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beautiful chapter image by the one and only Midnight_Witch at tda.

Chapter Four: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

It took me about two seconds to come to my senses and then I was storming after him. Unfortunately for me, it took Harry and his stupid auror-dark-lord-defeating reaction time only about one second so I was storming after Harry who was storming after Ron.

We heard the back door slam and rushed towards it, Harry throwing it open first. The time it took him to open the door allowed me to rush past him and I brought out my wand and flicked it angrily at my prat of a brother, “Don’t you run from me, Ronald!” I called after him as my hex missed Ron’s head by an inch and hit a tree at the back of the yard.

Ron spun around, his wand out, and fired a hex at me. I was just about to cast the shield charm when Harry jumped in front of me and did it, “I can fight my own battles, Har –”

“I WILL NOT HAVE YOU CURSING MY FIANCÉE!” he roared towards my dear brother.

“I’ll just hex you then,” Ron screams back, firing a hex at Harry who easily deflected it.

“Get out of my way, Harry,” I growled, pushing in front of him. “This is my battle.”

“I’m not letting him touch you,” Harry told me, not turning around and not letting me in front of him.

“Harry, calm down, we don’t need you all worked up, too,” Hermoine said from our side. Harry looked at her for a second and seemed to calm down. I pushed in front of him and cast a hex at Ron.

“Oi!” he cried indignantaly as he just managed to deflect it.

“Gin, look, he didn’t mean it –” Harry spun to face me.

“Oh yes he did!” I yelled back, mad that he was taking his side now. “It’s not like he and Hermione haven’t had sex yet, filthy hypocrite –”

“Shut your mouth about my sex life!” Ron bellowed, marching forward and trying to aim a hex around Harry.

“No, I will not!” I cried, beside myself. “This is ridiculous! Harry loves me Ron, and I love him! We’re allowed to do whatever the fuck we want whenever the fuck we want to! I’m nearly twenty-three! Just because you can’t see past this bloody overprotective shit you have –”

“You’re my sister! It’s my job to protect you!” Ron yelled before stopping. A beat of silence passed and then. “It’s always been my job.” He said, looking at the ground.

“I don’t need protecting anymore.” I tried to say but Harry turned and put a hand on Ron’s shoulder, “Mate, it’s not just your job anymore.”

If it wasn’t one of the most touching things I’d seen in a long time, I would have yelled at both of them right away about how I could protect myself; I caught Hermione’s eye and saw – along with a huge bout of relief that the fight was over – she shook her head at me telling me not to say anything. I sighed and scowled at her. She rolled her eyes at me.

“She’s my –”

“I know,” Harry cut him off. “But she’s my soon-to-be wife. I love her more than I can tell you and I promise, I swear on my parents’ grave, that I won’t let anything bad happen to her.”

Ron looked up at Harry and then past him to me. I tried to stop scowling; it didn’t really work so I gave up. He grinned, “Yeah, I know.” He said finally, clapping Harry back on the shoulder. “Sorry I lost it there.”

“It’s not me you should be apologizing to,” Harry said and I definitely heard a harsh undertone. Ron let go of Harry and moved around him so we could see each other properly. I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“Oh, come on Gin,” Ron sighed. I scowled more deeply. He rolled his eyes. I was not amused. “You know I didn’t mean it!”

“Sure sounded like you meant it.”

He sighed again and walked towards me, “I’m sorry. I know you aren’t a slag.”

I huffed.

“Oh, come here,” he grinned and pulled me into a huge hug. “I love you, little sis.” He whispered.

Well, fuck. Can’t really stay mad now.

I sighed and uncrossed my arms to wrap them around him. “I love you, too, idiot brother.”

“Congratulations,” he said a bit grudgingly.

I grinned, “Thanks.”

We pulled away and saw Hermione and Harry grinning at us. “What?” I asked, pulling my hands on my hips.

“Nothing,” Hermione smirked. She and Harry exchanged glances and smiled wider. Gits. Sometimes it was like they were acutally siblings. Me and Ron and then Hermione and Harry.

They even had the little alliteration thing going for them. It was kind of cute, actually.

Well, it was now. Back when I fancied the pants off of Harry and Hermione was his best friend I was extremely jealous. It took her forever to convince me she didn’t fancy him. Funnily enough, I would never believe her because she wouldn’t tell me who she did fancy. It wasn’t until I finally realized it was Ron in my third year that I backed off.

