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A/N: PLEASE HELP!!!   I recently got a new chapter image for this story but have forgotten the name of the TDA artist who made it for me.  I'm not very good with names :/  When I went on TDA to check the topic, the topic had been deleted!!  If you think you may be the person who made a chapter image for this story, with a picture of Rachel Hurd Wood as Rose please tell me your user name in a review or something.  I'd put it up to show you what it looks like but I'm not sure if I can without crediting it and besides I'd feel bad if I didn't because it was so amazing and the artist that made it was extremely talented and deserves to be credited!!! :)



Grief- NOUN.  Grief is extreme sadness.

Hate- NOUN.  Hate is a strong dislike.

Anger- NOUN.  Anger is the strong feeling you get when you feel someone has behaved in an unfair or cruel way.

Agony- NOUN.  Very great physical or mental pain.

Fear- NOUN.  Fear is an unpleasant feeling of danger.

Happiness- NOUN.  A feeling of great contentment or pleasure.



Love- NOUN.  If you love someone, you have strong emotional feelings of affection for them.


The dictionary definition of love doesn’t come close to describing it.  No word, no song, no poem can come close to it.  Love.  Even the word that embodies it doesn’t do it justice.  After all it is just a four letter word. 

But what exactly is love?  How does it feel to be in love with someone?  Love seems to come out of peoples mouths to easily.  Too often.  No thought to what is actually being felt.  It is certainly not love.  No it can’t be love.  There is no such thing.

I, Rose Weasley would never be heard saying that word.  To anybody.  That word would never escape my lips.  I did not believe in it.  I believed in lust, yes lust was definitely real but it was so often mistaken for a non-existent stronger feeling. 

I didn’t believe in love’s existence.  I could read Romeo and Juliet and Pride and Prejudice over and over again but it wasn’t real.  Love wasn’t real.

Not that Grace would ever listen to me.

Grace- NOUN. Grace is an elegant way of walking and a pleasant way of behaving. 

Grace was also my best friend and she was nothing like her definition.  She was giggly and sometimes annoying.  Loud, rude and talkative.  She did not glide gracefully around everywhere instead she skipped and jumped, and leapt and ran.   She was always falling in and out of ‘love.’  Her heart was always being broken, but did that stop her?  No, it didn’t.  She was fully aware of my opinion on love and didn’t care.  No matter how many times she was left sobbing on my shoulder she always believed that love was somewhere out there waiting for her to find it. 

She was with me.  Sobbing on my shoulder.  Her long blonde hair falling everywhere, messy and slightly frizzy.  Her big brown eyes watery, her makeup running down her pale cheeks.  Her boyfriend had just dumped her.  He was a muggle.

He changed his face book status to single and wouldn’t return her phone calls.

And I was again left to clean up the mess that had been left.  Grace took break-ups very hard.  She often lay in her bed for a few days refusing to get up.  I had to fix that because school had started by then and she couldn’t miss out on her first days of classes. 

We were in a compartment on the Hogwarts express.  It was only Grace and I the other girls who usually sat with us had gone to find another compartment unable to stand Grace’s sobbing anymore.  My book lay discarded on the ground and my prefect meeting had been entirely forgotten.  Grace still sobbed on my arm.  My shirt had probably gone see through. 

It was my seventh year at Hogwarts and you would think that Grace and I would have done some growing up but we were both still the same.  She was still, giggly, flirty, insufferable, loud and rude.  She was still surprisingly the best listener, the best hugger and the best at cheering anyone up and that is why I adored her. 

I am not so sure why she adored me so much.  I was the pessimist.  The one who got scary when you set her off (the Weasley hair, the Weasley temper.  It’s part of the package.)  I was the smart one who always thought with her head, never with her heart.

We were complete opposites and I didn’t understand why we were best friends, I didn’t understand how she could stand me.  But she could.  She said I was the go-to-girl, good in crisis situations.  Said I am good at listening, good at giving advice.  She said that I was good at seeing people.  Actually seeing people and she said I was good at accepting them.  She said I was loyal and trustworthy and brave.  I would like to have believed all that to be true but I couldn’t.  Grace believed what she wanted to believe, she saw what she wanted to see.  Grace said I was all of these things but she also said that one day I’ll find someone, someone that would make me believe in love and I didn’t see that ever happening. 

The train screeched to halt and Grace groaned a little, not wanting to get up.  I gently whispered in her ear to get up.  With Grace after break-ups you have to do everything gently.  She didn’t move.

