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The trial was over and had taken longer than it should have. But Tempest was in good spirits. She carried that days issue of the Daily Prophet with her just too look at the picture of Janessa once again being hauled away by official. It made her smile to know that one of three was down for the count and very, very weak.

Tempest ate her lunch staring at the picture until a hand was placed over it.

"Enough cousin,"said Maddox rathe sternly.

"Oh come, I love relishing in my triumph."

"You still have the other two."

"Do you doubt that I'll defeat them?"

"Hardly, I believe that you are going to defeat them easily." He smiled at her ad sat down. "Now, how are your classes going? Are you even able to focus?" he joked.

"I devote thirty percent to school."

He laughed. "And let me guess the other seventy to Merwick."

"Exactly, and you know what I still find time to do my homework and ace my classes."

"Doesn't Void do your homework?"

"On occasion, it's usually Nila's homework he ends up doing most of the time."


"Those two are amusing."

"Yeah, just took them bloody long enough."

"Heh, yeah." Maddox removed his hand from the paper and stared at the picture and smiled slowly. "You truly are brilliant Zephyr."

"I'm aware." They sat there together until they were joined by Edana and Zoltron. Suddenly this was turning into a family moment.

"Hey there sister dear," yawned Edana."

"Vayne are you okay?"

Edana yawned again and waved off her concern. "Lack of sleep don't worry."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, now, how many times have you read that thing?"

Tempest stared out the window in thought and counted on her fingers. "About twelve I guess."

"Bloody hell Zeph, you're insane," said Zoltron.

"We should all know that by now," remarked Maddox wh was reading the article.

"Haven't you read that thing yet?"

"Haven't had the time, been about preoccupied," he said smiling.

"Let me guess Trixie." Maddox didn't bother looking a her but instead continued to smile.

"Incendio," said Zoltron tapping his wand against the newspaper.

"Hey!" exclaimed Maddox and Tempest in unison.

"Oh shut it. I'm the oldest here therefore what I say and do goes first. You've both had enough of that damn thing."

"Hardly," muttered Maddox under his breath. Tempest looked at him as he continued to stare at the ashes, flexing and un-flexing his ha nd nervously. Tempest watched him and then looked up as Edana who was staring at him curiously.

"Zeph, lets take a walk," said Zoltron.

"Yeah, okay." She stood up and Edana waved goodbye while Maddox remained fixated on the ashes. Tempest turned around and caught Astrea's eyes. A little smile played on her face and she waved. Tempest growled deeply in her throat. Zoltron called her down and pulled her along after.

"I hate her."

"I'm aware Zeph, but no reason to get into a fight now Zeph, you'll have plenty of time for that later. Save your strength for the Quidditch match."

"Yeah, that'll be fun."

"Won't it just." She snickered and looked back at Astrea. She was still smiling.


Tempest buckled up her silver and indigo Quidditch uniform before grabbing her Firebolt.

"Woah," said Ron.

"Its just a broom Ron," snickered Tempest.

"The fastest brooms alive and you all have one!"

"We're pureblood, what did you expect."

"Are you the team captain?" asked Harry. Tempest grip tightened on her broom and Void and Nila exchanged worried looks.

"No, Nila is."

"Why aren't you?"

"Because I'm already Head Girl and I had no desire to be the team captain."

"Uh huh."

"Just drop it Potter," said Draco. Tempest looked at him and offered a grateful smile. He looked away.

"We need to get going," said Nila grabbing her broom.

"Yeah," said Void grabbing his bat. Edana grabbed her sisters hand and pulled her along.

"Good luck," called Zoltron and Maddox.

Don't need it," called back Tempest.

"That's out girl," remarked Nila. Tempest smiled, flashing her fangs and positioning herself on her brooms.

'Lets kick some Dufflebag ass." The horn blew and the doors opened and they all flew out.

Tempest got into her position and stared at Astrea who was across the field. Even from a distance she could see the gold around her green catlike eyes. She remembered when she used to play alongside Gorx. She closed her eye sand remembered his smile, his hair blowing in the wind. The whistle blew and Tempest quickly caught sight of the snitch. She blasted past players and was soon side by side with Astrea.

"Isn't this precious Zephyr!"

"Shut your mouth."

"Oh come now, don't you think this is simply wonderful!"

"Kicking your ass would be wonderful. This is juts passing the time."

