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Disclaimer: Harry POtter belongs entirely to J.K Rowling, and alas not me. I make no kind of financial profit from this.

Rose Weasley


beautiful chapter image by mistetoe @tda

“Are you coming Rose?” called a voice from downstairs.

“Hang on,” Rose muttered as she stuffed the last few books into her bag, a searched around for her wand. “Where is it, where is it?” she muttered, upturning drawers and looking under the bed.

“Come on Rose, you’ll be late!” her mother yelled.

“Coming!” cried Rose franticly.

“Looking for this?” came a laughing voice from behind her. Rose swivelled around, her long red hair flying in all directions. It was Dominique, her tall frame willowy and graceful in the light from the passage.

“I love you Dom,” Rose said, snatching the wand from her grasp and swinging her bag onto her shoulders.

“Ready?” she asked, spotting Dom’s trunk that she pulled beside her.

“You didn’t need to bring that much stuff, we only took a few days away for granddad’s seventieth birthday party, you hardly need your entire wardrobe.”

“Well I couldn’t decide what to bring,” sighed Dom, “it is necessary to take some extra stuff.”

“ROSE!” barked Hermione, “get a move on!”

Rose and Dom glanced down the wooden stairs of the burrow. There were several flights now because Rose’s grandparents had had to add a few floors now that they had about twelve grandchildren.

“This is why I pack light,” said Rose to Dom who looked scared at the prospect of dragging her enormous trunk down the stairs.

Once they reached downstairs they saw Hermione and Fleur standing there.

“Finally,” sighed Hermione, “Everyone else has already gone. We can’t be late, especially after McGonagall was so generous in giving you that time off just for a family party in the middle of the first term.”

“We know mum, you’ve reminded us enough times,” Rose sighed.

“Dominique, ça c’est un peu trop, non?” asked Fleur to Dom, eyeing her suitcase.

“Non, non,” said Dom. Hermione caught Rose’s eye. Rose shrugged as if to say: I’ve got no clue either.

“Come on then,” Hermione said, taking the jar of flue powder and offering it to Dom. Dom took it and dragged her trunk into the fireplace.

“Hogwarts,” she said loud and clear, and the disappeared in a rush of green flames. Hermione offered it to Rose who to a handful and then stepped into the fireplace.

She hated travelling by flue powder, and especially hated the moment when you flew out the other end, covered in soot and extremely dizzy. However there was no other way so she called out “Hogwarts” and threw the powder towards her feet.

Moments later she landed face first onto the sooty carpet of Professor McGonagall’s office.

“Ah, Miss Weasley,” came Professor McGonagall’s voice, sounding disapproving, “You’re late.”

“Sorry,” Rose groaned, gripping the carpet with both hands in an effort to steady herself, “I lost my…never mind.”

“Well, hurry up I haven’t got all day,” said McGonagall tiredly. Rose nodded and lifted her face from the carpet and rolled over onto her back.

Suddenly a soft roaring came from the grate. Rose peered at the dark stonewall of the fireplace curiously. The roaring grew in volume. It got louder and louder until suddenly a figure flew out of the fireplace with a loud resonating crash.

The person crashed head first into Rose.

“Oomph,” she cried as all the breath was knocked out of her. Soot flew into her eyes as the person landed on top of her.

“What the hell!” exclaimed Rose. She opened her eyes, and saw to her horror a tall blonde boy, his face inches from hers. “Get off me Malfoy!”

“If you hadn’t been in my way I wouldn’t have crashed into you!” Scorpius sneered.

“You’re squashing me,” she said, glaring at him, for he was a lot heavier than she was.

“Hang on,” he muttered, rolling off her. Rose gasped for air and brushed the soot out of her eyes.

“What’re you doing here anyway?” Scorpius asked, his voice the one you use when you are addressing a disease

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak big headed idiot,” snapped Rose.

“Miss. Weasley, if you and Mr. Malfoy could continue your argument outside I would appreciate it,” Professor McGonagall said curtly.

“Sorry Professor,” said Rose, glaring at Scorpius and then flouncing out of the office, her head in the air. Scorpius scowled after her.


Out in the empty corridor Rose said:

“What were you doing there anyway Malfoy?”

“My aunt Daphne got married over the weekend so I had to take a few days off. Not that it’s any of your business.”

