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Tempest was having a difficult time concentrating in class. Void nudged her and she looked down at her still blank test. Tempest looked at the old grandfather clock and swore. She only had five minutes. Tempest grabbed Void's test and quickly broke through all the anti cheating spells then copied all the answers on Voids. Test. By the time the bell rung, she had already replaced the anti-chatting wards. Noone would ever know.

"Are you okay?" asked Void as they made their way to meet Nila for History of Horrors.

"Am I ever okay?"

"Sometimes, when you've gotten enough time to relax."

"And have I gotten time to relax."

"No, not really, but I know you better than this, something is wrong with you."

"I'm just preoccupied."

Void spun her around and held her firmly. "Its not just that. Dammit Zeph, I'm you r oldest and bets friend. I love you Zeph so whatever happened, you needed to tel me now, what's wrong?"

"Oh Void." Tempest finally met his turquoise eyes. "I looked at my prophecy. I know I shouldn't have but I did. It said I will have to destroy someone close to my heart curse another and I think I might die."

"What about Blake?"

"I don't know."

"Dammit Zeph, why didn't you say anything? Why do you always have to keep things like you can't trust us."

"I didn't want you to sorry."

"How can we not. I mad man is trying to kill you."

Tempest shrugged. "That's not new."

"Which is why we worry. So don't be fickle, you're going tot ell Nila."

"Of course. But please Void, don't say anything to Draco, to I'll start breaking bines in your body."

Void laughed. "There's the fiery little minx I know and love."

"Don't call me little," she said smiling. They started walking again and in the hallway Astrea passed her bye followed by Louis, Heather and Cassandra. That same sly smile was plastered all over her face. Tempest continued walking to class and was grabbed by a not to happy Nila.

"What's wrong with you," joked Tempest.

"I was in class with the tree viscous Duflebaggie girls. They all decided to sit around me. It was completely revolting." Tempest watched Void laugh and kiss Nila lightly on the lips. Her face brightened up and she wrapped her arms around him.

"Bloody hell enough already, can we just get to class." They laughed and suddenly Void picked up Nila.

"So I get to walk on my feet, how nice," joked Tempest.

"Not really, come out Draco," called Nila as she hung over Void's shoulder. Tempest eyes widened and she turned around quick enough to see Draco kiss her. The throbbing on her shoulder didn't bother her anymore. When Draco pulled away she really wished he hadn't and lifted her up and over his shoulder. In that instant she forgot all her worried and laughed.

"Amazing," remarked Nila, "she smiles." Tempest reached out and smacked Nila's blonde head.

"Hey leave my girlfriend alone," said Void. Tempest noticed that Nila still blushed.

"As though that would ever happen. Hey lovely, could you put m down, I small a person most foul."


"Who," asked Draco putting her down, Void followed suit.

"Davyn." Tempest saw Void stiffen and flex his fist. Tempest smiled and they all stopped walking. Davyn paused briefly and only stared at Nila.

"Even I knew," he said.

"Knew what you giant arse."

"That you loved him and only settled for me. Why do you think I cheated? I loved you Nila, but deep down even you knew you were only using me to make him jealous." He readjusted his bag over his shoulder and walked off. Tempest looked over to a very sad looing Nila. Her eyes were cast down, her usually perfect posture slumped and her usual cheerful face was solemn.

"Why don't—" began Void touching her shoulder. Nila pushed him away without looking at him.

"I need to be alone."

"Nila!" called Tempest as Nil awake off.

"No! He's right. Davyn was right and —" Nila stoped short and ran off dropping her bag.

"Always so difficult," remarked Tempest snatching up her bad before she retuned to Draco's side. "Hold onto if for her Void." Tempest tossed him the bag as he entered the classroom.

"Draco can you go and see if you can find Nila." Draco nodded and kissed her goodbye.

As they sat down Void began shuffling thought Nila's bag.

"Are you insane?"

"No, curious," he said pulling out her notebook.

"Void put that back, now. Nila will tell you what's wrong when she's ready."

"I don't get why she cares about Davyn."

