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Annelise Turnington by JKRowlingFan22
Chapter 5 : Summer Vacation Part III
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Disclaimer: Anything you recognize from JKR's Harry Potter books does NOT belong to me!

Annelise Turnington
Chapter Five – Summer Vacation Part III

We were at St. Mungo’s, in a room filled with Healers rushing all over the place, tending to the Potter family and me. Turns out if you’re someone really famous, you get special treatment whenever you get hurt.

Somehow that just isn’t fair. A brown-haired healer took his wand out and checked me for any injuries.

“Honestly, I’m fine!” I tried to tell them. But did they listen to me? Nooo, of course not. The brown-haired man frowned at me and continued to check me for curses and other issues. I sighed impatiently and looked over to see how Mr. Potter was doing; he was knocked out from all the drugs the healers had given him. They wanted to put him in a private room, but the rest of the family refused to be separated from him.

He wasn’t that badly hurt, except for the gushing blood coming out of his right arm. He had been hit by a nasty curse. Really, he was fine, but he was really distressed about his children and wife. The healers collectively decided the only way to stop him from squirming and to calm him down was to knock him out completely.

Really professional in my opinion.

Mrs. Potter was being tended to with a serene expression on her face. She examined her leg as the healer calmly tended to it with a flurry of spells. Considering the circumstance, I expected her to be in the opposite state of what she was in now. She looked, relieved I guess. I suppose she had a cool head on her when it was needed the most. She looked fondly at her children and husband and then smiled at me.

“I’m glad they’re all alright.” She told me. I nodded in agreement. Lily had a scrape on her knee, but that was the extent of the harm done to the Potter children. I was still pretty shaky from the whole ordeal, but at the same time, I knew everything was okay, no one had been able to hurt us. I was still amazed at how Harry and Ginny managed to do it. They fought viciously to protect their children. Ten out of the thirty attackers were already down by the time the Auror's had arrived at the scene.

The wards had managed to stay in place too. The strength of their magical capability was pretty impressive. I had never held more respect for the Potter family than I did now. I looked over at James, who was staring fixedly at his father. Worry was etched in his face. I ignored my healer’s protests and walked over to James.

I then gave him a tight hug. He was as rigid as a board, but soon loosened up and hugged me back. “It’s just a cut, he’s fine.” I reassured him.

“I know, but what if he’s not all right? What if the healer’s missed something?” James’ voice cracked. The healer tending to James glared viciously at him.

“Do you people have no faith in us?” She asked angrily, pointing her finger accusingly at him. James grinned sheepishly and muttered his apologies. I snickered, which earned me an evil glare from the healer as well. I then heard a voice that made me jump right out of my seat.

“I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HOW MANY OF US ARE ALLOWED IN THE ROOM, WE’RE ALL FAMILY AND I DEMAND TO BE ABLE TO BLOODY SEE MY SISTER!” I heard a roar from outside of the room. I looked at James with wide eyes, but he just laughed.

“Uncle Ron.” He said affectionately. I laughed along with him. At that very moment, a swarm of Weasley’s entered the room in a storm. The healers shrieked and looked accusingly at the two people assigned to protect the door.

“There was too many of them! I was outnumbered!” One of them said defensively.

“Oh my god!” Nana Molly shrieked, seeing the blood that was seemingly soaking through Mr. Potter’s bed. “Oh my god!” She wailed as she began to sob hysterically. Mrs. Potter jumped up and ran to her mother. I heard wails come from the rest of the family members along with some collective gasps when they saw the state Mr. Potter was in.

“He’s fine Mum, he’s fine! It’s just a cut! He’s fine!” Mrs. Potter repeated to her mother in a soothing tone. Nana Molly then took hold of her daughter and hugged her tightly.

“Never scare me like that again!” I heard through hysteric sobs. “I thought you were dead! Th-irty r-rogue D-Death Eaters!” Nana Molly wailed. The rest of the family began to hug the nearest Potter and check to see if they were okay.

“Mphf!” Said James as Roxanne lunged herself into his arms. Tears were running down her face as she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, almost suffocating him. “Really Roxy, I’m OKAY!” He told as he tried to remove her arms from his neck. This only made her grab on tighter!

“I-I thought I lost you! What would I do without you?” She ranted, while soaking his shirt. “I never even told you how sorry I was for the way I had acted towards you! You’re one of my best friends James!” She continued. I could see James start to well up as he pulled his cousin even closer. It had been an emotional day for all of us.

