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Tempest was dozing off in Poisons class. She was up twenty four hours now, and even a vampire needs some sleep. Tempest planned to sleep at lunch, like she did at breakfast but it just wasn't enough and even blood wasn't enough. Tempest closed her eyes, briefly and before she knew hit, class was over.

"Young Tempest, you fell asleep in my class. No young lady has ever fallen asleep during my lessons."

Tempest yawned.. "Why doesn't that surprise me. Well don't be offended, I haven't been sleeping much."

"And why would that ne?"

"Vayne had a vision. Entia is going to attack at dawn. I keep a lookout." Tempest yawned again.

"Why haven't you told Majika about this?"

"Astrea. She's posses by Merwick."

"I thought any bodies he posses began to deteriorate after some time."

"They did, before he found out that he was a Mystic of Magic, and before he obtained a remnant of the sisters powers. He formed his own body. Add to that Astrea probably handed over her body willingly."

"And why would that be."

"A very long and complicated story Master Vlad." She sighed and yawned again. "With her vampiric hearing I thought it best not to say anything."

"Smart but you realize that the school is at risk don't you. That we have to prepare for a full frontal attack with Merwick very much already within the school halls."

"Yeah, yeah, I'll talk to Majika later today."

"Good. Now in the meantime I'm excusing you from the rets of your classes and I'm ordering you to get some sleep. Understood?"

"Yes Mater Vlad," said Tempest gathering her books.

"Sweet dreams Zephyr."

"I sure as bloody hell hope so." Tempests smiled as she left for bed. Louis stood outside waiting.


"Hey Zeph. I don't blame you, unlike Cassandra and Heather so I'm not hear to get my ass kicked. I'm here to warn you."

"About what?"

"Astrea and Entia. They don't know that you know about the attack they have planned so whatever you do, do at night. On another not, they were both talking to this guy the other night."

Tempest heart quickened. "What guy?"

"I don't know, I didn't recognize his voice. Id ont' know whether or not Astrea is Merwick, she sure is acting like him so I think she is but this guy was making ordered. I don't know what's going on exactly but Merwick is inside these walls Zephyr, so what ever you to, be discrete." Louis walked away with his hands stuffed int his pockets. Tempest pitied him because for all his attitude and dor all his flirtatiousness, she knew that deep down he loved Astrea as much as she loved Draco.

Tempest took a secret passage way back to the Slimythings Dormitory and slowly thought ver everything that had happened over the time. She began to think that maybe she was wrong. But Astrea had to be Merwick, he loved to play around and toy with he in so many way and Entia wasn't acting like Merwick, Janessa hadn't acted like Merwick, it was only Astrea.

Tempest left th passage way and approached the dragon guardian.


"Lashempush." The dragon hisses again and jumped to the ceiling. Tempest entered to see Ron and Maddox playing chess.

"Zeph, what are you doing here?"

"I fell asleep in class and Master Vlad had ordered me to get some sleep, so I'm here to get some sleep. Yay sleep."

Maddox laughed. "Do you really hate sleep that much?"

"That's rhetorical right? I mean bloody hell with those visions and Merwicks invasion, no Maddox, don't be silly, of course I love sleep." Tempest flashed him a smile and headed up the stairs. On her bed was a surprising face.


"Hello Young Tempest."

"Get the bloody hell off my bed."

"Why should I, I find it—"

"Don't play coy with me Charles. And don't begin to think you can act like him, you can't. Now, what are you doing here."

"I want you to warm my sister to not get involved."

"And who would your sister be."

"Celeste. You know the girl that is travelling with Vadim. Tell Vadim I say hi and tell Richard and Vlad that I say hello too."

"Get off my bed you pathetic piece of vampires cum."

"Very well, I came to say what I needed to. Sweet dreams." He ran out the window and Tempest growled as she slumped into bed.


Tempest stormed across the Entrance courtyard towards the school grounds. There were things that people weren't telling her. She saw Vadim and Celeste and the others huddled together deep in conversation. Tempest growled and ran towards the them.

"Is there something you need to tell me?" The first person to look at her was Celeste, then Vlad followed by Vadim as. What perfect order, thought Tempest.

