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AN: I don’t own anything from Harry Potter.

            Hermione woke up with a start automatically glancing at the clock. Ugh 6:00am, no matter how tired she was she still managed to wake up early. She glanced down at Crookshanks who was stretched out on his back at her feet and looked around to see where Draco was…wait why was she looking for him? She only let him sleep on the bed once and that was because she felt sorry for him.

            He hasn’t been a cat that long and yet she was already expecting to find him there along with Crookshanks. She scrubbed a hand down her face, what was she thinking? He was a human being, not a cat.

            She noticed that her face felt greasy like she went to bed without washing her face and leaving her makeup on. In fact she didn’t even remember coming home and going to bed. She glanced down at herself; she was still wearing the outfit that Draco conjured up for her before they went to the soup kitchen. She looked further down and noticed her shoes were neatly placed on the floor beside her bed. That was weird, why would she leave her shoes on the floor instead of putting them in the closet like she always did that way it was a guarantee that Crookshanks wouldn’t get to them and chew them up. And why would she go to bed without putting on her pajamas?

            She honestly couldn’t remember anything. The last thing she remembered was wiping down tables and cleaning up. Then she vaguely remembered saying goodbye to everyone and catching a cab. But anything after that she couldn’t remember, how was that possible? Was she that tired that she just completely passed out? How did she get to bed or even into her apartment for that matter? Surely Draco didn’t put her to bed, did he?

            She does remember that she had a very interesting dream that starred Draco and it involved him taking her to bed, him carrying her and tucking her in like a little child. But that couldn’t have really happened could it? Of course in the dream he followed her to bed and laid down next to her while gently tugging her to his side go she could snuggle closer. She glanced over to the opposite side of the bed which was completely untouched not even a dent in the pillow next to her so obviously that last part didn’t happen. But oh god, maybe the first part really did happen, she thought. Mortified she felt the heat creep up the back of her neck. Did her really do that for her? She was completely passed out that she didn’t even wake up once they got into the cab.

            She wasn’t overweight by any means, but she couldn’t possibly be anything close to light if he had to carry her dead weight out of the cab, up two flights of stairs and into her apartment. And not only that instead of just leaving her on the bed with no covers, he actually tucked her in and took her shoes off for her.

She looked around and noticed that he shut her bedroom door even, giving her privacy instead of leaving it open. She tried to remember when they left the soup kitchen, was it 2, 3:00am? It felt like they were there forever. This meant he would have had only about 2 hours until he would change back. She wondered if he was still here. if he stayed at her place or went back to his place? Thinking of that she felt an unpleasant drop in her chest. Surely he would have stayed here because it was convenient and she always made sure he was taken care when he was…well not himself.

This situation they were in just kept getting weirder and weirder. Just when she got used to him being a cat he would change back and then when he was himself it was so hard to picture him as a cat. She didn’t want to admit it but she rather him be human rather than a cat. Mainly because he wasn’t to bad to look at and the fact that he was annoying charming when he wasn’t being a jerk also had its perks. Especially last night, he didn’t complain once. He even chatted with a few old chaps who were engaged in a chess match while they were busy cleaning up after serving the food. And she was ashamed to admit that she was counting down the minutes until they could leave once it hit midnight.

She felt so conflicted, she knew she was letting her guard down little by little the more she hung out with him, and the more she hung out with him the more she wanted to be with him, the more she wanted to open her heart and allow him inside. But the mere fact that he was who he was was the only reason she’s been keeping his at arm’s length. She fell back against her pillow. She was sick and tired of her racing mind trying to figure out what she was going to do about Draco Malfoy.

She looked under the covers. She was still fully dressed so he didn’t take any advantage of her or anything while she was dead to the world. She chuckled to herself, she much have looked just lovely while she was passed out. Her hair was a mess, her make-up probably smeared from rubbing her eyes all night and her clothes still smelled like chicken soup. Yeah, she wouldn’t want to take advantage of her either when she looked and smelled like she did. She could only be so lucky if she wasn’t caught drooling in her sleep or god forbid snoring.

She sighed and glanced at the clock one last time before finally deciding to get up and get ready for the day.