“Really, cut the melodrama Roxy.” He tried to say jokingly. “Everything’s alright.” He said in a more soothing tone. It was Fred’s turn to run towards James, almost pummeling the two to the ground. I could hear the air go out of James’ stomach, I felt a bit sorry for the bloke. He was barely able to breathe.

Fred didn’t say anything to James… He just kept on hugging him with a creepy half smile on his face. He then turned to me and practically tackled me to the ground.

“Freddie! NO!” I yelped. He just looked at me with his big brown eyes and that told me everything. He had been really worried about me too. I could feel the tears filling my eyes. “Dammit Freddie, stop looking at me like that. Don’t you dare make me cry!” I told him angrily. I had not cried that whole entire day, and I didn’t want to start now. I quickly wiped away the tears that threatened to fall and refused to make eye contact with anyone else. Crying in front of people was not an option.

I then sat beside James (who was finally released from Roxanne’s’ grasp) on his bed and buried my face into his shoulder, breathing heavily.

I looked up to see Roxanne watching us. We stared at each other in total silence for a few minutes, before she cleared her throat.

“Erm, I’m glad you weren’t killed Turnington.” She said, her eyes now downcast. “If you were, who would be around to be a constant pain in my arse?” She joked awkwardly.

I smiled warmly at her. I had never hated Roxanne, but I knew it would take time and trust for her to eventually warm up to me. This was at least a start. I was sure one day we would be very good friends. I heard a groan come from across the room.

“He’s waking up!” Ginny exclaimed happily and rushed to her husbands’ side. He opened his eyes wearily and looked around the room as if in a trance.

“Whatsgoinon?” He mumbled. He then jumped out of the bed and looked around the room, alarmed. “The children-“ He exclaimed.

“They’re fine!” Ginny said quickly. “Calm down, we’re all safe, no one’s hurt.” She told him as she rubbed his back. His shoulders dropped. He then examined the room bemusedly, noticing how many Weasley's were present. He then turned his head and gazed at the healers.

“We’re in St. Mungos?” He asked his wife, she nodded. His eyes then widened and he pointed at the group of healers, cautiously approaching him. “You knocked me out!” He accused. A healer in red robes nodded gravely at him.

“It was necessary under the circumstances. You were in a state of shock and we needed to calm you down.” Mr. Potter growled, but obliged to the healers examining him to make sure everything was okay. He looked down at the blood and touched his arm.

“Does it hurt?” Nana Molly asked him worriedly. He grunted.

“I’ve had worse.” He told her. Everyone cracked a smile at his comment. Just then I heard at crash come from outside the room, and a shrill voice giving the doormen a piece of her mind.

“My daughter’s in there! Let me in! Ouch, let go of me- GO TO HELL!” I heard a woman shriek. I winced at the sound of the voice.

“Oh shite.” I groaned, and put my face in my hands. “Now we’re in for it!” I said exasperatedly as I fell on James.

“In for what?” James asked, looking alarmed.

“My mother.” I said with annoyance. At that very moment my mother, very gracefully I may add, came charging into the room full of people. Her hair was wild and untamed in her messy bun, and her eyes were scorching and bloodshot. Her face was scrunched up in sorrow and anger at the same time. She looked exactly like me, but you couldn’t have found two more different people.

“Where the hell is my daughter?” She sobbed.

There is complete silence. I think everyone was astonished by my mother’s appearance. Considering the Potter family had only met her very briefly, they were in for quite a shock. She. Was. Crazy.

“WHERE IS SHE?” My mother demanded, looking up at Mr. and Mrs. Potter. They pointed at me, trying frantically to hide behind James. She turned and looked in my direction. Oh god, here it comes! I whimpered to myself.

She lunged at me and took me into her arms. “I can’t believe this happened! I thought you were safe! I was so worried about you! I was in total shock when I heard what happened; I thought I was going to die! Do you know how hard it is to think about the possibility of your only child being dead? I-“ She blubbered on and on. The healers had to actually sit her down and try to calm her down. All of their attention was now focused on her.

“I need a tissue! This is the worst thing that could have ever happened to me!” She said hysterically. I mentally rolled my eyes. Notice how much she uses the word ‘I’. She somehow always made everything about herself, and she loved the attention she got when she was overly dramatic.