"If only Gorx—" Tempest punched her in the jaw and stoped flying around. She locked her feet on her broomstick and stood up.

"Don't you dare say his name."

Astrea licked the blood off her lip and followed Tempest. "Isn't Draco a bit jealous. You settled for him."

"I've always loved Draco, I didn't settle."

"Sure you didn't." Tenets flexed her fingers and dove after Astrea wrapping her hands around her neck.

"I could kill you."

"I dare you to . . . Young Tempest." Tempest let go and flew back. "Always so weak. Avada Kadavra!"

"Lashempush! Protego!" A shield fell over the stands. The game stopped and Tempest could hear th whispering alla round her.

"What's wrong darling? You look as thought you've seen a ghost." Astrea laughed and Tempest clenched her fist. She knew what she was about to do get disqualified. She charged at Astrea and grabbed her, dragging her off her broom and driving them both towards te ground. She shoved Astrea's face into the ground again and again but Astrea managed to wring herself out of her grip and kick her in the face knocking her back. Tempest gasped in pain as Astrea dug her knee into Tempest side. Enough, thought Tempest. She used her magic to kick Astrea back.

"Come and get me you red headed bitch." Astrea smiled her charged. Tempest kicked her jaw and wrapped her hair around her hands pulling her back. "Now who's the weak one." Tempest pulled her back and slammed her into a pillar. She placed her other hand on her bent down to her ear. Sectusempra." Astrea flew to the ground and Tempest stood watching the blood flow and relished in Astrea's screams.

"Zephyr!" she heard someone scream. Tempest turned and saw eveyrone running in her direction. She could hear the beating of Aidan's wings.

"Accio firebolt." She jumped on her broom and then onto Aidan's back who arrived just in time.


Tempest was still in her Quidditch uniform as she stood in the pouring rain at the foot of Gorx's grave. It was nightfall and despite everything she couldn't help but wonder if Astrea' was somewhat right.

"I know I don't have to say I'm sorry. You've told me not to, but I am, for everything. I didn't know I had those feelings for Draco . . Well not really anyway. I thought— I don't know what I thought. You know sometimes I don't' blame Entia for hating me so much. I could've kept you alive, ut I didn't, I respected your wishes because I loved you, maybe not as much as Draco, ut I did over you. Not a day goes by that I don't remember how much I loved you." Tempest felt her knees buckle beneath her weight and hit the ground. "I wish I had saved you Gorx."

"You can't save everyone Zephyr," came a voice. Tempest looked up an saw the on person she least expected.


"Hi. Nobody would tell me what was going on, but Edana did tell me where you would most likely be. Zephyr, I know what you're going through."

"You would be the only one."

"What happened? Who was he?"

"His name was Gorx, he was Entia's twin brother . . and my boyfriend. He seemed to be so taken with me and I was with him. I was in my fourth year, it happened while I was the Yule Ball. Draco and I had been fighting and I had gone outside to get some fresh air. It was snowing, Draco started dancing with me. We kissed and kissed and it was ta that moment when Merwick snatched up Gorx." Tempest looked up at him.

"Later on he took Astrea and Void and for months I had kept seeing the future, but I was still trying to cope with being a vampire, I had no idea what I was seeing.

"You know that little piece of green that I always avoid neat the west of the school entrance courtyard, I see something written even through I know there's nothing. Merwick sent me a message. He told me they were running out of time. He had them trapped in a stupid castle in the sky that brought so much death. It was the night of the final task. I was to late. I went up there, I saved Astrea and Void and Nila and myself but not Gorx. I got to hi to late, I ripped Merwick from his throat dn he died in my arms. Not a day goes but that I don't think about him. He's the reason why I'm not the Quidditch captain."

"What do you mean?"

"Gorx was the Slimythings Prefect, Head Boy and Quidditch Captain. Not even three months after his death I was made house Prefect. I was still reeling, still trying to cope with the blame." Tempest looked away. "I'm still trying to cope," she said in a whisper.

"I'm sorry."

"Its okay. I'm never going to get over it. I'm just going to have to cope."

"Zephyr, someone is here with me."


"Me Tempy." Tempest looked up and stared at Draco. She smiled as much as she could.

"He Draco. Nothing is ever allowed to happen to you." She ran into his arms and he lifted her up.

"Don't worry Tempy, I'll be around for the rest of your life. Lets take you home."

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