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For once Tempest wasn't the one that was stuck in the infirmary. Her wounds had healed quickly once she had gotten some blood in her. For once is was Nila and Verdina who were stuck in bed.

"This is weird," said Nila.

"What?" said Tempest reading the Daily Prophet by her side, her legs up on the bed.

"I'm where you usually are and you're where I usually am. "Its weird being on the other side of the bed frame."

Tempest laughed and nodded. "You're right, this is quite weird."

"Ho are my two favourite ladies said Void as he walked into the Infirmary with breakfast in hand.

"Ah, its you lovely boyfriend and my dearest best friend bearing gifts of food."

"I love food."

"Yeah I know," mocked Tempest sitting up while putting the newspaper down.

"So how is my darling—"

"Oh shove it Void. I think I liked the way you acted before we started dating."

Void smiled. "Yeah, but this is more amusing for me."

"You are a such an ass Void," said Nila as she blushed.

"Yes, I'm bloody brilliant," he smiled and clicked his tongue ring against his teeth.

"Now there's the Void I grew up with," laughed Tempest.

"Like I would ever change. Now how are you feeling blondie," said Void biting into a blueberry muffin.

"Fine thank you," still soar thought."

"Well at least you're still alive."

"Yeah, I almost thought that I wouldn't live."

"Well I knew you would, that we would," said Tempest picking up some bacon, she loved bacon.

"Good," said Void. "How's Verdina."

"She spends all her time sleeping. Exodus knows all those remedies. They don't use magic anymore remember."

"So lots of sleep, I could get used to that," said Void.

"You could get used to anything enforces your lazy arse.:"

"Hey, this lazy arse spends his time studying and doing homework that save your cute little butt."

Nila giggled and Tempest rolled her eyes. "Can you two please not get all gross while I'm around. Thanks that would be great." She gave them each a sly smile and went back o readying her paper.

"Yeah, yeah we'll go easy," said Void.

"Yeah, we promise," said Nila taking a sip of her apple juice.

"Good, now get better, Christmas is in a few days and I've got a pass and I'm leaving to go Christmas shopping."

Tempest got up and gave them each a hug before she left.


Tempest knew that she was going to be followed, that was the reason she brought Harry along with her.

"So what are you getting your lovely girlfriend back at Hogwarts?"

"A necklace, what are you getting Draco," asked Harry as he rifled along.

"Don't really know, I figured I'll give him something sweet. I never know what to get him until the last minute. Its always very difficult to shop for him."

"Why not just—"

"Be mindful of what you say Potter," she said giving him a warning glance as she picked up two silver cufflinks with emeralds embedded.

""Hmm, these are perfect."

"They're still there," muttered Potter under his breath.

"I would assume so. This is my last [resent, pull out your wand Potter. Once we are 'vulnerable' they'll strike."

"No swords."

Tempest sniffed the air as she payed. "They're not vampires, probably wolves since they're here. They'll have wands."

"Well I'd rather face off wolves than vampires."

"So would I. I detest fair fights." She offered him a smile and he laughed.

"Spoken like a true dark witch."

"And proud of it." They walked out of borgin and Burkes and Tempest walked down the alley filled with anticipation, for she knew that three wolves she sniffed earlier were about to pounce. And when they did, she smiled.

"You think you're sneaky but you're not," she taunted.

"Stupefy!" Said Harry knocked one down.

"Protego!" she cast as the other two pounced.


"Simply brilliant Potter."

"I make good use of Defensive spells."

"I know." All three wolves changed into their humans forms. Her face grew hot but she was not going to let then distract her. They were all men.

"Petrificus Totalus!" exclaimed Harry. The one on the far left froze up and fell to the ground.

"Levi corpus!"

"Lashempush!" The one on the far right floated into the air. Both Tempest pointed their wands at the only one left standing.

"Would you like to try something," said Harry rather smugly.

"I hope he doesn't, you may not kill, but I do, in fact I like to torture too," said Tempest smiling.

"You wouldn't," said the minions of Merwick.

"Try me."