“I’m fine Mum, thanks for asking.” I said with a hint of sarcasm. “’I’m not physically hurt or mentally scarred from this experience.” I informed her.

I don’t think she even heard me with the way she was loudly blowing her nose into her tissue.

“Could you imagine if something had happened to you? I don’t know how I’d be able to go on!” She wailed some more.

“Jesus Christ, get a grip woman.” I muttered to myself.

“I’m really sorry Mrs. Turnington. If I had known that-“ Mr. Potter started to apologize, but was quickly cut off by my beloved mother.

“YOU!” She said accusingly. “You promised me that my daughter would be safe in your hands! How could you let this happen? I don’t think I’ll ever recover from this trauma that you’ve put me through!” Mr. Potter looked uncomfortable. I looked at him apologetically before turning to my mother.

“Mr. Potter did keep my safe Mum. No one even hurt me. How was he supposed to know that people were going to attack his house that night?” I impatiently said to my Mum. I did love her, very much, but at times she was just too much to handle… especially when she got like this.

“Annelise, are you all right?” I heard a deep voice that I instantly knew as Carl’s. I rushed into his arms and pulled him into a deep hug. Wow, there had been a lot of hugging today. He looked down at me in surprise. Usually I wasn’t this accepting of him. After all, he was only my stepfather. Things change after you realize that you could have died.

“I’m good, everything’s fine!” I told him. “I don’t think Mum is though.” I said through gritted teeth. He sighed.

“I told her not to be so dramatic about it. I bet she did the whole big entrance thing as well.” He said with a smile. I nodded.

“Yep.” He sighed and shook his head, looking at her lovingly. I rolled my eyes. He went to talk to the healers and the Potters about what exactly happened, if I was in any danger, if I had any injuries and if I needed to see a psychologist after the traumatizing experience.

“I think one session wouldn’t do any harm. It’s a lot for to go through something like that at such a young age.” The healer told Carl. He nodded.

“We will definitely do that then.” Carl said while looking at me with concern.

“Honestly! I’m all right! There is really no need!” I exclaimed in annoyance. Deep down, I was grateful for Carl’s concern in my well-being. I looked at my mother, who was still being tended to be the healers, and back at Carl, still talking to the healer. A warmth filled my chest. It felt nice to have someone put my needs first for once.

I had never really given Carl a chance to prove how good of a father he could be to me; I had always kept my distance. After the terrible ordeal I had to go through with my real Dad, and the pain of him leaving and not coming back, I didn’t want to go through that same thing again. But then again, Carl was completely different from my father. He actually cared. It was nice.

I smiled at Carl and went to sit by James again. He was staring at my mother with a startled and disbelieving expression.

“Is she gonna be okay?” He asked me worriedly. I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, she’ll be fine. She’s just being melodramatic about the whole entire thing.” I said as I glared at her. James shook his head.

“Wow.” Was all he could say.

“I know, right?” I agreed. “Whatever, I can’t deal with this right now, I’m tired. I haven’t slept in like, twenty hours.” I said as I yawned. I jumped off of James’ bed and straight to mine. I then plopped down and went straight to sleep. Normally I wouldn’t be able to with all the noise, but honestly, crying, stress, and dealing with frantic relatives and crazy mothers really takes it out of you.

“It’s cute.” Were the first words out of James mouth when we stepped onto my property. It had been a week since the… incident. I had stayed at the Potters for the last little while, despite my mother’s protests.

I guess ‘cute’ was a good way to describe my house; it was definitely not as big as the Potter’s; but it was homey. It was out in the country, like a lot of Wizarding houses were. It was just a lot easier that way.

It was surrounded with a few acres and a tiny forest that my brother and I used to play in when we were little. There was also a lake a few minutes from the forest where Carl loved to fish.

A stone house filled the middle of the area, surrounded by a white porch. Four bedrooms and two baths, it was roomy but comfortable at the same time. It had a very cottage-y style to it.

“Come on, I’ll show you inside!” I said excitedly before grabbing his arm and dragging him up the steps.

“Owww, you’re hurting me!” He whined.

“Shut up twat.” I snapped.

“Anna, it’s been a year… when will the twat thing stop?” James asked me in an annoyed tone of voice.

“Never!” I said while laughing heartily. James groaned. I led him to the guest bedroom, which coincidentally was right across from mine. It was a cramped space; it was hardly ever used. The room was decorated with blue floral patterns and had littered boxes and storage containers in the corners.

