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Nothing had happened in weeks. Merwick was probably taking the loss of so many vampires resentfully. Probably most likely was. Tempest relished on that thought until a snowball hit her in the head. It came from her sister who was sticking her tongue out at her. Tempest was glad to see her little smile again.

"Does that count as a point?" asked Ron.

"No," said Zoltron. He was the referee for this game. Teammates are allowed to hit fellow teammates just as long as it is to wake them from their daydreaming." He winked at Tempest.

"Oh shut it, the Academy is still ahead by three points, lets get going." Tempest ran and ducked behind her teams barricade.

"Get you head in the game Zeph," said Edana forming another snowball.

"Sorry if I relish a bit in the enjoyment darling." Tempest peaked above the arcade and narrowly avoided the snowballs thrown from non other that Draco. She caught his arrogant smile and signalled for her teammates to fire. She knew that the others were ready. Snowballs flew through the air and three hits were made. Zoltron called time and announced the winner. Tempest team had won.

"Big cheats," said Ron smiling.

"We are not Ronald Weasly!" exclaimed Nila as she snuggled into Voids arms.

"You have a vampire on your team, that's an unfair advantage."

"Oh fine, next time I'll refer," aid Tempest making her What towards Draco who wrapped his arms around her.

"Sore losers," muttered Void. Nila smacked his head and offered Ron a smile. The bell rung and Tempest looked at the sky. The sun was setting.

"Time to go in." Everyone exchanged looks and headed in. Even though nothing had happened for weeks, no one decided to test their luck.

Tempest yawned as she sat by the fire, curled up against Draco. Tempest still had to figure out how mere mortals were becoming immortal and still remained human.

"Stop it Zeph," said Nila kicking her. Nila always knew what she was thinking.

"Can't help it Nila."

"You'll figure things out in time Zeph," said Void sharing a look with Draco.

Tempest snorted. "Says you. If you hadn't noticed things aren't really going our way. Life at this pint should be tread on carefully. Merwick is probably watching me, as usual."

"How often does he watch you?" asked Maddox.

Tempest shrugged. "A lot actually, he hasn't been in my dreams so I tale that as a good sign."

"What if it isn't," said Maddox looking her curiously. "What if he's that cocky? What if—"

"I know Maddox, I know, but worries me too."

"Hey, there is a bright side," said Nila. Everyone turned and looked at her as though she were crazy. "He's always cocky and in the end he always fails.

"Hmm, now would you look at that, she's right," remarked Void. Nila punched him in his knee and he groaned in pain.

"Don't be s smart ass ;love."

"Ugh, god Nila, was that really called for?"

"Void, just shut up already," said Temps. She looked back at Maddox who continued to stare at her very worried.


Tempest lay in the snow alone. She'd been sitting there for hours now, since the sun came up and wanted to think, she wanted to be alone. The snow covered her long black her and all that remained was the few inches that remained near her scalp. Snowflakes were caught on her long thick black eyelashes and she blinked them away. HS really did wonder what Merwick was playing at, what his plans were. Again sh wondered if beheading him had been the best move. It hadn't mattered what she did though,, no matter what she would have lost in the end. Maybe not the battle but something dear to her heart. Tempest sat up pulling her hair from the snow, it was wrapped in. She couldn't concentrate on anything. She was more worried about Draco and Maddox that nothing else mattered. But then again, everything mattered because their loves were intertwined someway to Merwick. Her dreams tented to revolve around them nowadays.

"Zephyr!" Tempest looked up and saw Divina running toward her. Tempest stood up and dusted herself off. She did not like the look that was on her pale face.

"Oh god, what happened?"

"You need to come with me, we're going into water." Divina began dragging her along.

"Merwick hasn't been there again has he?"

"No, but I know you've been thinking a lot about those muggle so I figure that it would have to be some seriously old magic so my mother did some digging around for me and we found some pretty interesting stuff."

"You wait till today!"

"Today is when I learned it myself so come on lets go." Divina let go of her and dove into the icy cold water. Tempest shook her head and dove in after.

