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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter

            Hermione figured by the way Draco talked when he told her he lost Lisa’s phone number that he wasn’t interested in her. But the way he was looking at her now said otherwise. Lisa managed to pull him out of ear shot from Hermione, but she still managed to catch a few words here and there while she was pretending to work instead of eavesdropping on their conversation.

            Hermione cringed every time she would reach out and casually touch his arm or when she took her fingertips and flirtatiously trailed them down the front of his shirt. She tried to ignore them especially when Lisa would giggle at something he said.

            By the time they were both laughing together, Hermione had the end of it.

“Draco,” she called out. “I need you to get me something from the back.” Trying to advert his attention on her instead of Lisa.

“Yeah ok in a minute.” He said not even glancing at her and went back to his animated conversation with Lisa.

“Never mind I’ll just get it myself,” she muttered as she walked past them towards the back.

            It has slowed down tremendously since the after work rush, so she figured it would be alright to go to the back leaving the register unattended. She grabbed one of the boxes of books that needed to be shelved but in her rage she pulled to hard forgetting how heavy the boxes could be and nearly threw her back out.

“Damn it,” she muttered as she set the box down and rubbed her lower back.

            Note to self, she needed to invest in a library cart to make it easier to transport books and boxes around her shop. Instead of grabbing the box, she selected a armful of books and made her way back to the front. As she was walking towards the front she managed to pick up on Draco and Lisa’s conversation. She hid behind one of the aisles pretending as if she was about to shelve the books in her arms but instead listened intently.

“So my friends and I are going to this pub later, just to hangout and listen to music, nothing fancy. And I was wondering if you wanted to join me?” Lisa asked while she played with the end of his shirt that was left un-tucked out of his jeans.

            Hermione was disgusted by the way she was practically throwing herself at him, in her bookshop no less. But she held her breath to make sure she could hear his response. She was worried that he would want to spend the night with her instead of Hermione and her friends. Of course if he had the choice she wouldn’t blame him if he choose Lisa instead of with Harry, Ginny and herself, seeing as how he was never really close to any of them before.

“Actually I already have plans for tonight, sorry.” He said although she couldn’t see his face to judge whether or not he was disappointed or not that he couldn’t go.

            She couldn’t help but smile just a little that he choose to go out with her tonight instead of taking Lisa’s offer.

“Oh well shoot, maybe another time then.” Lisa said looking distraught over the fact that he didn’t take her offer.

He shrugged in return; again she couldn’t see his face to tell what he implied with that action.

“Well I’ve got to run so I can get ready. Give me a call some time and we’ll do something.” She said as she stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

            Hermione grabbed hold of the bookcase to steady herself so she wouldn’t be responsible for throwing something towards Lisa’s head. Draco muttered something to Lisa that Hermione couldn’t make out and waved goodbye to her as she left the shop. Then he turned towards the desk where Hermione was but when he realized that she wasn’t there he looked around until he spotted her by the aisle she was hiding behind.

            That cad, she thought he didn’t even notice she left the room. When he approached her she pretended that she was busy shelving books.

“What did you need from the back?” He asked.

“Nothing, I already took care of it while you were busying chatting with Lisa.”

He folded his arms and leaned against the shelves while he crossed one of his legs over the other. “You know, you’re awful cute when you’re jealous.” He smirked at her as she continuously when about pretending to search fro where the book that she had in her hand was suppose to go.

“I’m not jealous,” she said not looking at him.

“Uh huh, so you weren’t over here hiding and pretending not to eavesdrop on our conversation?”

“Oh don’t be ridiculous. Why would I do something like that? She said as she continued to search fro nothing as if it could cover up the lie she just told him.

He leaned in so his mouth was inches away from her ear, “okay so if your over here shelving books…and not eavesdropping, tell me why are you about to shelve a book on Karma Sutra positions in the Children’s section?” he whispered to her.

“What?” she shot a look at him then down at the book in her hands. Merlin’s beard, she felt her face turn red, “I…um…oh shut up!” She said as she quickly turned on her heel and headed to the proper section where that book belonged.

Draco chuckled after her, “I’ll just go get the rest of the books in the back.” He said and headed towards the back of the shop.

            They spent the last couple hours re-shelving books and cleaning up the shop both in silence until it was time to close up.

