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freaking gorgeous chapter image by Camila at TDA, to whom this chapter is dedicated.

Chapter Seventeen: Unexpected, Part I


People, in general, are selfish; this much I know for sure. It’s what everyone expects other people to be and, really, what almost every action made is based of off: how will this help me? or At least it’s not me.  Like, when someone reads that Dominique Weasley, the pregnant, famous teenager that betrayed her sister, broke up with her hot healer boyfriend, they’re not really concerned for my well-being. And, while they are entertained by my misfortunes and love to gossip about bad parenting and delinquent children, what everyone is really thinking is that they’re just so glad that it wasn’t them or their sister or their daughter.


And don’t think that I exclude myself in this, either. Sure, I can say that I’m not selfish, really, just that growing up with my mum and my sister has made me learn to fight for myself (Have you ever been stuck in a house with two other part-veela girls and only one hairbrush because Louis decided to chuck the other ones into the ocean because James laughed at him for brushing his hair in third year? Didn’t think so.); I can say that, and many other excuses until I’m blue in the face and yet, when it comes down to it, I’m selfish. I protect myself. Sometimes I hurt others so that I won’t be hurt. I don’t reach out to settle fights (read: this is usually and somewhat rightfully attributed to being part-Weasley) even when I know I should.

But I can’t really afford to be selfish anymore. I have to think about my daughter.

With that mentality, over the next few days I moved all of Hayes’ stuff into the closet in the hallway and ignored all of his attempts to contact me, which was saying something. He wrote me letters (that I burned), he sent me flowers (that I threw out of the window and/or burned), he tried to visit me at work the few times I went in (Uncle George took care of that… I don’t want to know how), and he even tried to get Emmelyn and Aunt Ginny to listen to his side (word is that he barely escaped with his manhood both times).

And I really can’t pretend that it was all for my baby, either. Hayes hurt me. I trusted him and he betrayed me. I was angry, I was hurt, and I was trying not to let myself fall into self-pity mode.

After all, the last time I hit self-pity mode over a break up I ended up pregnant.

Thankfully, I had a lot to distract me. Christmas was about a week away and that meant that Hogwarts had finally let out for winter break – which meant cousins.

“Good Lord and Sweet Baby Jesus!” I jumped awake the first morning of Hogwarts’ winter break at the sound of Lily’s exclamation.

“Merlin, Lily, don’t give me a heart attack or anything!” I growled as threateningly as I could from my bed, which wasn’t very threateningly at all.

“You’re huge,” she said, skipping happily over to throw herself down on the bed next to me.  I closed my eyes tightly at the movement of the bed. “I didn’t expect you to be this big.”

“I’m ever so glad you’re back,” I deadpanned as I opened my eyes and saw her face right next to mine. I made to turn over to my other side, but realized that with my enlarged uterus it was too much work. “Back up before I go cross-eyed.” I muttered, blinking the sleep out of my eyes. My daughter decided to help me wake up by kicking me in the bladder.

She scoots over a bit and as she does I slowly push myself up from the bed and walk around her to the bathroom. Lily rolls over to follow me with her eyes, “Hey where’re you –” THUNK. “Ow.”

I laugh as I finally make it to the toilet, “You okay?” I manage to say.

“Don’t laugh at me, fattie,” Lily all but growls.

I smirk as I wash my hands. I down my morning potions and throw the door back open, “Does your Mum know you’re here? What time is it?” I ask as I walk out of my room, grabbing my wand from the dresser as I do.

I hear her jump off my bed (landing on her feet this time) and follow me, “It’s seven oh-three. And no, but I wasn’t about to go in and tell her.” It’s funny how I would have never been caught dead awake at this hour before the pregnancy and now… well, honestly I count myself lucky to have slept this long.

However, Lily’s tone of disgust catches me by surprise, “Why not?” I ask as I pull a box of some chocolatey cereal from the pantry and waving my wand so that the milk zooms out of the fridge and lands on the table, “Hungry?”


I wave my wand again and two bowls and two spoons join the milk on the table I’m waddling towards.

“Al and James were asleep – probably will be until the afternoon, lazy pricks – and I guess Mum and Dad thought I’d be asleep a while too, but unfortunately for me my room is right above theirs and they aren’t very quiet,” Lily explains with a scowl and another disgusted look.

