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Chapter 21


It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon, on a rainy Saturday. Malfoy was leaning against the wall next to Honeydukes’ shop, watching Hermione hurrying towards him in a pretty light-pink dress, closing her umbrella.


’Sorry, I don’t have too much time,’ she gasped nervously. ’I’ll have a date with someone at 4.’


’With someone? Oh, it must be the very secret penpal…’ Malfoy smirked.


’Yeah,’ she blushed though she didn’t want to.


’Will he be there this time?’


’He promised,’ she answered quickly and looked into the mesmerizing blue eyes, matching his bue shirt. His blond hair was a bit wet because of the rain.


’You… You are beautiful,’ he said unexpectedly, staring at her.


’YOU are beautiful,’ Hermione thought to herself feeling ashamed at once and knew she had to break the awkward silence before Malfoy could say something very embarrassing again.


’No umbrella?’ Hermione managed to choke out finally.


’I like rain,’ he said though his mind was on something else.


It stopped raining and they started walking down the High Street lined with thatched-roofed shops.


’So… Shall we have a drink?’ Malfoy asked suddenly.


’No, thanks,’ she shook her head. ’I’m so nervous, I couldn’t eat or drink anything now.’


’Where will you meet?’


’It’s none…’ Hermione started but Malfoy didn’t let her finish.


’It’s none of your business, Malfoy, I know,’ he recited. The girl glared at him.


They were standing in the middle of the street, looking into each other’s eyes, thinking of doing something else, not talking… Perhaps holding hands…. Clinging to each other with the wet clothes on… Locking lips…


Malfoy cleared his throat.


’So you can wear the Claddagh Ring on your left hand soon…’ He remarked and they continued walking. ’I mean, if he’s as gorgeous as you think.’


’Who?’ Hermione asked absent-mindedly, with Malfoy always on her mind.


’Your penpal,’ he replied in surprise. ’We’re talking about him, aren’t we?’


It started to rain again.


’Sorry, I have to go,’ Hermione said, her voice shaky. She was so nervous that she forgot to open her umbrella.


Malfoy took a step closer.


’You know I wonder…’


’Yes?’ Her heart was hammering. She got lost in the mysterious colour of his exotic eyes.


’If I weren’t Draco Malfoy…’


More and more raindrops fell over them, the water soaked through their clothes but they didn’t care. Malfoy leaned closer and closer.


’And you weren’t Hermione Granger…’ He continued.


They were only inches apart.


He took a deep breath.


’If I weren’t Draco Malfoy and you weren’t Hermione Granger, I would have fallen in love with you a long time ago… And I would have fought for you… to make you… mine. To kiss you every day… Night and day…’ His lips almost touched hers, whispering in her mouth.


Hermione was speechless. She watched the raindrops traveling down Malfoy’s face and grew hot because of the heat coming from his body. She felt drunk, intoxicated, drawning in desire. Her gaze shifted to his lips. ’God, he wants to kiss me, he wants to kiss me…’ She thought in panic yet in impatient anticipation.


’I… must… be… going now,’ She stammered, losing her nerve at the last moment. ’I’d like to stay with you but… I promised him to be there. Sorry.’ She forced herself to pull away, and stormed off, not looking back.


Malfoy watched her tiny figure disappear in the rain. He gulped. Draco Malfoy lost. Will the secret penpal win?




Hermione was standing under an old oak tree, watching the rose garden and the lake unseeingly. She didn’t see the red roses just the blue eyes, she wasn’t enchanted by the fragrance of the flowers and the rain but recalled the scent and softness of Malfoy’s skin… She sighed desperately.


’Why am I here? What am I doing here?’ She wondered. ’I want to be with Malfoy. I want to be kissing with him in the pouring rain. Gosh, why have I left him there like that?’


She looked around but there was no one in sight. The rain had stopped again but her hair was wet, water was still dropping from the leaves of the tree above.


She moistened her lips and felt the sweet taste of the rain. She closed her eyes and saw Malfoy again. His eyes. His hair. His lips.


’I want to hate him but I can’t. I’m slowly losing my mind,’ she thought bitterly.


’Bubble!’ She heard a familiar voice suddenly and opened her eyes.


A small and fluffly owl landed on her shoulder. Her heart skipped a beat. She had seen that bird. It was the one she’d saved.


