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Disclaimer; I do not own any of the characters in this story, I only own the plot. Thanks for all the reviews, and I hope that you are not disappointed with this chapter. :)
this chapter contains substance abuse. It also contains language of sexual slare, from Snape as he is a bit drunk i am sorry if it offends anyone.




 The golden Trio, and the three Slytherin's were sat in the great hall, at the isolation table.

Ron's point of view

“Weasley, have you thought about what prank you are going to pull, yet?”

Draco was sat opposite me, and as usual was flashing his famous trademark smirk.
Who does he think he is? The stupid git, acting like he's the one in charge here, I wish I could just go over there right now and punch him, right in that stupid face of his. That would definitely wipe that stupid smirk off him.

“Yes I have, not like it's any of your business Malfoy !”

“Ron, he was the one who gave you the dare, so technically speaking it is kinda his business.”

“Hermione, for once in your life, will you please stop correcting me. I mean you do it all the time, give it a break. No offence like.

Hermione who was slightly embarrassed by the whole episode, looked around the table to see if any one had noticed. Fortunately none of them noticed as they were all focusing their attention on me. Great!

“Ok then Weasley, what did you have in mind?” Draco was staring at me anticipating my answer.

“Well, I am going to spike Snape's drink with Vodka.”

“Weasley I'm surprised, that has to be the best prank ever!”



The slimy little git, he thinks he's so good. Just because he's the is the Slytherin Prince, big deal! It doesn't give him the right to look down on people.

“And, why Malfoy is that a bad prank?”

“Well, how are you going to get the vodka into his drink, without the whole hall seeing you, never mind Snape.”

Dam it! I didn't think about that, well I'm sure that Hermione knows a spell that can help me.

“Well, I was thinking that maybe, you could help me with that Hermione?”

Hermione who was stilled annoyed with me, and looked like she didn't really want to help. Although she didn't want to pass up the chance of performing a successful spell either.

“I guess I can use the spell that freezes the room.”

“That would be perfect, it will give me enough time to get up there, spike his drink than return back to my place.”

Just this little bit is not in Ron point of view as I wanted to show what Draco was thinking

“Do you always look to your girlfriend to bail you out?” Draco was slightly jealous that Hermione was so quick to forgive Ron, as he wished she would show him the same forgiveness if he apologised, but he knew she wouldn't.

Ron's point of view

“Right, I'm ready, go on Hermione say the spell.”

“Ok, freezeframe , Right Ron you better run, because you only have 1 minute.”

Right here I go, I hope I can make it in time, otherwise Snape will make sure that I get punished.

“Ron focus, and make sure you don't fall over!”

“Hermione I'm not completely hopeless, I'm sure I can run without falling over.”

She does my heading sometimes, she thinks that I am incompetent at doing anything right, I mean I think that my co-ordination is pretty fine.

But of course, she was right, I fell over and hit my head on the fat boy in Slytherin, perfect now that stupid idiot Malfoy is laughing at me.

“Arrogant twit”

“I heard that Weasley!”

“You were meant to Malfoy.”

“Don't get cocky with me Weasley.”

“I just did Malfoy.”

Ok here it goes, now Hermione said to put in 4 caps full of vodka into his drink, lets just hope she's right.

“Ron get back here quick, you only have 20 seconds left.”

“Ron you idiot, you could have been caught!”

“Yes but I wasn't, so lets just leave it at that Hermione.”

Seriously she needs to lighten up.

“Whatever Ron, just give me back my vodka.”

“yea, erm about that,I kinda put it all in.”

“You what?”

“Well you were rushing me, and well I panicked and it spilt into his cup.”

I don't know why she is kicking of at me? I mean what is a goody two shoes like her doing with vodka?

“Ron, you are a complete idiot! You spiked his drink too much, now it will be lucky if he even stands up.”

“Hermione, I'm sorry.”

“Forget it Ron, let's just hope that potions class is cancelled.”

Potions class. (normal point of view)

When Snape finally made it to potions class, he was already 25 minutes late.

“Right ok class, today I have decided to screw potions class, and focus more on some home truths instead.”

“CRAP!” All of the students knew that Snape had dirt on all of them, and that now he was intoxicated there was no stopping him from dishing out the dirt.

Snape looked around the room about four times, before his eyes fixed on one of his pupils.”

“Who should we start with first, I know Potter.”

The look of terror flashed on Harry's face. “With me sir?”

“Potter,I am your father!"

“Now Potter, no interruptions it's not fare if I don't get around everyone else.”

Snape than turned his head to face Pansy.

“Pansy, you need to stop folloing Mr Malfoy around all  the time because it's scary and he doesn't even like YOU. And you might actually pass a class.”

The whole room burst into laughter, everyone that is apart from Pansy. She knew that everyone thought she got around, but nobody had said it to her face.

“Who shall I speak to next? Mr Malfoy; we all know that you have a huge crush on Granger, well we do no anyway. Well guess who has dated her first?”

“Come on now Blaise don't be shy.”

“Draco, it was once.”

“Twice.” Snape interrupted.

“Three times a lady.”

The whole class turned to look at Neville, who looked like he was expecting everyone to laugh, or at least smile.

“Shut it Longbottom.” Draco put all of his emotions into being mad at Neville, as he knew if he didn't he would break down.

“ Wow man chill, lets not get angry.” Snape was only moments away from completely blacking out.

“ Last and certainly least, What can I say Weasley, I really do hate you.”

Ron decided not to argue with Snape, as he was scared that Snape did not tell everyone about Mr Snuggles his teddy bear.

“One more thing I love professor Mcgonagall ! Snapemister out.”

As soon as Snape hit the floor the whole class burst into laughter; all that is apart from Draco, Baise, Hermione, Pansy, Ron and Harry.

“Blaise when did you get with Hermione, was it before or after I told you that I liked her?”

“Before and after.”

“You are so lucky that we are friends.”

Blaise turned to face Ron.

“This is all your fault Weaslel, you couldn't even get a prank right.”

Blaise began to run at Ron, but was stopped by Draco.

“Blaise leave it, we will just give him another dare.”

“That's not fair I just did one, come on guys back me up.”

Ron looked to his friends for backup, but he never got it.”

“What about Hermione, she's not done one yet.”

Draco didn't need any more persuading, he knew exactly what dare to give her.

“Ok Granger, I dare you to...” 





Again thanks for al the reviews, and if you have any requests for Hermione's dare than fell free to tell me :)

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