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By Lady Malfoy <3

Problem 26: Here come the family. 

Yes, it would seem that Lucy Weasley has also tagged along with Lily. I’m not sure my brain can handle her quite now. 

“Rose! What on Earth are you doing?” Lucy asks. Ah, my intelligent family, full of wise and beautiful characters. Like... Well. Perhaps I’ll give that one a think. 

“Shut up, Lucy,” Lily spikes in, grabbing my last remaining jug and throwing it with full force from the battlements. I hear a muffled scream from below, and decide it’s better not to investigate. 

“’Sup, loser,” I greet, and leave a pause before saying: “You’ve got to go fetch that.” 

“No chance,” she replies, “Is that all you had?” 

“Yes it was! Why are you out here? Isn’t the life of a Potter supposed to be full of grace and charm?” I shot her a curious look, to which she just glared. 


“What about you, Lucy? Book died of overuse?” I test. Okay, I’m being a bit snide. So sue me. 

Lucy stares at me for a moment. I stare back. Lucy isn’t very pretty, very ugly, or distinctly disfigured in any way. But the sight of her plain little face still makes me feel inferior. I guess it’s her huge brain. 

“Hey Rose?” Lucy asks, “Why are you such a fucking bitch?” 

I gape as Lily starts to laugh. Unfortunately enough, Lucy isn’t done. 

“I mean, there’s no particular reason for you to hate me. I do speak in that really annoying voice you hate, but hey, I only do it to piss you off. Is it because you know that I’m not psychotic or messed up in any way, or because I’m not licking your shoes? I’m not my little sister, and I won’t cut my hair like yours, because frankly you’re a fuck up.” 

I can’t help it. I start to laugh too. I’ve misjudged this little part of my family. 

“Thanks, Lucy. It’s good to know my family still loves me,” I shoot back, “Seriously, are you here on a whim or what?” 

Lucy shrugs. “Finished my book, and James was in the Common room. You know how I feel about him.” 

Oh yes, I do. Spectacular bouts of teasing from James are just a click away. 

“Lily?” I ask, and she pulls out her wand. 

“Reparo,” she mumbles, and soon a vase is zooming back up into the sky. “Well Rose, I’m here to ask a favour. Could you please punch your boyfriend?” 

“Ask Malfoy, just give him a drink and he’ll be happy to,” I say sarcastically. “No, I bloody well won’t. Do it yourself. And why?” 

“Because he’s a miserable git. I just found him in the corridor to Honeydukes blowing all the lights to pieces.” 

“I’ll do it,” Lucy laughs, “I can hit him with my book if you like.” 

Me and Lily looked at her. 

“What’s come over you, Lucy?” I breathe, “You’re acting like a... like a...” 

“Weasley?” Lily helpfully interjects. 

It’s true. In the last minute or so, I’ve felt closer to my nerdish relative than ever before. 


“But seriously Lily,” I change the subject again, “Why are you smashing jugs?” 

She lowers her eyes and looks mournful. “You wouldn’t understand.” 

“Try me,” I counter, “I’ve heard them all.” 

“You can never hear them all,” Lucy disagrees, “ Someone will surprise you soon. I bet you.” 

“How much?” I ask, raising an eyebrow. 

“Two sickles.” 


“I think Louis might be gay,” Lily says, in the kind of voice reserved for epiphanies and big news. 

I start to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. Because really, this is too funny. This is what had her all angsty? 

“Stop laughing!” Lily stresses, “This is serious! You know Aunty Vic is obsessed with Louis’ future wife.” 

“I know,” I laugh, “That’s why it’s funny.” 

Lucy picks up the conversation as I laugh myself silly. 

“What gave you that idea?” she asks politely, though clearly she’s dying to laugh herself to insanity and back. 

“Well, I saw him coming out of this room after Lysander, and he looked really happy and loving. Like he was in love.” 

I sober up at that. Love? LOVE? 

“You’re kidding,” I say quickly, before Lucy says something rational, “And he had a massive argument with Lysander today about whether or not he was gay. When did you see this?” 

Lily shrugs. “About half an hour ago. Why?” 

I’m about to hop off my seat, but then I realise I’m about eight stories off the floor. So instead I do a shuffle back to the window, making both Lily and Lucy grumble as I scoot over them. I have to find Louis and pound an answer out of him. 

When I find out what the question is. 

Skirting back through my dorm, I bravely open the door to the stairs and encounter mayhem, in the form of James. 

“Rose!” he bellows, over the sound of everyone else having a giant popcorn fight. What is wrong with my school? Why couldn’t it be normal, for once? 

