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Tempest sat next to Draco's bedside at St. Mungo's. Astrea did something when's he stabbed him because no matter what type of magic anyone used, his wound wouldn't heal. Thankfully, Draco hadn't lost too much blood, and They were able to stitch him up. Still, he had lost a lot of blood in the time it took. Nothing she tried had stopped that.

Tempest right leg bounced up and down as she waited for Draco to at least open his eyes.

"Zeph, it'll be all right," said Void.

"I'm going to kill her. I' going to tear her apart and drain her of blood."

"Zeph—" began Nila.

"No!" exclaimed Tempest sitting up. "Look at him! Look what she's done! Look at everything he's done! I'm going to kill her and make them both pay. Whether to not any of you want to come is your prerogative." Tempest looked back down at Draco and stroked his head. "Zeph," we're gonna come with you," said Selene. "We can't exactly let you go alone, we would be bad siblings."

"That wouldn't be new for you," remarked Jason.

"Now isn't the time Thorn," snarled Selene," said Tempest gripping the edge of the bed. "I am sick of all your bickering. There are more important things that are going on right now than your petty fights! So stop it." Tempest shut her eyes tight as she gripped the edge of the bed. A hand lay on her shoulder and Tempest suddenly remembered her vison.

"Maddox, what time of day is it?"

"Uh, twilight I think. The sun is setting. Why?"

"Okay good. I want you to stay here with Draco. In about two hours, I don't' care what I'm in the middle of, I want you to send me a Patronous. So you promise."

"Of course." Tempest hugged him tightly and knelt down to kiss Draco on the lip. She felt his hand tighten around hers.

"It's going to be okay Draco," whispered Tempest in is ear. She wipe away her tears and faced her friends and family. "Okay, lets go."


Tempest stormed though the hallway following the scent of Astrea. Astrea sat there high on a ledge twirling Aurora in her hands. Tempest could not only smell Draco's blood but could see what was left on Aurora. Astrea hadn't even bothered to clean it.

"So did you save your precious love?"

"I'll kill you."

"That's not an answer Young Tempest."

"Draco is fine then, you failed."

At sea smiled. "No, not really. In fact, this is just the beginning Zephyr dear." She tapped Aurora and out from all around came several vampires. Several gathered al around her and Tempest watched Astrea drop to the ground. She knew that this time she wasn't going anywhere.

"So, you're finally going to stop running," mocked Tempest.

Astrea smiled angelically. "Only for you darling." Tempest charged and watched as they all descended on her friends. She knew that they wold all be fine. Even from a far, Tempest saw their clumsiness.

Excaliber hit Aurora and once again see smelt the burning, heard the humming as each blade struck each other, hungry for each other. Astrea pared her off and jumped back, narrowly avoiding a pool of Darkness. Tempest lunged at her and attacked.

As the swords kept hitting each other, the humming became stronger. Neither of them got a hit, not a cut appeared on the other. Something hit Tempest on the side and Astrea knocked her feet from under her. As Tempt head hit the ground, Tempest felt the instant burning of Aurora as it went through her arm and pinned her to the ground. Astrea knelt over her, with her high heeled foot on Tempest other hand.

"Victory is suck a glorious thing, to bad you'll never get to taste what it feels like" She twisted Aurora and Tempest bit her tongue to keep from crying out.

"You, h-haven't won yet you stupid—" Astrea kicked her across the mouth and Tempest swallowed back the blood.

"Language darling. You know, its a pity Draco didn't die. Once your dead what will he have to live for. No Blake, no you. He'll come to me begging—" Something knocked Astreas back and Tempest with all her speed and might grabbed Aurora and caught the stumbling Astrea on the blade. Astrea screamed and Tempest twisted the blade.

"Yes, hurts doesn't it. The searing pain, the burning." Tempest jerked the blade out from her and kicked Astrea against the wall. "Cecile, if you wouldn't mind." Vine's swam up and bound Astrea's hands against the wall.

"Zeph," cautioned Void.

"Call the Ministry."

"So pathetic," muttered a weak Astrea."

"So you've said."

"No. Not because you won't kill me Zephyr. Because you stupidly thinking him." Tempest froze and stared down at Astrea who was smiling.

"You're lying."