“You really need to learn another way to get out your feelings, mate,” Harry told Ron as we all headed back into the house. Hermione and I exchanged glances and rolled our eyes.


We ended up staying at Hermione and Ron’s until late. Hermione cooked a delicious dinner and a chocolate cake that said ‘congradulations’ in icing. I demanded that I be able to take the left overs home with me. After all, I was the pregnant one.

Together the four of us (and when I say ‘the four of us’ I really mean ‘Hermoine and I actually did the work and the guys sat there looking bored and flicking paper wads at eachother’) picked out a total of three dates that would be perfect for the wedding. Due to the shotgun nature of my wedding (Merlin, I never thought I’d say that), they were all fairly close and spread out over a time period of about a week and a half: Sunday, August Twenty-Second; Saturday, August Twenty-Eighth; and Tuesday, August Thirty-First.
I wanted to have the wedding in August so that Angelina and George could definitely come. I knew that Fred (Fred II, that is) was due to appear sometime in early to mid September so I hoped that by having it in late August we could balance out the time we needed to plan the wedding with Angelina’s bursting uterus. Either one of those dates gave us about six weeks to plan the entire thing; my mum was going to have a heart attack.

When we finally got back to our flat, Harry and I made straight for the bed and collapsed, still in our day clothes. Harry pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes and I took my shoes and socks off, “That was eventful.” He said as we got under the covers and he put a strong arm around my waist and pulled me to him.

I snuggled closer to his warm body and nodded into his chest, “I’m glad they know though.”

“Now we just have to tell the rest of the family.”

“Four more days of peace,” I sighed as I sleep clouded my brain. We’d decided that Dominique’s second birthday party on Saturday would be the best time to break the news to everyone. Because, surely, no one would injure Harry at a toddler’s birthday party, right?


As it often happens, time sped by just because I didn’t want it too. For what it felt like, it could have been the very next morning after telling Ron and Hermione that I woke up as Harry gave a loud snore.

I sighed, turning from my side to my back and stared up at the ceiling. Harry made a noise that I found especially adorable and wrapped an arm around my stomach in his sleep. I smiled before my stomach turned as I thought about what we were doing today; sure I was more than excited to see Victiore, Dominique, and Teddy (who we were taking home with us for a while after the party), but to say that I was nervous would be almost like saying that Lockhart was a bit vain.

Over the last few days, I’d been bored out of my mind without anything to do so I’d had Angelina over a lot, been over there quite often, and tidied up the house more than I’d be willing to admit. This did, however, mean that Teddy’s room was, for just about the first time since he was a few months old, perfectly ready for his arrival. All of his clothes were washed, his bed had clean sheets, and his toys were even in their bin.

My stomach churned again as my thoughts took a turn into territory that involved my motherhood and before I knew it I was ripping myself from my fiancé’s arms and dashing into the bathroom, barely making it to the toliet in time.

Bloody hell.

The potions worked alright once you took them… but if you didn’t take them right upon waking up, this is what happened. And, really, when you wake up and don’t know that it’s your morning sickness that had awoken you, it’s not usually the first thing on your mind.

Well, not mine at least. Though I’ve had my fair share of uncommon thoughts to wake up to, including ‘I hope my ex-boyfriend isn’t killed by the people who put a reward out for his head’ and ‘I hope I’m not told to use the Unforgivable Curses on anyone today,’ I’ve never had to wake up and think ‘oh, I need to take preventitive measures for my morning sickness’ before now. Maybe I just wasn’t adjusting.

“You alright, Gin?” Harry sticks his head into the bathroom as I’m standing up to rinse out my mouth.

Load of help he is now that I’m done barfing my guts up. I shake my head as I swish water around in my mouth before spitting and then brushing my teeth. I spit and grab my potions before another wave hits me, “All good now.”

“Good morning, then,” he grins and kissing me on the temple as he passes me and turns on the shower. I swallow the potion and feel the excessive tiredness and stomach churning ebb away. Thank Merlin.

Harry slides his shorts and boxers off with his back to me and steps into the shower. I stare at his shadow on the curtain, my breathing slightly heavy and my heartbeat a bit to fast.

Oh, hell.

