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Chapter Six

The Auror Department had a huge break through on Wednesday. They had a witness. The neighborhood of the Rochfords was not completely muggles. There were two other magical families living near by. Vinnie MacDougal had been outside in her garden when she saw them.

Seven masked figures in dark robes and masks had apparated outside the Rochford house. Vinnie had recognized them as Death Eaters immediately and hidden behind her butterfly bush. They had talked outside for several minutes, in which Vinnie distinguished from the voices seven males and a female.

After five minutes, they looked around to see if anybody was around. After that the apparent leader took off his mask.

Vinnie described him of being in his mid forties. He had short dark hair and looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days. He was about 6’1” and had dark eyes. He told them all to “go on inside,” except for one whom he called “Reid” to “make their mark”. After that they all went inside, except for Reid, who was wearing green, unlike the others.

At that point Vinnie had hid inside. After Harry and Ron finished interviewing her, they left her with Mandy, who did a suspect sketch with Vinnie for more details. While the Aurors waited for the sketch, they all went through record of Death Eaters currently at large, looking for a “Reid”.

Sebastian Selwyn, Thorfinn Rowle, Walden MacNair, Julian Harman, Vincent Vu.

Harry knew, of course, not all of these people had been in Voldemort’s inner circle, as they had caught nearly all of them. He was just going through the list again, looking for anybody who might fit the profile when he heard a shout.

“Harry! I think I found him!” it was Michael. Harry hurried over to his cube.

“See? Jenson Reid! He fits the profile exactly! For one, his name is Reid, and second, he’s 6’3”, just like we thought! He is known to be a Slytherin extremist, which would explain why he was wearing green, unlike the others!” Michael practically shouted.

Harry grinned. “Great job!” he praised.

“And get this – about six years ago he was arrested for painting dark marks on the walls of bathrooms in pubs all over Great Britain!”

By now the other Aurors had crowded around.

“Looks like we found one of our guys,” Ron said. “But now what?”

“Michael, look to find out his current occupation and where he lives,” Harry said.

Michael rummaged through Reid’s records. “He’s currently unemployed,” he said. After going through the records again, he looked up and announced: “He’s living in a small flat in London, near the Leaky Cauldron. 1719 Veridian Street.”

Harry couldn’t believe their luck. “I want everyone on this. We’ll surprise him tonight around midnight. I want the first wave to be me, Ron, Mandy, Cho, and Terry. Seaumus, I want you to lead the second wave with Michael, Ernie, Miranda, and Susan, Dennis. If we do this right we may be able to nab him and get him to tell as who and where the others are. Michael, can I have Reid’s records?” he added.

Michael quickly obliged and handed Harry the documents.

“C’mon Ron. We’re going to brief Kingsley.” Harry said.

Ron nodded. The two headed for the lift. Once they were inside, Ron grinned.

“I’m excited. It’s been a while since we’ve seen some real action.” He said.

Harry grinned, too, but he knew Ron was getting ahead of himself. “I wish. However, I highly doubt we’ll be getting much action jumping a sleeping man.”

Ron sighed. “True,” he said as they got out of the lift. “But all the same, we’re bringing in a whole army of to do it, so you kind of get the feeling of excitement.”

“We’re bringing in and army of Aurors in case there are others when we come,” Harry reminded Ron as they knocked on Kingsley’s office door.

“Come in,” boomed Kingsley’s deep voice.

They opened the door and walked up to Kingsley’s desk.

“Harry, Ron, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“We’ve identified one of the Death Eaters.” Harry told him. “Jenson Reid.” Harry laid the records down on Kingsley’s desk.

“We’re jumping him tonight at his house,” Ron added.

Kingsley picked up the records and flipped through them.

“I remember Reid,” he said casually. “Crazy old fanatic. I remember when he was in our custody, he was always going on about ‘Slytherins will dominate the world’ and all of that crap.” Kingsley said, shaking his head. “I knew letting him go was a mistake.”

“Why’d the Ministry let him go?” Ron asked curiously.

“Said he was drunk. The jury bought it, and he got off with an alcohol intolerance charm on him that lasted six months.”

Harry snorted. “Considering all the crap he talked about, I’d think he was drunk, too, before I looked closer.”

Kingsley smiled. “True. Anyway, tell me, how did you find out about Reid?”

“We got a witness,” Harry told him. “She heard the leader address somebody as Reid, telling him to make the marks. He fit our profile exactly.”

“Did you get anything else from the witness?”

“Yes, we did, actually,” Harry said. “We got a physical description of the leader. Mandy had probably finished the sketch by now. The team’s probably trying to match it to someone as we speak.”

Kingsley nodded. “Good, good. Well, as long as everything goes as planned, the outlook seems to be getting brighter. One more thing,” he added as Harry and Ron turned for the door. “Go home and sleep. Same with the others. You’ve got a big night ahead of you.”

Harry obliged, and after making sure that all the Aurors went home, Harry flooed to Potter Manor. Kreacher immediately whipped up some sandwiches. After that Harry easily fell asleep on the couch.

He woke up to somebody tracing patterns on his back. Harry let out a throaty moan.

“Why, exactly, have you been sleeping on you coach in the middle of a work day?” Ginny said.

Harry struggled to sit up. “What time is it?” he mumbled.

“I’ll answer your question AFTER you answer mine.”

