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A/N: aren't author's notes annoying? I think so, but alas, I must... Please rate and reveiw and keep a lookout for updates! This is a very short chapter but oh well, enjoy!
See that was painless. More or less.

What's your favorite candy? Mine is either Pez or Snickers...

Hermione had been trying to avoid Helen all week. She somehow got the impression that Hermione actually wanted to go out into the Forbidden Forrest with her and try to ride the centaurs. So Hermione had taken to dodging behind statues, creeping along in the shadows, and staying cooped up in her dorm for as long as she could handle.

Hermione was descending the stairs from Gryffindor tower to go to the library when she heard he name called then proceeded in making the mistake of turning around. She found it was Helen trying to get her attention by waving something in the air from the top of the stairs…

Is that an hunter’s bow? Are those arrows? By Merlin! What or who is she hunting? And she didn’t want to find out. Hermione looked all around the hall pretending not to see Helen, feign confusion, and keep walking to the next floor.

“Hermione! Been looking all over! Where have you been, girl?”  Hermione looked around for Helen. She was taking aggressive strides towards her on the fourth floor.

“Helen? Is that you? I can’t see you? Where have you gone?” Hermione plastered a worried look on her face and flung her hands out in front of her waving them about “searching” for Helen.

Helen smiled nervously at her. “What are you talking about? I’m right here.” Hermione made her hand brush Helen’s face.

“Oh there you are!” She exclaimed and grabbed Helen’s face looking at her forehead, “I can’t see you, kind of obvious but true. It worries me, Helen. But don’t worry, go to Dumbledore. I’ll go to the library and look for some sort of cure!” With that Hermione let go of Helen and turned on her heel and practically flew down the stairs. Leaving a scared an confused Ravenclaw standing alone in a corridor with a hunting bow and a sad face.

I’m such a clever Gryffindor. Hermione complemented herself.

Hermione didn’t stop running until she reached the doors to the library and calmly, yet somewhat out of breath, walked into her sanctuary. But she saw something that made her pause and reassess her decision to go there in the first place.

Malfoy? In a library? Weird.

Hermione had to admit, being in a large library with a silent Malfoy was better than playing dangerous lawsuit games with Helen the Destroyer.

So she, somewhat reluctantly, made a bee line for the shelves about counter curses and defensive spells ignoring the admittedly handsome git seated at one of the tables.

She took her time picking out a couple books and found her own table more hidden in the book stacks. Hermione’s thinking was that she should learn as many useful spells as she could before going after the darkest and most evil wizard known to the whole Wizarding world… A good plan was all they needed.

She was armed with a quill and a roll of parchment for notes on how to execute the spells and what they would do. She worked for about a half hour before she took a small break, stretching her arms over her head and rolling her neck to loosen it.  But as she was about to dive back into it she found herself face to…abdomen…with Malfoy.

She let her eyes travel up to meet his. She cocked an eyebrow at his grimace.

“May I help you, Malfoy?”

“Why are you in here?” He ground out angrily. What has his knickers in a twist?

“Well Malfoy, this place is called a library. I generally come here to read,” she mimed opening a book “learn, and do homework. Or as you have aptly put it at some point, I basically live here because I married a large reference book.” She patted the large book on patronesses fondly. “Oh Donald Wrenchough! you are just so handsome!” She rolled her eyes at Draco and went back to her reading.

“Well, Granger didn’t know you had the ‘ol funny fang!” Hermione thought it was a bit much to call her that boring so she didn’t dignify the comment with an answer. “Come now Granger, why are you here? You’re not usually here except on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, Wednesday afternoons, and Sunday evenings.”

“Stalking me now are you Draco?”  She stood up from her seat and taunted. “Couldn’t get enough of little old me?”

“No I-” Malfoy looked twitchy and uncomfortable and Hermione knew she was hitting a nerve.

“That snog in the corridor not enough for you?” She smirked and crossed her arms over he chest and took a step towards him slowly, watching with pleasure as he took a step away from her, a shocked expression on his face.

She walked forward, advancing on him, he kept taking steps backward. Hermione had him up against the stack of books on Things That Go Pop Then Go Whizz,  and put her hands on either side of his head. She put her body up very close to his.

“ I just, I‘m in here a lot, and-” Malfoy growled.

“Shhh-“ She put a finger on his lips “Come on Draco,” She purred “don’t cha wanna play?”

Malfoy just took a ragged breath in response. Hermione drew close to his face with her own and stopped as his eyes slid closed.  She stood on her tip toes and whispered in his ear.

“Malfoy, I loathe you, go back to your table and leave me be.” She backed away and went back to her table and picked up her book. Malfoy still had his eyes closed and a scowl on his pallid face. Hermione just lifted her book and read where she left off.

She found it hard to concentrate. She couldn’t believe she had just done that. Hermione Granger does not do things like that! She blushed and looked up from behind her book. Draco had disappeared.

A few hours later of research she found that food was something she couldn’t go without. She packed up her things and put the books back on their respective shelves.

Hermione strolled down the stacks towards the exit. She once again hesitated out of surprise as she looked up to find Malfoy was still at his table. Then Hermione looked at what he was reading and smirked. She marched over to him and waited for him to look up.

“Um, Malfoy?” She asked quietly.

“What do you want Granger? I’m busy,” he growled.

Hermione smiled smarmily. “Your book is upside down.” With that she walked out of the library.

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