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White. The color white was the first thing I saw when I stepped into the ballroom. There were white banners, white balloons, white tables, white chairs, waiters dressed in white, people dressed in white... there was white everywhere I turned.

I took a seat in the middle of the aisle towards the front and examined the people around me. I saw people greeting others and making small talk but I was unable to recognize anyone. I sat there awkwardly, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

More and more people entered the ballroom until almost every seat was taken. Music began playing and people were taking their places up at the altar. The doors at the back of the room opened. I turned around.

A young boy and girl were dressed in white. They walked in the room together carrying the rings and holding flowers. I heard people around me awe and sigh. When the boy and girl were about halfway down the aisle, the bride came into view. My heart stopped when I saw her. Her dress, a dazzlingly white, was modest and simple but she seemed to make it something special. She was radiant. A man with horned-rimmed glasses and bushy hair streaked with gray who I presumed to be her father walked over and took her arm. They walked down the aisle after the two young children.

When she passed the row I was seated in, she turned her head slightly. Her bright blue eyes made contact with me and I struggled to read the look she gave me. Memories flooded back and emotions ran through my veins. I felt overwhelmed. It was too much for me. I just wanted to get up and leave. I remembered the touch of her skin on mine and the electricity between us. I remembered the laugh that made my insides turn and the smile that could make me cry. She turned her head away and walked to the front.

An old man began to speak at the front. As he talked about love and compassion, I knew I would never feel those things again. The vows were said and I felt my heart get heavier as each word was spoken. It ripped in half when she said “I do”. I couldn't watch as they kissed and smiled at everyone.

People around me where cheering and crying. The crowd got up to go to the reception. Eventually, I was the only one left sitting, staring at the glass window.

I breathed deeply, trying to keep my emotions inside of me when I just wanted to scream. She was his now. She would smile at him. She would yell at him. She would hug him. She would kiss him. She would tell him “I love you” every night and every day. She will never belong to me.

A small voice spoke out behind me, interrupting my thoughts. “I am so sorry.”
I turned around to see the love of my life, Lucy Weasley, walk away in a vision of white.

This was written for the Color Me the Next Generation challenge by Jenna822
Thanks to Raielle for being a wonderful beta!

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