She started walking towards her bathroom but paused as she started to walk past her bedroom door. She desperately wanted to open it just a crack to see if he was still out there. But unfortunately in order to check she would have to open the door all the way and then walk down the short hallway which led to the living room and well she wanted to at least attempt to look clean and refreshed before he saw her. And she didn’t want to appear eager to see him; just because he was doing nice things for her didn’t mean he still wouldn’t judge her or anything.

She shook her head and continued on towards the bathroom. When she walked in she automatically noticed something different about it. First there was an extra towel hanging on the towel rack that she didn’t put there and there were other toiletries on the counter that weren’t hers. She saw an extra toothbrush and a razor that were neatly placed beside her sink, as well as shaving cream, men’s deodorant and cologne. Of course they were Draco’s she thought since her bathroom was the only one with a shower and bathtub. She suddenly got butterflies in her stomach; there was something very intimate about sharing a sink and counter space with someone of the opposite sex who wasn’t related to you in any way. You can actually learn a lot about them and how well they take care of themselves. For instants she knew he used a real razor and shaving cream to shave, not the expensive electrical shavers that you have to plug in and charge up, but a real old fashion razor. This also meant that he didn’t use magic to shave like she did, well back when she had magic.

Don’t ask why, but she always found men who shave to be so sexy. She honestly didn’t care if they were cleanly shaven or scruffy but the act itself, she always found sexy and primal. Of course she’s seen Harry and Ron shave and she didn’t necessary think that was sexy, but they didn’t count since they were more like her brothers.

She moved on to inspecting his cologne. She knew she shouldn’t mess with it because it wasn’t hers and it looked expensive, but she couldn’t help but pull the cap off and take a sniff. She inhaled and closed her eyes. Yes this was definitely Draco’s; it smelled perfect just like him. Warmth pooled into her belly as a small sigh escaped her lips and she took a few more minutes to enjoy the scent. When she opened her eyes she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror with a goofy grin on her face.

She immediately wiped the smile off her face and set the bottle down while recapping it. Just because she thought the man smelled good didn’t mean she was attracted to him…oh Merlin who was she kidding, of course she was attracted to him, everything about him the second he walked into her shop the first day attracted to her, all he had to do was be in the room and her heart would race. When he kissed her the other night it took every ounce of will power to push him away, and again on the bus last night when she lost her footing and he caught her against his chest, it took everything in her not to just close her eyes and melt into his arms.

Maybe he really has changed and it was just her who needed to accept that and accept him. She stared at her reflection mentally giving herself a prep talk. They are both mature adults, neither one of them the same as they were in school. Maybe she should just allow herself to just go with it, go with the flow as they say. To let whatever happens happen. No ones saying that they are going to get into a serious relationship or even get married. Again she felt the drop in her chest thinking about that.

No, she shook it off. This was only going to be about having fun, they could be friends with benefits. Someone to turn to, to satisfy their sexual needs…ugh she cringed thinking about that. She has always been the girl who wanted it all; friendship, passion plus love and all the works. Not just a partnership based on sex only. No, again she mentally gave herself a shake. This was the new her, the girl who was just going to go with the flow, no strings attached, no commitments. Not the girl who wants the fairytale ending. That’s why she’s been single for so long, because she’s been in the mind set of trying to find her Mr. Right instead of Mr. Right Now. And that Mr. Right Now for her was Draco. Yeah, this new Hermione wasn’t going to hold back next time. She gave herself a small smile in the mirror before stepping into the shower.

After she showered, she got dressed. The weatherman on the radio said that the day would be once again quite warm and pleasant out. She rooted through her closet, her eye kept landing on a peacock blue thin strapped summer dress that was in the back of her closet, she was feeling spontaneous this morning and decided to wear it. She paired it with high heels that Ginny insisted she buy while out shopping one time saying they made her legs look long and well toned. Not that she was trying to dress to impress anyone, but if a certain someone did take notice so be it. She was no longer going to hide behind books and push away any unwanted attention. Of course she did want to look like she was trying to hard either.

She finished putting her hair up in a messy twist then took a look at herself in her full length mirror. Oh Merlin, she looked like she was about to go to a cocktail party or some fancy tea party her mother insisted she attend to meet eligible men she thought would be perfect for her. Instead of about to go to work at a small bookshop for 12 hours.