            Draco waited in the front while Hermione put away the money in the safe in the back. He glanced at the clock; it just turned 8:00pm which meant it was time to meet Potter and his wife at the pub, well that should be interesting he thought. Going to school with him was one thing, working with him everyday at the Ministry was another thing, but hanging out with him outside work and school for fun? Well it should be interesting was all he could think of. And if he did this it would hopefully please Hermione and prove that he was at least trying to be civil with Potter and her friends. He sighed; this was going to be a long night. Speaking of long, Hermione was taking an awfully long time putting the money in the safe.

            And almost most as if on cue, he heard her heels clicking along the hardwood flooring. When he saw her walking towards him he almost had to do a double take. She looked amazing; she looked like a completely different girl…woman. She was wearing the same dress she had on all day but she ended up taking her sweater off leaving her shoulders and arms bare. And she took her hair down so it hung in loose curls past her shoulders. It also looked like she might have added a little bit more makeup then she normally wore. Not that she needed to do all of that in order to look attractive, he thought she was attractive when she would wear those ridiculously baggy flannel pajama’s that she wore to bed every night.

            She had her head down as she was trying to search for her keys in her bag so she didn’t notice him staring at her.

“Are you ready?” she asked still looking for her keys. When he didn’t answer her she looked up at him, “What?”

He shook his head ad for the first time was actually speechless around her, he cleared his throat. “Um nothing, I think your keys are over there on the counter.” He said pointing over by the register.

“Oh okay thanks. I was wondering where I put them.” She said as she walked over to where he pointed.

            She grabbed them then did a last minute check to make sure she didn’t forget anything when she closed up.

“Okay well I think that’s everything, are you ready to go? Or I mean if you still want to go tonight. You don’t have to if you really don’t want to.” She asked not knowing why she was giving him an out.

“No I said I’ll go, so I’m ready whenever you are.” He said heading towards the door.

“Okay,” she grabbed her keys then followed him out the door.

            The pub was to far away for them to walk there so they decided to call a cab instead of risking the bus this time. Once they were settled into the cab Draco looked towards Hermione.

“So what is this Thirsty Turtle place like? It’s a pub right?”

“Yeah, but that’s pretty much all I know, I’ve never been before. But I would imagine it’s like any other pub…that is a muggle pub.” She said glancing out the window.

He nodded in response even though she probably didn’t see it.

            When they got there Draco paid the driver before Hermione even had a chance to reach for her purse. He slid out of the car then turned around and reached out his hand to help Hermione out. She glanced at his open palm tentatively then finally slipped her warm small fingers into his, as he helped pull her out. The pub was located in a lively part of London where there were other various pubs and restaurants that lined the streets. He glanced at the Thirsty Turtle; Ginny mentioned there was a live band that plays every night. He could hear the bass beats thumping from the outside of the building. Which had no windows on the front, just a big red door at the entrance?

            When they got to the entrance Draco opened the door and his hand went to the small of Hermione’s back as he escorted her into the building. This action became more and more natural to them as if he’s always done these kinds of things for her. They were immediately assaulted by the loud rock music, which was the cause of the thumping you could hear outside.

“Well this is not exactly what I was thinking.” He heard Hermione say as she looked around.

            The place was dimly lit. The band was playing over to one side of the bar with a large dance floor in front of the stage where people were dancing together and some just listening to the music while swaying to the beats. On the opposite side was the bar which was lined with people almost no sitting room available. And in the back it seemed to have some billiard tables and dart boards where people, mainly men were having a throwing contest while groups of women watched and cheered them on. In the middle of the place were tables and booths where people could sit, drink and eat.

            It took a minute for their eyes to adjust properly, them both searching the place for Potter and Weaslette. When he spotted them at a table towards the dance floor he leaned low so Hermione could hear him over the blaring music and pointed towards them.

“There they are,” he said as someone else to the side drew his attention else where.

“Oh my god, Draco I knew you would change your mind and come after all. Oh my god my friends are just going to die when they meet you, come on I’ll introduce you.” Lisa came over and all but dragged him away from Hermione. 

            Apparently Lisa only had eyes for him because she didn’t even acknowledge Hermione standing next to him. Hermione was left standing there with a shocked expression on her face; she seemed just as surprised to see Lisa come out of nowhere as he did. He had no idea that this was the same pub that she was talking to him about earlier. He should have paid more attention to what she was talking about. She continued to pull him by the arm towards the back by the pool tables.

“Go ahead we’ll just be over here,” Hermione shouted after him looking disappointed if not hurt than quickly turned and walked towards Potter’s table.

