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Void clicked his tongue ring against his teeth and fingered his blue tipped hair. Tempest braided the purple section of her hair and watched as Nila twirled her finger over her nose ring. Tempest touched her belly ring and snuggled deeper into Draco's arms. She looked at Maddox who was staring at the crescent moon. His hair blew in the icy air ad Tempest wondered if he was cold.

The snow that fell glistened in the strong moonlight. Merwick had yet to reveal himself although she had the strong suspicious that it was Astrea. Maddox turned to her and looked at her and Tempest noticed that a portion if his hair was beginning to slowly turn white and while violet eyes with had the gold freckles within them. He gave her a look that Tempest knew too well./

"Hey, I'll be right back okay." Draco nodded and Tempest stood up and headed over to Maddox, lightly touching his shoulder. "Hey are you all right?"

"Can we talk."

"We are—"

"Alone," he said shooting her an annoyed look. He looked both upset and angry with her and the shocked Tempest.

"Yeah, okay, follow me." Tempest grabbed her prefect badge as she made her way out. Tempest and Maddox walked along and silent to the Astronomy Tower. She opened up her wind to Aidan.

"Something is wrong Mistress."

"I know. Will you be at the tower?"

"Of course. Mistress something is very wrong. I can sense it."

"As can I. I should not have chopped

"You weren't given much of a choice. As a vampire he would have hunted Draco down. At least as long as Astrea is him, you are a step ahead of him."


"Hey, are you all right?" asked Maddox helping her up. The gold freckles in his eyes shone brightly against his violet eyes.

"Uh, yeah, I daze out when I talk to Aidan."

"So I've noticed."

"Yeah. Aidan get Harry . . . now. Something is very wrong."That feeling again?"Tempest headed up the soft glowing blue stairs and opened the top door and stepped out. Aidan was waiting for her. She smiled and made her way there.



"Hey there Aidan, is Potter on his way?" Aidan bent his head down and blinked his heavy eyes twice while she stroked his head. Maddox stood next to her and stared off into the distance.

"So are you going to marry Draco?"

Tempest was taken back by th e question.

"I haven't decided yet. I mean Yeah I wan tot but not if he thinks we have so little time together. I mean Blake—"

"Ah yes, Blake, that reminds me, have you looked at your Prophecy?" He gave her a sly side long smile.

"No, and I don't' plan to. Knowing the future is back enough, knowing what fate has in store is a totally different matter."

"Hmm, fate is a fickle thing."

"Yeah, sure it is. Anyway is Draco's proposal the only thing you wanted to talk about?"

"No, its not. When I was bitten, I don't know, I feel a little different. Its weird and confusing."


"Shh, I know.

"Zephyr, there's just something I've gotta—"

"Maddox," she said stalling. "You know I love you right? I mean you;'re my cousin, and you're my dearest and oldest friend."

Maddox looked way and sighed. "Yeah, I know." The door of the stairwell opened and Potter stepped onto the tower floor looked a bit confused. Tempest smiled relieved.

"Hello Harry, how are you?"

"Uh fine, what's—"

"I'm going to the library, later." Maddox walked away, passing them both by uncharacteristically as Harry made his way to Tempest and she sat down on the ledge and smile.

"So why did you have me come?"

"So that he could leave. Last year I had a disturbing vision."

"You averted it? I thought couldn't change the future."

"What I've learned is that something's can be changed. If not, Nila, Void, Astrea and I would be dead. The future can sometimes be altered Potter, if not all the time." She looked up at the stars and thought of both Gorx and Draco.

"So that was it?"

"Pretty much plus I wanted to check your handle with that blade,"

"Pretty good, Stella says. Ron is a bit clumsy with it but Hermione is far better than I would have thought."

"That's not shocking, the girl is—" Tempest stopped and jumped up gracefully. "I hope you're really good with the blade Potter," she heard the laughter and knew that Nila, Void and the others would be here soon. Tempest stepped back from the ledge, pulling Harry along with er.

"Demenshia if you can hear me, please come here."

"Who's Demenshia?" asked Harry warily pulling out his sword.

"Oh right, um, well she's the daughter of the Mystic of Air and she's a bit demented. Don't worry, she's . . . Nevermind, I can' t really say she's perfectly harmless."

"I'm so glad you think that of me!" exclaimed a voice. Tempest turned and was immediately embraced by a girl in white, Her light brown hair lightly wrapped by a ribbon. "You are a great friend cousin!"

"Yes, yes, I know. Demenshia meet Harry Potter please don't' frighten him."

"Frighten him," said Demenshia pulling away. "Why on earth would I frighten him?"

"Its in your nature Demenshia. Now please bring Verdina, we could really use her help right now."

"Understood. Proper introduction will have to wait Harry. Xenoi appearati!" The wind blew and appearing were a dazed Exodus and Verdina. They looked at Zephyr confused although Verdina had that stern angry look that demeaned her beauty.


"No time pull our your blades and use your damn magic. Don't be fickle, no time." The wind blew and Tempest spun around matching her blade with that of Gorx. Entia was snarling.

"You're quick Zephyr."

"Yeah, I know, what's your point?"

"No point darling." Tempest swiped out. "Incendio!"Steam met between the sword points and Entia snarled. "You know or a supposed Mystic you really are pathetic."


