the front of my broom. He soared off with a throaty laugh. James leant back of his broom, hanging on with his knees and snatched the Quaffle from Scorpius. A chuckle arose from the audience mixed with the screams of pride from the Gryffindor’s. Lee made a big show out of clearing his throat.

“I feel honored to be commentating on this particular match as, you see. If we had hit thirty years without a rematch, my dearest Minnie sitting next to me would have given all Quidditch players a medal. Isn’t that rig-“

A mumble could be heard from behind the microphone that sounded particularly similar to ‘Shut up and get on with it’.

I found my stride on my broom and leant forward, leaning in to a sharp dive. I cut off the Slytherin beaters and caught the Quaffle as James threw it to me. Rushing forward, I twisted between the Slytherins and winked at Scorpius as I flew past.

“Although,” Lee progressed. His tone was condescending. “I must now express my utter delight and appreciation for the reason behind the match’s cancellation.”

I nearly fell from my broom. More rumors than necessary had travelled around the school about the reason why the match was cancelled, about what had happened to which student. However no student really knew the true story, not unless you were there and Daniel had scared the majority of those students in to keeping their mouths shut. I actually saw one Hufflepuff lad wandering around with duck tape over his mouth. Dan wasn’t too far behind.


“I heed your warning Professor and resume my announcement.” I dove down, narrowly dodging a bludger. Freddy rose behind me and hit it with a force deemed inhuman accompanied with the yell of ‘DUCK’! I did. “You see, I must express how wonderful it is too be in the same house as one of my heroes.”

Merlin Jordan!

I forced my gaze quickly up to the booth as I forwarded towards the opposing hoops. I felt a tickle in my nose. I sneezed in to the inside of my elbow, the Quaffle tucked under the other arm. Laughter and cheers erupted from the audience as I scored ten points for Gryffindor.

“There she is guys and gals!” Lee announced. “Charisma Price, my heroine!”

More laughter came. As usual most but the Slytherins enjoyed Lee’s announcements. Some found them thoroughly entertaining or amusing, other wanted to strangle him. I have to admit, if he takes this where I think he is going to, I will be siding with the stranglers.

“That girl will be my wife!” The reoccurring bludger seemed to be hit towards the booth once more. This seemed to be happening more frequently during Quidditch Matches that Gryffindor played in. “Freddy Weasley everybody. Thank you for demonstrating that marvelous hit. Aim a little lower next time yeah, you nearly hit Minnie.”

“It’s professor McGonagall, Jordan.”

“Of course Minnie.” Her eye roll could practically be seen throughout the entire stadium. It was big enough to be heard. “I half expected to find that beaters bat in the hands of James Potter once again, not Freddy – by the way mate, I will be having a talk with the ‘rents about that.” Another bludger. “Merlin, okay, I get the picture.”

I had the Quaffle once again. I seemed to have it for a long time this game. Usually I had a touch and go. I sniffed and sneezed in to my hands only for Scorpius to knock the Quaffle from under my arm. He gained possession of the Quaffle and threw it past Polly, almost knocking her from her broom. Blaize caught the Quaffle and flew towards the other side of the hoops. Kyle intercepted. I looked back quickly and saw that Scorpius had a hand on Polly’s shoulder. He was checking if she was okay.

There wasn’t an ounce of blood in his veins that wasn’t Gryffindor.

He knew it.

It knew it.

We all knew it. With the exception of James. And possibly Uncle Ron.

In their household the name Malfoy wasn’t spoken unless it came after ‘that git’.

“In the long run, I give thanks to these two women and ignore the fact that the result was a cancelled match. Two girls, one the love of my life, turned the she-bitch herself in to a lollypop – What do you mean? I have self control Professor, all I am saying is that, that is one lollypop that I would never suck.”

I threw myself forward catching the Quaffle as it was thrown to me. Kyle grinned and flew beneath me. He knew my favorite tactic. As did James. He soared to a similar position as Kyle.