James placed his trunk at the foot of the bed and observed the room.

“Cozy.” He drawled. I rolled my eyes and hit him lightly on the arm. He yelped and rubbed his arm dramatically. “I feel sorry for the man that ends up with you!” He exclaimed. I snorted.

“Anna!” I heard Carl call. “What do you want for dinner?” He asked from below the stairs.

“Burgers!” I yelled back.


“Thanks Carl!” I shouted appreciatively.

“Will you two bloody shut up? I’m working here!” I heard my mother call.

“Sorry!” Carl and I yelled at the same time. I grinned at this, sat on the guest room bed and started messing up James’ hair.

“Stop that!” He yelped. I grinned widely. “Since when did you get along with Carl?” James asked. “You never really told me that part about your life.”

“I’ve never hated Carl,” I protested, “I just didn’t realize how good he was to me until very recently.” I explained. James nodded in understanding. I went on with the whole story. “As you know, when I was about a year old, my Dad ditched us because he decided he didn’t want the whole ‘family life’ thing.” James nodded again and patted my arm sympathetically. “Five years later my Mum started dating again. I was… angry I suppose. I was hurt by my Dad’s departure and I was left to depend mostly on myself and my older brother.”

“There was two guys in particular that Mum really seemed to like… Carl and some other guy named Tony. I had liked Tony better; he bought me really cool stuff. Carl on the other hand didn’t. The most he ever did was just talk to me.”

“One day I asked him why he didn’t try to win me over by buying me stuff like Tony did. He then told me that he wanted me to like him for him, not the things he gave me. After that it gave me a bit of insight on who was the better person. I noticed that Tony didn’t give a damn about what I did, and only kept me happy by giving me stuff so he could spend some time with my Mum. Carl on the other hand talked to me like a person and was always concerned about my welfare. Tony just treated me like a kid who wasn’t worth listening to. Carl taught me a very important life lesson that day.”

“So when it came down to it, I told my Mum I liked Carl better and she agreed with me. It was obvious Carl was the better choice for the both of us. Tony, as it turned out, really wasn’t that great of a person. Her and Carl got married shortly afterwards.”

“Even though it was nice to have someone to properly take care of me again, I was still a bit wary of Carl. I was always afraid that he would just take off and leave like my real Dad did, so I didn’t want to get too attached.”

“But he isn’t Anna.” James told me.

“I know, I realize that now. He’s been more of a parent to me then anyone else has for the past five years. I really appreciate it, and I decided lately to show him that. He’s a great father to me, I actually consider him my real Dad now.” I told James sheepishly.

“Maybe you should tell him that.” James suggested. I sighed and ran my fingers through my long hair.

“I’ve been waiting for the right moment.” I mumbled as I scuffed the wooden floor. My eyes then widened in excitement. “I should tell him tonight!” I exclaimed. James laughed.

“That would be brilliant!” He said. We put on our trademark smirks and rushed down the stairs.

“Anna! James! Sup-“ Carl stopped in mid-sentence. “Oh, erm, never mind… You’re already here.” He let out a booming laugh and started putting the sauces and vegetables that I liked on my burger. Again I felt a rush of gratitude. He remembered exactly what I liked. It was nice to know that he payed attention.

“Here you go hun.” Carl said as he handed me my plate with my delicious burger on it. I gave my most charming smile and looked him in the eyes. His brown eyes looked back at me with confusion.

“Thanks Dad.” I said gratefully. He smiled warmly and turned around to put a burger on James’ plate as well.

“You’re welcome.” He said to me. “James, what do you wa-“ His face dawned in realization and the plate slipped out of his hands and onto the floor. A huge smash could be heard from every part of the house. Pity, I liked that plate. It was one of the glass ones with polka dots on it.

“Dad?” I asked expectantly. James fought to hide a smile. The look on Carl’s face was one of shock and happiness. His eyes seemed to get a bit watery.

“Darling! What happened?” My Mum asked worriedly as she entered the kitchen, tossing her long black hair as she walked.

“Oh, err, nothing dear. I-I just need to s-step out for a minute. Would you mind fixing up James’ burger? Thanks dear!” He said quickly as he stepped out of the room.

I heard a screen door shut from the back of the house.

“Men are so emotional.” I commented in a lofty tone.

