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Return to Hogwarts by reduct72
Chapter 1 : Return to Privet Drive
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This was a terrible idea. So why had he come here? Oh right, Hermione and Mrs. Weasley had forced him to. Why did he listen? He had a gut-feeling that something was here that must be done.

"Harry, you should really pay a visit to your old home," Mrs. Weasley scorned. He glanced at Ron who returned the look with a scowl. Why would she even suggest such a thing?

"Mrs. Weasley's right. I think you'll regret it if you don't," Hermione raved.

Harry only raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes. He didn't really expect Mrs. Weasley to arrange a trip. She was a little crazy with the personal stuff.

Honestly, he considered the Burrow more of a home than Privet Drive. But the two women wouldn't listen so it was pretty much do or die.

For the past summer, it's been like Mrs. Weasley was controlling his life. She had made him do the chores as though he were Fred. Ever since the funeral, life has been hell for everyone.

Ginny seemed like she were on her PMS ever since the Battle of Hogwarts. With so many deaths and everything clearing up, all of their lives turned upside down. Especially with Lupin and Tonks gone.

Raising Teddy had been hard for Harry, but it wasn't always his responsibility. Tonks's parents had fought for custody ever since they laid eyes on Ted. It wasn't a hard battle for them considering their opponent was only 18 years old and is still distraught from a War that occurred only recently.

But the point was, Mrs. Weasley was not Ron's sweet loving mother. Now she was a huge bad ass since she destroyed Bellatrix.

"That crazy bat! She knows that was your personal hell!" Ron rambled. He knew Harry was abused there nearly everyday by Dudley and his douche bag friends.

But the last day he was there, Dudley had this peculiar tone in his voice that made it seem like he cared for Harry. It wasn't of Dudley's nature to care. Nonetheless even acknowledge his cousin.

But there they were, a week before his final year, at Privet Drive looking for the familiar white house with the flawless square-cut bushes in front. Petunia Dursley had always been the perfectionist. Before she left, she forced Harry to charm the house to stay as it was just in case something would happen to it's appearance. 

"Are you ready, Harry?" Hermione asked him. He had asked her, Ron, and Ginny to come because without them, it was too hard.

He carefully paced the road with the others trailing behind. Ron and Hermione were so endorsed into each other it would make you so sick. Ginny was silent and carefully stared at Harry with a concerned expression upon her face. 

It was painful to see Harry like this. She didn't know what him being here would trigger after all of this time. The War had effected everyone, and Harry was definitely the main target.

Harry's mind, however, wasn't worried about Ginny. He was began to count the memories.

He remembered sitting in the tall sunflowers and bushes before fifth year and nearly being expelled for using the Patronus. It wasn't a huge deal back then to get expelled to him. But his mind wasn't flooded with angst anymore. He was finally mature and understanding of the decisions he had to make back then.

He then remembered how he had left before third year. How he blew up "Aunt Marge", and how he saw Sirius's Animagus close to the small, neighborhood park.

He then found himself recalling when Dumbledore and he strolled down this very same street and Apparated to see Slughorn. Harry decided to ignore the thoughts about Dumbledore because that would then lead into the loss of... Severus Snape.

Harry's feet planted into the ground at that thought.

"Harry?" Ginny called, "Is it... the thought?"

Harry nodded. The thought was obviously a reference to the War. His mind buried the thought with simple things like what he was wearing and his favorite color.

The next image made the entire group stop in their tracks. This image, however, wasn't in their mind, it was right in front of them.

They finally found the place which didn't look anything like it did last time. He checked the windows and found nothing. Even the appearance was off. Someone was here. 

A strawberry-blonde haired girl and a sand-colored haired boy strutted the pavement, but abruptly stopped.

"You're going into the haunted house? Are you crazy?" the boy asked after the girl mumbled something. She looked a bit terrified. It looked as if she had just seen a ghost.

"Haunted?" Ron asked, his voice quivering. Ginny bit her lip.

The girl nodded looking down, "A family left with a strange couple. Then another family moved in. Nobody's seen them since they entered in May."

Hermione shuddered. Ginny teared up. Ron eyes had widened so far you could've pulled them out.

Harry was a bit puzzled. The boy was somewhat awkward and had an edgy look to him. Actually, they both sort of had that appearance. Harry tried to keep from gawking, but it was too hard to resist the temptation.

"Bloody hell," Ron replied, "and thanks for the notice. Harry here was part of the family that left."

The boy said, "By the way, the name is Shawn and this is Alexis. Shawn Figg. Alexis is my sister."

Harry raised his eyebrows, but remembered Mrs. Figg had no children. Perhaps they were her niece and nephew or something. Who knew?

Shawn led them around the house that looked similar to the one Harry remembered. Alexis bit her lip and slowly paced (very closely) behind the leader. She seemed so nervous.

Harry spotted his window to his old room. It was rather odd to see it from this angle, considering he hadn't been here in the backyard before. Ron was a bit bewildered at the sight. Hermione raised her eyebrows like usual.

"Wow. Is that...?" she led off.

"My old room? Yes." Harry confirmed.

They went back into the front and parted ways.

Alexis gave Shawn a look, and they skipped happily away to the small park in the meadow. Alexis was reluctant at first to get onto the jungle gym, but Shawn didn't sense any issues. 

Harry turned to the door and tried to open. He rolled his eyes.

It was obviously locked like he thought. He reached for his wand.

"Alohamora!" Hermione hissed as she pulled out her wand before Harry could speak and pointed it to the door. The lock clicked as the sparks from Hermione's wand flew came into contact with it.

Harry shoved her and the others out of the way and twisted the knob. He hesitated as Ginny reached for his hand, and they all found themselves then stepping into the familiar atmosphere.

*Author's Note: What did you think? Do you like it? Do you hate it? What are some things that you liked? And the things that you hated? Please review the chapter and I already wrote the next chapter. It will be up on Monday. Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: I added A TON more. So please do re-reading. I will be re-doing the other chapters as well. 1/22/11

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Return to Hogwarts: Return to Privet Drive


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