She loved Avalon and how mysterious it was. You couldn't tell how deep the lake was which made the beauty at the bottom all the more beautiful. It was a sight one couldn't get to see unless you were lucky, like se was, or rather unlucky she thought to herself.

They reached the bottom in no time and even through the darkness of the deep water she could see the lights from the houses and the palace. It was a great sight to behold.

"Stop staring Zephyr, we shouldn't be late to talk to my mother."

"Is Erasmus still here," asked Tempest swimming along. She loved how the bubble charm allowed her to talk, even if a little muffled.

"Of course but he's dome trying to become king. He's more like a constant reminder that if and when I have children, I am so bloody letting them choose who they want to be with."

Tempest laughed. "That sounds like a good plan"

"Divina shrugged. "I want my children to have a good life. No offense, but being around you is quite dangerous."

"Yeah I know." Tempest thought back to her own son Blake. He had seen her like she had seen him. He looked sad and Tempest wondered if something was going to happen that would make her own son look at her through sad tears. What worried her even more was knowing that he was going to go down the black staircase.

"You know Zephyr, I don't mind being your guardian, but I do find one thing annoying."

"And what would that be?"

"I can feel when your depressed."

"You must not get a moments piece huh."

"NO, not really," she laughed. Tempest smiled and shook her head sadly.

"You poor girl."

"Princess here darling, poor princess."

"Oh of course your majesty." Divina swam hastily away with her tail swishing back and forth behind her. She was the picture of the muggle fairy tails about mermaids when the actual mermaids were not so beautiful and she was the descendant of the "abomination" of Morgan le Fey and her experiments.

At the palace, Divina broke through her spell and lowered both her feet to the ground. Tempest followed suit entering in after her. Greeting them both was Erasmus with his usual smug smile. Tempest rolled her eyes.

"How are the two lovely's ever to have lived?"

"We're fine, find your love yet, oh wait, you haven't, how sad," mocked Tempest.

"My, my, an insult from the most pristine Tempest Artemisa Nyx, how magnificent."

"Well I hope your honoured."

"Erasmus, where's my mother?"

He shrugged and ruffled his white hair. "She's around. She's alive so that's really all that matters isn't it? Anyway, she said that she was going to do some last minute reading up on her notes."

"As long as its not to late. You have to stay here and I'll have to go back above," said Tempest looking up at the ceiling.

"You're not going to give me a choice are you?"

"No, not really."

"My darlings," came a voice from above. Both Tempest and Divina looked up at Divina's mother as she swam towards them, her long white hair flowing behind her. Erasmus bowed in her presence and she dismissed him and then embraced both her daughter and Tempest.

"Hello your majesty," said Tempest bowing.

'Don't bow darling," said Lucinda, " you are far to great a figure to bow. No, follow me if you would." She swam away to a room and Tempest followed next to Divina. In the little library type room. Lucinda sat down and began her tale.

"Centuries ago, when my kind was created, Morgan enlisted the help of her Dark Majesty. Morgan not only used the blood of the two beings but she would take a young child, boy or girl as well as a mermaids body. One would always have to be dead and drained of its blood. Morgan would alternate and they used the combined magical blood for future experiments.

"Morgan would combine the two with the help of her dark majesty but the process had been fatal each and overtime until the Lady of the Lake came and gave a helping hand. She told Morgan a tale of magical water that could help in her experiments. Morgan searched for months and then returned with magic that even the queens themselves thought were mythical. Morgan began her experiments in a new way.

"Morgan would make each child drink water of death and then as they ley dying she would cast a spell on their blood and they them in water where they began to bleed out. The water she used though was water of life and gave the two dying children life again but not as they once were. The water of death stripped them of life, and with their blood magically intertwined, the water of life gave it a life of its own within the two bodies. Thus was born the race of the Drowmaid, born in water from the magically imbued blood of wizards ad mermaids that were laid to death."

Tempest and Divina looked at each other.

"Where did the water corm from?" asked Tempest.

"That I do not know."

Tempest bit at her gold and silver nails and stood up. If the mermaids took the water from Morgan then they knew what it was and in the back of her head something was buzzing, something from her past.

"Come on, I have an idea."