“I beg to differ.” James argued. “Do you remember that whole ‘I can’t cook’ incident with my mother?” He reminded me. I winced at the memory. My mother looked at me accusingly.

“Annelise Matilda Turnington, what did you say to Carl?” She asked me in a serious voice.

“Nothing! Honest!” I lied with wide innocent eyes. James snorted. Thanks James, thanks a lot. My mother gave me her best I-know-you’re-up-to-something-and-I’m-going-to-find-out-what-it-is face, but turned her attention to James.

“James sweetheart, what would you like on your burger?” She asked him kindly. I think my Mum had a soft spot for James.

“Pickles, onions, peppers, lettuce, olives, broccoli pieces, bacon, mustard, ketchup, mayo and relish.” He listed proudly.

I wrinkled my nose in distaste.

“You are disgusting.” I said loudly. James just scoffed at me.

“You’re just jealous I have of a more universal taste for food than you do.” He said airily before giving his most charming smile to my mother as she handed him his food. I opened my mouth to protest, then decided to settle with the usual quiet insult of ‘twat’.

James brushed by me, pretending he hadn’t heard my name-calling. He sat down, looked at his burger, and then dived into it, relishing every taste of it.

I pretended to puke under the table. Unfortunately my Mum saw and gave me a very scary scowl.

“Annelise!” She scolded. “Could you show appropriate dinner manners at the table for once in your life?” I looked back at James, who was smirking at me.

“Yes Mum.” I groaned, and then took a huge bite from my delicious burger. “Scrumptious.” I said approvingly, causing food to fall out of my mouth and onto the oak table.

This caused James to laugh so hard that he sprayed the table with half digested burger as well. My mother groaned and slapped her hand to her forehead.

“I give up!” She exclaimed. She then picked up her plate and left the room, probably to go to her office to eat in peace.

James and I were still laughing. We then started to choke on our food, which made us laugh even harder.

This was going to be quite an enjoyable summer!

“James, son, come fishing with us.” Carl said gruffly, my brother closely behind him.

“Can’t I come too?” I whined to both Carl and Brendan. Brendan just smiled at me and messed up my hair.

“Not this time squirt.” He told me kindly. I liked Brendan, even though there was an eight year difference between us.

He was still a kid at heart, and honestly, kind of a loser in my opinion. His girlfriends would disagree with me though. But really, the boy was twenty and he still lived at home. He graduated three years ago and had a stable job. There was honestly no reason why he couldn’t just go and get his own place.

Except for the fact that he was a total Mummy’s boy.

I pouted playfully at the three of them and stalked off.

“Sooo.” James said awkwardly as he followed Carl and Brendan to a rustic looking fishing boat. “How is everyone?”

“Good I suppose, being an assistant at Flourish and Blotts kind of sucks though.” Brendan replied.

“I see.” James said, feigning interest. Carl started the motor and they slowly glided to the middle of the lake. It wasn’t a very big lake; you could swim from one side to the other if you really wanted to.

It was silent. They grabbed the fishing rods and the two members of my family cast out into the water.

James looked a bit lost, the rod a foreign item in his hands.

“Erm, a little help here please?” He asked Carl and Brendan. Carl laughed and began to show him the proper way to fish.

James and Carl began making small talk while they waiting for the fish to come. Soon though, they fell back into silence, not knowing what else to say to each other. James observed the view. The sun reflecting off the water and the numerous trees made him relax a little.

After a few minutes, Carl turned back to James.

“Okay James, let’s cut to the chase,” Carl growled, “what are your intentions with my daughter?”

“WHAT?” James yelped and stood up a bit too quickly. He then abruptly lost his balance and landed in the water. Brendan was snickering, as Carl looked confused and guilty at the same time.

“Bloody hell; I was only joking… trying to break the ice, you know?” He explained to his stepson.

James then emerged to the surface of the water, arms flailing wildly and sputtering madly.

Both men then burst out in loud guffaws.

A/N: So what did you guys think? I hope this chapter is to everyone's satisfaction. I'm trying to be a bit more faithful with updates, in fact, I have this whole plan for the summer. So, if everything goes how I hope it will, updates will happen a lot more regularly! I'm already writing chapter 5. It's progress my friends, PROGRESS!!! Please review, I always like to know what you think of the story so far! It helps me become a better writer every single time.
Thanks for reading!

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