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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter

On a random note I mentioned back in a previous chapter that Hermione opens her shop at 8am, well on Wednesdays she opens at 10am because it’s usually a slow day. I know it’s random but it works better with  my storyline if its this way.

They arrived in a pop in Hermione’s kitchen. They both pulled back a little stunned.

“Wow,” Draco murmured. “To be honest I moved to London because I absolutely despised appariting to work everyday. But I have to say kissing someone while appariting is definitely the way to go.” He said against her lips.

            Hermione giggled feeling almost lightheaded and leaned in for another kiss. Her hands lazily made their way up his chest only to tangle into his hair. He groaned and pulled her closer till there was no space left between them. He backed her up against the cabinets kissing her senseless. He laid all of his weight into her, pinning her to the wall to the point where her feet were no longer touching the ground. He reached down and grabbed the back of her thighs and brought her legs up to wrap around his waist.

            He lifted her weight off the cabinet wall and supported her body against his as he made his way to her bedroom. All while trying to sidestep Crookshanks who kept at his heels. Once he brought them to the bedroom he looked down at Crookshanks.

“Sorry buddy, for what I’m about to do to her doesn’t require an audience.” Draco said then shut the door keeping his out.

He looked up at Hermione who had a smirk of her own on her face, “And what exactly are you about to do to me?” she asked amused.

He smiled a wicked grin, “I’m about to ravish you.”

            She smiled a slow grin in return, her eyes bright. If he wasn’t looking at her so closely he would have completely missed it but for a tiny moment she had a look of uncertainty. But she quickly covered it up as if it was never there. He set her down onto her feet.

“You know, I will never do anything that you don’t want me to do,” he whispered to her looking her in the eye to show her that he was being sincere.

She nodded, “I know,” she said in a tiny voice, the uncertainty back. “I just have one condition.” She said sounding a bit stronger.

            He braced himself for what exactly this condition consisted of. He nodded, allowing her to continue.

“If we do this, it has to be with no strings attached, just keep things fun. No emotions that could just complicate things…just sex.”

            His heart dropped to his stomach upon hearing her words. Why was he taking this so badly? This normally would have been the perfect arrangement. No relationship required, no promises of a future together, just sex. But that wasn’t what it was supposed to be in order to break the spell. He realized that she was standing there looking up at him waiting for him to agree or disagree.

“If that’s what you want,” he said.

She nodded, “it is.” Her voice not as steady as it was before when she made the proposal.

He looked into her eyes noticing that the uncertainty was back, maybe he would be able to break through her walls that she keeps building around herself after all, he thought.

“Fine but I have one condition as well. You have to promise that you’ll have no regrets if we do this.”

“Okay.” She nodded.

He stepped back from her and reached out his hand, “Deal.” He said, waiting for her to shake his hand confirming their new arrangement.

She looked at his hand, the playful amusement look back in her eyes. “Really? I think we’ve moved past the being civil and courteous stage here.”

He pulled his hand back and smirked at her, “Well then tell me how should we go about sealing the deal we’ve arranged?”

She stepped towards him, “Oh I think we can think of a few things,” she said as she kissed him lightly on the lips.

            That was all it took for his hunger for her to return. He can think about how he can weave around there little arrangement later, now all he wanted to focus on was conquering her and doing things that he’s been dreaming about since he first walked into her bookshop.

            He took control over the kiss running his tongue along her bottom lip silently asking for passage. She opened for him and allowed him to plunder her mouth. He ran his hands along her back searching for the zipper of her dress, while walking her backwards towards the bed. He stopped just before the back of her knees hit the mattress. Instead of letting her fall back he kept her in place. Long enough to undo the zipper of her dress completely.

            His lips left hers to kiss along her jaw to her ear, as he slipped the dress off her shoulders. She dropped her hands which were gripping the front of his shirt to allow her dress to pool to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her lacy bra and matching underwear.

            He ran his hands along the sides of her torso, marveling at how soft her skin was. She let out a slight gasp as he reached her ribs. When he looked closer he saw faint purplish bruises forming along her ribcage.

He felt his blood boil, “I can’t believe that oaf hurt you.” He hissed.

“Draco please, I’m fine…just don’t stop.” She whispered against his lips trying to keep him focused on his task.


            Hermione couldn’t believe how bold she was being. If you would have told her last week that she would be in her bedroom standing in only her lacy knickers that she only wore on special occasions in front of Draco Malfoy, she would have laughed until so could no longer breathe. But now, she be damned if she let him stop. She wanted this more then she wanted anything before. She didn’t know why she had this feeling, whether it was because she got caught in a scary situation and Draco was there to save her, or if it was because she hasn’t been with a man since…well longer then she wanted to admit.

