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Remus hovered over the badly burned Sirius, who was curled into himself, making horrible agonizing noises that were not quite screams and not quite groans because his throat had been damaged. Unicorns and wizards alike were gathered about him and Bill, who did not look injured, but was suffering from werewolf poison. Severus glanced at the young red-haired Curse Breaker and shook his head. He doubted if he could heal Bill, normally a werewolf bite was irreversible, but right now Bill was not his priority. Sirius was.

Severus could feel the power of the moon still pulsing through him, but not the destructive dark side, but the gentler healing magic. He peered down at the gasping half-dead figure that was Sirius Black and felt a strange sort of sympathy for the man. No one should have to suffer such agony, not even a Marauder. He took two deep breaths.

"Severus, can you save him?" Remus asked, his voice quavering. He had to force himself to look at the wreckage of his friend and he swallowed hard to keep from vomiting.

Snape did not answer, he was deep within the trance of the Healer. Then he knelt and touched Sirius lightly upon the chest. Immediately, a glistening silvery fire sprang from his hand and enveloped Sirius completely.

The wizards and witches watching breathed a sigh of relief when they saw it, knowing that Snape had called upon his goddess to help him and She had answered.

For several long interminable minutes, Severus remained bent over the Animagus, struggling to mend the terrible damage the Fiendfyre had wrought. The Fiendfyre was a powerful battle spell, and it was of such potency that goblins at Gringotts used it to guard the most precious vaults and their contents. It was a spell that had a long and bloody history.

Nightblaze could feel the tension in the air, resonating back to him, to the unicorns, to Hermione, who stood with a hand resting upon his shoulder, the other clutching the Silver Lance, biting her lip hard, tears sparkling on her lashes. He turned and nuzzled her. It will be all right. Severus can save Sirius. He has the Lady's Touch. He can save anyone.

After about eight or ten minutes, Hermione wasn't sure which, it was hard to read her watch through eyes blurred with tears, the silvery cocoon surrounding Sirius black faded abruptly and Severus removed his hand. He felt extremely tired and drained, having used Selene's Gift to both harm and heal in the same day.

Remus gasped. The burnt blackened form that had been lying there was no more. Instead Sirius was whole again, his skin pale and shiny, with a few scars on his neck and across his left shoulder, which had taken the brunt of the spell. His hair had been burnt mostly away, and even the Touch had only given him back short stiffened locks, but at least he had hair. The Animagus' chest rose and fell evenly now, but it wasn't until Sirius opened his eyes and stared into Snape's obsidian ones that Remus released the breath he had been holding.

Sirius' brown eyes were filled with puzzlement at first. "Am I . . .dead?" he muttered, examining himself. The agonizing pain was gone as if it had never been. "Nah . . .because Snape's here, and I doubt we'd end up in the same afterlife for all eternity."

"Selene forbid, Black!" the Potions Master hissed. "One lifetime was enough."

Sirius's eyes narrowed. "Why did you save me then?" He could not remember much besides the white wall of pain, but one thing he did know was that Severus had healed him with Selene's help, and now . . .now he owed the other a lifedebt. It was not altogether a pleasant thought, owing a person you had tormented throughout childhood your life.

Severus' lip curled. "Perhaps because I wished for you to be in my debt, for once a Gryffindor owes a Slytherin. Or perhaps because even you, the most irritating wizard in existence, don't deserve to die in such agony. Take your pick." Abruptly, he rose and turned to look for his two charges, finding them both a few feet away, quietly being sick in the grass. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have other business to attend to." He hurried over to them, assisting them competently.

"Sirius, are you all right now?" Remus asked, helping the other sit up.

Sirius did not answer, his eyes were still on Snape, watching the black robed professor calmly giving each of his wards a sip from a potions flask and then wiping their faces with a handkerchief. The two children turned and clung to him, and for a bare instant, Sirius felt a flash of jealousy, that Harry turned to Snape for comfort instead of Remus or himself. Snape now had an arm about each of the adolescents, and Sirius looked at the other's face. It was pale and drawn, but the black eyes burned with a fierce protective light, daring anyone to come between him and his children. He cares for them, Sirius realized with a start. He really cares for them . . .maybe even loves them. Who would have thought the greasy dungeon crawler could ever love the son of his worst rival and a Gryffindor girl?

"Snape . . .he really does care for them," he rasped softly, half to himself.

Remus frowned down at him. "Well, of course he cares, he's their guardian. Remember?"

