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A little before 9 pm, about 15 minutes before Draco had to supervise Weasley’s detention, he was waiting with a rose for Amelia in the entrance of the castle. There were few students still out and about but those that passed him gave him funny looks. It was very odd indeed to see Draco Malfoy holding a rose, he just simply wasn’t that person.

He wasn’t sure what had made him get the rose in the first place, there was just a thought in the back of his head that was telling him he’d better have some sort of gift for Amelia. From his upbringing he knew that when courting, you were to be romantic. But he didn’t need to court, she was already his. And even if she wasn’t, she would have come around soon because face it, all girls did.

Hermione and Blaise came to stand next to Draco, their hands clasped together and Hermione laughing at something Blaise had said. While Draco was dressed in black slacks and a grey button up, his fellow Head and his best friend were dressed casually. Whatever they have planned must not be a dig deal, he thought to himself as he looked over at Hermione. They were both in sweats.

“What are you two going to do with Amelia while I’m gone?” Draco asked, shifting his weight to favor his right side.

“Amelia? Is that her name?” Hermione asked.


Hermione rolled her eyes and looked at Blaise, who answered, “We’re going to the gym to workout.”

The majority of the students in Hogwarts didn’t use the gym, much less know about it. It was near the entrance to the side of the grounds that led to the Quidditch stadium, and subsequently was usually filled with players or aspiring youngsters.

Draco laughed. “Granger? At the gym? Do you even know how to workout?”

Hermione placed her hands on her hips glaring at him. “You always underestimate me. Do you want me to punch you in the face again?”

Blaise laughed and pulled Hermione into his chest. “She’s a bit feisty.”

Draco rolled his eyes. He was so sick of them pretending to be together. Sure there were inter-house relationships, but never a Slytherin & Gryffindor. Especially not these two. They were both intellectual and sure, with Granger’s new edgy look they were a somewhat good looking couple, but it was just wrong on so many levels. Plus they spent every evening in the Head’s common room, as if it wasn’t bad enough he had to see them parading their “relationship” around school during the day. To say the least, it was an annoyance.


All 3 turned their heads sharply. Draco smirked at her entrance, grand & dramatic as air rushed in with the force of her opening the doors, just like she was. She was wearing black skinny jeans with a gold shimmering top and gold stilleto heels. A medium sized suitcase floated behind her and she stopped in the doorway, waiting for Draco to come to her.

“Amelia.” Draco breathed, as he took a few large steps to her. She didn’t seem too surprised as he handed her the rose, but she kissed him on the cheek nonetheless, leaving a perfect red lip outline.

She hugged Draco tightly, slipping her hands into his back pockets as they kissed before asking, “Who are your friends?”

Draco turned around and led Amelia over. “Blaise, my best mate since childhood and Granger, the Head Girl.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, and in an act to be civil, extended her hand. “It’s Hermione.”

Amelia declined the hug, and hugged her instead. “Ms. Hermione Granger, I have a feeling you and I shall be great friends.”

Hermione cocked an eyebrow at Blaise, who shrugged. “I guess we’ll see...”

Draco coughed and the 3 turned to look at him. “Amelia, I have to see to a Head Boy duty of supervising a detention for Granger’s friend. Is it alright if you stay with her and Blaise until I’m done? It’ll only be until 10, about 45 minutes.”

She nodded and reached up to run her fingers through his hair. “Have fun sweetie.”

Draco kissed her and shot a warning glare at Hermione and Blaise before leaving. He’d sit and watch Weasley but the entire time he knew he’d be wondering about how Amelia was.

“Well Amelia, Hermione and I were about to head to the gym to get some workout time in. Is that alright? Or...?” Blaise asked, wrapping his arms around Hermione once again.

Amelia beamed. “I’d love to join! Draco loves it when my body is nice and toned, it makes sex more enjoyable.” And with that, she brushed past the stunned couple and towards the stairs, as if she already knew where she was going.