            He needed to tell Lisa flat out that he wasn’t interested in her. Which he should have done earlier when she asked him out in the first place. And showing up here where she said she would be tonight didn’t look to good for him when he was panning on turning her down. As they got to the back it became much more quieter and he could actually hear himself think. If he was going to turn her down he needed to do it now and quick so he didn’t hurt her to much.

            But before he opened his mouth he was engulfed by a circle of females which he assumed were her friends she was talking about. Great now how was he supposed to do this subtlety without embarrassing the girl, he thought. He was quickly introduced to the girls which of whom he already forgotten their names. He glanced over to where Potter was sitting. He was disappointed to discover that neither of them especially Hermione were paying any attention to him. He returned to the group of girls who were babbling on about something he had no particular interest in. But pretended he did regardless.

            He stopped a waitress who walked by and asked her to get him a pint of whatever they had on tap. When she returned he took the chilled mug and brought it to his lips and took a nice cold drink and closed his eyes to savor the taste. It wasn’t firewhisky but it was good enough to quench his thirst. And help him get through this evening quicker.

            The girls decided to go off to the dance floor leaving him and Lisa alone. He glanced over at Hermione’s table once more and caught Hermione looking at him but quickly turned her head when she caught him looking over. Lisa stepped closer laying her hand on his chest. Merlin, this girl was touchy feely. He looked over at Hermione’s table again just as he caught Ginny and Hermione disappear within the crowd on the dance floor.

“Tell me what made you change your mind about coming here tonight?” Lisa asked running a lazy finger down his jaw, clearly a little smashed.

            Great just what he needed to make this more complicated then it already was. He caught her hand and pulled it away from him.

“Listen I need to tell you something. I meant it when I said I had other plans tonight. I just wasn’t aware that we would be attending the same place.”

She pulled back, “But I didn’t see you come in with anybody,” she said looking a little irritated.

“Actually I did, I came here with Hermione. And we were meeting…um our friends here at the bar. See that guy over there with the glasses,” he pointed to Potter sitting at the table they occupied. “That’s my colleague Harry, we work together and him and his wife Ginny are really good friends with Hermione.”

“I don’t see Hermione anywhere,” she pointed out.

“I just saw her and Ginny go off to the dance floor.”

“Wait, when I asked Hermione if you two were together she said no, that you were just friends.”

“We are friends and maybe…more…it’s kind of complicated right now.” He said looking over to where Ginny and Hermione disappeared to.

“Well this certainly changes things.” Lisa said looking disappointed.

“I’m sure you’re a wonderful girl, but I’m already interested in someone else. And I’m sure you’ll find someone out there who will be your everything. You’re beautiful and smart and there’s someone out there who is going to be the perfect guy for you. Unfortunately that someone isn’t going to be me.” He said truly feeling bad for turning the girl down.

She smiled slightly then shook her head, “I should have known, I knew she liked you even though she wouldn’t admit it. It was obvious just by the way she would look at you. But I just didn’t want to admit it to myself that you were already taken.”

“I am sorry and I should have told you sooner. And please don’t let this come between you and Hermione. I know your one of her favorite customers who comes to her shop.”

She smiled, “Thanks, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have Once Upon A Time Books to go to after school. But if things don’t work out between you two don’t hesitate to give me a call.” She said giving him a pat on the shoulder jokingly.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” he said relieved that she wasn’t upset or making a scene in any way.

“Now you better get over there and tell her how you feel before someone else snatches her up before you get a chance.” She said as she started walking away towards her friends on the dance floor.

“Yeah will do,” he muttered mainly to himself as he started making his way to Potter’s table.


            Lisa was the last thing she expected to see at the pub when Hermione and Draco walked through the door. Then she pulled Draco away the second she spotted him. Who was she kidding; she could never compete with someone who looks like Lisa. Draco was all but drooling when she pulled him away.

            She was wearing this skin tight ting black dress that was completely backless, and she doubted anyone was questioning whether or not she was wearing a bra because she clearing wasn’t since her perfect cleavage was hanging out of the low cut neck line of the dress. And the dress was so short that she would have an impossibly hard time sitting down without showing her knickers that is if she was even wearing knickers at all.

            Hermione looked down at herself, she looked like she was about to go to her grandmothers tea party instead of going clubbing or to the pub or whatever this place was.

The music was so loud she couldn’t hear herself think. She should just let him go have fun. She was stupid to think she still had a chance with him. She shouted out to him that he should go ahead and don’t worry about her she’ll just hang out with Harry and Ginny. But he didn’t even look at her or acknowledge that he even heard her.