Sirius nodded. He vaguely remembered Dumbledore telling him that a few days before, but the fact hadn't sunk in until now. Now when he saw his godson hugging the Potions Master and Snape's hand coming up to pat the boy gently on the shoulder and murmur something to him. "I . . .yes . . ." Could he have misjudged the Slytherin all these years? He had thought Snape cold and hard and unfeeling, bitter and untrustworthy, and yet there was his godson and a girl known for her brains leaning on Snape for support. Snape, who was the Chosen of Selen, Snape who was a midnight stallion, Snape who had saved his life.

He thought back on Snape's answer to his question. The words had been sharp, sarcastic, but nevertheless, there had been a hint of something more behind them. Sirius felt a sudden flush of shame. He's not at all what I thought. He saved me, took in two orphaned children . . .nobody forced him to . . .

*He did what was right, not what was easy,* a silvery Voice spoke in his head.

Sirius jerked sharply. Who . . .?

*Do you truly not know Me, little Hound? You, who have listened to the whispers of Nemesis, my Other Aspect, for years?* the Voice was low and throaty with amusement.

Sirius bowed his head. I know You, Bright One. Why have You come to me now?

*Because now You can hear me. You have opened your heart, you were blind and now you see. You have been given a second chance, My child. See that you do not waste it.*

I won't, Lady. Sirius promised, and then he felt the essence of the Moon Lady depart. He understood what Selene wished, for him to set aside the old rivalry with Snape and accept the other man. It would not be easy. But here and now, he could make a beginning. He rose, accepting Remus' hand, then walked over to the threesome.

Both Harry and Hermione had drawn away from Severus slightly, though they still stood close to him. "Sirius, you're okay!" Harry exclaimed, a smile lighting his face.

"Sure I am, Harry. I'm a scrappy old hound." He hugged Harry briefly, then he turned to the Potions Master. "I owe you my life, Sn—Severus. Thank you."

Severus gave him a measuring look. "No need for thanks, Black. I did what was right." He looked at the other's outstretched hand. Then he clasped it swiftly and released it.

Arthur hurried over to him, his face creased with anguish. "Severus, please, is there anything you can do to help Bill? Can you heal him the way you did Sirius?"

"I do not know, Arthur. You know the werewolf curse is one of the most potent in the world." Severus answered. "But I shall try."

He moved over to place his hand upon Bill, who was still unconscious. But this time there was no warm flare of silver light, just a flicker. And Severus understood that the curse could not be broken, only mitigated somewhat. "I cannot reverse the curse, Arthur. But I can modify it somewhat. With help."

"What can I do?" Arthur asked.

"Call upon Apollo, that is Bill's deity, is it not?"

"Yes, but . . ."

"Call him."

"I shall call too," Molly said, grasping her husband's hand. "Apollo, Breaker of Curses, God of Medicine, we beg thee to hear us. Heal our son. Help us."

For long moments, nothing happened.

Then a hazy purple outline appeared in midair. *You called, mortals?*

Apollo's voice was rich and musical, a golden baritone that flowed over them like honey. The purple haze lessened and they could see the shining god standing beside Bill. The god reached out a hand and held it above his worshipper. *My poor son. The curse is such that I cannot break it, undoing what my cold dark brother did is nearly impossible, due to the laws that bind us. Everything in Balance. However, I can mute it somewhat.* His blazing sapphire eyes fastened upon Severus. *So, you are the one.*

Severus inclined his head. "I am. Together, Lord, I think we can mitigate the curse's effects."

Apollo nodded gravely. *That is so. Let us begin.*

Then god and former avatar reached out and laid their hands upon Bill's chest.

Gold and silver magical signatures intertwined and flowed through the comatose wizard's body, stilling the curse temporarily and reweaving a few strands, altering the duration and weakening the strength of the curse as best they could. Finally it was done.

Apollo patted Bill's cheek. *Wake, child.*

Bill's eyelids fluttered and then he opened them. His eyes widened. "Lord Apollo! Is it time for me to . . ."

*Not yet. Not for a long time.*

"The werewolf . . .bit me . . ." Bill hissed, his face twisting in remembered agony.

*I know. The curse must be endured, but you shall only suffer it every other moon, and for only twenty-four hours. Light must Balance dark. You are still my Chosen, never forget that.* The god leaned over and kissed Bill upon the forehead. *Beloved child, farewell.*

Bill felt the god's love and warmth flow through him and tears streamed unheeded down his cheeks.