"Zephyr," said Celeste.

"Hello Celeste. Your brother says hi." Tempest flashed her a very arrogant grin and sighed triumphantly at the shook on Celeste face.

"We don't know what your talking about," said Vlad.

"Really? You sure, because Celeste says otherwise. So again, is there something you forgot to tell me."

"That depends, what do you already know?" question Vadim.


"Well I know Charles was part of this clan and that Charles is Celeste brother. Now are there some things you would care to fill in?"

The small clan of vampires all looked at each other and Vadima waved Tempest down.

"We were a much larger clan, until the death of Veronica, that the was beginning. A few months later Merwick came along, half dead pleading for a second chance of life. I granted it to him."

"Do you have any idea what you did! I causes that! For good reason."

"I was unaware—"

"Also this was already his forth chance at life."

"Again I was unaware at what I helped unleash. Now, he left. I was concerned but he said he had to take care of old business. Charles was amazed with him, so taken within he, he want after him."

"He followed him," remarked Celeste."

"Pathetic idiot," said VLad.

'Anyway," said Vadim giving them both a harsh glare, "Merwick told Charles everything. Charles came back and told us. I said no, I was friends with Veronicas' for a millennia and I couldn't become part of what was not my fight. Not everyone felt that way. Charles left and then one by one, they all left and began going into daylight. They started coming for us—"

"They killed their own kin!" exclaimed Celeste. "He—" Celeste fell to the ground and Vlad knelt down to her.

'Charles killed her mate."

"We re all that's left. Zephy and I refuse to die like this, by brainwashed kinsman. I have loved for over a millennia, I will not die in such a degrading way."

"That better be all or I sear I will kill you without a second thought, I don't' care how old you are, I will suck you dry." Tempts turned on her hell and headed to Majika's office. She had as assortment of spells to set up.

Tempest muttered the password and stepped through the glassy barrier and ran up the stone steps with her heightened speed. She was at the top in no time.

"Good evening."

"Ah, Miss Nyx, finally joining is," mocked Mistress Starlet.

"Will your temper ever subside Bianca," mocked Master Vlad.


"Stop bickering like children," scolded Majika. Tempest looked at her and examined her throughly. She looked the same, she looked the same way she had when her mother was fourteen. Not a single grey hair, not a single wrinkle but at the roots Tempest saw a bit of black hair. Majika looked at her and Tempest forced herself to look away.

"Now, what plan do you plan on doing?"

Tempest shrugged and sat down. "I'm not sure, we have to cast some spells that Merwick won't be able to detect, maybe even and anti spell detection spell. NO w that Janessa is in prison they shouldn't be able to expect that."

"Tempest if he's a Mystic, like you, he will bring all the shields down," said Mistress Starlet.

"I know, but this will give us a little time to prepare the students however last minute as well as give me a little time and I doubt they are going to fall for the same dragon and fire trick again not to mention, according to Janessa's trial I wiped out quite a few vampires.

"How many are left?" asked Majika.

"About two hundred. A little over a hundred fled after that day and I highly doubt Merwick would allow his remaining vamps to just go against me like that."

"So how many do you expect will come?" asked Vlad.

Tempest shrugged. "Probably a hundred vamps, maybe less. Hardly any wolves. Many were arrested at the Ministry."

"Great so we're dealing with a bunch of rabid vampires," mocked Starlet.

"Oh hush Bianca," remarked Vlad.

"Don't you two dare start up again," ordered Majika, they both fell silent. "Miss Nyx thank you for this information, go to sleep now, we can handle it form here."

"Very well, if you're sure." Tempest left and took the shortest way to the dungeon. Everyone looked at her in anticipation as she walked through the doorway.

"So?" asked Nila.

'We can all to bed and get some much deserved sleep." Tempest pulled Draco along and went to achieve a good nights sleep.


Tempest heard a clash and her eyes jerked open. Another clash sounded and Tempest flew to the window. There were dozens of vampires out there and Entia was at the head. Tempest swore under her breath and woke everyone up with a loud clad of her hands. Everyone jerked, but they all knew what was going to happen.

"Only a week of good sleep," said Nila, "how sad."