Muttering curses, I skirt around the edge of the room, taking advantage of the fact James just got popcorn in his eye. I’m gone before he has a chance to recover. Now to find my darling cousin... 

The corridor outside the tower is empty. It’s very peaceful, especially considering the situation inside. But unfortunately, empty means no Louis, which means I can’t ask him if he’s finally accepted he’s gay as a gay thing. 

So I set off for the place I expect him to be: the library. Ah, the library. That sacred little place full of that book-smell that’s much nicer than it should be, especially given the librarian. Marginally less scary than she was when I was a first year, and yet still amazingly terrifying. 

Walking quietly through the doors, I find no immediate sign of Louis. He’s not at his usual desk, or behind the curtain sitting on the windowsill. In fact, he’s not bloody well here at all. But someone, at least, is here to offer help. Not. 

“Hello, Weaslet.” 

I turn from the windowsill I was examining, just in case I suddenly had amazing tracker skills and could find out when Louis was last here, to see something gorgeous. And very, very close to me. 

“Hello, Malfoy,” I manage to say, “Do you mind invading my personal space?” 

He smirks. “No. Do you mind?” 



He doesn’t move. I wonder if he can feel the blush rising up on my thighs, or the way my heart is dancing around my chest like a bouncy ball. 

“Would you be bothered if I moved?” Scorpius says sexily. Something strikes me: we’re standing in the library, my face in just inches from him, and he’s FLIRTING with me. 

Did my knees just buckle? 

No. Okay then. 

“I think I might mind,” I reply, flirting shamelessly back. It only makes him smirk more. 

This can lead to nowhere but some amazing love story in which I am the heroine and Scorpius eventually realises his deep, undying love for me which he masked all those years with flimsy hatred. 

Oh yeah. 

Actually, it’s leading to his face getting closer to mine. I close my eyes in anticipation, and feel his breath ghost over my lips softly. 

“Did my heart love ‘til now? Forswear its sight. For I never saw true beauty ‘til tonight.” 

My mind’s still reeling from his knowledge of Shakespeare when I open my eyes, and he is gone. 

Did my heart love ‘til now? 
Did it? Oh God, the L word. I love him so much. 

I running a hand through my hair, I decide that it’s probably time to go find Louis. After all, that was why I turned up in the first place.

I slam my hands down on his table – he was in the Great Hall, dawdling after dinner, which means he’s avoiding someone. Or worse, he’s waiting to break the news to Petrova. Ha. I hope so. 

“Merlin, Rose, don’t scare me like that!” he protests, jumping up from his slumped position, “Can’t you tell I’m jumpy?” 

“I can now,” I say, as if it’s obvious, “What you doing?” 

“What are you doing,” he corrects. Stupid Ravenclaws. 

“I asked first!” I joke, even if it’s weak. “But seriously, you look like you’re about to do something strange.” 

“You mean stranger than kissing a boy?” he asks, one eyebrow raised. I beam. 

“So you finally admit it! You’re gay and proud!” I cry happily, but not too loud. Louis might kill me. 


Oh. Oh dear. “...So what are you doing?” I question again. 

“I’m waiting for Pet—“BINGO! “—and then I’m going to dump her.” 

I restrain myself from doing a victory dance. “And then you’ll go find Lysander and tell him you love him like no other?” 

Louis looks stricken. “We... we agreed we had to see each other in private. But he doesn’t want to; he wants to be public. I can’t Rose, not yet!” 

I’m too smug with the development of his acceptance that he’s gay to mind too much about this. I give him a hug and happily trundle away. Unfortunately, however much I like to think fate values me, she sometimes punishes me. 

“Rose, my darling! Your cousin said you might be here.” 

I’ve gone so long without really seeing Marius. A whole week without serious interaction. And now here he is, and I bet James sent him to woo me. That slimy little bar stool. 

“Hello, Marius,” I say through gritted teeth. 

“Ah, your voice is like hearing angels sing! It makes me want to cry with happiness. It’s been too long, Rose, since I heard the sweet sound of you speaking. Tell me more, please?” he leans a little closer to me, and I hastily sidestep him, running up the stairs. 

“Bye!” I yell back. He looks delighted. Unfortunately, delighted means he’s currently following me. Blast it all. 

Luckily enough, I run into my darling cousin. It’s lucky I have so many of them – otherwise I could be in trouble with idiots much more. Anyway, Roxy whips her wand out and puts a leg locker curse on Marius as soon as she sees him, and then whisks me off into a classroom. 

So much for a rescue. 

Love me for an update, or hate me for the wait? Pah, either way, drop a line!


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