            She laid down the ground rules and he agreed, nothing romantic, just fun. Though he seemed a little reluctant at first, but he agreed nonetheless. He even set his own condition, no regrets from either one of them, not just herself. No awkward morning after, no excuses of being to smashed to think clearly…nothing.

Regardless of what was going to happen afterwards, right now, all she could think of was how utterly amazing it felt when Draco would kiss her just below her earlobe, it made her knees weak.

She sat at the end of the bed; he bent lower so his lips never left her skin. He kissed down her neck, slightly sucking, while sliding her bra strap off her shoulder with his fingers and following them with soft kisses along her collarbone and shoulder. Then turned his attention to the other side and did the same.

She reached back and unhooked her bra and let it slide down her arms then let it fall to the ground. Draco pulled back and watched every second intently.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered as his eyes racked over her naked torso and chest.

            She blushed even though it was way beyond the point to be embarrassed. She smiled shyly when he just stood there looking at her. With trembling hands she reached out and grabbed hold of his fingers, she smiled at the fact that his hands were shaking too. She brought his hands up to her bare chest, and he sucked in a breath with his fingers made contact with her soft skin. He murmured something that she didn’t quite catch, but she could have sworn he said something along the lines of ‘perfect fit.’

            And just like that his lips were back on hers, kissing her as if it was his last dying breath. She laid down till her back was against the mattress and her feet were left dangling over the edge of the bed. He broke the kiss only to focus on kissing down her neck, over her chest, along her battered ribs, and down her flat belly. All while removing what little clothing she still had on. He kissed her till she was left breathless and panting.

            She shut her eyes, trying to get her breathing under control when she felt his weight lift off her. She cracked one eye open and for the first time realizing that she was completely nude laying on her bed while he was still fully clothed and standing at the foot of the bed watching her. He started to unbutton his shirt but she got up on her knees and pushed his hands away.

“Let me,” she said as she started to unbutton the buttons on his shirt one at a time as she kissed his neck and lightly nibbled on his earlobe.

            He made a sound that she was all too familiar with and pulled back.

“Did you just start purring?” she asked trying not to laugh, as she watched a blush creep up on his face.

“Apparently so, I seem to have no control over that.” He muttered, his blush deepening.

She kissed his heated cheek, “Don’t be embarrassed, I think it’s sweet.”

He turned his head and kissed her on the lips, “Well only you would think that, if someone else heard that they would probably laugh their asses off.”

            She giggled; she couldn’t help it, and then went back to her task of unbuttoning his shirt as she kissed down his naked chest. When she unbuttoned the last button she ran her hands up his naked torso marveling on how perfectly muscled his body was, he was all hard muscle and soft skin, the perfect combination. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders and let it fall next to her discarded dress on the floor. She then began working on undoing his belt and jeans. Before long they to, laid on the floor by his feet. She couldn’t help but stare. This man was breathtakingly beautiful. She didn’t get to stare too long, for his lips captured hers and before she knew it, he flipped her till her back was once again laying against the mattress of the bed.

            She let out a squeal at the sudden movement and giggled, but stopped when he climbed on top of her. She couldn’t believe how prefect his weight felt on top of hers. She wrapped her legs around his waist locking them with her ankles so she couldn’t let go. She ran her hands up and down his muscular back then into his silky hair.

            She shut her eyes tight instead of looking at him because she knew if she opened them she would already be breaking the promises they made. She wouldn’t be able to control her emotions and that could lead to lots of regrets later on. So instead of looking at Draco she shut her eyes and let all of her other senses take over for her. For nothing else at that moment existed but him and her together and right now that’s all that mattered.

Draco couldn’t sleep; he laid there on Hermione’s bed watching her sleep in his arms. How could he have been so blind, how could he have not been attracted to her during their time together at school? Sure back then she had frizzy uncontrollable hair, buck teeth and had been an annoyingly smart know-it-all. And now he found her hair which is no longer frizzy but a bit uncontrollable at times sexy, and you couldn’t even notice her teeth anymore because she grew into them and her brains definitely gotten her and her friends out of many tough situations. And she was adorably cute whenever she got flustered or embarrassed.

            She was perfect and all he could think about was how heartbreakingly beautiful she is. And his mission to fall for her was something he thought to be impossible. But now he couldn’t be happier that it happened so quickly and he never wanted to let her go, not even after the curse is broken.

            He tucked a stray hair behind her ear and leaned down and kissed her forehead, inhaling the scent of her hair. She sighed and snuggled closer to him as their legs tangled into each others with her head on his arm as his other was wrapped securely around her waist. Her hand lay limp on his chest just above his heart.

