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It had been almost two weeks since the Quidditch match and yet overnight she found herself going to that part of the school grounds where Merwick had etched into the ground those fateful words. She could still see them, like she was stuck in the past. She was beginning to think that maybe all her attachments to the past were hindering her sight since it was "gift" that had allowed her to see before. But she couldn't move past it. She still saw the words. Still saw the castle from the scattered ruins she herself took care fo. Maybe her mother was right, maybe she had to accept it as both a gift and a curse rather than just as curse.

""That's not happening anytime soon." She placed her hands down over the ground. She could still feel the warm impressions as thought they were just made.

"They aren't there Zeph," said Nila.

"Yeah I know, but I still see them."

"Zephyr," began Void. "You can't just let your life be defined by the past."

"Hmph, that's easy for you to say." Tempest stood up and looked at the school. She was late for class.

"What class are you skipping?"

"Misfortune telling. Not up for it today."

"At least the flowers are in a pleasant bloom."

Tempest looked up at the grabs in the far distance. "Yeah," he said smiling."

"Well we should as well hide up someplace," said Void.

'We're aware, but technically we're house prefects and can do whatever we please."


"True but lets at least act like Head Boy and Head Girl."

"Acting is far too overrated."

"Says you."

Tempest let out a little laugh. "Yeah, says me." Tempest looked around and saw a glint of gold in the distance. I'm no longer safe she thought as she remembered back seven years ago.

"Zeph," called Nila.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Tempest stuffed her hands into her pockets and followed after her friends.


Tempest stood alone on the Astronomy Tower. The wind blew her hair around her and she wondered how many peaceful days she would get like this. How many days she would get to just stand around with her eyes closed her have not a worry in the world. She hoped that this wouldn't be the only day. She could smell the honeysuckles and the gardenias. Tempest loved Spring and Fall more than anything. A faint smile played on her lips as she took in all the scents that made her calm and happy. Tempest slowly opened her eyes and stared ahead at the setting sun. The mixture of colours made her smile even brighter. For some reason she thought she had so little time a she stared into the twilight. Tempest knew it was silly, she knew she had all the time in the world, but then again, what if something was going to happen to her. Blake looked at her teary eyes.

"Blake— she muttered to herself. She wondered what was going to happen to herself., if anything was going to happen to her.

"You worry too much Mistress."

"I'm are Aidan, but I can't help it, with all I've been through."

"You're sweet Aidan." The wind blew around her ans she closed her eyes once again relishing in the scents and feel of the day She opened her eyes and slipped off her sneakers, opened her arms and let herself fall to the ground. Her smile grew even wider and she turned her body and landed on the wet grass. The last of the suns rays faded beneath the horizon and she was graced by the light of the moon and stars.

Tempest crept around the Forest of light. She remembered every adventure she had here. She was always getting into trouble and braking all the rules, however few, that her school enforced.

"You always were brilliant Zephyr," came a voice. Tempest looked to her side and saw Demenshia. She remembered the first time she ever met the girl. She still had that wild crazed child like look in her eyes.

"Hello Demenshia."

"Has your arrogance subsided? I didn't spook you did I?" Demenshia laughed and leaned against a tree. Tempest laughed as well.

"No Demenshia, you didn't spook me. I heard your feet against the ground and your heart far before I actually smelt you."

"Good, we can't have you getting cocky now."

"No, we can't." Tempest leaned against a tree, and stared off into the daylight.

"You know, I've been spending a lot of time in the muggle society and I've come across a rather unusual saying."

"Uh huh, and what would that be?"

"Follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole."

"That is peculiar."

"Isn't it! Well I followed a white rabbit and let me tell you, I couldn't even get my head into the hole."

"Muggle are strange being."

"Aren't they just! Well I did further research and it seems that the saying si derived from a book called Alice in Wonderland. I read the book and it tells the story about a girl who followed a white talking rabbit down a rabbit hole. And then appeared in a whole other world! It seems that the saying implies that once you do a certain think there is no turning back and not you've opened your mind and being to so many amazing possibilities!"

"That's quite amazing Demenshia."

"I thought so. Well, my whole purpose o talking about this is to question you."

"Question me about what?"

"When did you go down the rabbit hole?"

"When I shattered the Crescent of Merlin."

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes, I'm sure."

"I guess that would be your rabbit hole. You're my white rabbit did you know? I'm still following you down this crazy rabbit hole." Demenshia laughed and Tempest joined her.

"You're completely mental Demenshia.

"I'm aware."

"Demenshia how many days do you think we'll have like this?"

"Its hard to say. Entia hasn't been here in so very long I fear she many be preparing an attack."

"It would make sense. My only question is when."

"Now that is a very good question." Demenshia began nibbling on her finger. "Zephyr, how are Maddox and Vayne."

"They've both ben acting strange as of late. I worry about both of them."

"Have you still been having those dreams. About your family and the street by your house?"

Tempest nodded. "Its strange. I can hear the voice in my dreams but not when I'm awake. I see his face ut I can never remember it."


"Referring to Merwick, not Astrea, even if they are one in the same."

"Ah, I see." They stood there silent as the wind blew stronger. "Something is among."

"The question is what."


Edana was acting very strange lately. She was keeping to herself. And the green hints in her eyes were frightfully brighter than usual. Also Nila's Sevratis was never around unless Edana was. Tempest was beginning to become more than worried.

Tempest walked along the crystal halls towards the Lady of the Lake. She needed some reassurance.

"Hello Young Tempest. How are you?"

"I need to know if my sister is okay."


"She's been acting strange, the green in her eyes, its brighter, and Nila's Sevratis, I hear them talk when she thinking no one hears he. Is she well protected form possession?"

"Young Tempest, your little sister is protected form possession, that I guarantee you. But she will inherit her gifts as well as a form of yours."

"What do you mean by that?"

"You mother have your father some of her gifts that fateful night. When he fathered Edana it was passed onto er, but not to the degree as with you. And then the death of her father destroyed a vital part of her soul. Young Tempest, I've don't all I can to protect her, whatever happened now is driven by fate."

"I hate fate," muttered Tempest angrily.

"Oh Young—"

"Stop calling me that! My name is Zephyr." Tempest stormed out of there in lightening speed and cast a spell to tae her back to school. As fate would ironically find it, Tempest found herself at the edge of the forest where Idaho and Demenshia were secretly talking. Tempest looked up in search of the outside of the new moon.

"Edna can I talk to you?"

Edana turned and faced Tempest startled. "Zephy—"

"Vayne are you all right?"

Edana shook her head. "No Zeph, I don't—" Edana fell to the ground and her body began to convulse. Tempest ran to her sisters side and tried to shake her sister awake, but to no avail.

"Edana!" Edana's eyes jerked open and the green sparks in her eyes glowed so brightly that they out shown the purple.

"Heshe, seighte het! Heign shiet se hitu! Shi shei et! Het se heit, se hiet, SE HIET!"

"Demenshia, bring Potter her now."

"Of course. Acci Aapparatu!" Potter appeared a bit confused until he heard and saw Edana.

"Harry what si she saying? Demenshia what's happening?"

"She's having a vision Zeph." Potter bent down and took Tempest hands into his. Tempest looked into his emerald eyes.

"Harry, what's she saying?"

"Darkness come sat Dawn. Those dead come for you. Death is coming." Edana stopped chanting and passed out. Tempest knew what the vision mean as she looked at her pale skin covered in Sweat. Entia was coming.

Edana kept repeating the words over and over and Tempest in all her knowledge of magic did not know a spell to translate.
Aida nuzzled his nose against her cheek and she smiled

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