"Am I? Do you really believe so?" asked Astrea. Tempest summoned Excaliber to her hand but not once did she take her eyes off Astrea. Something in he gut told her that maybe Astrea wasn't lying. She briefly looked at her watch.

"Where is he? Where's Merwick?!"

Astrea laughed. "Have you checked in on what's left of your family." Tempest clenched her fist.


"Shut it Zephyr," ordered Selene.

"At least if we're all together we stand a better chance. If have to jinx you I will but we're going and you're staying here, We'll make sure everyone is okay and find out whether or not she's lying. If Merwick is there, he'll be expecting you, not us." Selene disapparated whiteout another word and was followed by Jason, Isolde and Oliver. Tempest curling her hands together.

"What's wrong Zephyr, scared?"

Tempest snarled and soon found her fangs around Astrea's neck. She drank enough blood to knock her out and ignored the stared from her friends.


"I'm leaving," said Tempest.

"Zeph," began Nila.

"No, its been over an hour, I've stayed here long enough, I've let you all keep me her long enough. If my vision comes to pass, I'll die inside."

"Zephyr, what if they're busy fighting him?" suggested Void.

"They're dead," muttered a faint voice. Tempest spun around and looked at Astrea.

"So you're finally awake. Good call the Ministry, keep her here, I'm leaving." Tempest disapparated and soon found herself standing in the rain.

Tempest opened the door to her cousins house warily already knowing what she would find. Her uncle lay on the ground, dead. His green eyes were open and lifeless. She walked in careful not to make a sound and went to the living room. Jason and Oliver lay sprawled on broken pieced of furniture. She could smell the blood that glowed ominously in the lightening. Tempest doubled back and went down toe hallway to the staircase. Isolde and Selene were sprawled on the broken railing and staircase. Again, the blood hung heavy in the air. She ran to Isolde and tried to wake her but to no avail. She healed the baby in her womb when she heard a sound coming from the kitchen. Tempest stood up and went to the kitchen where her aunt was on the broken table and chairs bleeding. Tempest took a step back but slipped on some blood. She hit the ground hard. With all her strength she picked herself up. The rain beat against the window so hard that she almost missed the whimpering. Tempest went over to the sink cupboard and opened it.


Tempy!" Silvia ran to her cousins arms and began crying.

"Shh, shh. Silvia, look at me. Look I need you to look at me and tell me what happened. Who did this? Can you describe who it was."

Silvia shook her head, "I know who it was Temp." She whispered the name and empest eyes widened.


Tempest ran down the rainy street. She kept muttered to herself against it, hoping it wasn't true. It was raining, and not lights of any kid were on. Her hair stuck to her face. Tears streaked down and her sword was slippery in her hand. She turned and ran. She couldn't believe it, she couldn't believe it.

"It can't be true. It just can't be."

"What can't be true Young Tempest." She knew that voice and stopped dead in her tracks. She turned around slowly and couldn't believe it. Thunder struck.

"No . . . "

"Oh what's wrong Tempy, not happy." Merwick sneered and his eye were a pure gold.

"He was my cousin!"

"And that is exactly why I choose him. You see I was the wolf he slew. It was a perfectly very intricate, very complicated plan."

"You bastard!"

"Hush now Tempy—"

"Don't you dare! Don't you dare use his voice, his mouth, to call me that!"

What was her cousins body walked towards her. Tempest continued to cry as she feebly held up Excaliber. He smiled at her sadly and pushed the blade away with one delicate finger.

"How sad. But I knew that this would utterly destroy you. If only you had chosen me. We could've been so good together." He stroked her face and she feebly pushed him away.

"He was my cousin. Why Maddox? Why Merwick?"

"I already told you why."

"I'll kill you, I swear I will."

Merwick took a step bac. "Then go ahead, if you can, right not, I'll let you." Tempest rose up Excaliber and pressed it against his chest, but the more she continued to stare at he cousins face, she let go of the blade and let it fall to the ground. Tempest followed it and her knees feel into the puddle of water beneath her. Merwick knelt down and cupped her face.

"Ah Tempest, even in defeat you are beautiful."

Tempest continued to cry as he kissed her forehead and walked away. Tempest sat there and continued to cry.

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