Ugh, she felt sick, this is exactly what she felt like when Ron started going out with Lavender. All she wanted to do was go hide in a corner and cry.

Get over yourself it’s Draco Malfoy, this is probably a good thing that you don’t get any more involved with him then you already are, she told herself as she went over to the table Ginny and Harry were at. She put on a smile and walked up to them. She noticed that there were already two orders of fish and chips on the table that Ginny was plowing through. Harry was enjoying a pint while watching a rugby match on the televisions above the bar.

“Hey guys,” she said trying to sound cheery.

“Hey Hermione, it’s about time, wants some chips there divine.” Ginny said with her mouth full.

“Where’s Malfoy? Ginny said he was coming too.” Harry asked.

“Oh he’s here; he’s over there talking to Lisa who he met at my shop yesterday.” They both turned to look where Hermione pointed.

“Wow, she’s…attractive…ow!” Harry said as Ginny kicked him under the table.

“She looks likes she’s trying to hard, I mean look at that dress she’s wearing. It looks like she only wants one thing.” Ginny said then went back to her eating, then looked up at Hermione. “You look nice though, I love that dress, it’s a great color on you.” She said

“Thanks,” Hermione responded as she took a seat at the table.

“Do you want a drink? I’m about to go up and get another pint.” Harry asked.

“Yeah I’ll take whatever you’re having.” Hermione said looking towards the dancers on the dance floor and not trying to look over at Draco by the billiard tables.

“Since when do you drink beer?” Harry asked.

“I’ve always have and tonight it just sounds good.” She said.

“Okay, honey do you want another virgin daiquiri or water?” he asked Ginny.

“Um both would be lovely.”

“Okay I’ll be right back,” Harry said as he went over to the bar.

“Okay so why is Malfoy over there talking to that Lisa girl and not over here with you?” Ginny asked when Harry was out of earshot.

“Did you get a good look at Lisa? There’s no way I can compete with that. Besides I had my chance the other night when he kissed me but I blew it and now he’s over there with her.”

“Have you looked at yourself lately? I’d say you have a good fighting chance in my opinion and besides he has to come home with you because of his condition regardless so no matter what you still have the upper hand.”

“Yeah well not so much, he changed back around 4:00pm today which means he won’t changed back until about 8:00am giving him plenty of time to go home with her and leave in the morning and be back before…you know.”

“I still say you have a fighting chance. I mean spending that much time together has to be doing something to both of your hormones. Unless you two are repulsed by one another which clearly you two aren’t…anymore, otherwise you’d be ripping each other apart.” Ginny explained.

“I don’t know,” Hermione sighed grabbing a small chip. “I figured it just easier to give up all together…it could only lead to heartache if I even allow it to get anywhere.” She said risking a quick glance over at Draco, who was circled by a group of scantily clad girls and Lisa.

Harry came back with the drinks, “What are you girls talking about making you look so serious.” He asked as he set their drinks down.

“Oh Hermione was just telling me about some muggle vitamins that will be good for the baby.” Ginny said sneaking Hermione a quick wink.

“So how is Malfoy dealing with being a cat part time? Ginny mentioned he changes back for only a few hours every night. Well obviously he’s himself right now, but why does he change back only temporally?” Harry asked Hermione.

“He has to perform good deeds for other people or things around him, in a way to redeem himself for always being so narrow minded and selfish. And the more good deeds he accomplishes the more time he gets at being human.” She explained.

“So how much has he earned so far?” Harry asked.

“Um…about 16 hour’s worth.”

“So when he reaches 24 hours, he gets changed back permanently?”

“Um no actually, Professor McGonagall said he would only reach up to about 18 hours worth of ‘human time’ and Draco has to accomplish something else in order to permanently to break the spell but I don’t know what the last piece is. Apparently I’m not allowed to know about it; only Draco and McGonagall know what it is.” She explained glancing back over to where Draco was, the girls that were around him had left leaving him alone with Lisa.

            Lisa reached up and laid a hand on his chest. With that he looked up at her and caught her looking at him and she quickly turned away pretending she wasn’t watching him.

“So does he have a time line or anything that he needs to complete all of this in order for him to break the spell?” he asked

“According to McGonagall, no but I keep getting a horrible feeling that the clock is ticking fast.” She said as she took a sip of her ale.

“Come on Hermione lets go dance, I love this song.” Ginny said getting up and tugging Hermione to the dance floor.

            Hermione followed without complaint. She figured it was better then sitting there moping about, while he was over there having a good time. Hermione had no idea what they were dancing to, but she tried to sway to the rhythm as much as she could.