Harry pouted. “Fine. We’re doing a raid tonight. Kingsley said we had to get some sleep.”

“You found somebody?” she asked excitedly.

Harry grinned cheekily. “I’ll answer your question AFTER you answer mine.”

Ginny scowled. “Touché. It’s 9:45. I came here around five and found you on the couch.”

Harry stood up. “I need to eat,” he muttered to himself.

“Who are you raiding?” Ginny asked.

“Jenson Reid. He’s the one who was painting the dark marks.”

Ginny’s face brightened. “You found him?”

Harry grinned. “I think that’s what I said,” he said as he sat down at the table, waiting for Kreacher to finish making a quick dinner.

Ginny rolled her eyes. “What time are you going?”

“About midnight. I’m going early to scout the area.” He said while devouring a drumstick.

Ginny sighed as Harry stood up to go. “Be careful.”

Harry grinned. “I always am.”


Two hours later, Harry and the others apparated half a mile away from Reid’s flat

“Alright, people, let’s go,” Harry said.

The Aurors swept silently through the night. Across the street from the house they stopped.

“Alright, Ron, Mandy, Cho, Terry – let’s go. The rest of you wait until we’re inside and then approach the house slowly,” Harry said.

The Aurors Harry had called looked to Harry for his next orders. “There are two entrances. Mandy, Cho, take the back. Ron and I will take the front. Terry, stand out back if he tries to escape through the back. He sleeps upstairs.”

With that, the Aurors proceeded forward.

Mandy, Cho, and Terry went around back, while Harry and Ron waited at the front door. On the count of three they entered the building.

The minute that the door opened was the start of Harry’s nightmare. He knew something was wrong right before it happened. It was like something inside him clicked.

And just like that, curses were flying through the air.






Their years of Auror training gave them fast reflexes, and their shield charms were up in seconds. However, with the amount of spells coming at them, the charm wouldn’t hold for long. Harry heard the other Aurors rushing forward. Seaumus, Michael, and Miranda entered through the front, while the others went to help Terry, Cho, and Mandy.

Harry didn’t know how many there were, but with the backup he could now pick out individual opponents to duel. Casting another shield charm, Harry picked out two, one of them Harry recognized as Reid.

Harry sent two stunners at them, both of which bounced off shields. Harry cast another stunner at Reid and Impedimenta at the other guy. The Impedimenta froze the guy’s shield, and a follow up Reducto shattered it. Harry followed the Reducto with a stunner, which immediately took the unidentified out.

Unfortunately, Reid had taken advantage of Harry while Harry’s attention was focused on the other man. Harry felt a Sectumsempra hit his arm, and although it wasn’t particularly powerful, Harry felt it affect his dueling. As he cast another shield, he heard somebody near him cry out, and knew immediately that one of his own and been hit.

“Slytherins will rule the world,” Reid cackled fanatically as a Reducto hit Harry’s shield: the force of the impact sent Harry stumbling backwards a few feet

“Germaugio!” Harry cried, and Reid’s shield fell. Harry cast a stunner at him, and once Harry made sure that Reid was unconscious he went to find another opponent.

He found Seamus being cornered by three Death Eaters by a wall.

“MOVE!” Harry shouted to Seaumus, who immediately ducked out of the way. Harry cast a Reducto at the three men, and it sent them crashing into the wall.

“Thanks,” Seamus panted before rushing back into battle.

Before Harry could do anything else, a shout, louder than the others, echoed throughout the night.


And just like that, the house was ablaze.

“GET OUT!” Harry roared.

The team rushed to the door, As Harry, the last one, was just about to pass through the door; he remembered that one of the Aurors had fallen during the fight. He turned back to the burning house to see stunned Death Eaters being revived and apparated away.

Harry also saw Ron, lying motionless on the floor. Harry made a start toward him; but then he saw the Death Eater standing right above Ron. Harry froze. The Death Eater grinned evilly at Harry before grabbing Ron’s arm and apparating away.

And like that, Ron was gone.

All the Death Eaters were gone now, and time had frozen in place. Harry stood alone, frozen and horrified, while the building around him burned.

A sudden yell brought Harry back to his senses.


It was Seamus. He grabbed Harry’s arm and pulled him out of the burning house, where the others stood. The air reeked of smoke and ash, but none of it mattered to Harry. The others looked fine, cuts and bruises, but nothing serious.

“Harry, you ought to have your arm looked at,” Cho said nervously, pointing to Harry’s blood soaked arm.

Harry couldn’t have cared less.

“They’ve got Ron,” he said hoarsely. “They’ve got Ron…”

In his numb, shocked mind, only one single thought managed to process in Harry’s brain.

Oh, God. What am I going to tell Hermione? 

A/N: So, how did you like it! My first major cliffhanger. How did the Death Eaters know the Aurors were coming. Why did the witness take so long to report to the Ministry what she saw (hint hint wink wink nudge nudge)? And now, this is where my fabulous readers come in! After much internal debate, I have decided that instead of having a continuous story, I will have multiple volumes in the story. So, I have  been having a war inside me trying to determine whether I should end this volume at the wedding or James's birth. I am leaning towards the wedding, but I want to know what you think! Leave me one of those fantabulous reviews that absolutlely make my day and give me you opinion! Wedding - or James! Sigh. Decisions, decisions... 

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