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Tempest strapped on her belt that carried her wand. She attacked her black leather wrist band then secured Excaliber. She tied back her long black hair and zipped up her boots. It had been three days. Astrea had been gone for three days and Louis had risked his life to tell Tempest this. Tempest searched her dreams with spells. She knew where Astrea was an with her magic she could fight her, hopefully hand her over r to the Ministry before anything happened to Draco. She passed her dresser and stopped. On her dresser was a little vial with a single drop of blood. His blood. Tempest slowly snatched it up. She could sure it, but she wouldn't, something about this bothered her, sent bad tingled that prickled her fingers and spine. She clasped the vial not too tightly then set tit back down and cast a jinx so that no one but her could touch it. At this pint in her life, Tempest count trust nothing in life, only herself and her friends. Tempest turned her back and left downstairs. Everyone was there. Nila, Void, Edna, Selene, Isolde, Oliver, Chad Divina, Zoltron, Maddox Draco, Verdina, Exodus, Demenshia Vlad Bianca, Luke and Luciana. Verdina brought all her people, as did Demenshia Serena brought her brethren. Trixie, Lillith and Damien stood together with the crowed. Everyone was here, everyone she could count on. Everyone who knew exactly what there were getting into. And knew that quite possible they would die. She looked at Henry, Ron and Hermione who stood as ready as ever. They didn't have to be here, she had given them the option to leave but that hadn't relented. Harry knew too much of what she was going through, knew too well off what all the loss she had suffered felt like.

"Meet me in the Great Hall, I need to do something.." They all nodded and Tempest walked off towards the Infirmary. Heather and Cassandra sat on either side of Louis and shook their heads.

"Not a change at all?"

"No," said Heather solemnly.

"How could she!" exclaimed Cassandra. "How could she jinx him like this?! I don't care how much she hates you, that excuses nothing. If anything, she should be wanting to kill Merwick, not allow him possession! Zephyr why?"

Tempest shook her head. "She thought I betrayed her when I didn't. She allowed them to mess with her mind and manipulate her."

"He loved her," said Cassandra. "If anything, this should have proven it." Cassandra slunk back into her seat, her eye glistening on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry and I'll do may best to help him. In fact I think I know a way to help all of you."

"How," asked Heather stroking some hair out of Louis pale peaceful face.

"The water from the Pools of Twilight should give you all back your mortality. It should also hopefully wake him up."

"When will you give is this water?" asked Cassandra.

"First chance I get. I have to go now." Tempest went to Louis' side and kissed his forehead. "Get better Louis." Tempest walked out and headed to the Great Hall.


The cold mountain air stung her face as she stood outside the Ziggurat. She examined it. It was carved into the mountain side and towered over her. She sniffed the air and could smell the vampires that stood at a handful. She could smell the wolves, could hear their howling deep within the infrastructure. She could smell Astrea and even before she opened the door, she knew that Astrea had that arrogant smile on her face.

"My, my young Tempest, it sure did take you long enough. Can't believe Louis held in for three days. I was beginning to think I would have to send a messenger. Lucky me, he broke." Astrea cackled as she stood with Aurora in her hand. "So how did you find me? The little drop of blood?"

"Hardly, I used very old magic and used my dream and vision as well as a strand of your hair Heather gave me." Tempest saw Astrea's eyes falter and her posture stiffen. Tempest grew confused as she continued to watch.

"Well, they were all traitors huh. Not surprising, I expected it." She flashed her fangs and began tapping Aurora against the ground.

"Where's your army?"

"Oh, they're around, don't worry darling." She sneered again and turned her back to her. Tempest resisted every urge she had to go and snap her neck. "What's wrong little Zephyr, hungry for blood?" Astrea tilted her head back and finally face her." How about wee see if you can find me? You might get lost, its like a maze!" Astrea laughed and vanished with a clap of her hands.

"I hate her," growled Tempest.

"Now what," asked Nila.

"Now, we separate as much as I hate that thought. Nila, Void, Divina, Harry and Chad come with me. Maddox go with Ron, Draco Hermione and Zoltron. The rest separate as you will. Maddox can I have a word with you?"

He nodded and they removed themselves from the crowd. "Yeah cuz?"

"Please don't let Draco out of your sight. Please take care of him."

"I'll do my best Temp." He hugged her tightly and kissed her on the forehead. "Take care."

"You too." Tempest went over to Draco and didn't say a word. They both knew what might happen. Draco kissed her and se wrapped her arms around his neck as tightly has she could. "I love you Tempest."

"I love you too Draco." Tempest pulled away and led the way down one of the tunnels. The last thing she saw was Draco entering another one.