“What were they –” Lily gives me a look that is way to old for her to know how to give and my eyes widen and I nod, looking down at my cereal.

She shakes her head quickly before picking up her spoon, “I left a note on my door and I’m planning on joining the club at the next family get together.”

“Good thinking,” I smiled before I took a rather large bite of cereal.

Poor Lily. At least now she had a Ginny-and-Harry shagging story to share with the rest of the family – we all get together and discuss them sometimes when gossip is running low or when someone new joins the pack. It was something of a right of passage as a Weasley/Potter; everyone had a story about Ginny and Harry sans clothing.

Yes, that does include me. I like to think that mine is the most scarring of them all, but that title is currently under review as Uncles Ron and Percy and Aunt Angelina all claim that theirs is worse.

As if.

Doggy style on the bathroom floor at the Burrow during Roxy’s second birthday party definitely beats in the bathtub at their own house – even if Uncle Ron is her sister and his best mate. You don’t walk into the Potter house, let alone their bathroom, without protective eye and ear wear such as your hands and a loud “NA-NA-NA I’M COMING IN SO STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING IF IT HAPPENS TO BE EACH OTHER!”, respectively. Usually I’m all for happy and in-love couples going at it, but when it comes to game of wand-cloak-stone to see who has to go into the house first…

But maybe that’s just me.

“How’s Rennnntonnn,” I ask in a somewhat teasing manner. She blushes and I grin; oh to be young again.

“Shut up,” she mumbles. “James and Al, of course, told Mum and Dad and now they’re insisting he comes over for dinner sometime, which I can’t really say no to because he lives next door…”

“Oh, rough.”

She nods solemnly, “I’m fairly certain our parents have discussed our future.”

I laugh, “But other than that?”

She smiles, “He’s amazing. You’ll get to meet him over break, if you want.”

“Definitely,” I smile at her and take another bite of my cereal.

“Speaking of guys, have you heard from the no-good, cheating bastard recently?” Lily asks as I chew up my delicious calorie-filled goodness that I totally don’t even feel bad about eating because I’m pregnant.

I snort, “Which one?”

Lily laughs a pretty laugh. I hope I have a daughter that has a pretty laugh. And who I can talk to. Because even though Lily’s only thirteen (almost fourteen), I obviously can still get along with her pretty well. Much better than I get on with Lucy. Though Lucy is Molly’s sister and Uncle Percy’s daughter so she has a clear disadvantage to Lily who was raised by Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry to kick the arses of her two older brothers.

“Good point,” she says. “I was talking about the one that you brought to the Halloween dinner.”

She doesn’t say his name and I’m grateful. Something about hearing or thinking is name just makes the wound smart a little more.

“Haven’t heard – though I’m pretty sure Em and Aunt Gin threatened him pretty harshly…”

She laughs again, but this time it sounds more… evil.

I like it.

“Mum said that she doesn’t think he’ll have the balls to contact you again,” she says. “Mainly because I think she threatened to take them off if he did.”

“Cheers,” I grin half-heartedly, lifting my spoon in Lily’s direction before directing it into my mouth.

“Mum says that I can come with you tomorrow to help pick out the paint and sheets for the nursery if it’s okay with you.”

I swallow a rather large bite, “‘Course it’s okay with me, Lils; I’m going to need someone to save me from the adults.” I add without thinking as my mind goes back to all the countless hours I’ve spent with Aunt Angelina and Aunt Ginny and Aunt Hermione picking out color schemes and cribs mats and color-coded stuffed animals… they’d laughed when I suggested we ‘just get a nice pink and be done with it.’

Lily grins at me, confused, “What are you talking about – you’re one of them now.”

I look back at her, her brown eyes staring at me as I blink stupidly. The baby kicks me, hard, and I gasp and move my hand to my stomach, “Yeah, I guess I am.”


“I told you not to look in that bag, you sneaky bint,” I laugh and grab it away as Lily tries to peak into a large sack I’ve told her she can’t look in because it’s concealing her gift.

She huffs playfully and grabs another gift from the pile. She’s helping me wrap my Christmas presents for the family and if she tries to look in the bag one more time I’ll be forced to hex her. We have the gifts sprawled out beside us on the living room floor and I’m sitting with my legs out and back leaning against the couch. I’m comfortable enough, at least for now, but I can’t help but envy Lily for her ability to bend any way she wants without a quaffle-sized stomach getting in the way.