“Come on Hermione at least attempt to look like your having a good time,” Ginny yelled over the music. “Make him think you’re not interested in what he does.”

“How is that suppose to help?” Hermione shouted.

“I don’t know it might make him jealous or something.” Ginny shrugged then took Hermione’s hand and spun her in a circle.

            It caught Hermione off guard and caused her to start giggling and lightened up just a bit. She smiled and started getting more into the music. Forgetting all about Draco and Lisa. They were smiling, giggling and dancing when Ginny suddenly stopped and brought her hand to her mouth.

“Are you okay Ginny?” Hermione asked when she stopped dancing.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” she said as she looked frantically around the pub for the restrooms.

“Well here let me take you to the loo.” Hermione said reaching out to help support her.

“No, no please stay here I’ll be fine, it will pass soon, I just need to go but I’ll be back I promise. Stay here and have fun.”

            Hermione watched as Ginny made her way through the crowds towards the restrooms. She wanted to help her but she understood that she wanted to be alone. No one wants somebody else to witness you getting sick. But she needed to let Harry know that Ginny was experiencing some morning sickness and that she might want to leave because of it. She turned planning on heading to the table, but instead she ran smack into a wall of chest.

“Oh,” she said startled. “Sorry.” She started to walk around him, but he sidestepped, blocking her.

“Not a problem, are you leaving?” he asked.

She recognized him as a guy she saw at the bar then came to the dance floor to listen to the band and he was sway to the music next to them as they were dancing. “Yeah, it’s getting late and my friend isn’t feeling well.” She explained

His words were harmless, but something about the way his eyes roamed over her stirred a ripple of wariness inside her.

“No, it’s not late the party’s just getting started.” She jumped as he grabbed her waist, pulling her tight against him.

            She struggled slightly, then realized she wasn’t going to easily break his strong hold.

“Come on, let’s dance.” The guy’s words were slurred and she smelled the beer on his breath.

She pushed on his chest a little harder this time, “You know I really am tired.”

“One dance,” from the way his hand sneaked down and started to squeeze her bum, she didn’t think dancing was at all what he had in mind.

            She squirmed, trying to slip out of his hold, but that only made him grip her tighter. Tight enough that her ribs ached.

“I’ve been watching you all night. And I’ve got to say you’re the prettiest thing in the place.”

            Normally if a man told her those words she would be flattered but now and the way he was rubbing up against her had her panicked. She tried to turn her head towards the table that Harry was at but she couldn’t see around this guy. No one else pay any attention to the two of them, to anyone else it probably looked like they were just dancing. She felt sickened and nervous.

She tried to reason with him, “I’m flattered, but I think…” Before she could finish, his head came down and his mouth covered hers.

            Wetness and the stale, sour tang of beer filled her mouth. His teeth ground against her lips, rough and painful. She turned her head, breaking the disgusting kiss and shoved at his chest, but didn’t get any leverage. She tried to pick up her knee to knee him or stomp on is foot but her dress wouldn’t allow it. It was times like this that she really needed her wand. She again looked around seeking Harry, Ginny, Draco even Lisa, someone but she saw no one. He dived in for another kiss but she managed to dodge him.

“Let her go,” she thought she heard Draco’s voice from somewhere behind her, she struggled against his hold to look over her shoulder at Draco.

            He stood at the edge of the dance floor, glaring at them. Although his hard stare wasn’t directed at her but at the guy holding her captive. He hadn’t noticed the command at all. He still gripped Hermione tight, tight enough that she couldn’t suck in a full breath. She struggled against his grasp, panic started to take full effect.

“Let her go,” Draco repeated, and this time his words did capture his attention, because the band stopped playing and switched over to the sound system so the music wasn’t so deafening as before.

The guy frowned over at Draco, blinking. “Mind your own business, mate.”

“I am,” Draco said, his voice calm but hard. “Let her go.”

            Hermione attempted to use his distraction to escape, again shoving at his chest, but despite his obvious drunkenness, he was too quick. Quick and strong. She was pinned against him, his fingers digging into her rib cage. She made a small gasp, pain shooting from her ribs. Draco shot through the crowds who have all stopped to watch the commotion they were causing.

“Get your fucking hands off her,” Draco growled. “She’s mine.”