            He didn’t want to look at the clock on the table beside her bed. He knew the change was going to happen soon, but he didn’t want to ruin anything about this movement and he didn’t wasn’t to waste it counting down the minutes so instead he tightened his arms around her and snuggled closer to her and soon fell asleep.


Hermione woke up blissfully content; she glanced at the clock, 8:30am. Thank Merlin it was Wednesday when she opened at 10:00am instead of 8:00am like she normally did. She could easily fall back to sleep, she snuggled deeper in to the covers enjoying the warmth they brought to her skin and stretched out her legs all the way to her toes. She realized her muscles were a bit stiff but in the best way possible.

            That’s when the events of last night and earlier this morning for that matter came flooding back. Some time around 4:00am he woke her up while kissing the back of her neck and shoulders…and well she couldn’t resist, then one thing led to another. She smiled to herself thinking back on it. She stretched one last time before sitting up while clutching a sheet around her bare chest. And looked around her room, she knew he wouldn’t be human since he was suppose to change back around 8:00am or so.

            She found him curled up by her feet asleep. She watched him for a bit finding she could never get used to this curse, especially since four hours ago he was definitely doing very human male things to her. She sat there trying to figure out how to get from the bed to the loo without waking him and having to see her strutting around the room in the buff. Even though he has already seen her naked, it was still a very different feeling when daylight was streaming through the windows lighting her entire bedroom, instead of being drunk on sexual desire for one another.

            Ugh she was being ridiculous, she should just walk to the bathroom, who cares if he sees her or not. Just as she started to crawl out of bed he cracked one eye open. And when he saw that she was awake he opened both eyes and perked up.

“Um hi,” She waved at him shyly, Merlin she was so lame.

            He stood up on his legs and stretched his back out then sauntered his way towards her. He made her promise not to have any regrets in the morning after, and she didn’t, but that still didn’t mean that she knew what the proper thing to say to the person you just spent the entire night shagging with, the morning after. It’s not like she can offer him a cup of coffee or kiss him good morning or anything remotely normal since he was a cat. And she hated always having a one sided conversation when he was like this. She hated not knowing what he was thinking unless he was at her computer, but even that was too time consuming and didn’t allow him to express himself fully.

            She reached out her hand and he extended his head so it made contact with her palm, she then began scratching behind his ears and under his chin as he nuzzled his face against her hand and purred in contentment.

“Okay so this is going to sound ridiculously lame, but do you think you can turn around and shut your eyes while I run to the loo so I can get ready for work?” she asked him trying not to blush.

            He made a sound that sounded awfully like a snort and turned around and jumped off the bed disappearing at the foot of the bed. She started to get out when he hopped back up, carrying his shirt that he wore the night before and walked over to her and dropped it into her lap. She smiled at him and gave him one final rub then took his shirt and slipped her arms through it and buttoned it up just enough to ensure that she was covered thoroughly to make it from her bed to the bathroom.

            She got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom in nothing but his shirt which left her legs bare for all to see. Before going to the bathroom she slipped by her bedroom door and crack it open incase he wanted to go out to the living room or kitchen instead of being trapped in her bedroom while she got ready. She turned and looked at him, he sat on her bed and watched her, she smiled at him and ran a hand through her hair trying not to think of how crazy it must look right now.

She walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind her. She caught her reflection in the mirror and realized that indeed her hair was definitely a mess, it was all over the place and she had a ridiculously goofy grin on her face that she couldn’t turn off. For once she actually looked and felt well rested, her eyes were no longer puffy and her skin actually had a glow to it. She took one final whiff of the scent that lingered on his shirt before stripping it off and stepping into the shower.

After her shower she towel dried her hair leaving it curly and applied light makeup to her face. Then wrapped in a terrycloth robe she walked into her bedroom and found it empty. She walked to her closet and picked out a cute violet blouse and decided to go casual today and paired it with a pair of dark jeans that made her legs look slim and long and her bum look good.

When she was dressed she walked out into the living room and caught Crookshanks and Draco playing chase or some form of hide and seek. Where Draco would run and Crookshanks would chase him. But since Draco was faster he would hide and when Crookshanks would finally catch up Draco would then jump out at him, which then started another game of chase. They both stopped when they saw her walk out then followed her to the kitchen so she could prepare their breakfasts. Oh men, the way to their hearts is through their stomachs, or however the saying went, she thought.

She started brewing coffee for herself and grabbed an apple to eat on the way to work. Before she left she gave both cats a nice long scratch behind the ears then walked out the door.

Wednesdays were always slow in the mornings. So she was busying checking inventory and daydreaming about Draco and last night…okay so she was busy daydreaming about Draco while trying to cover it up by checking inventory and casually sipping on pumpkin juice. When her front door open and in walked in none other then Narcissa Malfoy.

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