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Patience was not something Draco was good at it. With the way he was brought up, he didn’t feel he ever needed to be patient, and therefore wasn’t. When he wanted something, he would have it. No matter what. And all he wanted was Amelia. While it was intriguing to be kept waiting for what was sure to be a wonderful surprise, it was creeping closely to an hour and he was losing what little patience he actually possessed.

He looked around his new room, the room of a Head Boy. It was a great honor, but what did he care? For God’s sake he was a Malfoy, of course he’d get the position! But it was still a relief to be out of the dungeons. The Slytherin dorms, though they had been his home for the past 6 years, were cold and dark, more so than he liked. It was nice to be with the rest of the castle, even if he’d never admit it. The room was spacious, but not as big as his room at Malfoy Manor. All the furniture was a rich mahogany color, the curtains on the floor to ceiling window were a deep black that matched his sheets and he smirked at the frame on the wall – a picture of him with the words “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry” on top and “Head Boy” on bottom.

As he disgarded his clothes and pulled on silky black pajama bottoms, he heard Amelia’s distinct voice purring, “Draaaaco...”

He spun around the room, wondering where it was coming from. He felt drawn to his bed though, as if some pull was telling him to climb into the large bed and get comfortable. So he did. He rested back on his pillows, his arms behind his head, and closed his eyes. He could remember vividly how Amelia looked that morning, waking up naked in his arms. He could feel her skin, dripping wet, against his in the shower.

“Open your eyes, Draco...”

Draco slowly forced his eyes open, not wanting to throw the memory of Amelia away yet. But there she was, sitting on the edge of his bed in a lacy lingere number and biting her lip seductively. He raised his eyebrow and sat up, not quite believing it.


She giggled flirtatiously and leaned forward on her hands. “I need you, Draco. I need you soooo bad,” she whispered huskily, crawling towards him.

As he wrapped his arms around her, she felt real enough but he knew it couldn’t be. She was in France, he was at Hogwarts. What kind of magic was this? But he didn’t care, she was nibbling his ear and pressing her body against his and he wanted to do bad things to her, very bad things. All he could think about was getting her skin pressed against his, to hear her moan throatily as he had her. He rolled her over and took control.

A short distance away in her new room, Hermione was toweling her wet hair and climbing into bed, The Art of Seduction already waiting for her on one of her pillows. After glancing around her room, she had decided to take a shower before getting back to her book. It was all she could think about... Reading what happened next and figuring out how to apply it to herself, to become the ultimate seducer. Her room was beautiful, bigger than what she had back home, and she loved every piece of it. She had no idea her furniture matched the Head Boy’s, or that her room was an almost mirror image of his but with different colors. The scarlet sheets were comfortable and inviting, and she wanted to stretch out in the huge bed.

The book informed her that there are nine types of seducers in the world, and that each has a particular character trait that creates the seductive pull. Part 1, The Seductive Character, would take her inside each of the 9 types – giving examples of great seducers of that type, explaining what made each type and also giving the dangers. She should be able to recognize herself in one of the types, and once she figured out which type she was, she could build on it. But she figured she’d just try each type, on different people. It was time she broadened her horizon.

The first type was the Siren:

“A man is often secretly oppressed by the role he has to play – by always having to be responsible, in control, and rational. The Siren is the ultimate male fantasy figure because she offers a total release from the limitations of his life. In her presence, which is always heightened and sexually charged, the male feels transported to a world of pure pleasure. She is dangerous, and in pursuing her energetically the man can lose control over himself, something he yearns to do. The Siren is a mirage; she lures men by cultivating a particular appearance and manner. In a world where women are often too timid to project such an image, learn to take control of the male libido by embodying his fantasy.”

“You’ve GOT to be kidding me!” Hermione exclaimed outloud to herself.

This was the first type of seducer? They might as well have told her to walk through fire unscathed! She had seen this book as a personally issued challenge, to her and her alone so she could prove everyone wrong. But the first type of seducer was a Siren? Her first task was to model herself into the ultimate male fantasy figure?! Forget taking 2 steps forward, this was sending her flying across Quidditch fields! She wasn’t ready for this!

