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"Tempest!" yelled Nila. Tempest didn't get up, didn't scold Nila, she just continued to sit there in the pouring rain staring at the ground. When Nila finally reached her, she shook Tempest.

"Hello Nila."

"Tempest what happened? We found everyone after the Ministry came for Astrea. We brought a few with us—"

"You're rambling Nila."

"What happened? Who is Merwick?!"

"Maddox," she said simply, clutching her eyes shut.


"Merwick was the wolf Maddox slew. His eyes are a pure gold now, not even the slightest purple is there."

"Oh Zephyr," said Nila taking her ins a hug.

"Is Jason all right? Are they all, all right?"

"Everyone is fine, they were all rushed o the hospital. Your uncle though—"

"I know he's dead."

"Zephyr we need to get you out of this rain. Please get up." Nila draped an arm under her and hoisted her up. Void ran to her side and did the same. All these months, Merwick had been by her ver side, laughing with her, hugging her when she was sad. It had been Merwick. Tempest shut her eyes and tried to forget those gold eyes.


Tempest hit the tree with Excaliber again. The bark was nearly bare and if she kept this up, she knew that the tree would wall and that Cecile would be furious with her. Nila and Void were fast as well, but Zoltron Demenshia and Verdina were wide awake.

"Zeph—" began Zoltron.

"Don't. Don't try to make me feel better. You can't."

"Look, its possible he's still alive."

"Yeah, and how exactly do you suggest I save him?! Well?! It was different with the Mystics! They were connected magically to those runes! He's not!"

"Calm down," said Verdina.

"Don't you dare tell me to clm down! He was my cousin! Other than Draco he was the one person I cared about most! He who looked just like my father! Merwick has destroyed my family! He killed my father, and he's destroyed my cousins!" Tempest took a swing at the tree and cut the blade straight through. The tree fell back with a large thump and Nila jumped up, her fuchsia eyes wide.

"Dear God Zeph, please stop." Tempest saw the worry and threw Excaliber to the into the ground.

"Sorry, I'm a bit preoccupied."

"We know," said Verdina swirlig a bit of water on her blade.

"I need to find him."

"How? This is Merwick, he won't make I easy. He's going to continued to toy with you and remember, he's a Mystic, he's probably got charms to block you finding him the old fashion way," stated Demenshia. "NO to mention, Her Dark Majesty is on his side."

"Then I'll go to the Lady of the Lake with the droplet of blood."


"He can't hind from his own blood," stated Tempest as she jerked her blade from the ground and returned it to her wrist band. "I'll be back."


Tempest walked through the crystal hallways clutching the vial in her hand. This had to work, she thought to herself. Tempest entered the crystal chamber and stared at the Lady of the Lake.

"Hello Young Tempest."

"He has my cousin."

"No . . . he is your cousin."

Tempest clutched her eyes shut to keep back the tears. "I need to find him and I need your help."

"I cannot what he and my sister have done to block him."

"Abigail got a droplet of his blood, he can't block himself from his own blood."

"Young Tempest, I am the embodiment of light, I cannot delve into magic that deals in blood, no matter how good the intent."

"Then how am I suppose to find him!"

"I'm sorry Young Tempest."

Tempest swallowed and bit back the tears. "Does your sister?"

"Zephyr, don't—"

"Does your sister deal in that kind of magic?!"

The Lady of the Lake sighed. "Yes, but she won't help you."

"Yes she will, I have something she wants."

"Don't do it. Merlin sealed her for a reason."

"I know. My reason is just as justified." Tempest turned on her heel and left. Her tears hit the floor as she walked away.


"I have to doit Verdina," said Tempest with her arms crossed.

"You will be risking so many lives!"

"And if I don't find Merwick? How many people do you think he's going to kill! I have to find him."

"She will wreak havoc!"

"So will Merwick."

"He's a lesser of two evils!"

"No he's not! Not to me! He has taken so much from all of us! He has taken too much from me! I have to find the strength to stop him, and in order for that to happen, I need to find him."

"You are putting all our lives at risk," said Verdina.

"Cousin hush," said Demenshia. "She's right. This is the right thing to do. Merwick has to be stopped and Tempest is out only hope . . as well as that single drop of blood."

"This is reckless."

"Maybe, but Zephyr isn't stupid, she knows what she's doing."

Tempest watched Verdina looked and away and take a deep breath before returning her strong frightened glance back towards Tempest. "You better know what you're doing."

"I do." Tempest looked at Nila and Void. "I'll be fine."


Tempest stood outside the great doors. She placed one hand gingerly on the door knob and turned. She knew her presence was already known. She walked down the stone and wood hallways, pass rooms that here once great but were now broken and covered in dust. Tempest stopped outside her chamber before she thrust both doors. Open. Elder Tempest greeted her with her malevolent smile.

"Ah, Young Tempest, what a pleasure to see you again."

"I should let you rot."

"What on earth for?"

"Because you helped him take my cousin."

Her expression remained the same. "And your point being?"

"My point?!" Tempest took a moment to calm herself before she did something regrettable. "I should kill you."

"If only you could. No, why are you here? You must know I won't help you."

Tempest smiled. "Oh but you will help me."

"And why would I?"

"Because I hold the key to your freedom."

"Her Dark Majesty's eyes widened. "You would set me free?"

"I have a few conditions."


"You will help me find my cousin . . . Merwick. You will do no harm to any innocents in the village, ever. You will never betray me, nor anyone of my bloodline in any way shape or form. You will never do any harm to my descendants. You will not harm my friends . . . any of the. You will not do any harm to the blood line of anyone I consider a friend. Now will you betray them. Understood?"

Elder Tempest smiled. "Of course."

"Lets shake on it then and swear by it."

Tempest outstretched her hand and Her Dark Majesty made her way towards her and took her hand."

"Swear by it," ordered Tempest.

"I swear by my life to uphold your rules—"

Her Dark Magesty screamed but Tempest held her by her neck as the dagger went through their hands.

"On your blood, I hold you to this deal. This is a pack made in blood. Should you ever break it you will be held here for all eternity." Tempest watched Excaliber glow as the magic took effect. Only when it faded did she let Elder Tempest go and pulled Excaliber free of their hands.

"You are a very tricky witch Young Tempest.

"You have no idea." Tempest smiled and thrust Excaliber into the ground. Purple light blinded her.

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