“Go for it, love.” Kyle called from below at the same time James headed a warning. He hated it.

“Don’t you dare!” he called. “As your captain – no, as your boyfri…” I didn’t allow myself to hear the last word. I doubt that anybody heard it, I could barely hear it. I kicked myself from my broom and lunged forward in the air towards the hoop. I propelled myself further forward with a kick in my leg and a groan I threw the ball; it flew past the Slytherin keep and through the centre of the hoop.

“Another ten points to Gryffindor, the score is now 80-80.! Lee exclaimed from above. “I guess she really is a fairy, look at her fly!” I rolled my eyes and called my broom with an Accio charm. Kyle and James were beneath me. There was an incident in third year where I missed my broom; let’s just say, I usually finish a Quidditch match with an injury.

“The two teams are now drawing – oh look!” I saw his arm point to the sky as I comfied myself on the broom, Kyle was headed back towards the hoops, passing me with a high-five. James on the other hand looked incredibly annoyed. “The seekers have spotted the snitch. They are flying straight up towards the sky without a second thought. Who ever catches the snitch now will end the game and take home the winning score, thus entering their team in to the next round of the cup.”

His words encouraged me. I willed my broom to travel fast and snatched the Quaffle from Blaize. Ignoring his protests I lunged forward and gave a barely seeable hand gesture to Kyle, he saw it. Flying forward I faked throwing the Quaffle forward but dropped it instead, allowing Kyle to take the shot.

“Sanford is off like a bullet,” Lee cried. “He zigzags under the Keeper and throws it upwards 90-80 to Gryffindor!”

An outraged cry came from the Slytherin stands, small fights broke out in the stands between students supporting different houses. A banner took off with the wind and flew on to the pitch, a hole ripped through as the bludger flew through it with a threatening pace.

“See that ladies and Gentleman, rogue banner!” A few laughed while others shouted abuse. I grabbed the front of my broom and silently cursed as the rain began to fall. Under any other circumstance, I love rain. But while you’re trying to fly, it’s incredibly unhelpful; it makes the broom slippy and usually is accompanied by high-wind. “Cover up Hogwarts, the rain is falling.”

A few umbrellas popped up in the stands, one flew backwards and was lost to the Whomping Willow. This discouraged others; the umbrellas went back down. I laughed to myself and dodged a bludger.

“The seekers fly up and out of the stadium, not a good idea guys; have you seen the weather?” I looked at some who were fighting the urge to laugh and held back my nerves.

For this game, Kyle and James had called a truce; we need to win this match; if playing like a team is what it takes. Then that is what they shall do. I have a vein hope welling inside me that their truce will stay. Kyle didn’t mean to hurt me. It was an accident. It is tearing Ellie apart.

“Come on Elle!” James shouted from below, almost falling from his broom with anticipation. Our game seemed to have halted while the seekers were lost in the clouds.

Scorpius flew over to me, the Quaffle in his arms and sat still. “Do you want to talk about yesterday?”

“Not really.” I admitted. I pulled my hair back I to a tighter ponytail; it had fallen out during the game. “I would rather gloat.”

He snorted. “Gloat away.”

“It’s amazing!” I whined. “The other day we were right below where we are hovering and he kissed me.” Scorpius smiled, he was happy for me. “After like an hour and a half I started sneezing.”

“Ladies and Gents!” Lee announced from the speaker. Our hearts stopped beating as the entire school looked frantically around the sky, even more than they already were. No seekers were in sight. “Not them you morons – sorry Professor. I’m talking about Price and Malfoy in the middle of the pitch, are they allowed to be talking?” One look at James and he was silenced.

“Mr Jordan,” McGonagall said roughly. “You are a Quidditch Commentator, not Gossip Girl.” I hushed my question – alike everyone else in the school – about how she knew about Gossip Girl. I never took teachers as the people to have lives. “Get on with it.”