For all the trouble it was getting down on the floor (and getting back up… oh, I was dreading that), I probably should just wave my wand and have the gifts wrap themselves… but Maman and Dad always said there was something special about a gift hand-wrapped and I guess I’ve never broken the habit.

“And my Mum asks where I’ve heard these words,” Lily rolls her eyes at me.

“Oh, shush. If that’s the first time you’ve heard that word, I’ll eat my sock,” I tell her as I try to lean forward far enough to grab the tape that’s resting beside said sock. Lily laughs. “Damnit!” I curse, giving up and leaning back against the couch.

I pick up my wand, about to make the tape hit Lily in the face for laughing at me, when my fireplace turns green and a frantic-looking Aunt Ginny with with wet hair, jeans, and a v-neck black sweater walks out, “Dominique, have you seen –” she starts before she spots her daughter and her face floods with relief… then anger. “Lily Luna Potter! Do you know how worried I was!?” her voice reaches a very high level very quickly. I wonder if she can teach me to do that.

I see Lily turning a bit red, though I don’t know if it’s with anger or embarrassment, “I left you a note, Mum, I didn’t want to interrupt what you and dad were doing.”

Ah, embarrassment, have you met my Aunt Ginny? Her face turns red faster than the hair on a Weasley kid’s head, “Where was your note?” she asks, though her voice is considerably less frightening now.

“On my door – where I figured you’d come look for me.”

Aunt Ginny sighs, “Okay, okay,” she says sitting down in the chair closest to her. “Sorry, Lils. I was just terrified I wake up and you’re gone –”

“I don’t think that’s really how it went, Aunt Ginny,” I smirk at her.

She blushes again, “Just wait until your daughter comes along and scares the sh… crap out of you,” she amends upon remembering her daughter is still in the room.

“Mum, I’m thirteen,” Lily rolls her eyes again. They’re going to get stuck like that one day.

“And I’m still your mother,” Ginny fires back before looking at me. “So, at least you’ve put her to work, then.”

I grin, “What else is she good for?”

“Thanks, ‘Nique,” Lily says, her voice filled with sarcasm.

“Anytime,” I look around and suddenly remember that we’re in a room full of gifts I’ve gotten for the family. “Shit! –”



“Did we hide your mum’s gift?” I ignore both of them as I make sure that Aunt Ginny’s gift isn’t lying out in the open.

“I already wrapped it,” Lily laughs.

“Okay, good. Your mother is nearly as bad as you are at not poking around in the gift bag.”

“I am not!” Ginny cries indignantly. “I’m much too old for –”

“Oh, please. You still fight Uncle Ron and Lily over who gets to lick the spoon when Grandma Weasley makes cake batter!”

“It’s good batter!” Ginny pouts. “And she usually gives it to Lily in the end anyway.”

“It’s because she loves me more.”

“Cheeky girl.”

“Learned from the best, Mum,” Lily grins and her mother sighs. I smile as I watch them interact. I hope, again, that my daughter and I get along. What if I get one like Victoire? All prissy and uppity?

Merlin, I’d have to give her to Aunt Ginny to straighten out or something.

But that won’t happen. Surely that can’t happen. Not if I raise her right.

How the fuck to I raise her right?!

“Dominique, did you hear me?” Aunt Ginny waves her hand in front of my face.

“No, sorry, what?”

“I said I have to steal your help now – Harry’s making brunch."
“You left Daddy in the kitchen… alone?!” Lily asked, her eyes wide.

“Why didn’t you say so sooner?! Go! Make sure your house is still standing,” I tell her urgently.

Aunt Ginny laughs, “He’s not that bad.” She looks from the my face (which houses a look of disbelief) to her daughters (whose face mirrors mine) and her smile falters, “We should go.”

I nod.

“But tomorrow, ten o’clock, I’ll meet you here and we’ll floo to Diagon Alley.”

“Sounds good.”

“I’m coming, Mum. Dominique said it was alright,” Lily says as she takes a pinch of floo powder.

“Yeah, yeah, go make sure Dad and the boys are still alive,” Ginny rushes Lily who rolls her eyes again (surely not all teenagers do that that much… I think I’d get dizzy) and soon spins away in the fire. “Bye, love,” Aunt Ginny blows me a kiss before leaving.

