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Her life seemed to come back to her like she’d just been smacked into oblivion. Her eyelids flew open and she sucked in a deep, desperate gasp of air. As soon as it reached her lungs she choked. Everything seemed blurry, mistaken and wrong. But she knew it was Draco at her side.

After a few minutes, she finally was able to breathe normally. She wiped water from her eyes and saw the relief in Draco’s expression as she did. She tried to sit up, but the air seemed to force her straight back down and gave her an awful headache. She closed her eyes again and breathed through her nose slowly.

“How do you feel now?” asked Draco. She didn’t open her eyes, but she nodded gently.

Draco wandered across the room, and she didn’t need her eyes open to understand the frustration and anger that he was feeling. He smashed his fists against something metal, for she heard the clang and then his violent under-breath swearing at the pain.

“I’m fine.” she mumbled. He was by her side again because she heard his deep panting, and the drips of water that was falling from his hair, nose, and any other part of his body.

“I know. But I’m not. I’m so - I’m just so angry. I can’t believe she’d do this.” he replied.

“I can.”

He was walking away again, and a moment later a towel dropped over. She felt warmth wash all over her body as she cuddled into the softness of the blanket. She pushed herself into a sitting up position and stared over at Draco, who was now about two metres away, also huddled in a towel.

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage that outright dislike.” she said.

“What?” asked Draco. She found herself laughing, and sighed.

“It’s an old quote Professor Dumbledore used to use. Don’t you remember?” she replied. He was looking at her with such intensity and delight that it scared her a little. He didn’t speak. He just seemed to stare at her. She stared back, after a while, and he was moving closer to her. He was about two inches away from her face, each with their eyes closed and their lips damp and almost together when the door flung open.

“Hermione!” shouted Harry. She spun round, at the same time as Draco did too, and she noticed Ginny and Ron standing to his sides.

She scurried to her feet but kept the towel wrapped around her soaking body. Plus, it’d have been awkward if she’d just taken it off, considering she was partly naked under it.

“Harry? What’s-”

“-Pansy said Draco had you locked in here. She said he tried to drown you!” Ron yelled, but Harry was already racing towards Draco, his fists tightly shut together and his face scrunched up tensely.

“Harry!” she and Ginny both yelled as his fist slammed into Draco’s cheek. The next thing she knew, Draco was sprawled across the floor crying in agony while Harry laid punch after punch into his ribs.

She dived between the two as Harry lifted his fist into mid air once more, and grabbed hold of it. He was stronger than herself, obviously, but he allowed her to control his fist and bring it down to normal.

“You piece of scum, Malfoy.” he roared, and kicked him hard in the place where no boy wants to be kicked. Draco was clutching it now, bent into a half moon shape, quivering in pain.

“Harry, listen!” she shouted. She had no idea were she got the voice from, but it made even Harry jump.

“I’m listening.” he mumbled.

“Draco saved me, Harry! I was in here and he wandered in. We started to shout at each other, and then I don’t know what happened. We were in the water, because we fell in, and Pansy was there. She just yanked Draco out of the water and held my head under. I must have fell unconscious because then I couldn’t remember anything. The next thing I knew I was lying with Draco giving me CPR. Turns out he did listen in those first few years of Muggle Studies.” she stopped talking and took in a deep breath.

Harry turned to Draco and his expression was solid, tense and cold. Yet he still had those bright, blue eyes that made him seem so calm and happy.

“Is this true? You saved Hermione?” he asked coldly to Draco, who nodded helplessly.

“Come on, Hermione. Let’s leave this tosser to just lie here.” Harry said and he took her hand. She pulled away, though and looked back towards a hurt Draco who lay on the floor. His eyes were a clear silver colour, and she saw the plead in them for her to stay.

“I’m staying here.” she said. Harry looked her in the eye and opened his mouth to speak, but he closed It a moment later. He knew better than to disagree with her now.

“Promise me you’ll come and see me later.” he asked quietly, for her ears only.

“It’s almost nightfall. If you want to wait up for me in the common room then do so, but I’m not coming into the boys dorm.” she replied. He laughed, surprisingly.

“Seamus still checking you out all the time?” he asked jokingly. She couldn’t help but laugh too at the joke, and embraced him in a tight, warm hug.

She pulled away first and walked over to Ginny. She pulled her close and hugged her. It’d been a long time since she’d felt a girl by her side, other than someone who wanted to kill her.

“I’ll see you later. I’ll wait up.” Ginny said. Hermione nodded and smiled.

She faced Ron, who was much taller, and she saw regret in his eyes. Regret. She couldn’t bring herself to hug him, however much she wanted too. Instead, she held out her right hand to him. He looked down, and then back up at her with a confused expression.

“You shake it, Ron.” she laughed. He laughed too, and instead of taking her hand, gave her a little, one armed hug. It felt good to be back talking with him again, even if it was only brief.

“Well I’ll see you guys later. Bye.” she sent them off and closed the bathroom door behind her. Draco was sitting up and wiping blood from his bust lip and holding his bloody nose with his other hand.
She took off her towel and dabbed it on his lip.

He seemed to be unaware of his feelings for a moment, as he just stared at her blankly, and then reality hit him and he flushed a red colour. Hermione grinned and pulled him for a hug, but moved away as he groaned in pain.

“Broken ribs, I’m guessing.” he panted. Hermione helped him to his feet and searched for her clothes. She found them, minutes later, floating in the pool of water. Great. She was going to be walking down to the Hospital Wing in her underwear. Just plain lovely.
I'm not sure how many chapters to make for this story, as I'm finding myself growing bored already. When shall I stop? Ideas?

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