I violently shoved her off of me and got up grabbing my book and brushing myself off.  Grace cursed and tried in vein to grab my leg and pull me back down for revenge.  I dodged just in time.  And then I groaned in exasperation.  I hit my feet on the ground.

“Pins and needles.” I explained to Grace as she gave me her ‘are you insane?’ look.

She giggled.  I ignored her.

“Damn you God and the evil pins and needles you send my way!” I yelled dramatically placing a hand on my heart and raising my head to look up at the sky.  Well roof.  The people walking past me sent ‘looks’ my way and I poked my tongue out at them. 

Grace finally picked herself off of the ground and grinned as she handed me the book that I had dropped, putting my hand on my heart.  I grabbed it off of her with a grateful smile and we made our way out of the Hogwarts express. 

Just because I didn’t believe in love did not mean I was incredibly depressed.  It certainly didn’t stop me having fun and it definitely didn’t stop me being passionate about things.  I was a very passionate person.  I was also viewed as slightly insane by others. 

I kind of was…

There was one particular person though that was quite certain I needed a trip to St. Mungos.  Literally.  He quite seriously was certain that I was insane.  I guess I would be if I were him to. 

Him being Scorpius Malfoy.  Who I simply called, it or EW.  There is a lot less effort involved and I do not have to be disgusted by having to say his stupid name.  I did go slightly crazy around him.

Ok, very crazy.

He was infuriating though.  Constantly mocking and taunting me, riling me up.  He would basically do anything to annoy me.

 And then suddenly this Summer while he was with Al at the burrow he stopped.  He barely even spoke two words to me.  I think the longest sentence he spoke was ‘move.’

That isn’t even a sentence!  

To my surprise, that annoyed me even more.  The not talking annoyed me more then the taunting and the idiocy that was Scorpius Malfoy.  I was certain that if you looked up the word idiot in the dictionary there would be a picture of him next to it.  It confused me even more then it annoyed me though.  The not talking.

I didn’t know what was with the sudden change and I didn’t know why I didn’t like it.  I didn’t know why I found EW not talking to me so infuriating.  But I did.

I had been begging and wishing and even praying that he would stop talking to me.  I may have had a dream where he was poisoned by a certain someone and died.  I should have been rejoicing.  I should have been the happiest person alive but I wasn’t.

I was kind of sad about it. 

Don’t ask why.  I didn’t have a clue. 

I sat down at the Gryffindor table and smiled at the girls sitting across from me.  Amy and Ashley.  The twins.  They were very talkative.  They never stopped.  Not even to breathe.  I didn’t think I had ever seen them eat in my entire time at Hogwarts but apart from that they were nice enough. 

Grace clapped with excitement as she watched her younger brother, Lachlan get sorted into Gryffindor and tried to talk to him but he refused to make eye contact.  I remembered doing that with James.  In first year I was always extremely embarrassed about him being my cousin and never let him talk to me in public.

There wasn’t really much point because everyone already knew that we were cousins anyway.

I got over it eventually though.

Food appeared on the plates in front of us and I smiled at the excited gasps of the first years.  Grace and I tucked in with everyone else and I suddenly realized how starving I was.  I gulped down some pumpkin juice and looked around the hall at the rest of the eating, talking students.  And I spotted him. 

Him being EW.  I could spot his blonde hair anywhere.  It was mussed and fell into his stormy eyes.  They were grey but seemed to always be changing, sometimes they were stormy and dark, others they were light and silvery, and they were NEVER just a dull boring grey.  He was very tall and his jaw was chiseled and square.  EW was actually quite nice looking but he didn’t have to know that.

Seriously if anyone ever told him that I thought he was good looking I would Arvada Kedavra them into the next century. 

EW was grinning and talking to Al about something that obviously amused him very much.  He turned his head as Al began to eat again and immediately caught my eye.  We stared at each other from each end of the hall for a while and then he turned away to look at something else.

That was it.  There was no annoying smirk, no finger.  But I could swear that there was a bit of a blush.

Nah.  That isn’t possible.  EW didn’t blush!

A/N I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the cheese fest that is this story, please review I really, really appreciate them! 
Just spent hours reading Dear Mr. Potter and crying my eyes out.  It's so good to realise how many people understand how I feel about these books and how real it is to us!!  Evanna Lynch's letter to Luna had me balling :)


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