When they’re both gone and the fire is back to its normal color I sigh, look around me at the many presents that have yet to be wrapped, and wave my wand. A minute later, they’re all wrapped perfectly and I smile sadly and banish them all into the corner.

Everything else has changed this year and on this one thing, because I finally could, I took the easy way out.


The over the next few days, I not only picked out some nice nursery colors (light pink walls with a faint gold design twisting around them and white trim), but also supervised the putting up of said wallpaper and slowly began to fill my daughter’s room with clothes and sheets and toys.

I paid for everything we bought when we went out, but Aunt Angelina and Aunt Ginny and Dad had a habit of showing up with “old” toys or clothes or sheets that smelted suspiciously brand new or still had a price tag.

Mainly, the nursery was in disarray except for the walls which looked lovely. Christmas was in five days and I had a very bad feeling that the ‘good guys’ side of my family (a.k.a. the side that didn’t completely hate and/or shun me) were going to spend way too much money on me. 

Though normally I was very excited about Christmas and all the lights and food and (sometimes) the company, this year I was a tad depressed. Though I hadn’t formally been un-invited to the happenings at the Burrow with the whole family, I didn’t feel like I was welcome there this year, despite the fact that Aunt Ginny’s family, Uncle George’s family, Uncle Ron’s family, Dad, and Louis had all begged me to come.

I would really miss the crazy nearly-all-day Christmas extravaganza this year, and I was in a mood about it too.

Though that could have been the hormones.

But today, even with Christmas five days away, all talk of the celebration was far from my mind.

“She looks like me, don’t you think?” I asked, laying sideways on the couch as Emmelyn sat in Fred’s lap in the chair next to it. I was holding up the latest picture of my baby girl; it was taken that morning at my monthly appointment that morning. I was very glad that Emmelyn had thought to reschedule it with another maternity healer at a time when Hayes was off work so I didn’t have to deal with him. 

“She resembles more of a clabbert if you ask me,” Fred said, tilting his head to the side.

“Isn’t that that thing that looks half-monkey and half-frog?” Emmelyn asked, furrowing her brows.

“Yeah, look the baby even has that pustule-looking thing on its forehead and –”

My baby does not look like a clabbert!” I growl at them, pulling away the photo so they can no longer see it.

“An erkling then?” Fred suggested.

“Erkling’s eat children, dumbass, not resemble them,” Emmelyn rolled her eyes as I fumed.

“But they kinda look like gnomes only bigger and the picture –”

“Maybe I shouldn’t let you be godfather if you keep comparing my child to various magical creatures,” I spat, sitting up to glare at him. My daughter was beautiful and he was the one that would be lucky to spawn a kid that looked halfway human, let alone like my baby.

“Now, now, no need to make such rash decisions!” Fred says worriedly, “I was just kidding! That baby is going to be a knock out.”

I nod once, “Good choice.”

They started talking to each other as I gazed behind them and out the window. The sun was setting, about to disappear behind the building across the street from mine; snow glistened in the dimming light, catching my eye, and continued to fall in fairly large flakes. I sighed, looked to the fire in front of me and waved my wand to add more wood.

Just then, the oven timer went off signaling that the mince pie I’d actually made all-by-myself-just-like-an-adult was ready. I grinned, “Food! You guys want any?” I asked as I stood up.

They turned from their own little conversation with almost identical pitying looks on their faces. “Shit, it’s five thirty? We have to go, actually,” Emmelyn said, looking immensely sorry.

“We’re having dinner at her parents house at six,” Fred explained. “And I need to shower and change – my clothes are at her flat.”

“Uncle George and Aunt Angelina are letting you stay at her flat?” I asked, disbelieving.

“Nope, I told them I was keeping you company for a few days,” Fred grins at me and I roll my eyes.

“You better hope they don’t show up here asking for you,” I tell him.

“Gonna rat me out?”

“No,” I sigh, “but if you’re not here…”

“Then I went to visit Em, of course,” Fred winks and Emmelyn laughs and gives me an ‘I’m-in-love-and-I’m-happy’ look that I can’t bring myself to hate.

“Fine, fine,” I sigh. “Go – leave me all alone to eat by myself and think of how sad it is that I’m a fat, hormonal teenager!”