Then Apollo vanished in a cloud of golden sparkles.

Harry rubbed his eyes, wondering if he had really seen the god after all.

No one moved for several minutes. Then Molly caught her eldest and hugged him, weeping softly. "Oh, Billy! I wish we could do more, I wish I could take the curse in your place . . ."

"Mum, no. It'll be all right. I can learn to live with it . . .like Remus." Bill soothed her. "There are worse things."

Everyone was looking at the Weasleys, except Harry, who noticed his guardian turn a pasty gray and tremble, almost going to his knees. Harry ran to him and offered him a shoulder. "Severus! You all right?"

The Potions Master allowed the young wizard to serve as a prop. "I am . . .weary from . . .the healing and from destroying Set's avatar, Voldemort. I just need a moment. . ."

"Here, maybe you need to sit down," Hermione came up and supported his other shoulder, and together they helped settle the Potions Master upon the grass.

Amicus whickered softly. Brother, do you need my horn?

Severus shook his head. "No. This is not something a unicorn can heal. Such is the price I pay for using the gifts given me. Which have now begun to fade."

"Fade?" Harry cried. "But . . .I thought they were permanent."

"Some are, like your new form and Hermione's new Sight," his mentor answered. "But my own . . .such power is not meant for a mortal to wield for more than a brief time. And now it is ended." He put his head in his hands, massaging his throbbing temples.

"Voldemort is dead?" Harry repeated, loudly.

Everyone turned to gape at them.

"How? When did that happen?" sputtered Charlie.

"And where's Albus?" asked Minerva worriedly.

"And Moody?" Amelia added, looking about for the oldest retired Auror.

"Albus has been . . .killed," Severus answered gravely. "Voldemort killed him before I could get there."

"But how is that possible?" Sirius cried. "Dumbledore was . . .he was the only wizard V-Voldemort ever feared! How could he be . . .gone?"

"Not even the greatest wizard in the world can stand against an avatar, Black," Severus told him. "Voldemort summoned Set and allowed the god to use his body. He thought by doing so he could become immortal. But being an avatar is a double-edged sword."

"How did you manage to destroy him when Albus could not?" asked Shacklebolt.

"Because I was Selene's avatar. Light to Balance Dark. But it could have easily gone the other way, had I not been quick enough to seize the advantage. Voldemort grew cocky and allowed me an opening. He believed he was invincible. But even an avatar has limits. I killed him with the Lady's Touch."

"Is he gone for good this time?" asked Remus.

"Yes." Severus said with certainty. "At long last . . .Voldemort is dead."

"But so are many others. Including poor Moody," Arthur said suddenly, his eyes glistening.

"Alastor!" Molly cried. "No! How did . . ."

"Molly, I . . .don't know how to tell you . . .but Moody . . .he . . .threw himself in front of a Killing Curse that was aimed at you." He went to his wife and held her.

"No . . .he sacrificed himself for me . . .no . . ." Molly began to cry softly.

"It is how he would have wished to go, Molly," said Minerva, patting her on the shoulder. The Transfiguration teacher's eyes were moist. "He was a warrior to the end and now . . .now he has gone to Valhalla to be with the other legendary warriors. And his name shall never be forgotten."

As if Minerva's words had been a catalyst, all of them bowed their heads in mourning for those they had lost. Voldemort had been defeated, but not without cost, and now they had to go on and pick up the pieces.


It was a solemn procession that made their way back through Sherwood, bearing the bodies of the slain. Even the Death Eaters were not left behind, but given equal treatment. They would be given to the Auror Department and later released to whatever family they had remaining.

Nightblaze kept glancing at Sirius, who was riding him, as they galloped back through the forest, expecting the other to explode any minute and demand an explanation from him about why he had chosen Severus as his guardian. But Sirius did not say anything, and they made their way back to Snape's land without any more emotional outbursts.

Except when they passed Danae's tree and the dryad peered out from beneath her oak's branches and beckoned to Sirius, who stopped dead and gave the dryad a wink and a very appreciative smile.

Not again! Nightblaze groaned, recalling Draco's encounter as well as his own with the lovelorn forest sprite.

"Hello, pretty boy," purred the dryad, coming forward and clasping Sirius' hands. "My name is Danae."

"Sirius Orion Black."

Her eyes met his and she whispered, "You are for me, Sirius Black. You are what was promised."

