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Waking the Dragon by draikaina8503
Chapter 11 : Clues, Prophecies, and Premonitions
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Fred's POV


Two hours. That was how long she had been unconscious. That was how long Lupin and I had been sitting by her bed. And two hours was an extremely long time when it came to waiting.


It felt strange to me. A few days ago when she passed out, she had woken up in a half hour. This time, I was still waiting as the clock ticked past the two hour mark.


There was no movement from her. Her eyes hadn't twitched, her lips didn't form a smile, her hands lay perfectly still at her sides. If it wasn't for the rise and fall of her chest to let me know she was breathing, I would have had every reason to assume she was dead.


Lupin and I had sat in silence all that time. Occasionally someone would pop their head in the door and ask if there had been any change. I always shook my head no, but Lupin always seemed to never be able to hear them. He was focused on her but his mind seemed elsewhere.


Finally, I started brushing my fingers through her hair. I had been holding her hand, but I wanted to make myself closer to her. Lupin's expression changed; he was happier. "She's going to be okay, you know," he said. "She spent a lot of energy and needs to rest. That's all."


I shot him a dirty look. He had seemed entirely too chipper about the situation and I didn't like it. The girl I fancied looked dead except for breathing. "How d'ya know?"


"Well, I've been talking to her for the last little bit."


I stopped running my fingers through her hair. With the most incredulous look ever, I stared at him. Had he lost his marbles? "You couldn't have! She's been out the entire time!"


He chuckled to himself. "I see she neglected to mention she's a Legilimens. She's probably as strong as Voldemort in that area. That's how we were talking. She couldn't talk to you because she's never made the connection before. We have talked before, so the connection was easier on her. Also, the more power she puts into being a Legilimens while she's sleeping, the longer it will take for her to wake up. I kept telling her we would talk later but she seemed to think it was imperative."


I let it all sink in. She wasn't in a coma, just merely sleeping. She was a Legilimens. What else had she not told me? "So what did she say?"


"There are some things that she and I need to work out when she wakes up. But she told me to tell you that she was okay and she was going to have a nice long talk after she wakes up. She wants you to go eat because she has no idea how much longer she's going to rest."


I nodded, stroking her hair again. Lupin just shook his head. "When are you going to take a chance, Fred?"


"Take a chance on what?"


"On her." I turned around quickly as he added, "On happiness."


He stood up and motioned me to the door. "I want to be here when she wakes up," I said.


"I know, but she's going to sleep long enough so that you can eat. Molly will have a fit if you don't. And besides, Analee wants you to."


I nodded again and stood up. I wasn't eating because Mum would have a fit or because I needed to; I would eat only because Analee wanted me to. Lifting her hand from the bed, I kissed it lightly. One last look at her and I left with Lupin. I was thinking about what he had asked me. When are you going to take a chance, Fred?


Ginny's POV


I sat by Analee's side, waiting for her to wake up. It had been four hours and the only sign of life was her breathing. Lupin had assured everyone she was okay. But looking at her, she didn't look okay. Her skin was extremely pale and her lips were a tinge of blue. Her arms lay limp by her side. But all those features did not compare to the look of pain etched on her face. She appeared to be in pure agony and I could only imagine what she was going through.


But there was someone else in pain from what had happened—Fred. He had only left her side long enough to eat. Then he promptly returned. Lupin had disappeared into his room saying he had some private things he needed to work out. So I had joined Fred to make sure that he wasn't alone.


Even with me there, he was going through his own personal turmoil. I watched his brown eyes cloud with anger. He was most likely angry with himself for not being there to protect her. She said it herself before—she had to take care of her, no one else.


While I tried to not think about what Fred was going through, I let my mind wander to previous events. At 8:30 that night, Analee and Harry left to get Neville. Not even a half hour later, the three of them returned to get attacked outside headquarters.


That part bothered me. How did the Malfoys know where Order headquarters were? Then again, how did the Death Eaters know where Analee's new home was not a week after the move? Then I had a Hermione moment as the clues clicked in place.


"I'll be back," I told my poor brother as I rushed out of the bedroom.


I needed Lupin. Actually I needed McGonagall, but before I went that far I needed to talk to Lupin. He always knew what to do. The clock in the hall chimed to let me know it was one in the morning. But that chiming also let me know where Lupin was. I knew that man's schedule like the back of my hand. Running down the stars as quietly as possible, I headed to the kitchen. I entered to see the room empty except for Lupin making tea. "Oh, hello, Ginny. Would you like some?"


Shaking my head feverently, I made the words come through my lips. Words I never wanted to say, but needed to.


"She's a Death Eater, isn't she?"


Analee's POV


I was running in the darkness, hitting tree limbs as I ran. Voices filled the dark and fog around me. Where were the others? I wanted to call out to them, but I didn't want the people around me to actually find me. Then it hit me. I was completely alone in the forest. It was just me and a large group of Death Eaters. Still running, there was a mixture of emotions inside me: fear and anger.


"There she is!" a man's voice ran out in the darkness, and I ran faster and harder.


But that was what they wanted. I abruptly ran in a clearing and stopped. A fire started burning as soon as I entered the clearing. Surrounded by people with black cloaks and masks, Voldemort stood in front of me. "We meet at last," he said.


I turned to run again but the Death Eaters formed a tight circle. Taking a deep breath, I looked back at Voldemort. His gray skin and nose reminded me of a snake. He looked frail and sickly, but his words were strong. "You are a powerful witch, Analee Madison. Come and join me."


"Never! You are evil! I will never join you!" I screamed at him.


He laughed. It sounded as evil as his voice, causing me to shudder. "Analee, you are meant to be with me. And there is no good and evil, only power and more power. You belong to me. You are mine."


"Analee, he's right," a familiar voice chimed in before I could respond. I looked as a Death Eater stepped forward and removed her mask. All I could do was stare with an open mouth as she kept talking. "Before you were born, you belonged to our Lord. Now you must complete the prophecy. Join Lord Voldemort and we will be unstoppable."


"Analee, you will be my second. You will have power over all Death Eaters," Voldemort promised. "You are mine."


The anger inside of me erupted, causing all fear to leave my body. I looked with hate at the woman who had spoken. Mentally, I broke all ties with her and hoped she died. There was nothing she could do to redeem herself. She was as evil as Voldemort himself. I swore to myself I would kill both of them, or die trying.


I could feel a physical change taking place in my body as the anger inside of me grew. It felt like something was trying to rip through my back. But my anger was out of control. And out of anger I spoke words I had never said before, "Go to hell."

As the last word left my mouth, there was an explosion of light that surrounded me. With a great roar of pain, I convulsed. Then I woke up screaming.

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Waking the Dragon: Clues, Prophecies, and Premonitions


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