Thoroughly frustrated, Hermione slammed the book closed and pulled a pillow over her head to scream. Just as it was about to escape her lungs, she paused. She knew from the moment she began reading The Art of Seduction that this would be hard, and she couldn’t give up now, just as she was beginning to start. It was clear to her that she would have more work to do than most, but she was Hermione Granger and she didn’t back down.

She sighed and removed the pillow, sat up and ran her fingers rapidly through her messy curls. She would need something dramatic, this was not a time for being subtle. While she had originally planned to become more enticing to the male population gradually over time, she know decided this would take an all out approach. Everyone would see her in a new light this year, and it would start with her entrance to breakfast in the morning. It was time to show everyone that she was more than her grades.

The first type of Siren was the Spectacular Siren – best embodied by the beautiful and dazzling Egyptian Cleopatra. Robert Greene spent the first few paragraphs talking about her conquests over Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, how she offered exotic pleasures that were practically irresistible to men. She was often referred to as a whore, which Hermione made sure to take particular note of. There was no way Hermione wanted to be compared to that. Greene also wrote about how Cleopatra wasn’t an exceptionally beautiful young lady, she was quite average and had no political power whatsoever. While many other women were more beautiful than her, she had what they didn’t – constant variety and the ability to distract a man. Her appearance always gave her a goddesslike appearance, her voice was intoxicating and she knew how to make what she had, work for men.

Hermione was entranced.

“From Cleopatra we learn that it is not beauty that makes a Siren, but rather a theatrical streak that allows a woman to embody a man’s fantasies. A man grows bored with a woman, no matter how beautiful; he yearns for different pleasures, and for adventure. All a woman needs to turn this around is to create the illusion that she offers such a variety and adventure. A man is easily deceived by appearances; he has a weakness for the visual. Create the physical presence of a Siren (heightened sexual allure mixed with a regal and theatrical manner) and he is trapped. He cannot grow bored with you yet he cannot discard you. Keep up the distractions, and never let him see who you really are. He will follow you until he drowns.”

The other type of Siren was the Sex Siren – easily seen in Norma Jean Mortensen, the future Marilyn Monroe. She spent her childhood in orphanages and one day, after wearing a sweater that was too small since hers was torn, came to a startling revelation that provided her a way to get not only attention, but maybe even power. She wrote in her diary, “My admirers all said the same thing in different ways. It was my fault, their wanting to kiss me and hug me. Some said it was the way I look at them – with eyes full of passion. Others said it was my voice that lured them on. Still others said I gave off vibrations that floored them.” Over the years and continuing into her career, she learned to heighten the effect she had on males, from how she looked and dressed to how she talked and acted. She was vulnerable and innocent, wanting only attention.

“The Sex Siren has a more urgent and immediate effect than the Spectacular Siren does. The incarnation of sex and desire, she does not bother to appeal to extraneous senses, or to create a theatrical buildup. Her time never seems to be taken up by work or chores; she gives the impression that she lives for pleasure and is always available. What separates the Sex Siren from the courtesan or whore is her touch of innocence and vulnerability. The mix is perversely satisfying: it gives the male the critical illusion that he is a protector, the father figure, although it is actually the Sex Siren who controls the dynamic.”

Hermione’s head was swimming.

“A woman doesn’t have to be born with the attributes of a Marilyn Monroe to fill the role of the Sex Siren. Most of the physical elements are a construction; the key is the air of schoolgirl innocence. While one part of you seems to scream sex, the other part is coy and naive, as if you were incapable of understanding the effect you are having. Your walk, your voice, your manner are delightfully ambiguous – you are both the experienced, desiring woman and the innocent gamine.”

It was a lot to take in. It seemed more likely that she could be the Sex Siren, because she really was innocent and unaware. Plus she didn’t really have a flair for being theatrical, but she supposed that could be something worth exploring. It was easier to relate to schoolgirl innocence, because that was who she was. All she had to do was play up the role of being sexy and experienced, and that would propel her forward, right? Surely it would.

She placed the book on the night stand and with a wave of her wand, turned the lights off. There was a lot of thinking and planning to do before breakfast came around.

are yall enjoying it so far? i sure am! as always, please please please R/R!

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