He blinked then leaned down and kissed her. "You bet, sweetheart. I'll be back soon."

Nightblaze neighed in alarm. Sirius, you can't! It's a glamour, not real love!

He sped up, trotting swiftly through the trees, careful to stay on the path.

"Hey, take it easy, Harry," Sirius remonstrated. "I'm not the best rider, you know."

Nightblaze slowed, then craned his head about to look at the Animagus. To his surprise, there was no lovelorn mesmerized look in his godfather's eyes. Not like there had been in Draco's and most likely his own as well. Sirius' eyes were clear. Nightblaze was unsure what that meant. Before, when Danae had trapped Draco and himself, Selene or Jack had come and rescued them, and told the dryad to leave them be. This time, however, the dryad had stated that Sirius was meant for her . . .and Selene had not refuted it. Did that mean that Danae was Sirius' mate?

He would have to ask Severus about it, the Potions Master seemed to know all about dryads.

He was all confused, grief and guilt for the deaths of Moody and Dumbledore mixed up with relief that Voldemort was dead and he would never need to worry about the dark wizards coming to kill him ever again. The few Death Eaters, like Dolohov, Thorfinn, and some others who had survived the battle had already been taken into custody by Amelia Bones and Shacklebolt. Harry knew they were destined for Azkaban and he wouldn't ever need to worry about them again, security had been beefed up since the Death Eaters had escaped from there.

At last, the burden of being The-Boy-Who-Lived was off his back, and he could, perhaps, begin to live a normal life as a normal wizard. He was very grateful for that, and very grateful that Severus had defeated Voldemort in his stead. He bit his lip to keep from laughing when Severus discovered the joys of dodging story-hungry reporters looking for the latest scoop or profile on the mysterious Professor Snape, Destroyer of Voldemort. Maybe Severus could glare them into submission, the way he did rowdy students in potions. But that was the only thing he had to be amused about.

Finally, they were home again, and once everyone else had departed, Severus gave them each a Calming Draught and sent them to bed. Minerva had told them she would owl them about the funeral arrangements for Alastor Moody and Dumbledore. It had been decided to hold the funerals together, to honor both wizards as war heroes and it was sure to be a very public affair.

Severus hated such things, and he knew he would hate this one even more, because of the hype and the press that were sure to be there, trying to get a story from grief-stricken people, and they would also be after him as well. In a way, he thought Moody and Dumbledore the lucky ones, because they didn't have to deal with the aftermath following the destruction of Voldemort. With the Dark Lord's reign of terror banished, it would be a new age for the wizarding world. An age that, he supposed, he would have to reluctantly take part in. But for now, he was going to bed, and for once he would sleep without nightmares, for the greatest nightmare of all was now in hell.

Before he went to sleep, he checked up on his wards, and found them both sleeping soundly, as he had hoped. Then he departed for his own inviting bed, where he dreamt he was walking through a meadow of moonflowers and violets and Selene awaited him, clothed only in her silvery hair and the light of the moon.


Three days later:

Harry stood straight and still beside Severus and Hermione as Minerva performed the eulogy for Albus and Amelia did the same for Alastor Moody. There were scores of people gathered at the gravesides of both wizards, for both of them had been respected members of the community, though Moody had been thought a bit daft and paranoid by some.

Both of the fallen heroes had been displayed upon slabs of pure white marble, carved with runes symbolizing light, hope, and rebirth. Moody had his staff, and many Dark Detectors and weapons spread out by his feet, in the tradition of his god, Odin. Albus had a simple white cloak draped about him and his wand lying upon his breast, fingers clasped about it. A wreath of moonflowers and violets entwined about some clinging green ivy lay by his feet, in the shape of a crescent moon. Severus had insisted upon that, claiming that Albus had accepted Selene at the end and now dwelled within her paradise.

Harry was dressed in his best dress robes, black with the interior lined with red and gold velvet, plus a simple linen suit and tie. He squirmed, because the suit made him sweat in the heat and he hated formal ware. He felt Severus' hand clamp down on his shoulder in a silent warning to be still. He could almost hear his guardian's silent rebuke, Quit squirming like a five-year-old, Potter!

Beside him, Hermione wore a simple dress in black, her hair pulled back with a black headband, her silver unicorn pendant glittering in the sunlight. She stared straight ahead at the biers, her brown eyes filled with sorrow, but she was not crying. She had already cried plenty on Harry's shoulder, and Severus' as well. She felt guilty that she had not been there to save Alastor during the battle.