"Why you little—!" She wiped her sword and a shield blew against Entia making her stumble to close to the edge. A look of shock covered her face.

"Huh, guess you do have talent. Avada Kadavra!" Tempest caught the spell at the end of her sword and thrust it back at her. Entia was to slow to dodge and collapsed against the ground. Tempest took advantage of te opportunity and lunged. Entia's eyes widened as Tempest came ouf of nowhere and tackled Entia to the ground. Her head hit the concrete and the stone snapped and cracked beneath the blow. Tempest saw Entia's eye flitter. Tempest stood up and looked around, this was too early she thought.

"Get in a circle now."

"It would be best if we listened to her," said Demenshia pulling out her sw2prd and wand.

"Out the wand away cousin," said Verdina. "I feel you won't need it."

"Protego," said Tempest. A gold dome enveloped them and she knew what was coming. "Aidan, fly high now."Aidan flew high into the aid and Tempest growled as the scent of her enemies grew higher.


"Don't disobey me Aidan, I need you out of harms way and warn Nila and the others to stay behind, tell them to get everyone in the school. Now!"

"Yes Mistress."

"Zephyr, what's going on?" asked Harry.

"Vampires, and not just a few, more like a couple hundred."

"Hod do you plan to stop all of them!"

"I'm thinking, give me a few minutes."

"Young Tempest, we're going to need to use a lot of our power," said Demenshia tightening her hair.

"Yeah that thought crosse my mind. Serena if you can hear me, get up here now."

"You really plan on taking out at least two hundred vampires," remarked Harry.

"Don't have much of a choice do I. Stand back to back with Exodus. I really hope you handle that blade well Potter. Cecile?"Her voice faded and Tempest called out to Aidan.


"Is Serena out of the school?"

"Yes, she's heading your way."

"Good, seal up the school please."

"Already on it."


"Pick up Serena."

"Of course, you should warn her."

"Don't think I have to, just go."

"Hello Janessa."

"Why hello darling Zephyr! You look a bit crowded in that little bubble. Come out and play."

"I'd rather not be torn to bits by your legion."

"Aw, how sad. Oh well, you can't stay in there forever. We'll wait."

"Dawn will come."

Janessa laughed. "Oh im' sure that you will be out of there by dawn. You might be mystic but really darling, when was the last time you fed?" Tempest stiffened. She couldn't' remember. "I thought so. All we have to do is wait."

Tempest snarled. "Demenshia do you know any good spells to take them all out?"

"No, but if you cast a spell I'm sure that Verdina and I could help enhance it."

"Good. Avada Kadavra!" Tempest sent the spell through with a wave of her sword and struggled to stay on her feet as she watched it ripped through the crowd. Holding one spell and casting another was draining her. At least hopefully she could kill many as she could.

The wind shifted and she could fee; the heat. Demenshia must have felt it too for her face brightened up.

"I feel Veronica's warmth. Should I spread it?"

Tempest smiled. "Yes please."

Janessa's bright young smile vanished. "What's going on?"

"I really hope you drink my potions darling." She heard the roar of Aidan and turned to stare. Serena sat on his back and with her sword held high, blazing.

"Ph hell," muttered Janessa.

"Yes darling," said Tempest smiling.

"Oh bloody heel." Janessa stumbled back and Tempest sheathed Excaliber and grabbed both Verdina and Demenshia's hands.

"Protego," they all muttered in unison. The gold shield over them glowed brighter.

"Spread the fire Demenshia."

"Would be my pleasure." The wind spread the fires coming from both Serena and Aidan and the fire enveloped at least a hundred. The screams echoes through the air, vampires collapsed into heaps of ash and blew away withe th strong wind conjured by Demenshia. The wind though did not drown out the screams all around her. Only Janessa stood untouched by the fires a horrified expression over her delicate face,

"Janessa!" The voice belonged to Entia. Janessa quickly shook her head and to through the fire of burning bodies. Not one did she look back at Tempest through the flames.

Hours passed, but she kept up the shield until the flames finally began to die down with the rising of the sun. Tempest wished she hadn't seen so much death, she wished she couldn't smell the lingering scent of burnt flesh in the air.

"That was unpleasant," said Verdina, as it began to rain, releasing Tempest hand. Tempest nearly stumbled as she fully released the spell.. Demenshia looked at her sadly as she helped her stand. Tempest turned and looked at Verdina thankfully.

"Well they were warned," said Demenshia dusting ash of an exhausted Harry. He was not knew to the sight of death.

"That doesn't excuse the unpleasantness of the situation." Tempest rubbed her face and sat down on the ash covered ground. "This shouldn't have happened. This much death . . There's enough death, enough has been caused."

"Zephyr," said Serena helping her stand once again.

"No, no, just leave me alone." Tempest shoved her away and continued to sit on what was once a living thing.

"Death comes and goes Young Tempest," began Demenshia. "It is a part living." Tempest looked at her and held her breath. Her eyes were white.

Aidan roared and flew off and the first wave came and surrounded them. They all growled and parted for a single girl. Janessa came and smiled at her and waved her hand to present the vicious vampire.
Maddox why didn't you mention any of this before." Suddenly she remembered her vison. Maddox turned his head and Tempest took a step back. Potter hurry up, she thought.
his head off."Something about that statement bothered her. Was Astrea really Merwick? Her thoughts were interrupted when she tripped up the stairs.

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