"Are you that thick? She dated him for two reasons. One was she liked him and two she knew dating him would piss you off the most. The facts are she feels guilty."


"Because, he had changed. He wasn't a cheater, he's not again, but now he's in a relationship who loves him. No offense to Nila or you, well a little offense, but she didn't bloody deserve him."

"What the bloody hell is that suppose to mean?"

Tempest smiled. "It means everyone saw what you two idiots didn't see. So basically you two do deserve each other, o love you two but you both can be complete morons." She laughed and used her speed to snatch away both Nila's bag and notebook form him and cast a jinx to keep it from Void's sticky secret snatching hands.

"And sometimes I wonder why we're still friends."

"Hey now, don't be mean," said Tempest leaning back in her chair and propping her feet onto the desk.

"You are one arrogant witch." Tempest smiled her ever so confident smile with not a flaw in sight.


Tempest sat in the library doing her homework. Nila was coping the notes from class and biting her bottom lip. Tempest looked at her with her lack of concentration. She barely scratched the surface of her homework. Suddenly Astrea passed her by going from one aisle to another. To Tempest great relief she didn't notice her.

"I—" started Tempest before Void interrupted her.

"Hey look here the last picture ever of Serial Slimythings."

"Void we've—" Tempest stopped herself as she stared at the picture. Never in all her years had she ever wondered the founder looked like, but Seriah had always been a mystery. She had been th head founder as well as the youngest. After Henry left she vanished soon after, not now looking at the picture and the date Tempest knew what had been irking her, something that had been bothering her for many months now.

"Immortals—" Tempest jerked up and shoved her stuff into her bag.

"Zeph!" called Nila.

"Gotta go! Meet you in the Common Room." Tempest ran of and headed to the one place that would solve one mystery out of many.

Tempest stormed though the door and threw her bag to the ground.

"You can change your hair and eye colour, but you can't change who you are Seriah Slimythings." Seriah slipped back her long red hair and stood up.

"Miss Nyx please, not so loud, as for now call me Majika."

"Fine 'Majika', how did you become immortal?"

Seriah sighed and waved the door closed. "Its far too long a story Zephy."

"Too bad. Also why hide, where did you go? Why leave the school—"

"Because Henry left!" screeched Seriah, her breathing heavy, her eyes afire


Seriah sighed again. "As I said its too long a story."

"What happened?" growled Tempest annoyed. She didn't have time for procrastination.

"Henry was my best friend. More than that and a werewolf. I Loved him, and he loved me until he met that stupid witch." She dug her nails into the oak desk. "I had two friends. One was Henry, who was a werewolf and the other was a vampire. We lived in Abigail dark community full of dark witches and wizards and vampires and wolves. When we discovered that the Hogwarts was being opened I vowed to do something about it. I found Avalon and Henry vowed to help me. We searched for two great and powerful dark wizards. We found Reyah ad Gary." Seriah laughed. "They were brilliant people."

"Why did you leave?"

"Because Henry didn't just leave the school for Sandra, he left me. He left me two days before our wedding." She laughed bitterly. "I loved him and all of a sudden his heart changed from black to gold. I couldn't stay here, so I left the school. I left with my other best friend. She was always so fun, still is. We went off together and discovered something magnificent. We arrived at a temple with sacred magical water. We discovered the Pools of Life. One granted me immortality. As pool similar to the one you discovered your first year. Do you remembered?"

Tempest nodded. "That was a Poll of Darkness."

"Correct. I went into the Pool of Light whish grants immortality. I believe that's the information you wanted to know."

"Where is it? Where are the pools?"

"There are many Young Tempest but I do believe you should search your dreams and visions. It I know Merwick, which I do, he's going to lead you into a trap."

"What do you mean?"

"There are three pools Zephyr. The Pools of Light which grant life, the Pools of Darkness which take life and the Pools of Twilight which take life given and return life taken. They would make you mortal young Tempest which would make you easy prey for him." Tempest heart stopped at the thought of being mortal again. But Seriah was right, if she was mortal, she would be easy for Merwick. He would be able to finish her off.

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