Scorpius stuck two fingers up at Lee and didn’t care that McGonagall assumed they were to her. He ignored her screeching and the laughing in the stands and turned back to me.

“Hence your cold.”

“Hence my cold.” I echoed.

He sat back on his broom and looked to the sky. There was no point us panicking, fate was fate, I had no doubt that Ellie would be the one returning with that snitch.

“Thanks by the way.” He said. “Your cold is weakening you; I can flatten you like a bug and take the Quaffle. It’s giving us all the points.”

“But somehow,” I countered. “Gryffindor is still in the lead.” I punched the Quaffle from under his arm and caught it, flying in the direction of the Slytherin hoops.

“Price! Price!” Lee shouted, he seemed unable to say anything else as I passed the Quaffle to James and he scored. We were back in play. But only for a second. “Look! They’re back. The weather didn’t matter. Gryffindor win! Gryffindor win!”

I looked to James who was almost crying with happiness, still a tinge of annoyance in his eyes. Kyle flew towards Ellie who dived to the ground and landed herself in one of his hugs. My heart almost burst with happiness and I was spun around like a Princess by Drew before he put me back on the ground and nearly took out a third year Hufflepuff with his beaters bat.

Freddy was next, he and Dixie were stood on a bench in the stands; he had run up to see her. He does it every game. They were stood half way up as he threw her over his shoulder and danced in a circle. I could hear her cries of protest over the rest of the crowd, from over 70metres away. It wasn’t hard.

Lily grabbed hold of Polly and spun her in a repeating circle. I was baffled that they didn’t fall to the floor with dizziness. A pair of arms grabbed me from behind and pulled me in to a tight yet choke-able hug. Drew.

“We did it!” I cried. “We won!”

He nodded turning me around to face him. “We really did, just one more match and we can claim the victory!” People around us cheered in agreement.

The Slytherins had already walked away, back in to their Common Room. It wasn’t until I noticed one, the last one still standing in the corner of the pitch. Scorpius, he and Rose were stood. Usually they would be laughing, hugging, snogging. But today they were arguing. It’s all they ever seem to do now a days.

I had half a mind to go over there and sort it out. But not everything was my business, especially not arguments. I have to learn that.

“Come on, guys!” Drew called over the crowd. “Let’s get cleaned up! We have a party to attend!”

The uproar from the one simple sentence can not be defined with words.

I stripped off the layers of kit and stepped in to the shower. I let the water scold my skin and I tipped my head back. Letting the water run in to your eyes wasn’t a good idea. The water in the changing rooms stung.

We had just won. It was a victory. It may have been a close victory, but still, it was a win. Ellie was in the shower next to me, singing away to a song blasting from the Wizard Radio that I didn’t know. She jumped up and down and sang in to her shampoo bottle. She always did this.

Dixie was hunched over the half wall that separated the showers from the changing Rooms. The large cubicles were sparkling clean and had glass doors that you couldn’t see through. You could only see the outlines of people so that you knew someone was in there.

I washed the shampoo from my hair and did a little dance in time with the beat. Dixie joined in with singing the chorus. “I can see your outline dancing through the door, Charisma.” She acknowledged through the words that she sang.

I begrudgingly turned off the shower and rubbed my eyes. “Are you girls still alive in there?”


Ellie and Dixie stopped singing. “Way to ruin our song you morons!”

Polly had finished changing a while ago and had already headed up to the Common Room. Freddy shrugged; I could see him through the glass door. It was always incredibly creepy to be able to see them knowing that they could hardly see you. I had no clothes on, I felt naked. I was naked.

“Fred, honey.” I called he stood up. “Pass me my towel, will you?” he did as I asked and threw it over the top of the stalls. “Thanks.”

“This is a moment for the History books, lads and ladettes’!” Freddy cried. “The first game in Hogwarts History that our Charisma didn’t end a game in the Hospital Wing!”

I heard a chorus of cheers and ‘hear hears’.

