“Sometimes Percy, boys are scum. Stupidly dumb scum.” Piper huffed, dropping her bag to the table where the young man currently sat.

“Redundant much today, Pipe?” He tilted his head, smirking a bit wryly. Flicking through the pages of the tome in front of him, he suppressed a chuckle. “Rough couple of days with the blokes, mate?” A vision of a thoroughly pissed Piper escaping the train five days ago followed by a bewildered Wood came to mind. Glancing back up to the silent girl, Percy set aside his very important extra credit Arithmancy essay and sighed, knowing his Thursday night would now be spent listening to Piper desecrate the male population of Hogwart’s. At least for a little while.

“Do you know what that moron did?!” Piper screeched angrily, casting a glare at the library’s occupants who had the audacity to glare at her.

“What moron are we talking about?” Percy’s voice was low and smooth, trying to calm Piper. “Student? Professor? Family member?” He pushed his heels into the floor of the library, easing back in the chair to get comfortable. “You are so often in a right pissy mood lately, I can’t pretend to know who you are mad at.”

“Sod off, Perce. You ruddy git.” Taking a deep breath, Piper pulled out some parchment and a mangled quill. “Everyone. No one.” She dropped her face to greet the cool wood of the table. “Oliver.”

Percy crooked a brow, having caught the use of Wood’s first name. Many times the past week, Percy had noticed an odd tension between the two; whom had previously never really conversed or even cared to. Likely something had happened over break; Percy would bet money on it. Deciding to play dumb, he posed the name as a question. “Oliver?”

“Idiot,” was her muffled response. Lifting her head to meet Percy’s gaze, she squirmed tellingly. “He’s been ignoring me...frustrating really.”

“Why’s that? I thought you weren’t too keen on him?”

Piper’s flush and sputtered response gave her away. “I’m not really. I just, we...he-damn. Never mind.”

Stirring the pot, Percy tossed out. “So it will be alright with you if he comes to study with us?” Trying not to grin wickedly when her eyes flicked to search his face in a panic, he nodded. “Good.” Chuckling softly, he pushed a book towards her. “And your dad?”

Piper, feeling she was out of the fire for awhile, relaxed. “He’s doing good. Still an ogre. Overbearing, obnoxious; the usual.” She stopped short, a sheepish look falling across her features. “Remind me to stop talking like that about Dad. He’s my boss and all.”


The volume and the person it was coming from caused the library’s inhabitants to crane their necks and peer in rabid fascination at the Head Boy.

Leaning across the table, Piper shushed him. “Shut it, Perce!” Lowering her voice even more, she went on. “NO ONE can know. At all. Not even your brothers. Or Wood.” She glanced around once more before spilling the beans. “I accepted the Offensive Coordinator position with Puddy.”

“So that’s it.” Percy sat back, looking mighty proud of himself.

“Mind letting me in on your discovery? I’m out here all alone, outside the world of Geniusly Idiotic Percy Weasley Land.”

“You twit, ‘geniusly’ isn’t even a word. And I’m not idiotic.” Sending a good natured glare her way, he paused, drawing out her confusion. “Oliver Wood was at the Training Invitational.”

“It’s called the Annual James Winter Training Camp, you tosspot.” Covertly scanning the tables close to theirs, she divulged. “Yes, he was. Wood’s fairly high on Dad’s list of potentials right now.” Scrunching her face up and shrugging a bit bewilderedly, she continued. “And I guess you could call us friends. Or you could have. Before I was a right chit.”

“There was a time you before you were a chit? Really?” Oliver’s teasing tone slid over the pair, accompanied by his bag plopping down to the table. He tossed a head nod in greeting to Percy and turned his attention to Piper, in time to catch her sticking out her tongue and crossing her eyes. “Mature, PJ, very mature.” Setting his homework out before him he went on. “Keep it up and my job will be much easier.”

“What are you rambling about, Wood?” Piper was genuinely confused.

He banished the promiscuous thoughts and body warming heat that the sight of her tongue innocently sticking out had caused. “My mom always says ‘Like attracts like’, and your maturity level smacks of a second year. They are so much easier to fight off than blokes our own age.”

Bemused, Percy looked between the two. Deciding to corner Oliver later, he turned the conversation to schoolwork. “Got your Transfiguration done, PJ?”

Piper groaned. “No...I’ll be up all sodding night working on the damn assignment.” She sat back heavily in her chair, blowing an errant curl out of her eyes. “Four bleeding feet about the differences and dangers of Human Transfiguration? Bloody Mental.”

Percy smirked. “I’d say the two weeks we’ve all had to work on it have been plenty.”

“Some of us were busy,” Piper seethed.

“Doing what?” Oliver interjected. “Sleeping through Arithmancy? Not coming to the practices you were supposed to be at, per your losing our bet? Disappearing in the evenings, leaving me to fabricate stories to tell your father? Or maybe flirting with that stupid Chambers from Ravenclaw?”
“Flirting! I haven’t been flirting. He’s my Potions partner, you sod.” Piper chose not to expand upon his lovely cheekbones and strong jaw, both of which rivaled Oliver’s. “I’ve been doing other stuff.”

“Other stuff?” Both boys spoke simultaneously. Percy’s tone spoke of familial protectiveness; Oliver’s toed the line of jealousy.

“Stuff for the family.”

Percy nodded, knowing Piper regularly spent the winter apparating around the world, scouting players for the Puddlemere system. Smirking at his table mates bickering quietly across from him, Percy shook his head. “You lost a bet, PJ? You never lose a bet.”

Piper glared darkly at the empty parchment lying in front of her. Aimlessly waving her quill around, she muttered. “Only on a technicality.”

Oliver chuckled heartily. “A technicality? You were passed out on your couch after being busted up midair!” He stopped, a dark look crossing his features. “Are you feeling better?”

Snorting, Piper nodded. “I’m fine. Some lingering pain, headaches; the usually. Pomfrey keeps me pretty well medicated nowadays.” She grinned sardonically, her blue eyes twinkling. “Worlds better than that stupid medi witch.”

Percy crooked an eyebrow bewilderedly at the two teenagers babbling about Merlin only knew what across the table from him. Flipping through the book he had put aside when Piper started her rant, Percy shook his head. Let it be far from him to intervene in Piper and Oliver’s newfound friendship. When one could count the amount of friends Piper had on two fingers, there was always room for more. Leaning closer to the book in order to read a bit more clearly, Percy pondered the conversation he would be having with Wood later that evening. Piper was his best friend and his favorite cousin; hurting her would lead to uncomfortable times for Oliver Wood. He’d probably have to tell him how Piper was independent, strong-willed, and opinionated as all get out. The little sister of the whole Puddlemere Organization. There would be hell to pay if he messed with her emotions.

“You were too!” An enraged brogue filled the air.

“I bloody well was not, you sod.” Piper rolled her eyes, huffing indignantly. “How can I be flirting with a bloke when I’m arguing with you?” She shook her head at him. “Bleeding idiot.” Turning a haughty glance at Percy, ignoring the riled up boy next to her, she scoffed again. “Boys are rubbish, Perce.”

Percy chuckled. That talk with Wood wouldn’t be happening anytime in the foreseeable future.

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