            Obviously the anger heard in Draco’s voice must have unnerved him because he loosened his grip on her waist. Despite Hermione’s panic and Draco’s possessive words, she used his stunned reaction to jerk free, stumbling backwards away from him. Draco took a step closer to her, his gaze darting to her, just long enough for the guy to lunge forward and throw a punch. His fist caught Draco in the cheek. Hermione screamed, but Draco barely seemed to notice the blow, and caught him right in the stomach. He stumbled backwards but managed to keep his footing, then charged forward again. This time he missed Draco completely. Draco landed a fist directly in the guys face. Blood spurted from his nose, and he staggered as if he wasn’t quite sure where he was or what happened. He stumbled backwards, leaning heavily on one of the tables near by. Two other guys who were apparently his friends approached him. They didn’t even cast a look in Draco’s direction as they gathered up their bloodied friend and half carried half dragged him out of the pub. Going by their reactions this wasn’t an uncommon ending to their nights.

            Draco watched as they all left then turned to Hermione, striding towards her. He pushed some of his hair that fell into his eyes away from his face as his eyes roamed over her.

“Did he hurt you?” he asked.

Hermione shook her head, fighting the urge to rub a hand over her mouth. “No, I fine.” Instead she reached out and touched his cheek, where a purplish bruise was appearing on his cheekbone. “But he hurt you.”

He caught her hand, pressing her fingers to his cheek, “I’m fine too.” Then he moved her hand away, releasing it.

She stared at him, not finding any words. Finally she offered him a small smile and admitted, “I don’t know what to say. This is kind of out of my sphere of knowledge. What’s the appropriate thing to say or do when a person gets in a fistfight for you?”

Draco stared at her for a moment, and then smiled. “I think you say thanks…then you throw yourself into said person’s arms.” He said jokingly.

            Hermione laughed. But moved towards him, putting her arms around his neck, hugging him. His arms tentatively came around her, then pulled her close. Hermione breathed in the scent that only Draco could prefect, loving the solid feel of his body against hers.

“And,” he said, his lips close to her ear, his breath warm. “I think you kiss said person’s poor battered face.”

She pulled back slightly, offering him a small smile. “Really? Even if they ignored you all night and spent it hanging out with another girl?”

Draco pretended to consider that, and then he nodded decisively. “In this case, yeah I think so.”

            She smiled. Then surprising even herself with her boldness, she pressed a light kiss onto his bruised cheek. But before she could press more then one to the battered skin, Draco turned his head and caught her mouth with his. Then there was nothing light about the touch. His hand cupped the back of her head as he moved his lips over hers. Deep, devouring. Hermione moaned, her arms tightening around him. They remained that way, lost in their own desire for each other. Until they heard someone clear their throat behind them.

            Draco pulled back from Hermione without totally releasing her, so he could look over at Harry who interrupted them.

“Sorry to um…interrupt you two but um Ginny’s not feeling well, so were going to head out.” Harry said a little embarrassed that he caught them snogging.

“Hey I heard there was a fight going on out her is everything okay?” Ginny asked coming up behind Harry, then eyed Hermione who was still in Draco’s arms and smiled at her.

“Yeah everything’s fine now, it was all resolved.” Hermione said not evening trying to hide her heated face, Harry already witnessed too much so there was no use hiding anything anymore. “You should drink lots of water and maybe some ginger beer if you can stomach it.” She told Ginny trying to draw the attention away from them.

“Yeah, yeah don’t worry I still have all your notes on your dos and don’ts that you gave me back when we had Lily.” Ginny said.

“Okay just gets some rest.” Hermione said going into healer mode.

“Okay well like I said before, we’re going to head on home…are you going to be okay?” Harry asked, his question directed towards Hermione as he eyed Draco.

“Yes Harry, I’ll be fine now go take your wife to bed.” Hermione reassured him.

            She could tell he was just dying to give Draco the third degree but he refrained knowing that she would never let him hear the end of it if he did.


“Potter.” Draco nodded towards Harry.

            They both stood there as they watched Harry and Ginny leave the pub. Suddenly the band that went on a break started up again making it impossible to hear your own breathing. Draco bent down so she could hear him.

“Do you want to get out of here?”

            She nodded in response not trusting her own voice. He let go of her, but grabbed her hand and twined his fingers through hers and together they walked out of the pub. Instead of flagging down a cab, Draco pulled them into a near by disserted alley.

            Once in the darkness and away from muggle eyes he reached for Hermione’s face and snuck a quick kiss on her lips.

“Hold on,” he whispered against her lips.

            Her arms came around and circled his waist and held on tight as he leaned down once more for a kiss. Once their lips met they apparated out of sight.


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