She really did love the dress she was wearing, she bought it on impulse one time thinking she would eventually get enough guts to wear it out but unfortunately it’s been sitting in her closet for the past 3 months with the tags still attached. She let out a small sigh and went back to her closet to pick something else out. As she was inspecting her closet she found a white cardigan that again she has never worn mainly because she could never find anything to go with it. It was the kind that tied high up on her waist but it was always the wrong shade of white so she never wore it. She decided to take it off the hanger and try it on just to see what it looked like paired with the dress. And to her surprise it actually looked rather cute and definitely made the dress appear more causal.

She gave herself one last look in the mirror and opened her bedroom door before she decided to chicken out and change into jeans and a t-shirt. As she was walking down the hallway she completely forgot that Draco was likely in the living room either asleep or waiting for her. And suddenly all that confidence and prep talk she had about the new her and that she was just going to go with the flow and don’t hold back just vanished. She looked down at herself, what was she thinking wearing this dress with heels? She was about to turn around and change after all when he appeared at the end of the hallway once again a cat.

He stretched out his front paws and arched his back as he let out a big yawn like he just woke up probably from the sound of her heels on the hardwood floor and looked up at her. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear and continued walking into the living room because it would seem silly if she turned around and came back out wearing something different since he already saw her in the dress and heels.

“Morning,” she said as she walked past him.

            He in turn leaped onto the table where her laptop sat. She was going to go to the kitchen but stopped since it appeared he wanted to say something. She turned and leaned over to read what he slowly typed out.


She chuckled, “Yes I did although it didn’t seem long enough, and you? Did you sleep okay?” She figured it was only polite since he asked her.


“Its okay, I didn’t mind…I had fun.” She said as she reached out to scratch him behind the ears, once he started purring was when she realized what she was doing and snatched her hand away. “Sorry I keep forgetting,” she muttered.


“I kind of figured since you purr every time I do that, which is very manly by the way.” She teased.

FUNNY, he typed out. Y R U DRESS UP

Crap that means he noticed she dressed up then she usually does when going to work. “Oh this,” she waved it off, “I wear stuff like this all the time to work.” She lied, which he could probably tell but since he couldn’t talk or type fast enough he didn’t say anything.


“Thanks,” she turned her face so he wouldn’t see her blush. “Are you hungry?” she asked quickly taking the attention off her which is exactly what she told herself that she wasn’t going to do back in her bedroom.


            Was he calling her a chicken because he caught her changing the subject or was he asking if she was going to serve him chicken again? She opted for the second.

“Um yeah or I have some cold turkey deli slices if you would rather have that instead since I can imagine that by now your probably sick of chicken.”

OK, he typed out.

 “Okay great.” She said as she turned and headed towards the kitchen. “Crookshanks are you hungry?” she called out figuring it would be more comfortable to have a third party present even if it was her and two cats.

            Damn 30 minutes of this new her and she was already failing miserably. But then again he was currently a cat at the moment so the real test wouldn’t began until he changed back, so technically this didn’t count since he couldn’t do anything to her in his state. Oh god what if he already lost interest in her because last night he didn’t even try to kiss her…okay so there were a few heated moments on the bus and again when they were in the kitchen prepping food. But he didn’t try to move on any further then that.

            If she was this flustered around him when he was a cat around her, how was she going to pull off attempting to be seductively flirtatious towards him? He probably just laugh in her face and tell her she looked like an idiot.

            One step at a time, she mentally told herself. Don’t think to much about it, just let it happen naturally, don’t force it. She put together Crookshanks meal first then put together Draco’s. She glanced at the clock, 7:30am she should probably head out so she can get some work done before she opened at 8:00am.

“I should get going…I guess call me whenever you change back or stop by…or whatever you want to do, your choice…um okay bye.” She said as she hurried out the door and locked it behind her.

            Damn it yeah she needed some serious work on her ‘new self’. What happened to all her Gryffindor courage? Put her in the middle of a war to help defeat dark wizards, no problem. Making her take her O.W.L.S. exam when she is completely unprepared, unnerving but she could manage. Opening her own business on a whim, risking but exciting. Trying to attract the attention of the one guy she never in a million years think she develop feelings for, terrifying. And she would manage to turn into mush and wouldn’t be able to form complete sentences without blushing or making a fool of herself around him. She really was a pathetic excuse for a girl and a Gryffindor.