When Draco made it to the dungeons, he found Ron already waiting and sulking. No one liked being in the dark pits of the school, especially the virtuous Gryffindor’s. Even Draco didn’t prefer it, but it was the perfect place to serve out a detention punishment.


Ron looked up and grimaced. “Ferret.”

Draco took a deep breathe before sitting at the desk. “I’m prepared to let you out early because I have something else I’d rather be taking care of, but it’s only if you cooperate.”

“And why would I cooperate? You gave me a detention for saying what everyone else was thinking!”

“It doesn’t matter, you might have the advantage of pure blood over her but as Head Girl she’s your superior. If you had talked to me like that, you’d have a lot worse than a detention on your hands.”

Ron sank slightly in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest defiantly. “I don’t know what she’s doing...” he said to himself.

“What was that?”

“I said, I don’t know what she’s doing. This person she is? It’s not her, not at all.” Ron said, looking to the side distractedly.

Draco rolled his eyes. “Of course it’s not her, and she’s going to fall flat on her ass soon enough.”

A small laugh escaped Ron’s lips. “That’s one thing we agree on.”

On the other side of the castle, Hermione, Blaise and Amelia were entering the gym. While Hermione was in sweat pants and a loose fitting t-shirt, Amelia was in short shorts and a tank top. There were only a few guys in there, since it was getting close to curfew, but they all stopped to gawk as Amelia got on a treadmill and started jogging.

“What do you think of her?” Hermione asked, as her and Blaise sat on the other side of the gym on exercise bikes.

Blaise looked her up and down, seeing exactly why Draco liked her. Draco had always had a thing for smallish girls, and she had a certain air about her that he new would have captivated any guy. Her long dark hair made her pale skin look almost as if it was glowing, and he knew that her jogging in a skimpy outfit was catching the stares of every guy in there. She seemed like the type of person who did things like that on purpose, reveling in the attention even though she had someone.

“I think she’s exactly his type.” Blaise replied.

Hermione pedaled in silence, thinking. Blaise and Malfoy were best friends, wouldn’t that mean they had the same taste in things? And if Draco was attracted to a slut like Amelia, then, wouldn’t Blaise be attracted to her too? How long was Amelia staying anyways? The last she thing she needed, or wanted, was for Blaise to leave and hookup with her... She needed Blaise’s guidance, and she enjoyed having him around.

“Do you want some water?” Blaise asked, pausing to pick up the two thermoses Hermione had insisted they bring with them.

She nodded, accepting one gratefully. Blaise had never heard of a thermos, and was entranced when Hermione produced two from her room. He had teased her about her muggle items, but Hermione had grown used to it over the past few days. It wasn’t in rude way, like the other Slytherin’s, more of a your-world-is-so-different kind of a way.

Amelia had moved on to the stair climber, her shorts barely covering her rear as she worked out. “Is that really attractive to guys?” Hermione asked, as her and Blaise made their way to the the treadmills where Amelia had just been.

Blaise shrugged. “It’s definitely teasing, and guys like that.” He looked over and saw Hermione’s face fall. “But there’s got to be more to a girl than just her body.”

Hermione bit her lip. All eyes were Amelia, and even though everyone knew she was with Blaise now, it was still disappointing that no one was checking out her. The whole point of this camaraderie with Blaise was to get guys to lust after her, not lose interest as soon as a new girl was presented. She had to do something.



“I think I’d like to do some crunches.” Hermione stopped her treadmill and walked over to the mats, right by the wall of mirrors.

Hermione stared into the mirror, watching as the guys present, a mix of all the Houses, stared desperately at Amelia. If she wanted to play that game, Hermione could too. Just as Blaise was reaching her, Hermione reached down and pulled her t-shirt off, leaving her standing in a black workout bra.