"Hermione, it was war, and people die in war, even those like Moody, who have survived countless skirmishes," Severus had told her just yesterday. "You have no reason to feel guilty, you cannot be everywhere at once. Alastor chose his own death, child. As Odin's follower, he preferred to go down fighting. He used to say to me that he knew he would not die an old man in his bed, and thank the Valkyries for that. If he could see you now, he would probably scold you for being a silly girl, sniveling over a warrior's sacrifice. And Albus would give you a lemon drop and tell you how death was but one more grand adventure. Now dry your eyes and eat some breakfast, starving yourself won't bring them back."

Needless to say, they all ate very little for breakfast yesterday.

When Harry had brought up the incident with the dryad and Sirius, Snape had smirked knowingly. "Well, well. So the Lady has granted Danae's request after all."

Harry nearly choked on his juice. "You mean . . .it's true? What she said?"

Severus nodded. "Based on what you said Black looked like after he had kissed her, it's a true bonding. Once a dryad finds her true mate, her enchantments don't work on him, because there is no need for glamourie to keep him with her, he will stay of his own accord."

"He will?" Harry squeaked. "But . . .where will he live?"

"I imagine Black will choose someplace nearby, a house that borders the forest, and live in it, since Danae cannot live away from her tree for very long."

Hermione had managed a small smile then. "I think it's wonderful, that she's finally found someone after all these . . .ummm . . .centuries. And I think Sirius is happy about it too."

Harry supposed Sirius was, though he couldn't have ever gotten used to his wife living in a tree and only visiting him at night unless he was off duty and could spend the day with her.

He hadn't had a chance to discuss anything else with his godfather, and even though Sirius was at the service, Harry knew now was neither the time nor the place to talk about Severus' guardianship.

Somehow, Severus had managed to hide them from the newshounds that had haunted their steps from the moment they arrived at the memorial service. All of the reporters had converged upon the Potions Master, now known as Voldemort's Destroyer, among other things, wanting to shake his hand, get his autograph, snare an interview. Harry had almost been smothered in the crush until Severus fastened all of them with a basilisk glare and snapped, "Everyone, back away! Now! I shall answer questions after the service, one at a time. And give you one—I repeat one—interview. You can all share the information I give among yourselves. Move!"

They had scattered like leaves before a windstorm, and then Severus had led Harry and Hermione to say their farewells at the bier before shepherding them into a quiet corner where they could listen and watch undisturbed.

Harry thought he caught a glimpse of Ron and his family, but there were so many people and it was so tight there that he couldn't be certain, and good manners and Severus kept him from shouting, "Ron, is that you?" across the crowd.

Finally the eulogies were over and the biers sealed magically and floated into the graves, amid showers of silver and gold and magical rainbows. Doves flew overhead trailing silvery ribbons and the gravedigger, Old Tom, who tended the graveyard at Godric's Hollow, gently tossed in dirt over them until they were covered over and at a gesture, a thick carpet of turf and flowers grew over the freshly turned earth.

The headstones were simple yet elegant. Moody's bore the epitaph: A warrior for all seasons, a friend forever—followed by the Auror crest and his name and dates of birth and death.

Albus' bore the inscription—Death is the last great adventure—and then the Hogwarts crest and his name and dates.

Then everyone paraded past the tombstones and touched them whispering a prayer or just trailing their hands across them.

Harry paused beside Moody's and touched it. "May you rest in peace. I'll always remember." He did the same to Albus', adding, "Have fun and don't do anything to drive Selene crazy."

Hermione murmured something he couldn't catch, dabbing her eyes with the handkerchief Severus had lent her.

Harry put his arm about her and whispered, "I'll be glad when this is over."

"Me too. I just want to go home."

He sighed, then remembered that somewhere here his parents were buried. "'Mione, d'you think Severus would mind if I . . .went to pay my respects to my parents?"

"I don't think so. Do you know where they are?"

Harry shook his head. He had never gone to visit his parents' final resting place before. "No, but maybe Severus could show me."

"Show you what?" asked the lean sorcerer, coming up behind them and making them jump.

"My parents. They're buried here too. I just thought . . .maybe I could . . .see them. I've never been, you see . . ." Harry trailed off, worrying his bottom lip.

Severus concealed a sigh. The last thing he wished to do was to visit the Potters' gravesite. But he knew it was important for Harry to have closure and he was not cruel enough to deny the boy some measure of peace. "Come. This way."