Draco once again watched as Hermione practically ran out the door. If he could smile he would, he didn’t think she knew how cute she looked when she was flustered. He finished his breakfast fast before Crookshanks finished his so therefore he wouldn’t have anything left that he would want. He stretched again, Hermione’s sofa was comfortable when he was a cat but when he was in human form, the sofa was just to short for him to lay down comfortably and sleep.

After he put Hermione to bed last night he made a makeshift bed out of her sofa but he wasn’t tired, well he was physically but he couldn’t sleep. Instead he just laid there staring up at the ceiling, just thinking about nothing in particular but at the same time everything. The sofa was making his back ache, he wanted so much to just go into Hermione’s room and lay down on the bed which he had a feeling was a lot more comfortable on his tall frame then the sofa was. But he stayed where he was even if she was asleep and she probably wouldn’t even have noticed if he was there or not. But that wasn’t right and he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable in anyway even if he wasn’t going to remain human much longer. So he stayed on the sofa being uncomfortable and staring up at the ceiling until he felt the change about to happen around 4:30am.

He didn’t bother running off to the kitchen to change so he just stayed where he was on the sofa. He quickly shed his clothes so he wouldn’t be suddenly engulfed by a pile of clothing when he changed. He found it difficult to fight your way out of a shirt and trousers when you didn’t have hands or opposable thumbs. He managed to neatly fold his now discarded clothing and placed them on the coffee table before he felt the final tingle take place and he was left looking up at the coffee table from his 10 inch tall body.

After that he hopped back onto the sofa and curled into a somewhat more comfortable position and finally fell asleep. The next thing he knew he was being drawn awake from the sound of heels walking down the hall or rather he smelled her first; a mix of jasmine and exotic vanilla. With that he hopped off the sofa and went to greet her. He didn’t expect her to look like she did; sure he’s seen her dressed up before but never when she showed that much leg and the dress she was wearing hugged against her small frame very nicely. He had to admit he liked what he saw…a lot. She always had great legs but attach a pair of spiky heels to her feet and well he had to double check to make sure he wasn’t drooling.

It was funny she almost looked uncomfortable, like she knew she was to dressed up just to go to work and he had a good feeling that she was lying when she told him she wore stuff like that to work all the time. So why was she all dressed up? Who was she trying to impress…him? Of course that’s what he wanted to think but she made it clear that she didn’t want anything to do with him the other night, even if she would occasionally let her guard down when around him. He prayed to who ever was watching over him that this curse, spell, whatever it was didn’t have a timeline because it would take some doing to make her fall for him even if she was close, this wasn’t something he could pull off in a couple of days.

After she left he hopped back onto the sofa and curled into his favorite corner. Crookshanks followed and took the opposite corner. He soon drifted back to sleeping wondering when he would change next. He wondered how much time he earned for working all night in the soup kitchen.


Working at the bookshop was uneventful, she had a steady amount of customers come and go through her door both muggle and magical. But it wasn’t nearly as close to the mayhem as it was yesterday.

Normally on days like this Hermione felt okay leaving her corner near the cash register to go re-stock or check on her customers. But that was back when she was able to create a magical ward around the front that prevented anyone from stealing anything without her knowing.

Normally she could sense them, but now she felt nothing not even a little tingle in the air. And she had a strong feeling that they were no longer up because she could see a thin layer of dust gathering along her display in front of the register. When she had her wards up they also served as a cleaning tool, always making sure the shop was spotless and remained so. She ran her finger through the dust. Great another thing to add to the growing list of things to do; clean the shop by hand, unless she could some how chorale Draco in doing that for her when he got here…if he decided to stop by. She needed to remember that when he was human, he was free to do whatever he pleased. She really had no control over him especially since she now knew he still had his magic intact when he was no longer a cat. She couldn’t help wishing that he would show up.

Since she no longer had any wards up she almost felt paranoid to leave the front to grab something in the back or finally get to those boxes she had Draco put back there last night. She really didn’t have anything worth stealing except the money in the register and she did trust her customers. Besides she was pretty sure she still had the wards up along the outside that Ginny put up for her after the pixies attached and destroyed everything. But they were on the outside to protect her shop for when she wasn’t there. Ugh she really did need to find someone to help out around the shop especially since she no longer had her magic and pretty much had to do everything by hand for now on which took up so much time. She wondered when she would get her magic back…if she would ever get it back.

