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Vadima's clan burned her on a ceremonial pyre. Stella's clan did the same. The fire made Stella's blue and green hair glow. Vadim's porcelain skin glistened in the fire. The Daily Prophet recorded these reports with one hundred percent accuracy. Stella and Vadim had been by themselves attacked and sucked dry by more vampires than they could handle. Tempest looked at Vlad who was now head of the clan. Serena was now alone except for her older brother and parents. Their family was still a mystery to her.

Tempest stood with Draco and her friends watching the ceremony. By far Tempest liked Stella far more than she ever liked Serena, she always thought things through rather than acting first. Another flash hit the scenes and Temepst looked at the photographers from the Daily Prophet. Tempest snarled in disgust, thinking that they could be far more respectful.

"Calm down Temp," whispered Draco., "they'll be gone soon so that we can all mourn peacefully."

"I know, and I get why they are doing this but I hate it. This is just more death."

"Look at the silver lining, you saved many more, as you usually do love. But as Demenshia says, death is inevitable."

Tempest heart skipped a beat. "Not entirely." Tempest knew that the wasn't the end, she still had Merwick to deal with an then there were her visions to rather visions she was having night after night instead of spread a apart.

"Don't' think about th e future Zeph, focus on the present, where we live, not the future."

"Tempest knew he didn't really believe that as much as he wanted to. He gave himself away when he called her Zeph, that was s dead give away."

Finally the flashes ended and a reporter made their way towards her. Tempest cringed and turned around, she was not going to answer any questions.

"Miss Nyx! Miss Nyx please I need to ask you a few questions!"

"Fine," said Tempest as she continued to walk, "ask way, but that doesn't mean I'm going to listen."

"Look, do you feel responsible for their deaths?"

"Go away."

"You were a part of the conviction against young Miss Janessa? Do you take any blame in her insanity? You did after all murder her father."

"Her mother forgave me as did her father before his death so no, now go away."

"What about Entia? Do you fell responsible—" Tempest spun around and snatched the quill and not bad.

"Now look here you stupid witch, those that died, they knew that was a possibility. So no I do not feel responsible for their deaths. As for Janessa, she was a weak minded pathetic fool. Her mother forgave me and her father understood. Now as for Gorx, not a day goes by that I do not think about him. I loved him and Merwick took him, he took him and toyed with him. I would have saved him, it was within my power but Gorx, with his dying breath asked me to let him die. Not respecting his wish would have been selfish. Now, go away."

Tempest walked away without another word, she passed under the entrance archway and headed back into the school. The one place the reporters were not allowed, thankfully. She hated reporters, more than anything.

Tempest took off her coat and slumped onto her bed and covered her herd with a pillow.

"I think o hate reporters more than Merwick," she muttered to no one in particular.

"And my is that cuz" muttered Maddox sitting next to her feet. Tempest removed the pillow and sat up.

"Because, they are so presumptuous, they think they know everything when they don't. Also they tend to have no feelings of remorse. Its awful and quite disgraceful."

"Just donk about it Zephyr." Maddox looked at her and smiled charmingly. Not once in his life had he ever called her by her nickname. Something was wrong.

"Maddox are you okay?"

"Of course, why would you say otherwise?"

"You called me Zeph, you've never called me Zeph."

"Maddox eyes widen in shock. "I didn't realize . . . I need some rest I guess."

"Maddox has Hydra—"

"Hydra's been helpful, don't worry, I juts need some rest."

Tempest nodded. "If you're sure. You should probably have something to eat first." This was a test, Maddox hated eating before sleeping, food always kept him away. Maddox laughed and ruffled her hair as he stood.

"Just because I'm not acting like myself done's mean anything Tempy, I still hate eating before I take a nap. You know they keep me up or give me nightmares."

Tempest smiled. "I know, but misery loves company." Maddox rolled his eyes and hit her with a pillow.

"Yeah, yeah you misery little one." Maddox walked away, nodding a hello to Draco who walking in wearign his finest black suit.

"Are you feeling better."

"No, not ready. Do you think that reporter will mis construe anything? Maybe I should've threatened her more." Tempest laid back down and Draco laughed.

"I think you threatened her enough Temp."

"Maybe you're right." Tempest kicked off her shoes and took off her weapons. Her thoughts kept lingering to the future. "I need to go for a walk."

"Unprotected? Are you insane? Besides you just took of your shoes."

"As long as Astrea is here I'll ne fine. Don't worry love." Tempest kissed him on the check and snapped her fingers.

Her house was empty, barren. Jason didn't live here, Selene didn't live here and Edana herself didn't even want to live in it. It was empty without their mother. Tempest turned the knob the door was unlocked, it creaked when she opened dit and le t herself in.

The floor boars creaked beneath her feet as she made her way around. She had moved all her stuff except two things. This night would b e the last time she ever come back.

Tempest headed to the living room first. All the pictures were gone and in their place was a layer of dust. Te furniture was gone she could still see them, could still see all the faces that had even been in the room. Serious moments, joyous moments, they all took place here. Tempest closed the door to the room and walked to the kitchen. She cooked so many meals here, shared so many laughs, so many meals. HS looked around at the oak island in the middle of the kitchen. That and the cupboards doors were the only thing that remained.

Tempest closed that door of her life and headed to her mothers basement. Her hand hovered over the silver door knock. This was her mothers and father work space outside of the Ministry. Where they made antidote and poisons and studied the properties of their new discoveries, this was where her mother designed those potions for Tempest. The same potion that Tempest had given to the Ministry in the hopes that there would be some peace.

Tempest finally forced herself to turn the knob and step down into the basement. As of late, this was where she was keeping it locked away. Tempest didn't turn the lights ont, she didn't need to. She knelt down and removed the floorboard to pull out a little black box. Maddox was right, she thought, she was eventually going to look at it.

She sat there, for hours staring at the box. Tempest finally lifted up he lid and stared at the cloudy glossy ball that was her prophecy,

Tempest took a deep breath and pulled the orb form the box. She watched the cloudy mist swirl and a vague face appeared.

"The girl with the power of those that be the greatest wizards in history will be hunted by one of the golden grace, her opposite with the power equal to her. And as the bonds tighten and grow a life she must take of that closest to her heart and curse another while the gift of the twilight lights take what was granted."

Tempest let the orb fall form her fingers as she stared off into the night. The fear tightened around her heart and she stared at her hands that once held the orb.


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