“You forgot ‘dramatic,’” Fred adds helpfully.

“And ‘needy,’” Emmelyn tacks on, smiling at me so that I know she’s kidding.

“You two are so not godparent material,” I scoff.

“Hey!” they say at the same time in the same whiney voice.

I smirk at them, “Leave, you no-good-best-friends.”

“I take offense to that,” Emmelyn says as she stands up and helps Fred up.

“Me too,” Fred adds.

“Let’s leave together in a very dignified manner to show that we shall not put up with such derogatory insinuations.”

“Good idea, love,” Fred takes Emmelyn’s hand and with one last wink they disapparate.

I push up off the couch and make my way to the kitchen. I wave my wand and the pie flies out of the over and rests on the stove steaming and smelling absolutely delicious. Well, if Fred and Emmelyn weren’t going to stay that was fine – more for me.

After I finished eating more pie than I’m willing to admit and took my heartburn-prevention potions, I waved my wand and the wireless crackled to life blaring the newest song by a famous witch group who’s name escapes me. It’s an upbeat song and before I realize it, I’m done washing the dishes (with magic) and dancing around the living room as crazily as my pregnant body will let me.

What, I may be pregnant but I’m still a teenager.

Don’t judge me.

The fuzzy pink-and-orange warm socks that Uncle Harry gave me for Christmas a while back (he gives everyone socks… randomly… he says you can never have enough warm socks, then winks… it’s kind of weird, but what can you do?) were perfect for sliding on the hardwood floor and soon I was peeling off my over-sized Cannons sweatshirt.

My hair had all shaken out of it’s messy bun a top my head as I sung, albeit loudly and very off pitch, the last few words of the song, complete with a butt-wiggle and sock slide along the back of the couch (in case I had to catch myself from falling), and just as the dj came back on to announce the name of the song and it’s artist, someone knocked on my door.

I froze, my face heating up, before I remembered that I’d had a silencing charm placed around my flat when I moved in. Thank Merlin. I padded over to the door, throwing my hair back up into a more complete bun before I slid the chain, turned the lock, and opened the door.

My eyes nearly popped out of my skull and my mouth dropped open. My mind was whirling with thoughts yet strangely empty at the same time as I stared in shock at my visitor. “Long time, no see,” forced out the man in a weak voice.

“Teddy?” I asked unbelievingly as I finally took him in. He was in jeans and a knited blue sweater emblazoned with a white T under his heavy, black, winter coat. His hair wasn’t blue, but a dark brown hair that nearly matched his eyes. None of this caught my attention as much as the black-and-blue circle that covered most of the left side of his face.

“Mind if I come in?” he asked quietly out of the corner of his mouth. “The muggle down the hall is leaning out of her door trying to steal a glimpse of my arse.”

I didn’t smile or say anything as I opened the door wider and moved to the side so he could pass. He looked dapper as ever as he strode in and shrugged off his coat, throwing it onto the table in the hall. I would have thought he looked perfectly at east if it weren’t for his awkward breathing and the uncertain look on his face as he turned around to look at me properly.

I was very self-conscience of my appearance, wearing a simple Cannons tee and my favorite black sweats, and was glad I had dabbed some make-up on before my Healer’s appointment.

As his eyes stopped over my very fat stomach, the anger began to set in. Anger for how he treated me last, the article, for not trying harder for the baby, and for looking at me as if I were something to be gawked at unpleasantly. I kicked the door shut behind me and crossed my hands awkwardly in front of my now-a-size-large chest, “What are you doing here?” I asked harshly.

His gaze snapped from my stomach to my face before sinking to the floor. He brought his hand up to run it through his hair, but winced, “Ow.” He looked up and pressed his hand gingerly to his face. “Should have expected that,” he said, and I didn’t know if he was talking to himself or to me.

My anger faded a bit as I really saw his injury. The wanna-be healer half of me wanted to help, but the other half of my brain told that part to shut up and that he probably deserved it. I shook my head and sighed before walking taking two steps toward him, holding up my hand to inspect his bruise.

He took a quick step back and flinched, though his brave face never showed fear. I stopped and shock coursed through me along with a bit of anger, “Did you think I was going to hit you?”

“Kind of, yeah,” Teddy said off-handedly. “Wouldn’t be the first time.”

