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"Do you think the Ministry is ever going to find out that Janessa is more evil than well, us," said Edana as she ate her breakfast.

"You know that's a brilliant question," said Nila, "why hadn't I thought of it?"

"Because you're a blonde Nila, there's just so much you can retain," said Void grinning. Nila pouted and threw an apple at his head.

"Behave you two," said Tempest drinking her usual pint of blood.

"Edana's right," sad Adrian. "I mean your brother and sister-in-law know, Selene and Oliver know, why doesn't anyone else?"

"Because one, Isolde is with child and I'm not putting her through unnecessary danger, even though she puts herself in enough, and two, Janessa is cocky, like the other two she'll give herself up."

"She's right you know," said Chad. Tempest smiled, she was always right. Tempest looked at Draco who was wearing the cufflinks she had bought him. He was still tired even after a good nights rest. She looked over her shoulders towards Astrea. She was there, staring back at her, that familiar gold glint in her eyes and that same stupid smile on her pale porcelain face. Tempest turned around. She had to go

Tempest excused herself form the table and everyone gave her a worried look. She didn't need to look back to know that she was being followed. His scent still aroused her.

"Draco, you should go back and eat breakfast." Tempest continued walking but he caught up to her and grabbed her wrist to spin her around.

"I'm not hungry Temp. We've hardly spoken in so long."

"What do we talk about? How you think we've got so little time together? Draco I love you, I believe that we will have all the time in the world. I want you to believe that too."

"Haw can I Temp? Give me some proof!"

"Proof? You want proof so find, I'm going to give you some proof." Tempest grabbed his hand and led him to the Slimythings common room. Tempest rifled through her stuff searching urgently for the orb. Tempest lifted up the floorboards and tore up the girls dormitory. She knew she put it somewhere, now if only she could remember where. Finally, she snapped her fingers.

"I can be such a blonde. Reparo! Appearati Accio!" She usually cast that charm non verbally, but in her head she had summoned yo the prophecy orb of Blake Phoebus Malfoy, with is label still attached. Tempest really hoped that Draco was ready for this.

"Draco, here," she said tossing it lightly into his hands. "This is the prophecy orb for Blake Phoebus Malfoy . . . Our son."

"H-how can you be so sure?" he said staring down at the orb.

"Yeah, I wasn't sure either, not until I went to Camelot the first time. Somehow there was a rip made by the door that I locked. He saw me and called me mum. He looked just like you, asides form his eyes and hair. He is our son, Blake Phoebus Malfoy."

Draco stood stunned and continued to stare at the orb. She could see the disbelief in his face.

"So this means—"

"That you are not going to die, that you can't."

"This means that I'm going to be a dad."

"That's exactly what that means Draco."

"But why, why does he have an orb?"

Tempest shrugged. "Why does anyone have an orb?"

He nodded but he still didn't look up at her. "This means we have all the time in the world."

"Exactly," she said smiling. Tempest walked over to im an gently took the orb making it vanish as she did most things, before she kissed him.

"Tempest, I love you."

"And I you Draco." He kissed her back and hugged her tightly. "Now I'll marry you." Without a moments notice he spun her in the air and she couldn't help but laugh. He put her down and ran to the common room yelling out the good news for all to hear. Tempest let out a sigh as she smiled and made her way down the stairs. She saw all the guys gather around Draco, all except Maddox who was offering her his familiar warm grin. H e was the first to greet her when she reached the bottom of the stairs. He to embraced her and spun her around.

"Glad to see your yourself again," she said laughing as he put her down.

"I'm just keep you finally said yet. Both of you being bloody insane."

Tempest laughing. I'm aware." All of a sudden through the flames past Harry and straight to Tempest.

"Zephyr we need your help."

"Why what happened? Is everyone okay?"

"No, the Ministry is under attack."


Their feet echoes across the glass floor. She could smell the muggles and the wolves far in the distance. The place was empty and Tempest knew she was walking into a trap.

"You know after Voldemort, you would think that the Ministry would make this more impregnable," said Nila with her wand out.

"You would think."

"I hate walking into a known trap."

Tempest couldn't help but smile, Nila was a fearless as ever. "So do I Nila."

"This is so annoying! Seriously—"

"Hey look at the bright side," said Void as he moused his fingers through his black hair with its ever frequent blue highlights, "we get to use magic on muggles. In my opinion that's simply brilliant."

"I hardly think so," said Hermione.