I pull off all my clothes in record time, frowning as I catch sight of a tiny, pretty much unnoticable baby bump in the mirror, before smirking slightly as I quietly sneak into the shower behind him. I wrap my arms around his wet torso, “Good morning, Harry.” I say almost casually. I hear his breath catch and he turns around to grin slyly down at me.

“You are so bad, Ginny Weasley,” he murmurs before wrapping his arms around me and leaning down to give me a proper good morning kiss.


“But they have that drop off… you know, with the rocks,” Harry said sounding almost scared as we approached the door of Shell Cottage that evening.

I tried not to laugh at how genuinely concerned he sounded, and took his hand. “I’ll make sure that they don’t actually cause you physical harm.”

“I don’t need protecting from your brothers,” he said almost darkly. I raised my eyebrows at him. “I don’t!”

I laughed, “Whatever you say, dear.” I raised my hand and knocked twice.

A few seconds later, the door swang open to reveal an excited looking Bill, “My favorite sister!” he exclaimed, pulling me into a hug. “Harry,” he let go of me and clasped Harry’s hand in his. “Always good to see you two,” his eyes sparkled happily and the scars on his face were all but unnoticed in his good mood. I couldn’t help but smile back at him, almost all worry about my confession leaving me. Bill just had that affect on people – you couldn’t not be happy when Bill Weasley was smiling and laughing like that. “Come in, come in – everyone’s out back. We’ve got a kiddie pool set up and you should see my baby girls in their little swimsuits!” he says excitedly.

We follow him through the house where I hear the sounds of at least three people working in the kitchen and out into the backyard. I see that most of my family has already arrived and are perched somewhat around the pool that the three kids are splashing around in.

I see Angelina and Audrey, who is only about five months along and way too obsessive compulsive, are the only women out here and figure that Hermione, Fluer, and Mum must be working on the food while their husbands dote on Angelina, who is much more obviously pregnant than Audrey, and play with the kids. Bill leaves Harry and my side to join George who is laughing and spraying the hose.

“I better go see if they need any help with the food,” I tell Harry as I see him smiling at Dominique who is running from her sister who is carrying a cup of water, most likely to pour on her.

He tears his eyes away and back to me, “Technically you should be over there with Angelina and Audrey.” He smirks. I slap him playfully on the arm and scowl. “I’m not incapacitated!”

“But you are preg –”

“Harry get over here!” Ron calls happily, drenched from head to toe as Teddy giggles and squirms from his position draped over Ron’s shoulder. “I can’t find Teddy!”

Harry laughs and takes a step away from me without thinking before turning back with a questioning look. I laugh, “Hurry Harry! Andromelda will kill us if we lose him!” I call loud enough for Teddy to hear.

“He’s right there!” I hear Victiore call, confused, pointing at Teddy on Ron’s shoulder. Dominique takes this opportunity to dump her own cup of water onto her sister’s head with Dad’s help. “GRAMPA!” Victiore squeals as she dances away from them and runs to Bill, attaching herself into his legs. “Help, Daddy!” she laughs, her long, wet blonde hair clinging to her face. Bill picks her up and fills her cup with water before turning to meet Dad and Dominique.

I smile as I turn to head inside, thinking that this really was the best way to raise a family – with the help from the extended.

“You guys need any help?” I ask as I push the door open into the kitchen. I see that Hermione’s head in the over, checking on whatever was cooking in there, Fluer stirring something on the stove, and Mum finishing the icing on a unicorn-shaped cake.

Hermione closes the over and turns to me, “Looks like everything’s under control, actually.” She smirks at me. “Shouldn’t you be outside with Angelina, anyway?”

I scowl and flip her off.

“If I ever see you do that again, Ginerva, I will curse your fingers together!” Mum scolds as she turns just at the wrong moment.

“I’m twenty-two, Mum; I can do –”

“To me, you’ll always be my baby,” she tells me sternly. “You’ll know what I mean someday when you have kids.” She smiles and taps me on the cheek before hurrying over to Fluer who, in her stress, has fallen back into her heavy french accent.

Hermione, having heard the end of my Mum’s speech, stuffs her fist in her mouth to stop from giggling. I narrow my eyes at her. Now that Hermione, Ron, and Angelina know me and Harry’s secret, I am incredibly glad that we won’t have to keep it much longer.