I gave him a look that shut him up right and proper before I, slowly, made my way towards him. He didn’t move this time and when I was close enough to smell his breath (which was nasty), I put one hand on my stomach and ran the thumb of my other gently around the outside of the bruise. It ran from the top of his left eyebrow, around his eye, bottomed out a little above his lip, and ran back up the side of his nose, “I can fix this for you if you want.” I sighed, not fully wanting to help him.

What? It’s not like he’s recently done anything nice for me.

Teddy smiled slightly as I backed away, but it didn’t reach his eyes at all, “Thanks.”

I grunted and motioned for him to follow me as I passed him (with some difficulty) in the narrow hallway and led him to the loo, grabbing my wand off the kitchen table on the way. I hit the lid of the toilet down, “Sit.”

He sat.

I felt powerful.

Accio’-ing the bruising cream down from the bathroom cabinet and setting it and my wand on the sink, I spoke up, “How did you get this anyway?”

I noticed that he squirmed uncomfortably and knew that he hadn’t just been in a bar fight. I vaguely wondered if Fred had hit him. Oddly enough, I wasn’t angry at the thought.

I took up the cream, “It’s going to be cold,” I told him. “And that’s the second question I’ve asked you that you ignored.”

He winced as I applied the first of the cold cream, then sighed, “Well, they’re kind of related, actually.” He admitted.

I pulled back, “Surely Victoire didn’t do this to you!” I laughed. “She’d be too afraid to break a nail or something.”

Seriously, though. Louis and I were the one that got into punch-ups. Not my elder, more beautiful sister Victoire. I mean sure I always made sure I looked presentable afterwards, but the thought of breaking a nail didn’t stop me from clocking one of Emmelyn’s ex-boyfriends when he told her she’d gained some weight. Tosser.

Teddy shook his head, “No, she doesn’t know about this yet.” He told me and I went back to fixing him up.

“You two still together, then?”

“We’re working it out. As of now, the wedding plans are still on, though.” He muttered. “Sorry.” He looked up at me with his one opened and unbruised eye.

I laughed, “What are you apologizing for? I lied so you could get together, remember?” I finished the application and grabbed my wand to put a healing spell and a drying spell on the cream. It instantly soaked into Teddy’s skin, though the bruise was still there. “There – you shouldn’t hurt anymore, but the bruise will be there for a few more hours.”

“Why did you do that?” he asked as I turned my back to put the cream back in the cabinet.

“There’s a reason I wanted to be a healer, Teddy,” I rolled my eyes and turned around. “I like healing people.”

“No,” he said standing up. “Not that.”

I shot him a quizzical look, “What?”

He took a step towards me and I suddenly felt very uncomfortable, “Lie for me.”

I looked up at him, confused, “We’ve had this conversation before. I know how much you two love each other. I thought that if I said that, everything would be okay again between you or something. I don’t know.” He took another step forward and I backed into the wall. He was now just about as close as he could be with my daughter-carrying-stomach between us. “What are you doing?” I asked and marveled slightly at how scared I sounded.

“I have to see something,” he whispered before he ducked his head down and kissed me straight on the mouth.

Well that was unexpected.


A/N:Heyyyyyy guysss... *sheepish look* ... 

Haha, hi. I'm really sorry that this took so long. I wrote about half of it, knew what i wanted to do, but couldn't figure out how to write it. Writer's block is unfortunate. But anyway, here it is. Well, part one. In the beginning, I didn't really expect it to be a part one (or part two) but to put all I wanted into this chapter would have been too much and then i couldn't have left you with this lovely cliffhanger! Haha, but the other way would have left you with a different one so, really, you weren't going to be happy either way. This way, the other cliffhanger is now not going to be a cliffhanger, so that's all fun and exciting, yeah? But as I don't have part two written, I don't know how it will end yet, haha.

Whoa. Monster A/N that basically is me ranting. I'll end this before you die of boredom and therefore cannot leave me a pretty, happy little review :D
Camila from tda, who made the chapter image, is awesome. I wanted you guys to see how big Dominique is at six months. Some people have been saying she wouldn't be that big, but she was tiny and fit and really thin to begin with so she'd get big faster.

THANK YOU for all your support. And reviews. Which you should leave right now. Please.

over and outt.

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