"Using magic on muggles is prohibited," said Harry and as one Void, Tempest and Nila turned and smiled their arrogant pure blooded grins.

"We attends the Nightmare Academy," began Nila.

"We're pure bloods," continued Void.

"We brake the rules all the time," finished Tempest.

"Do you really think we care," they all said in unison. They turned around and continued on their way.

"You know Zeph," said Divina, "you should get a job ere in the defensive section when this whole thing ends. Maybe then this place wouldn't be a target."

"Yeah maybe, if I live through this."

"Always the pessimist," commented Chad.

"Its part of my character." She gave him a smile and pulled out her wand. They were searing darkness. "Lumos." They crept close together, often stepping on each others toes still no one complained. Tempest followed her nose and led them to the Great Entrance Hall. Janessa's porcelain angelic face smiled proudly on the posters that hung above.

"A bit full of herself ain't she," said Edana.

"I hardly think so," said Janessa's voice from above. "And underage magic is strictly prohibited."

Tempest smiled. "Says the girl who's broken ah, lets see, exposing magic to muggles, has killed oh how many people and who also is trying to kill me, not to mention you're working for Merwick you blonde headed twit, id day underage magic usage is nothing compared to all of those offenses."

Janessa placed her index finger on her chin thoughtfully. "You know, you have a point. But see here's the thing. I. Don't. Care." She jumped down and strolled casually down towards them. "You know once I'm done with you, I think I will make those improvements you all were talking about. This place really is a target for psychopaths."

"You're a psychopath," said Nila bluntly. "How the bloody hell did you even become Minister?"

"The Imperious Curse." She smiled smugly and Tempests smiled at Nila's genious.

"You are an idiot Janessa."

"Ugh enough already. Attack!" Wolves charged and Tempest sheathed Excaliber.


"Levi corpus," cast Nila, Edana and Ron.


"Incendio!" Cast Demenshia trapped a few wolves and muggles.

"Aqua eructo," cast Verdina and Exodus trapping others. She looked over her shoulder and saw Hermione and Maddox back to back petrifying others.

They battles on trapping people here and there. Tempest saw the silver of blades and the flacks of blood. She knew that bloodshed was inevitable but she had hoped against hope that maybe no blood would be spilt. She looked up briefly at Janessa who was watching. Tempest looked around, she was going to end this.

"Oliver, where are the other?"

"They should be here, to on their way. I sent a Patronous message o them."

"Good. Lillith, Damien come over here. Petrificus totalus!" Two wolves stopped in their tracks and she ducked s one charged and threw it against the wall.

"Kinda busy here Zeph," said Lilli who was unleashing her rage on the Merwick Crusaders.

"Nila and Void are ore preoccupied, so get over here, I need a path cleared to get to Janessa."

"In that case, be right there. Avada Kadavra!" Both muggle and wolf fell to the ground dead. She grabbed Damien on her way to Tempest who punched a muggle in the face. Damien and Lillith stepped on either side of her.

'Glad you two could make it."

"What do you need us to do?" asked Damien.

"Clear a path for me, I don't care how."

Little gave each and every wolf and Muggle ahead of her a hungry look. "With pleasure. Incendio!"


"Pertarsu!" exclaimed fishing out the rest. Tempest ran at top speed unleashing Excaliber in her wake as she cared at Janessa. Janessa blocked her but was knocked back with the full force Tempest attacked with.

"Get up you blonde twit."

"You evil with."

"Yeah, well what the bloody hell are you going to do about it Janessa," she snarled. Janessa lunged at her and attacked with a force almost as great as Tempest. Her blonde curls bounced. She lunged with her mouth but Tempest dodged and moved to strike with her burgundy blade but Janessa gingerly avoided. They circled each other until Janessa struck. Tempest held her strength up, she had to defeat her.

"I will kill you Tempest Artemisa Nyx!"

Tempest anger surged. "Don't. Call. Me. That!" Tempest swung harder than she in months and Cut Janessa on her arms. Janessa stumbled back and stared up at her fearfully. Her blade fell from her hands and clattered on the floor. It was the only sound Tempest heard loud and clear. Her shoes clicked against the stone. The voices around her turned distant as she watched and the area around the cut on Janessa's arm not heal and the poison begin to take affect.

"Don't worry precious Janessa, I'll give you the antidote. After you're in Azcaban surrounded by at least a dozen Demetors. Petrificus Totalus!" Janessa froze with her eyes wide open, her fear clear.

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