Later, as the sun is setting and everyone has had a nice drying charm performed on them, we are all sitting around a enlarged patio table enjoying a delicious Weasley-made dinner. Harry is on my right, talking animately to Ron about some work business (seriously, they get too excited about their jobs…), and Teddy is on my left sitting next to Victiore who sitting next to her sister’s special booster chair (not a high chair because Dominique is two now and therefore too big for a high chair). Angelina and George are sitting across from me and the former kept winking and mouthing something that looked suspiciously like “you look particularly fat today.”

I would have kicked her under the table, but I might miss and get someone else and that would just lead to awkward questions.

The table was buzzing with conversation, people asking names from both George and Angelina as well as from Audrey and Percy; Mum and Fluer were talking about the day that Bill turned two while Bill tried to convince Dominique to eat her green beans if she wanted any cake.

“My birthday!” Dominique was pouting back.

“I know it’s your birthday, love, but you still have to eat properly.”

“Nuh-uhh,” Dominique shook her head. “Please, Daddy?” she looked up at Bill with what I assumed was the best puppy-dog face known to mankind. I grinned to myself as I imagined Harry giving into our daughter (if we had one) like that; I’d have to watch him closely. He already gives Teddy sweets when he thinks I’m not looking.

I look over to make sure Teddy is eating all of his food and see that he is currently trying to get Victiore to eat his own green beans in a ‘hushed’ whisper, “You like them because you’re weird like that.”

“Shut up, Teddy,” Victiore responded, sending him a look of distain. “I am not weird.”

“Your favorite color is pink, Vic, you’re more than weird,” Teddy said easily.

Victoire opened her mouth to respond, looking angry, so I decided it was time to step in, “Teddy, stop trying to get Victiore to eat your food for you and eat it yourself. And Victiore, dear, you aren’t weird – you’re just a girl.”

“And all girls are weird.” Teddy muttered under his breath. I sent him a look and he looked abashed. “Kidding, Ginny,” he smiled at me, screwed up his face, and his hair turned pink. “See, Vic, pink isn’t weird.” He sighed. Victiore and I both grinned and I leaned over to press a kiss to the top of his head.

“You’re going to make a really good mum someday, Gin,” George said seriously and suddenly from across the table and everything just happened to go incredibly quiet around the table.

“Yeah, you’re already so good with Teddy,” Angelina agreed, looking amused.

“Have you two set a date for the wedding yet? I wouldn’t mind helping, you know.” Mum laughed, looking up from her conversation with Fluer.

This would happen to me.

Angelina and Hermione looked down trying not to laugh as I glared at them. Ron looked like he was enjoying himself. I looked at Harry who sighed and nodded.

I took a deep breath as my stomach did flip-flops. I felt Harry take my hand. “Er – actually, we need to talk to everyone about that…” I said pretty awkwardly. Harry squeezed my hand.

Angelina put her head on her hands and looked at me apt with attention. Bitch.

“You finally set a date?” Audrey perked up immediately. Probably about to ask if I put it on the goddamned calender.

“Well, we have three picked out that we wanted to run by everyone so we could pick the best one,” Harry spoke up sensing I was about to make a rude comment. He knows me so well.

Angelina smirked, knowing that when I said dates that weren’t months away there would be awkward questions.

“Oh, I hope you are planning on having a spring wedding!” Fluer gushes. “The flowers are so beautiful and the arrangements would be so much easier to –”

“Actually, we’re thinking more of a fall…ish… wedding…” I cut in as Mum started nodding in agreement with Fluer.

Everyone looked at Harry and I in confusion. “The dates are Sunday, August Twenty-Second; Saturday, August Twenty-Eighth; and Tuesday, August Thirty-First.” My revelation was met with complete silence. Even the kids were quiet, though they didn’t really understand what was going on.

I saw Dominique tossing her green beans over her shoulder now that Bill wasn’t paying attention out of the corner of my eyes.

“Of next year? That’s so far away, dear,” Dad finally said. “But if that’s what you want…”

“I mean it does give us a long time to plan the –”

“Erm, we meant of this year, actually,” Harry was bright red. I was sure I was too.