A moment later she saw him. Draco Malfoy’s tall figure was heading towards her among the roses, in a dreamlike vision.


’I’m dreaming,’ she thought, ’but I don’t want to wake up.’


He came closer and closer, slowly, afraid a bit what the girl’s reaction would be.


’Are you disappointed it’s me?’ He asked the shocked girl finally, lacking the usual self-confidence.


Realisation hit her so hard she couldn’t breath, she couldn’t think.


Her lower lip quivered when Malfoy took one more step closer. Bubble left her shoulder and chose a branch of the tree to watch the intimate scene sleepily.


’I wanted it to be you…’ she said in a barely audible voice. ’But I didn’t dare to hope it was possible.’


’It is,’ he whispered, his lips dangerously close to hers. Merlin, she was the most beautiful rose in the garden. ’You wanted it to be me?’


She nodded, with tears in her eyes.


’Since when?’


’Since the London trip.’


Malfoy brought his hand to her face and brushed away a wet lock of hair. She shivered under his touch.


’And you… How long have you known it’s me… I’m your penpal?’ She asked trembling.


’Since our date in Madam Puddifoot’s… When you were waiting for me with that rose.’


She felt awake as if from a long sleep, her thoughts whirling. ’Yes, Malfoy was there.., He came in and sat at my table… And his scent… That familiar scent… I should have realised… Gosh, how blind and silly I was, I can’t believe it…’


’Why didn’t you tell me? WHY???’ She looked at him accusingly.


Malfoy gulped and his thumb slowly traced Hermione’s jawline.


’If I had told you the truth back then, would you have let me kiss you?’


’No. No way,’ Hermione whispered.


Malfoy’s thumb lightly grazed her chin.


’And… If I had told you the truth in the hospital wing, when I visited you, would you have let me kiss you?’


’No,’ she panted.


’And… on the train? Or on the Knight Bus?’


’Maybe…’ She blushed. The fragrance of his aftershave filled Hermione’s senses again.


He skated his thumb across her wet lips.


’And now? Would you let me kiss you now?’ His thumb parted her lips.


She was past the point of being able to speak, just closed her eyes and tilted her head. She had to, she needed to taste the warmth and softness of his lips.


’You see,’ he whispered in her mouth. ’That’s why I waited. Waited for you to swallow your pride.’


But he didn’t wait any more. He slowly lowered his head and closed his mouth on hers. He kissed her gently first, letting only their hot and hungry lips get satisfaction, but when the heat and desire coursing through their bodies became unbearably overwhelming, passion took over and the kiss deepened and deepened…


Malfoy softly pressed Hermione against the tree. She melted at the warmth of his skin against hers and enjoyed his hands running lustfully through her wet hair and roaming her body.


He placed kisses down her cheek, neck and cleavage, she let out a moan and felt the world slip away. Her hand moved up under his wet and wrinkled shirt, sliding up his back to pull him even closer.


Intense, blinding pleasure filled their bodies, kissing each other wildly, fiercely and feverishly, with wet and swollen lips, out of breath, never getting enough.


Above them, in the blue sky, a magnificent rainbow appeared.




It was a peaceful evening in Paris. Hundreds of tourists admired the breathtaking view from the Eiffel Tower. Hundreds of tourists were cruising down the River Seine enchanted by the sunset. Hundreds of tourists were walking on the Champs Elysees between the Jardin de Tuileries and the Arc de Triomphe. Hundreds of tourists were leaving the Louvre where they had just seen Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.


But Hermione and Malfoy were kissing and cuddling on the top of a big bed in a hotel room.


’So when will you call me Hermione?’ She asked when they parted reluctantly to breathe.


’As soon as you call me Draco,’ He whispered, raising his eyebrows but smiling.


’You’ll have to wait long, Malfoy,’ Hermione smirked but her fingers started to unbutton his shirt.


’Granger,’ he moaned while he slipped his hands under her top.


’Malfoy,’ She gasped and her hand slid down to the buckle of his jeans.


’Granger,’ he finished the conversation as his lips crashed onto hers. Their tongues connected and their hot bodies entwined.


The stars twinkled brightly above Paris.


The End


My Dear Friends,

Thank You for reading my story, I hope you enjoyed the end, too!

I am very grateful for your support, for all the advice you gave me and the thoughts you shared with me!

Hugs xxx


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