"Incendio!" said Tempest lighting all the torches. The light lit up the golden halls and illuminated the gold engraved lettering Tempest couldn't read.

"What language do you think it is?" asked Nila lightly touching the walls.

"Who cares," said Divina with her sword in hand.

"Hey, she's curious, give her a break," defended Void.

"What? We're about to die, possible and all she's thinking about is what language—"

"Shut it Divina," said Tempest. "We're not going today, not today in any case. Now shut it, its okay to be scared but we're suppose to be on the same side, we can't afford to let out forced divide is this far into the game." Tempest continued walking, gripping the hilt of her sword tightly. She was scared, ut not for her life. She was scared for Draco's, for her friends and family. She knew that it was impossible for all of them to come out of this alive.

"Zeph," began Chad but Tempest quickly shut him up when she heard the hum of a spell.

"Protego!" Whatever spell that was broke apart once it hit the shield. Empest head the laughter and she ran off. Tempest heard the laughter and she ran off followed by her friends. At the end of the corridor Tempest stopped short, bot because of the Vampire that filled the room but by the sight before them. All around were pools of water glowing in that familiar dark light she remembered from her first year. There were several all around, dug into the ground and high into the walls. "Aren't you mesmerized little dove," mocked Astrea ash she stood behind five vampire and six wolves.

"Get over here," growled Tempest raising up her sword.

Astrea shook her head and stared at her sadly. "Tsk, tsk Young Tempest. We couldn't been so good together. We still could be—" Astrea held out her hand but Tempest did not relinquish her stance.

"I love Draco, not you."

Astrea's hand went back to her side. "Very well then, seems you've sealed your fate." She turned her back to them and with a single wave of her hand, the enemy descended. Tempest saw Astrea leave before a blade crashed against hers. Tempest swiped against the other vampire and tried to get by so that she could go after her but this Vampire was far too strong and talented. Tempest kicked out and found her foot caught in crack. She pulled and could feel herself falling backwards, toward a pool. Tempest twisted her body at just the right time and her hands rested against the edge of the pool. She knew which ever vampire had been attacking her before was about to attack her. Tempest regretted what she was about to do, but tit was either her life or his.

Just as the he leapt at her, she kicked him in the jaw and lowered her feet to the ground just on the other side of the pool. She saw the vines shoot up fro the ground as she poised herself.

He fell in and Tempest knew that Cecile was holding him down. Tempest stared and couldn't tell whether he drowned first or let the death claim his life.

"That wasn't fair Cecile."

"Life hardly is. Turn!"

"I'm sorry." Tempest slumped to the ground and continued to stare at the wolfs golden eyes. Slowly, as they grew lifeless, his form changed to that of a human. To her, he looked so young.

"We lost her again," said Chad helping her up.

"No we didn't, we need to hurry back now." No one questioned it but followed her. Back at the entrance, Tempest saw several broken purple, and lifeless ones. Demenshia and Verdina were with their fellow comrades. Tempest noticed that Exodus' heart was not beating and even from a far she could see the tears in Verdin's eyes as she sat there holding him. The bracelet still glowed. Tempest turned her head and noticed Master Vlad holding Mistress Starlet. Her lisp were covered in blood and Tempest saw the bite marks on her neck and wrist. Master Vlad looked up at her and she knew what he did. As Tempest continued to look around, her heart stopped.

"Where's Draco?!" Ron and Maddox exchanged looked but it was Zoltron who answered.

"We don't know what happened. Something hit us from behind and all I saw Draco running, Maddox tried to stop him but he just—" Zoltron stopped and Tempest heart stopped. She ran.

The light form the torches illuminated the walls as she ran them by. Tempest arrived at the end of one golden corridor, sweat on her brow. She looked form her left to her right before going right. She needed to ind Draco, she could not let her vision come true, not now. Not ever. Tempest ran down the hall, her skin glowing in the fiery torch light and reflected the gold off the walls. The ancient runes glowed magically as she passes them by.

Tempest ran and ran then stopped at the fork when she saw him. Tempest sighed in relief at the sight of him all right. She began running towards him. Suddenly, red hair blurred her vision and next she saw the end of Aurora protruding through Draco. His blade clattered to the ground and Tempests creamed.

"I never liked her anyway," said Astrea as she violently jerked blade out.

Tempest screamed and ran just in time to catch a falling Draco. Astrea was gone, her vision had come to past. Tempest couldn't think as she stared down into the wolfish eyes of the man she loved.

"Its going to be okay Draco. Don't worry." His eyes fluttered shut.

Tempest turned just in tie to stab a wolf straight through the chest, his white fur slowly turned red and Tempest pulled out her blade. She backed away and continued t stare at the wold as it tried feebly to claw at her.

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