Beneath a lovely flowering cherry tree were two tombstones. The one bearing James Potter's name had a roaring lion on it and the one with Lily's had a unicorn rearing. They were connected by an arched slab of marble bearing the inscription—the last enemy to be destroyed is death. Someone had placed fresh flowers upon the graves and Harry saw that Lily's tombstone bore a glowing silver crescent carved in it.

Harry looked back at Severus uncertainly before starting forward and then pausing before the tombstones. Now that he was here, he felt funny, and unsure of why he had wanted to come in the first place. He had almost no memories of them.

"Hi, Mum and Dad. I just wanted to come and . . .say goodbye, I guess. If you're somewhere watching, I guess you know what just happened and that your murderer is dead and I'm Severus' ward now. And Selene's Chosen. I hope you're happy up there and . . .I think you'd be proud of me. Least I hope so."

He reached out and touched the two tombstones and closed his eyes, trying to conjure up memories of them. But all he could remember was Lily's eyes and the scent of wildflowers and a pair of large hands that he thought might be James' holding him against something firm, he thought it might have been a broomstick. But that was all.

"I know you won't mind Severus being my guardian, Mum, since he was your best friend," Harry continued softly. "Dad, even though you two didn't like each other and fought at school, I want you to know Severus is a decent man, and he treats me like his own. He saved me from the Dursleys and helped me, he can be a strict pain in the arse sometimes, but I guess I need that occasionally. And I know I'll always have a home with him. Oh, and I play Quidditch like you, Dad, only I'm a Seeker. That ought to make you happy."

Unable to think of anything else to say to his absent parents, Harry just stood there, gazing at the tombstones, wishing he could feel something besides regret, but he had no memories to connect him to any other feelings and so he finally kissed the tips of his fingers and placed them upon the headstones and whispered, "Selene bless and keep you, Mum and Dad. Goodbye."

To his surprise, he found tears welling in his eyes, though the tears were not for his parents, but for himself. He turned away and blinked hard, and for one moment he swore he saw two misty forms out of the corner of his eye, standing together atop the marble arch, smiling and waving at him.

Be happy, Harry. Remember, you are loved.

He quickly dashed away the unexpected tears, he didn't want to start bawling again, he had cried enough for two boys this week. Had he really seen them? And heard their voices? Or had it just been his imagination?

He made his way across the grass to where Severus and Hermione waited. "I'm done here. Let's go home."

Severus nodded, and they all touched the Portkey hanging about his neck, vanishing just as the first of the reporters from the Daily Prophet caught up with them.

When they arrived back at the farm, the sun was just beginning to descend, casting shadows across the ground. Harry was suddenly filled with a strong desire to become the black unicorn and run across the pasture and into the forest. They had appeared in the middle of the pasture, safely away from any trees or the fence, in the open.

Harry turned to ask Severus' permission to become Nightblaze and run for awhile, when his gaze was caught by three white shapes emerging from the trees.

"Unicorns!" Hermione exclaimed, caressing the silver pendant she wore. "What are they doing here?"

"It's Amicus and Sirocco and . . .one I don't know." Harry identified them.

"That would be Rhiannon, the Memory Keeper." Severus told him.

"Memory Keeper?" repeated Harry.

"She keeps memories of the lineages of the unicorns, so that no unicorn takes a mate whose line is too close."

The three unicorns trotted up to them, halting in front of them and dipping their heads in a bow.

"Greetings, Amicus." Severus said, bowing back to him.

Amicus whickered and then he stamped a hoof upon the ground. Moon Fire, it is time.

"Time for what?" Harry asked, wrinkling his brow.

Time to know the truth, replied Amicus. Then he tapped Hermione lightly with his horn.

I hope you all found what happened in this chapter interesting. Were you surprised by any of it?

Next-Hermione's heritage is revealed at last!

I have been suffering with a bout of fibromyalgia for two weeks now and between that and the 100 degree weather around here have been in a lot of pain, and rather than lie on my bed zonked out with painkillers, I write to focus on something other than the pain. For those of you who have no idea what FM is, it's a chronic muscle and nerve disease that causes extreme fatigue and pain to just about every part of your body. There are times when I feel like I'm being tortured when my muscles spasm and there is no cure, so I simply have to live with it. Usually it's not too bad, but lately it's been raging . . .so leave me a nice review if you wouldn't mind!

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