"Go ahead then."

Tempest growled and put her wand away. She couldn't risk th spell being traced. "Crucio!"


"Shut it Potter." Tempest finished the cast and stared down at the weak man, who was probably no older than her. "Give precious Merwick a message for me. Tell him that I will bring him down and end this nightmare, no matter the cost and that mercy is not I gift I will continue to give." Tempest turned around, pilling Harry along after her.

"Ow could you?"

"He asked me to and this point, I can't appear to any weaker than I've already let him see."

"That was one of the Unforgivable Curses!"

"I'm aware, which is why I didn't use my wand."

"I've experienced that spell!"

"Yeah well so has Nila and she means more to me than you do. She was thirteen when Adrian, who was seventeen at the time, used it on her," she said facing him. "I know what that spell does Potter," she said distastefully, "don't begin to assume that I don't." She stormed off into the Leaky Cauldron, she needed a drink.

Tempest sat where she always sat, up on the second floor on a table viewing the whole bar. It was seven years ago when she sat here across from Draco who ha ordered both Crabbe and Goyle to sit down, where Void brought her, her Butter Beer and where she flirted with Draco. It was here where she first set eyes on Harry Potter who had entered with Hagrid, not knowing who he was.

"I'm sorry," said Harry, sitting across from her.

"Don't be, not like you knew."

"You've seen a lot of death haven't you."

"Much, almost as much as you."

"Did you know Snape?"

"I love Snape. I got to him too late thought."

"You knew him then."

"Yes, he knew my birth mother, they went to school together." Tempest looked up and noticed that everyone was staring at the both of them. "I hate being stared at."

"We're famous, but I knew how you feel."

"Yeah." The doors blew open and Tempest smelled blood in the air. "Oh bloody hell. Aidan!"

"What's wrong?"

"Blood, vampires, and I highly doubt that they're friendly."

"So what now?"

"We barricade ourselves in and wait for the calvary. Incendio!" She lit the fire place and inscribed a temporary rune over the fire place to keep the fire burning. "How many fire places are there?" She asked the inn keeper.

"That's the main one, each room has one."

Tempest groaned. "That's great. Aidan, are they on their way."
"Okay, Potter stand on the other side of the wall and wait or my signal." Three people arrived with Demenshia wrapped in her magic. They were Zoltron, Hydra and Maddox. Verdina brought her father, Lillith and Damien. Tempest heard the rest running down the stairwell. Nila and Void appeared at her side.

"How many?"

"I don't think they're here for us. Stella do you know them?"

"I don't know them. Serena?"

A smile fell across Serena's face. "They are friends of Veronica's."

"Are you sure?"

"Tempest Artemisa Nyx! We mean no harm. We came to offer out help."

"Guess that answers that. Everyone stay here, if anything happens, don't do a thing, run, especially you Nila, you're not fully recovered yet."

Tempest a deep breath and walked out the door. Before her stood six vampires four men and two women. None of them charged at her.

"Hello Tempest," said the youngest looking female. Her blue eyes glowed as her fangs glistened in the moonlight.

"Don't call me Tempest."

"You tried to save Veronica—"

"And now you've come 'eh? Three years later? What took you so long?"

"We were . . . preoccupied."

"Yes, I an smell it all over you."

"Yes well—"

"It wasn't our fight," said the male. The girl hissed at him. "No, she wants the truth, so I will tell it. We were sad when Veronica passes, but she was not part of our clan so we took no direct responsibility. Whine his day walkers came and took whatever they wanted, inviting our brethren to their clan, we became unnerved and enraged. Only we remain of our pack and there are other like us. Merwick interference is something that can no longer be tolerated, nor is the death of our race."

Tempest ground her teeth together. She couldn't sense a trap but vampires weren't to be completely trusted.

"My name is Zephyr and I will except your help but if you double cross me, any of you, I will kill you without t a second thought."

"We understand. Now allow me to introduce myself. I am Vadim Sanluida and this is my clan." She bowed and her childlike curls bounced up and down as she grinned.

"Yes, they should be there shortly."

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