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For a long moment Hermione just stood, tears lining her dark brown eyes, waiting for her to blink and let them fall, but she couldn’t. She felt as if someone had just came and ripped out her heart, then left, leaving her to die slowly and painfully. Her hands where trembling, but she maintained a firm grip on her books. One step at a time, Hermione, She told herself. She moved quietly and slowly down the stairs. She knew that in a moment she’d either fall, or go into a state of depression and cry.

“Hermione?” came Harry’s voice from in front of her. She looked up into his kind, blue eyes and she felt herself melting.

Here it comes
, she heard herself say before it happened.

She burst into tears and launched herself into his big, strong arms. She sobbed into his shoulder, and he had no idea what was going on, and he carefully wrapped his arms around her. They stood for a long while; Hermione crying what was left of her heart into his shoulder, and he let her. He rubbed her back, and she spluttered a little. She pushed away from him and wiped her eyes with the sleeves of the top she was wearing.

“What did he do?” Harry asked quietly. His hands where holding hers now.

“How did-”

“-I know? I’ve only ever heard you cry once like that before, and that was back when Ron was with Lavender.” Harry finished. She took a few long, deep breaths and forced herself to straighten up and look him directly in the eye.

“I need to go, Harry.” she replied quietly, with the voice that she some how conjured up.

“No, Hermione. You always run away from this kind of thing. We need to go. Lets go
into Hogsmeade or something, and we can talk about this over a pint of Butterbeer.” Harry said kindly. Hermione managed a slight smile and nodded. Harry hugged her and they both set out to Hogsmeade.


Hermione tipped back another pint of Butterbeer and wiped her mouth of the foam formed. Harry was smiling at her, elbows on the desk and hands supporting his head up.

“He just… left.” said Hermione. Harry was thinking, and she could tell, because he had one of those faces where you can totally see. His eyes where looking up, but not at anything in particular, and his mouth had a little twitch.

“I don’t get it. I thought he told you he loves you?” he replied after a few moments.

“He did, and I thought he meant it. How could I have been so stupid..” Hermione said as she looked down at the table. Harry reached over and took her hands in his and smiled at her.

“You weren’t stupid, Hermione. He loved you, I know he did. Something.. Someone changed him.” his whole face lit up as he thought some more.

“What? Harry?” she questioned, completely oblivious.

“Love Potion! Hermione! It’s so obvious! Now we just need to find out who gave him it!” Harry exclaimed a little too loudly, earning himself a disrespectful look from the bartender.

Hermione thought for a while as Harry drank from his cup, also thinking. It was true, his theory. Draco may have been under a love spell. He’d been very cheerful, and eager? But who else liked him, and who else, more importantly, was capable of such a advanced potion to make. It had to be someone in their seventh year. They didn’t teach it to anyone younger. But who?

“Hermione?” said Harry. Hermione looked up at him. He was waving his hand in her face crazily.

“I think your right, Harry. But who could it be?” she replied.

“Pansy Parkinson! Obviously! You know how annoyed she was when she found out you two were dating, and when he broke up with her she was ‘heartbroken’ wasn’t she? This is the only explanation, Hermione!” Harry once again exclaimed, with so much excitement that he almost choked.

Of course that was the explanation. She had been really, really annoyed. Of course! Revenge. She didn’t really love him. This was pay back. Just as she and Harry clapped hands in a high five, they noticed the door bang shut and in walked the two. They where hand in hand, laughing and joking, like a normal day. Hermione felt every ounce of happiness leave her body as they walked right past.

Pansy glared down at her, the corner of her mouth twisted into a evil grin. Hermione shifted her gaze to Draco, who looked wearily down at her. He no longer had a huge grin on his face, nor was he laughing. He was pale and looked… hurt. He stopped, but only for a second, for then Pansy dragged him off to the counter.

“Wow. Definitely love potion. Did you see his face, Hermione?” Harry was saying, but she wasn’t listening. She was watching Draco. He was now sitting by himself at the table by the back of the room. She looked for Pansy, and she was in the queue for being served.

“Harry, I’ll be back in a sec.” she said quickly. He tried to grab her arm, but she moved far to quickly for him, and all he could do was watch her go.

She sat down beside Draco, who didn’t look up as she did. He was, instead, just staring down at the mahogany table. She was brushed against him, slightly, and it felt good. She just wanted him to wrap his big, strong arms around her and kiss her.

“I’m.. Hermione, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t even like Pansy, and I’m in love with you. It’s always been you.” he looked up now, his silver eyes a shade of light blue colour.

“Come with me, then. Just leave, with me, hand in hand. Forget about her.” Hermione said. She heard the plea in her voice, and she couldn’t control it. She knew that he sensed it in her eyes, too, for her shook his head miserably and looked back down.

You? What are you doing here? Here Draco, drink this.” Pansy said from behind her. She pushed a pint of Butterbeer over the table and it slowed to a stop as it reached him.

Draco raised it to his mouth and the foam touched the tip of his velvet lips, and then she remembered.

“NO! don’t drink it Draco!” she screamed, causing Draco to jump up. It went in slow motion, then.

The Butterbeer flew through the air, tipping in his direction. It landed in his mouth, most of it. And she saw him swallow it. It landed on the table with a crash, a second or two later, and rolled of the edge. She sat staring at him. He turned to face her a few minutes of silence later.

“Granger, get up and leave.” he said coldly. Had that been a love potion, or something evil?


“I said GO!” he roared. She jumped and crawled off the edge of the seat quickly and ran back to Harry.

She sat back down on her own seat, trembling again. Harry was watching her, motionless.

“He… yeah. Your right. She spiked his drink, again. What if…” Hermione couldn’t finish the sentence.

“I think we should leave, don’t you?” Harry said. He stood up and stopped by Hermione’s side of the table, holding out his hand for her. She gently took it and allowed him to pull her up.

They slowly left the room and walked around. They passed Olivanders and Hermione stopped. She peeked in the window, but it was still all rundown and messed up. She remembered back to last year, when they had entered the shop and noticed Draco and his mother up to no good. And then when she first set foot into the store at the age of only eleven. Everything seemed to add up to Draco, again.

When she had first met him, then when he’d first called her names. All the way up through until now, when he’d been her boyfriend, the one she’d given herself to truly, and then he’d left. For Pansy.

“Hermione?” whispered Harry from her left hand side. She turned to face him and smiled weakly.

“Yeah?” she replied shakily, holding back tears.

“Lets go back to school.” Harry replied.


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