I wrapped the towel around me and pulled on my pants and bra that were hanging from the hooks in the shower, all with a smile. I tugged at the towel to make sure it was tight and ruffled my hair until it was reasonably dry. Thank you, wand.

Upon opening the shower door I received a set of wolf whistles from Kyle and Freddy. It seemed that they were back to normal. Freddy couldn’t hold a grudge for too long, it took too much effort from him, something that he could not be bothered to give. He was the only Weasley that I knew without the temper.

I was more touched that neither seemed too bothered by my scars. They happened to be on full display. Dixie and Freddy had seen them before. But I was expecting Kyle to freak out; especially considering last time. I haven’t got a grudge, he was just scared. He had every reason to be.

I sneezed loudly and received a loud laugh from my peers, even Ellie. She hadn’t even emerged from her shower yet! Freddy dangled a tissue infront of my face and I took it gratefully.

“So, you and my cousin, eh?” he asked.

I dropped the tissue. “What, no.” I was thankful that for the first time he was keeping his voice down. Dixie and Kyle were already caught up in a grudging argument. It only took a minute for the two of them to return to normal.

With a flick of his wand he flew it back to me. “Yes. James and I have been inseparable since birth, love. I can practically read his mind.” I sighed and sent him a small smile, floating the tissue in to the bin. “Plus, I heard him refer to himself as your boyfriend during your jump – which was brilliant may I add!”

“Thank you.” He nodded approvingly at my words. “Not just for that, but for not telling anyone.”

He snorted. “No hard, love. I un-convinced Kyle though, he heard it shouted at the game too.”

“And the Slytherins?”

“Too stuck up their own arse to notice anything but their own lives.”

“Good analogy.” I muttered. “So what have you two been up to while we were singing?” I looked at his completed attire. Freddy’s usual, hoodie, low jeans and cap.

“We were really bored.” He answered. “Kyle and I had been playing exploding snap in the corridor outside the Girls Changing Rooms for about half an hour.”

I smiled at his generosity. I knew that he would be waiting for Dixie. Freddy has no problem with walking in to the Girls Changing Rooms without a second thought, Kyle on the other hand, probably held him back for a while. “That’s sweet of you.”

“What can I say?” he asked, following me through to my locker. My wet feet left footprints on to the floor. “I am a sweetie.”

I laughed as he made himself at home on the bench behind me. I opened up my locker and pulled out a pair of tight black leggins. I pulled them on, followed by leather ankle boots that were buckled over the side.

“Can you-“ I stammered, turning to him and spinning my finger.

He mimicked me. “I speak human, love. This,” he did my move, “isn’t really going to help a lot.”

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. “I want you to turn around while I put my t-shirt on.”

“It’s nothing I ‘aint seen before.”

I seethed mentally a little. This was a moment of secrets. “Freddy, we were eleven; you walked in on me in the shower. No offence, but I have matured a little since then.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. “Everyone can see that.”

“Turn around.”

“No.” Shoe to head. “If you insist.”

The shirt was big and white, thin too. A white ribbon was tied under my bust, leading in to a big bow of which I made Freddy tie at the back. It ended at my mid-thigh and had long sleeves that pinched at my wrist. Dom had bought it for me while I was at Teddy’s; she said that it was a priceless shirt. I have no idea why. Freddy found this amusing.

I pulled my hair back in to the loosest bun in history and secured it with a butterfly clip. All the while Freddy sat behind me. I put my clothes in to the wash bin, the others, I may add were still in the showers, Freddy still hadn’t moved.

“Freddy,” I asked, folding my arms and sitting next to him. “You wanna talk?”

He shook his head and sat up, macho style. “About what? Nothing’s wrong.”

“Denial.” I muttered. “I never said anything was wrong.”

“Well there isn’t,” He snapped, kicking his trainer in to the floor. “Let’s go to the victory party.” He grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me up from the bench. “I’m beginning to see why Dom calls that the priceless shirt.” He said.