I snuck a glance at Ron and Hermione. Ron was leaning back in his chair watching the scene unfold with a goofy grin on his face and Hermione looked nervous. “That’s so soon…”Audrey said. She probably was internally freaking out that she would have so little time to help organize such a huge event. Not that we wanted her help anyway…

The men of the family, naming Bill, George, Percy, and Charlie (who had visited because Dominique was his goddaughter), were looking from me to Harry. Shit. “Are you…” Percy said quietly.

“Don’t be stupid, Perce,” George said, looking from me to his very pregnant wife with wondering eyes.

It was my mother who really caught on first, “Ginvera Molly Weasley,” she said in a low voice. “Are you pregnant?!

I swear to Merlin and all other great wizards that everyone at the table was holding their breath as I looked down at the table. I took a breath, “About three months along now.”

“Does this mean that you are going to have me another sister?” Victiore asked hopefully, having figured out what everyone was talking about.

Everyone ignored her as they stared at me and then slowly turned their heads to Harry.

Shit, shit, shit.

“Well, congradulations!” Hermione jumped up and ran over to hug me before sending a significant look at her husband.

“Er – yeah, blimey, you better make me godfather, mate!” Ron cottoned on and did his best to act at ease. Or act at all, really.

The spell broke around the table and people pulled on happy smiles that didn’t quite reach their eyes. “I can’t believe it! All of our kids will be able to go to school together!” Audrey exclaimed as she smiled at me and Angelina.

“That’ll be a scary year for Hogwarts, then, won’t it,” Angelina laughed and I nodded. I noticed that none of my brothers were talking. They seemed to be very interested in their food and/or kid’s food.

Harry looked paler than normal as he watched George violently spear a piece of chicken. I squeezed his hand again and made sure that Teddy was actually eating his food and not just playing with Victiore. When I looked up, my mother was looking at me with a weird expression on her face. I grinned shyly at her and she sighed before returning it. Her eyes started watering and I saw her excuse herself from the table.


“I’ll be right back,” I whispered to Harry. “Make sure Teddy finishes his chicken.” He nodded, but looked a bit weary of my leaving. I got up and followed Mum into the house.

“Mum?” I called as I closed the door behind me.

I heard her crying in the kitchen. Oh, Merlin. What have I gotten myself into? I took another deep, calming breath, put on a smile, and pushed through the door into the kitchen.

She had her back turned to me and was facing the sink. Her shoulders were shaking and I could tell from her posture that her face was in her hands. “Mum? Are you okay?” I asked tenatively. She wiped her eyes and turned to face me, her face blotched and her eyes red. It made my heart ache to know I’d caused this. “I’m so sorry!” I told her as I walked towards her. “We didn’t mean for this to happen at all and then it did and I know we’re not married, but Mum we’ve been together for a long time and I know we will be until we die and I promise that I’ll try my best to raise this baby right, even if it is early and –” I felt tears in my eyes as my mother walked forward and wrapped me in a hug that made me break down completely.

What the fuck. I hate being emotional.

“Shh, Ginny, I know.” She soothed me. How did this happen? I walked in to comfort her and here I am in my mothers arms crying about… what? Crying about how I was going to be a mother? She pulled back and put her hands on my shoulders, “I’m not upset with you, Ginny.” She told me. I wiped away my tears and raised an eyebrow at her.

She laughed, “Okay, so I may be a tiny bit disappointed, but that’s not why I’m crying,” she told me. I looked at her, my mother. Shorter than me by a few inches, still plump, and with the exact same eyes she gave me. I used mine to send her a quizzical look. “I’m crying because I can’t believe how grown up you are! It seems like just yesterday you were ten years old; remember when you ran into my room one morning after your father had gone to work?” she asked me.

“Which time?” I asked, smiling.

“When you were ten and Ron had just come home for the summer and you ran into my room and looked straight at me and said, ‘Mum, I’m going to marry Harry Potter one day.’” She grinned at me and I blushed. “Oh. That time.” I muttered.

She nodded, “I said, ‘Really?’ and you nodded and jumped onto my bed, crossing your skinny little legs. ‘And we’re going to have a bunch of pretty babies and live happily ever after like you and Dad,’ you told me.”

“No one really ever needs to hear that story ever again,” I told her, laughing.

“No, but you see, now it’s all happening! You’re getting married and you’re pregnant and, Ginny, you’re going to be the best mother, I can feel it.”