Blaise paused, mouth agape. Despite the rumors going around that they were sleeping together, he had never seen her without a shirt. The tight white school shirts she had started wearing left little to the imagination, but he had never imagined she would look as good as she did.

One pair of eyes caught her form as she layed down on the ground, beginning to do crunches, and then another. By the time Blaise had composed himself and gotten down to hold her feet, all eyes had swiveled from Amelia to Hermione. Sure, Amelia was like the shiny new toy every guy wanted to play with. But Hermione was the ultimate transformation – they had literally watched her grow up and get hot, none of them could have imagined the bushy haired girl they ignored first year would grow into a sexy body.

Blaise leaned on his girlfriend’s knees, watching her abs and chest as they rose and fell before him. “I never would have anticipated that little stunt.”

Hermione smirked. “You said to keep them on their toes, right?”

Back in the dungeons, Ron had fallen asleep on the desk. Draco was trying not to worry about Amelia being with Granger and Blaise, but it was hard. He could only imagine what they were putting her through, and despite how good Blaise was at playing his affection for Granger, he wasn’t convinced his eye wouldn’t wander.


Ron threw his head up and blinked. “What?”

“You’re dismissed. It’s 10.” He didn’t wait for Weasley to react, just got up and hurried out of the classroom and then out of the dungeons on his way back to the Head’s dorm.

If there was one thing Amelia didn’t like, it was being treated like a third wheel, which is exactly what was happening with Hermione and Blaise, though she wouldn’t say it. She was pretty much ignoring Hermione and focusing all of her attention on Blaise as the 3 of them sat in the common room.

“I’m sure he’ll be back any second.” Hermione said, snuggling closer to Blaise’s lounging body.

Amelia, who was sitting on the floor by Blaise’s legs, layed her head on his knee. “I don’t mind waiting.”

Hermione glared at the top of Amelia’s head. “You could probably wait for him in his room, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh he’d love it, but I think I’ll stay right here.” Amelia giggled as she stretched out her legs.

Blaise looked down at Hermione, who was shooting daggers. “Hermione has a point, he’s probably expecting you in his room.”

Amelia shrugged and threw her head back, shaking her hair out of her ponytail. “I have something planned for his room, but I’ll just wait here,” she placed her head back on Blaise’s knee, “until he returns.”

Hermione exhaled loudly then got up and stormed towards her room, slamming the door behind her. Blaise winced, but Amelia just got up and sat down in the cuddled position Hermione had just been occupying.

“Your muscles are so big, Blaise,” she purred, running her hand over his arms.

“Thanks.” Blaise replied, staring at Hermione’s door as if it would make her come back out.

“I bet your abs look amazing when you take your shirt off.” Amelia giggled, then bit her lip as she ran her fingers slowly over his chest and stomach.

Blaise hit her hand away. “They do, but you won’t be seeing it.”

Amelia fake pouted and crawled so she was straddling Blaise’s lap. One hand went through his hair and the other cupped his face behind his left ear. “No one has to know,” she whispered, kissing down his neck.

Blaise felt like he was spellbound, and while it felt good, he knew it was wrong. Just as he was closing his eyes, she pulled away and got up. “What,” he began.

“Shuuuuush.” Amelia began slowly moving her body, her back to him, before sitting down and proceeding to give him a lap dance.

Blaise slouched back, putting his hands behind his head as she began grinding into him. He was aroused and enchanted and all he could think about was what he wanted to do to her, how he wanted to see her pale body above his, sliding back and forth as she gasped. He reached out to place his hands on her hips, and as he did, she got up and moved away to sit on the other couch. Seconds later, Draco came in.

“Draco!” Amelia squealed, jumping up and running into his arms.

“Zabini.” Draco acknowledged, before picking her up. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed him passionately.

“Hey mate.” Blaise responded, distracted in his thoughts. His eyes followed dejectedly as Draco carried Amelia up to his room, and though she was nibbling on Draco’s ears, her eyes stayed on Blaise.

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