It wasn’t until I followed his gaze down and noticed that he was staring at my chest. My arms flew up to cover my pride. “What are you staring at?”

“You, sweet heart.” He taunted. “I don’t want to sound like a pervert or anything Charisma. But you were never one for wearing low-cut tops. Explain to me why this is. You, have more reason than anyone.”

I blinked. “Freddy, you’re making me feel uncomfortable.”

“Unintentional, I assure you.” He waved his hands as if to dismiss the point. “But I would now like to address the fact that you’re showing off one of your positively outstanding assets in a way that you never have before.”

“By wearing a low cut t-shirt.”

He nodded. “It’s enough.”

I walked back over to my locker. “I’m changing.” I would have happily done so, if Freddy had not grabbed my arm. “Love, I’m sorry, ignore me. I didn’t mean to make you feel insecure.”

“Well you did.” I admitted quietly. “I want to change.”

He threw his arm around my shoulder and walked me towards the door, away from my blessed locker containing not-so-low cut clothes. “When we get back to the Common Room, come on, seriously Charisma, what do you actually have in that locker?”

“True,” I admitted easily with a shrug. We walked towards the doors and past the showers. “Aren’t you going to wait for Dixie?”

He didn’t look back once. “She’s a big girl, I am sure she can handle herself.”

“Who are you and what have you done with Fredrick Weasley the Second?”

“I’m still me,” I admitted. “Dixie is just having some girl time with Elle; I didn’t want to interrupt that.”

“Girl time with Elle and Kyle,” I question. “Oh, how fun.”

He snorted and turned to me with a raised brow. “Price, you have sarcasm now?” I winked. “I’m liking the new you, love. It’s more, attitude-ie.”

“And the award for the explanation of the centaury goes to Fred Weasley of Gryffindor Tower, for his outstanding contribution to commenting on the new me.”

“We’re just banging out with the one-liners today aren’t we?”

“No changing the subject,” I insisted, pulling him to a halt, it was hard to do, I assure you. “Freddy, I want you to tell me what’s going on.”

“There is nothing going on.”

I sighed. “Look, I know that something has happened, okay? Dixie and James are like, new best buddies or something.”

“They’ve always been close.”

“I know,” I admitted with an eye roll. “But he wants a girl as a best friend to rant to.”

Fred folded his arms against this chest. “Doesn’t he have you for that?”

I shrugged. “Apparently, I am the girlfriend. I should not have to listen to his rants.”

“He’s not going to be able to keep with up.” I nodded my head with agreement. “You and he will always be best friends, even when there are hundreds of little kiddies running around. He will always use you to rant.” Surprisingly Freddy’s speech made me feel shockingly better. “Don’t be jealous.”

“I’m not jealous.”


I opened my mouth a little. “Not jealous.”

“So are.”

“So aren’t.”

“You’re jealous.”

“I’m not jealous!”

“Well, I am.”

I nearly coughed up spit. “Freddy Weasley, are you actually admitting to being jealous of their closer relationship?”

“Well, considering that you just admitted it, I figured that I could to.”

“I did not just admit it!” I fought the urge to stamp my foot. Fred simply raised an eyebrow. “Okay, I am a little jealous. But it’s nothing to worry about.”

Fred shrugged and fell in to my step as we walked towards the entrance hall. “I know it’s not. But Dixie and I haven’t been as close for a few months; she found an ability to confide in James a lot more, something that I didn’t give her the opportunity to do with me.”

“Freddy,” I said in the more comforting tone I could muster.

“No,” he adjusted. “I don’t want sympathy.”

“Then what happened?”


I stood my ground. “Something must have happened?”

“Like what?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I shrugged. “It’s been happening for a while hasn’t it? You two have been off since Christmas. Today at the game you span her around when we won, but then ran away from her like wildfire, But you aren’t the type to just ignore each other?”