I flushed, “Mum, if I’m half the Mum you were –”

“You already are,” she told me. “With Teddy,” she clarified. “You are so good with him. You always have been, ever since Harry came into the Burrow a few months after the war with a crying toddler completely baffled at how to make him stop crying. That’s when you stepped up and became a Mum to that boy.”

I laughed, “Harry was so helpless with him then! He didn’t even know how to change his nappy.”

“He’s going to be a good dad,” Mum grinned.

“He is,” I agreed. We were silent for a minute before I looked right at her. “I really am sorry, though.”

She hit me on the arm playfully, “The only thing you should be sorry for is giving me six weeks to plan a wedding! You should never be sorry for a baby.”

“Looks like I have my work cut out for me, then.”

She nodded and pulled me into another hug, “So grown up,” she whispered.


After we’d cleaned ourselves up, we walked back outside smiling and talking about the wedding. As soon as we stepped out onto the patio though, we knew something wasn’t right.

The main hint was the fact that George had Harry had hose-point, Charlie somehow had his wand, and Bill, Dad, and Percy were rounding off the little half-circle looking threatening. Angelina was holding Dominique on her stomach, Audrey had Victiore, and Hermione had a wide-eyed and interested Teddy in her lap.

Ron was sitting back in his chair with a smile on his face and his hands behind his head.

Mum and I exchanged glances and I moved to save my fiancé but Mum stopped me. I looked back at her and she sent me a “wait a tick” look. I scowled but turned to look at the boys.

“And you plan on taking care of her and this baby for the rest of your life, should we allow you to live?” Percy was asking loudly as George pointed the hose nossle threateningly at his chest.

“For Merlin’s sake, yes,” Harry yelled. “I’m not going anywhere!”

I could basically feel all of my brothers narrowing their eyes suspiciously at him.

“Even when she’s round and fat and moody not unlike an obese and angered hippogriff?” George put in. Angelina scowled and waved her wand making his pants fall to around his ankles, “I’ll show you moody!” she yelled at her husband.

“I wasn’t talking about you, dear,” George called kindly as he hoisted his pants up, blushing.

Angelina scoffed.

“Well?” Charlie asked.

“Even then,” Harry nodded.

“What about when –” I broke away from Mum then, marching towards my brothers.

“Are you quite finished?” I asked them harshly. They all turned and looked abashed – even Dad. I pushed past them and grabbed Harry’s hand. “Or would you like to ask him about our sex life too?”

They all looked uncomfortable now… even Harry. “Well, honestly, I like to do it in the show –”

“OI!” Ron called from his chair as he stood up, bright red.

“Ron’s right, we don’t need to hear this!” Percy said in a weak voice.

“Well if you’re going to ask Harry questions as soon as I’m gone I thought maybe I could clear some things up for you as well!” I called back.

“Okay, okay,” Bill held his hands up. “We get it, we’re out of line.”

“Damn straight.” I glared at them for a few more seconds before sighing, “Now, who wants cake?”

They all grinned and the kids jumped out of the laps they were in and screamed “me!” Charlie tossed Harry back his wand. I let go of Harry’s hand to help with the clean up, and as soon as I was a few feet from him I heard the spray of the hose along with a surprised and outraged cry. I spun around, “GEORGE WEASLEY!” I yelled. He let go of the hose quickly and backed away.

“Sorry!” he cried with a mischievious look. I rolled my eyes and continued into the kitchen.

“You are not,” I heard Harry mutter darkly.

“At least I don’t need my woman to save me,” George whispered back.

Harry laughed, “You just need to be saved from her, am I right?”

“Aye, mate,” George chuckled.

I smiled and waved my wand to levitate the dishes inside. Maybe this wouldn’t turn out so bad after all.


A/N: Sorry! I know that it's been forever and a day, but at least the chapter is pretty long, eh? I know, I'm terrible. Please forgive me.
GUYS, I cannot beLIEVE the number of reviews I've gotten on this story! I'm blown away... really. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Like... really. I was having some writers block but becuase of you guys I kept thinking and braistorm and now... ta-da. I think I like it. Teddy's going to be in the next few chapters, too. I think that he would have stayed with Harry and Ginny for periods of time. I mean his Gran is kinda old and might need a break, yeah? And Harry is his godfather.
Anyway, please continue to review. Seriously, guys, you have no idea how happy they make me. They make my day. REALLY.
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