They all huddled up at the edge of the Black Lake at Hogwarts that was covered in a layer of ice. Almost everyone stood behind her which she found annoying. She could do this alone but after the Vampire Attack they decided that they should all stay together, just in case. The only people were missing were her brother and sister and their respective partners. At least they thought she could handle this alone.

"It's covered in ice," remarked Harry. Tempest rolled her eyes.

"Do you know nothing about me Potter? Serena if you would."

"Would be my pleasure."

Serena stroked her blade hard against the ice and fire erupted and spread across the ice. Tempest smiled in acknowledgment. The ice was melting quickly and Tempest took off her boots and stepped into the slowly warming water.

"Serena stay up here and keep the water warm. I wand a handful of you to stay here. Demenshia stay up here. Nila and Verdina come with me. The rest of you choose now. Oh and before following me, cast a warmth spell on yourself. Edana you're staying up here whether you like it or not." Tempest ran into the water and floated there waiting for those who were going to follow, she wasn't surprised when she saw Void, Draco and Maddox. She was surprised when she saw Harry. He was stronger than she gave him credit for.

Tempest and Harry swam alongside ahead of each other looking for the Mermaids and trying to avoid the Grindilow. They swam slowly and carefully avoiding the seaweed beds and heading straight to the home of the Mermaids. They all carried tridents and Tempest could see the little movements if the Grindelows and took a deep breath as she swam forward slowly. She waved Divina upfront whose fin shimmered in the dark green water. All the mermaids turned and hissed nd swam quickly surrounding those that were human. Divina looked back at Tempest warily.

"You are the daughter of us and the wizard," said the one mermaid who swam circles around Divina.

"Ye, I am, can you let my friends go?"

The mermaid looked at her confused before thrusting her trident int o the ground. The trident next to Tempest throat vanished and she swam towards Divina.

"Can you tell us of the waters of life and death?" asked Tempest. The mermaid swam around her and her music like voice filled the water.

"The waters of life and death, sisters to each other, and to another. They are the Pools of Life. The Pool of Light grants immortality while the Pools of Darkness takes it away and bring about death. But another one lies, the Pool of Twilight. The pool that returns life taken and takes life that was given. The pool that makes all beings mortal . . . Vampire." Tempest shared a secretive look with Nila and Void and she knew what the buzzing in the back of her head was. She was touched with death as were they.

"Thank you."

"Lave now, one twice touched by darkness, and take the beautiful abomination with you." The Mermaid swam away and Tempest grabbed Divina.

"We have to go now.."

"Why so quickly," asked Maddox.

"Because the Grindelows are coming," answered Harry. Everyone looked behind them at the mass growing bigger.

"Yeah, now." Tempest grabbed Draco and Maddox while Divine grabbed Void and Harry. Nila and Verdina used their magic to tussles behind them to slow down the oncoming attack. It didn't matter what they did, nothing seemed to slow them down.

"Divina get them all on the land I'm going to go help Nila and Verdina stall."


"Not now, just do it." Tempest began to swim away until Draco pulled her back and hugged her tightly.

"In need you to go Draco, I need you to be safe."

"I love you."

"I love you." Tempest pulled way and swam quickly back towards Nila and Verdina... The Grindelows' were getting close.

"We're going to survive right?" asked Nila.

"Yeah, but heavily bruised and injured."

"Just as long as we survive."


"I'd say we're prepared," said Verdina.


Tempest braced herself as she heard the swarm. She knew Nila and Verdina would loose consciousness before her but she had to at least try to hold the Grindelows off. So the did. Nila fought off many and trapped others before Tempest saw her eyes fluttered closed from the beating she got. Verdina had several swirling in whirlpools all around before others swam and caught her off guard while they knocked her unconscious. Tempest was he last one left and as her wounds healed she was able to stay awake longer, but there was just so much she could do. Several Grindilow slashed against her face against her legs, against her torso. Tempest used several spells to keep them back but more kept coming and she too could feel the daze taking over. Her eyelids were heavy, she gave up, but not before searching for her friends. She was happy to know that no one was there.

"Aidan—" Even from afar she could hear him roar. He would save her, she thought, as she fell into darkness,

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