“Aren’t we touchy today?”

“Shove off Weasley,” he answered flatly

“Shove off yourself.”

Rose turned and walked in the direction of the Gryffindor common room, and Scorpius turned for the Slytherin one.

Turning a corner Rose spotted Dom lugging the suitcase up the stairs. Rose sighed and pulled out her wand,

“Wingardium Leviosa.” The bag levitated beside Dom and rose up the stairs along side her. She looked back and grinned at Rose.

“You do rock that one,” she said.

“Speciality of Hermione Granger,” Rose said, catching up with her.

“Remember in our first year when you were the only one who could do it. Merlin Malfoy looked pissed!” Rose grinned. That had been a good day.


“Password?” asked the fat lady.


“Twinkle toes,” said Dom. The fat lady swung open, revealing the portait hole. Rose climbed through and then helped Dom with her suitcase.

“YOU’RE BACK!” came an excited squeal from the fireplace. Two girls came rushing at them, grabbing them both in a tight hug. Rose released her friend.

“Hey Sarah,” she grinned. Sarah Finnegan was a tall girl with pale freckled skin and long flaxen blonde hair. She had a wide grin and large brown eyes. She, like Rose was a chaser on the quidditch team and had an extremely cheerful and easy going disposition.

The other girl released Dom and moved to hug Rose. This was Lucy Thomas, a gentle and quiet girl, with dark skin and thick dark hair. She smiled softly at Rose,

“Good party?” she asked.

“No one throws a party quite like us Weasleys,” said Dom.

“We have too many parties,” said Rose.

“Only because our family is so huge, and no one wants to be left out,” Dom grinned.

“It’s getting late,” said Lucy, “maybe we should all just go up to bed.”

“Are you joking?” said Sarah, “We’ve got four weeks left until Christmas holidays, I’m not going to bed!”

“Anyone for exploding snap?” came a voice from the group that were lounging near the fireplace. Rose saw Albus waving at them.

“Can’t hurt,” she grinned. She recognized Jenny Powell amongst the group, their fellow roommate. She was a nice girl, but had never really gotten close with any of them, and mostly kept to herself.

“Hey red,”said James looking at her from the group, “how come you and blondie took so long to get here?”

“Don’t call me blondie!” cried Dom.

“Aw come on blondie.”

“Don’t call me red either,” said Rose, knowing it was no use.

“Whatever you say red,” James grinned, “so why were you late?”

“Well Dom brought her whole wardrobe and I lost my wand.”

“Ah, so the usual.”

“Yep. Hey Charlie!” The girl next to James looked up, smiled and waved.

She was tall and pale with silky dark hair and clear blue eyes.

She looked like the epitome of innocence but Rose knew better.

She was James’ best friend, and had a talent for trouble and swear words. She was possibly he only person who could outwit James when it came to troublemaking.

In fact it was a wonder she hadn’t been expelled yet.

“So guess who I ran into at McGonagall’s office?” asked Rose, sitting down.

“Hmm…” James pondered, “McGonagall’s ex lover.”

“Yes,” grinned Rose, “because I just love running into him.”

“How about-“ he began.

“Ok, this could go on for a while,” Rose said, "It was just Malfoy, no one exciting.”

“Aww, you had me so hyped Red. And here I thought it would be the Weird Sisters reunion tour.”

“What was Malfoy doing there?” asked Albus.

“Said he went to his aunt’s wedding.”

“Oh I saw that,” said Jenny, “didn’t she have an edition in witch weekly?”

“How does she get a edition for witch weekly?” asked Lucy.

“She’s married to some fancy quidditch player,” said Charlie. James spluttered.

“Some fancy quidditch player!” he looked at Charlie, “He’s the captain of the Winbourne wasps! Honestly!”

“See all I heard was he’s the bla bla bla bla,”she chuckled.

“Your lack of interest in quidditch astounds me,” he sounded appauled.

“And your obsession scares me beyond belief.”

"Changing the subject," said Al, dealing out the exploding snap. Rose grinned and leant back in an arm chair.

It was good to be back


A/N: Hi everyone, this is my first chapter of my first fanfiction (very exciting stuff) so I would really love to hear your thoughts, but I'm new so no making fun :)

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