"You love sleep as much as I love food," mocked Void pulling on a pair of pants and grabbing his sword and wand.

"Yeah, its s wonder we're both those hot." Nila giggle and put on her sneakers.

"Not a time for joking you two and we don't have time for you all to take the long What so Cecile if you wouldn't mind." Tempest climbed of the and grabbed a hold of Aidan's tail.

"The barrier is holding,"

"Thankfully. Honestly, I didn't think that it would hold for so long. I figured Merwick would take nit down by now."

"Maybe he's preoccupied."

"Or maybe he's doing this on purpose. You know as well as I do that he doesn't really care about Entia or Janessa. They're expendable."

"Correct, he only cares for you."


"Are we ready for this," asked Nila coming to her side.

"We better be, this is far from the last battle."

"How lucky for us," said Void.

"Is there anyway we could removed at most fifty of them now," said Divina.

Tempest shrugged. "I could try something and it might work but then either way the barrier is going to come down."

"We've got to do something," said Chad. "Entia is smarter than Janessa, they're all probably immune to fire."

"Most likely but at this moment I don't want to shed blood. Most of them will probably flee with Entia's demise, why kill them."

"So what?" asked Edana.

Tempest smiled. "I'm going to see if I can weaken them all and maybe even knock them out."

"How are you going to the?"

"I'm going to tap into the barrier magic and use the killing use and a stun jinx."

"What about the creatures in the forest," exclaimed Hydra.

"Verdina and I can protect them," said Demenshia."

"Better get started then, the barrier is losing strength," remarked Zoltron."Why is Merwick keeping it up," asked Maddox.

"Because he's toying with Entia and me." Tempest thrust Excaliber into the ground and looked at Demenshia and Verdina who did the same with their respective blade. Demenshia and Verdina held their hands open over the hilts of their bales and Tempest felt the moisture in the air grow thick. A droplet fell on Tempest cheek, another on her eye. Another crash sounded and Tempest flinched, fearing that ti would be the last.

"Demenshia work quicker please."

"Patience is a virtue Young Tempest."

"Not right now it snot."

"Oh hush, we're almost done." Demenshia opened her white eyes and Verdina opened her big blue eyes.

"Now Zephyr, quickly," said Verdina.

Tempest nodded. "Hope you're ready Entia. Avada Kedava!" The barrier shot out with e bright green and all the vampires fell to the knees. Theat was one layer down s, now one left. "Rictusempra!" The light shout tout and caused Tempest to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she saw some vampires collapse to the ground but not all.

"Someone get the damn Ministry here now," ordered Tempest pulling her sword free from the ground. She walked over to the edge of the tower. To her dismay, Entia and Charles did not stand among the fallen. Tempest wore under her breath and called over her fellow vampires. Shouted orders to the other to stay close and kill whatever came their way.

Tempest and her fellow vampires landed gracefully on their feet and made their way to the army that was already crumbling. She could see Entia charging at her half dazed. Tempest sighed pitifully and met Entia near the forest. Entia tried to strike, but against Tempest, she was too slow.

"Give up Entia."

"Never! You let Gorx die."

"He asked me to, I wasn't going to be selfish." Tempest easily dodged another swing.

"And what of me? He was my twin brother!"

"You acer only bout yourself. You could learn a thing or two from Luke and Luciana."

"Those two bats know nothing!" Entia dropped her sword to the ground and lunged at Tempest. Tempest caught her wrist and pulled her close, turning her to face her ending.

"Look around Entia. Vampire's unconscious, Charles is dead, many are fleeing and those left standing will be dealt with. The ministry is on its way. Void sent a Patronous. You've lost, he abandoned you."

Entia laughed and Tempest nails dug into her wrist. "You think he abandoned me but he didn't. He's closer to you than you think Zephyr. I hope you burn."

"Not before you. Nocturals Inifinis." Entia fell limp in her arms and Tempest pulled her along. Something she saw made her stop. Stella was on the ground with her eyes so wide. Even from this distance Tempest could see that she was dead, as was Vadima.

Aidan landed on the Astronomy tower with a loud thump and Tempest got off him. The barrier lit up again and the crash sounded once again.
said Aidan.

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