“You and James did!” His words shattered my shield. His eyes widened as mine did. My lips didn’t quiver but I saw his shake. “Charisma, I am so sorry.”

“Don’t be.”

“It…it was out of line,” He stammered. “I had no right to say that.”

I looked in to his eyes. “You only said the thing that neither of us was brave enough to admit.”

“That you ignore each other?”

I laughed a little; it was more like a one-scoff-laugh that actually wanted to be a sob. “No, that we were childish. That we acted foolishly.”

“You acted how you thought was right.”

Shaking my head, I gave him a small smile. “Exactly, I acted how I thought was right.”

“Okay then, let me rephrase.” He smugly said. “You did the best possible thing that you could have in that situation; you showed people that you cared about it, but then you came back – after a small wallow of course,” I laughed quietly, “an entirely new you with an attitude to go.”

“You think that I did alright?”

“You did perfectly.”

I sighed as we took another few steps towards the entrance way, at this rate, we would never arrive to the Gryffindor Common Room. “Don’t think I am going to let you change the subject. I still remember what we were talking about.”

He winked. “You’re not that smart.” A slap to the arm and a glare and her was breaking down, I could see it. “You’re not going to break me Charisma, you know that.” Damn.

“Dixie told James.” I said. “I’m not asking you to tell me Freddy, but I am letting you know that I’m here if you want to talk about it. You don’t always have to go to someone of the same sex for your problems, sometimes it’s good to get a little female opinion.” He raised a brow. “Well, some of the time.”

Fred smiled, “Alright then. I will come to you if I need to.” I grinned. It was good to know that he trusted me. “Dixie and I were going to have sex.”

Except with that.


“You said that I could come to you.”

I possibly squealed a little. “Not with stuff like that – that is what you have your boys for!”

“But you said about a female’s opinion and crap!”

I pulled on his hood, pulling his face closer to mine. “Not about sex.” I don’t think that I could say it any slower. “Not to me anyway; you know how I deal with romance and love, and lust. I just run away crying like a little girl. You said it yourself!”

He laughed. I was a little startled that in this particular situation, he was laughing. “Charisma, I don’t need advice on it. It’s just sex.”

“Not to a girl.”

“But Dixie isn-“

“A virgin?” His eyes widened, I could see he was trying to think back, trying to convince himself. “She is my best girlfriend, I would know.”

“She might have lied to you.”

“Look, Freddy.” I placed a hand on his shoulder before quickly pulling it away. “I don’t really feel comfortable discussing this.”

“You’re the one that brought it up.”

I scoffed. “No, I was the one that asked you what was wrong. You were the one that brought it up!”

“Yeah, alright,” he admitted. “I can see that.”

I bit my lip and carefully took another step. “Dixie is a virgin Freddy, you have to accept that.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“No I don’t. I know that, but I don’t have to remind myself of it!”

“Are we really having this argument?”

“Yes, Charisma,” He said. “Yes, we are.” I rolled my eyes and didn’t bother fighting back. Freddy was as stubborn as James. I wouldn’t win, not in a long shot. “Do you think that Dixie told James?”

“About what?”

He folded his arms as we turned a corner, opening ourselves up to the Entrance Hall. It was a large open square, the stone walls made it magnificent. Two huge oak doors opened up to the grounds, a bright afternoon light shone through them and in to the Hall. Clusters of students hung around in groups and pairs, Houses mingled with other Houses, mixtures of yellow and green, purple and red.

Freddy leant against the back wall. “About the whole…you know.”

“Say it with me, Fred.” I taunted. “Virgin, come on it’s not a bad word.”

His eye roll could have been seen from the other side of the world. “Virgin,” I could see his feelings against it, but he still said it begrudgingly. Freddy was the opposite of a virgin. That has been known for a long time. Dixie however has spent the past year or so desperately hoping otherwise.

“So what happened?” I asked. “You said that you were gong to…do it. You didn’t?”

He shook his head. “No, it was sort of a spur of the moment thing, it wasn’t planned.” I nodded knowingly. Dixie wasn’t the type to plan situations. The only thing that I think she has is the names of her and Freddy’s children. “When I realized what we were doing, I stopped it.” I raised a brow. “Dix is my best friend. She isn’t like the other girls.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “She has an IQ that she needs more than one hand to count.”


“True.” Freddy silently glared. “Don’t you think that Dixie got a little embarrassed, that’s why she is avoiding you a little?”

Freddy snorted. “This is Dixie we’re talking about.” I laughed. I have always envied Dixie’s unparallel ability to lack the emotion of humiliation. “Look, your boy is here.”

My head span so fast it nearly fell off. “Shut up.” I whined, smacking Freddy on the arm. “It really isn’t that funny.”

“Did you dislocate your neck?”

I fluttered my eyelashes. “Oh, Weasley, you’re hilarious.”

“I do try,” he amended with a shrug. “But seriously. James is there.”

I followed his finger and saw him. James was staring at me with curious eyes. He leant on the door frame to the grounds with his arms crossed. He looked like he had all year. Handsome. He wore blue jeans with a loose, crisp polo, any hoodie or jacket had disappeared. Girls swooned as they walked past. His biceps bulged from his sleeves. I smirked, it was probably intentional. His hair was still scruffy.

I sudden yet irrational fear sped up my heart as I waved goodbye to Freddy and made my way over to James. My heart beat wildly.

I felt my head cloud. If I remembered how to speak in the presence of James now, I would be thoroughly pleased. There was a hollowness to my body, I could hardy feel my heart beat.

Mt thoughts silenced as I stood infront of James, in the doorway. If I looked left, I could see the grounds. The wind had stopped, but the rain was still light. But it was warm.

James said nothing, he merely looked at me. It wasn’t an emotion that I recognized in his eyes. I gave him a small, warm smile. “I think that we should celebrate.” He said nothing. “This is the first game that I haven’t ended up in the Hospital Wing. It’s a moment for the History Books.” I echoed Freddy’s earlier cheer.

He didn’t have the same reaction.

His expression was dark. Suddenly every emotion had vanished; all I was left with was nerves and worry. But those butterflies in my tummy didn’t fly away. I tensed and pushed my fringe form my eyes, folding my arms over my chest.


“Did you think that it was funny?” He asked, jaw clenched, eyes black. His tone was the same as his expression, tense, hard and low.

“I don’t get it.”

“That’s the point.” He tersely snapped. “Did you think that it would be funny, to jump from your broom?”

My skin prickled slightly. That was what this was about. James looked really cut up. “I got the points.”

A frown rippled his features as he interjected with anger. “The points mean nothing to me if I can’t have you.”

His hand pulled away from his and reached for my face. His thumb began to lightly trace my cheekbone. His frustrated eyes bore in to mine. “James, I’m sorry.”

“You should be.” He snapped his irritation was on full display. But his features were straining to keep clam. I could see that he was refraining from shouting at me. “You could have hurt yourself, you could have killed yourself.”

The passion in his voice rushed through me like a tidal wave. His jaw was still frustrated shut with anger. “James,” I breathed. He still heard me. His hardened expression made my shiver. “I want to tell people.”

“You want to wha-“

I cut him off with a quick kiss to his lips and one that missed. His jaw was still tight, and so I kissed it again.

“Don’t think that you’re changing the subject, love.” He growled.

I shook my head with a smile. My emotions always contrasted his; this is why we matched so well. He had the famous fiery Weasley temper. I didn’t. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“In that case.” He pulled me close. “I guess I can lecture you later.”

The whispers in the corridor fell quiet as James’s lips met mine. Each one of the students waited in delicate anticipation for an explanation. They didn’t get one. I waited for a cry of outrage.

But nothing came.

Except for that echoing wolf whistle from Freddy. I smiled. 

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“Yeah, well you’re a dog.” She spat. “You deserve a bit of penance.”

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