Four hours had pasted and she never got a chance to go through the boxes because she either had customers to ring up or help or get drinks and pastries for. Around 3:30pm Lisa came into her shop and went straight to the counter where Hermione was busy ringing up a customer. Hermione glanced up and was surprised to see her there; she normally would come by later in the day after her classes.

“Hey what are you doing her so early, don’t you have classes around this time?” she asked.

“Yeah in about 20 minutes. I just came in to ask if your friend Draco was going to be coming in today and if so what time.”

Oh yeah she forgot about Draco and Lisa and their flirty chat they had yesterday. “Oh um, I honestly don’t have any idea if he will or not.” This was sort of true, she told him to stop by if he wanted to.

“Oh bollocks,” Lisa said with a pout. “I was really hoping to see him again. He didn’t give me a call last night. You did give him my not I wrote to him didn’t you?”

“Yeah I did, maybe he was busy and forgot? You know how guys can be.” Because he was busy spending the evening with her instead of calling Lisa she thought.

“Well I don’t have much time,” she said looking at her watch. “Do you think you can give me his phone number? Since I never got his yesterday since I had to run out to meet my study group.”

“Oh actually I don’t know what his number is, and I know he doesn’t carry around a mobile. So I’m afraid I can’t help you out with that. Sorry.”

“Damn.” Her shoulders slumped. “Well I’ll be back around 6:00pm like always, but if you see him can you tell him to call me because I would really like to get to know him better if you know what I mean.” She winked at Hermione.

            Hermione didn’t understand she always thought Lisa was such a nice, sweet, smart girl always filled with gossip and always lent out an ear to listen when needed. Now all she could think was that she was acting like some trollop and she just felt like slapping her.

“Um I’ll make sure to pass along the message if I see him.” She said trying to calm herself down.

“Great well I got to run, I’ll see you later. Chow.”

            Hermione waved goodbye. Surely Draco wouldn’t go for someone like her, of course she was beautiful and smart but she was a muggle, no ounce of magic in her. Of course right now Hermione to was practically a muggle as well. She went back to work to take her mind off of it.

            About an hour later her bell rang on her front door. She was busy looking up a book for a customer so she couldn’t see who came in, but as soon as the door shut she just knew it was him. She could feel the goose-bumps rise along her skin. She turned her head and there he was leaning against the counter, she gave him a small smile then returned back to the customer trying to play it cool even though her heart was racing like a hummingbird trying to take flight.

            Once she finished up she turned back to Draco who was patiently waiting while looking through one of the books displayed in the front.

“Hi,” she said as she looked at the clock. “Wow it happened earlier then I thought it would.”

“Yeah I know, I was surprised to.” He said as he placed the book back where it belonged.

“So what are you doing here?” Which was a stupid question she figured but she didn’t know why he was here with her instead of doing whatever the hell he wanted to do.

He shrugged, “I didn’t have anything else going on so I figured I’d come here and help you out…if you need it.”

“Okay, but aren’t you curious about what’s going on at your work? I mean surely there’s stuff that you need to catch up on or take care of at the Ministry. There’s no reason you should get behind because of you’re…condition.” She said lowering her voice.

“Don’t say it like that, you make it sound like I have some kind of disease.” He said looking around to make sure nobody was listening.

“Sorry, but you know what I mean.”

“To be honest I haven’t thought about work since the first day. And McGonagall said she would take care of everything so no one would get suspicious. And really I haven’t found any need to go and check up on things, which is weird because I’ve always been a workaholic never taking time off, but now I’m rather enjoying this unexpected holiday…thou strange as it is.” He said smiling.

She smiled back but then turned serious. “But aren’t you worried you might get sacked or something, maybe you could talk to Harry or something since you two work in the same department…”

He cut her off, “If there’s something I need to be aware of I’m sure Potter will let me know about it.”

“Okay I just don’t want you to get sacked because of me.”

“If I get sacked it wouldn’t be because of you, it would be because of me for something that I did, not you.” He said as he reached out and put his hand over hers.

She looked down at their hands getting that warm feeling again, “Lisa came in today asking for you. She still wants you to call her because she says she wants to get to know you better.” Damn it what was wrong with her, why did she bring that up. She sure did know how to ruin a good moment between them.

“Who?” he asked looking confused.

She couldn’t hide her smile, “Um Lisa, that girl you talked to yesterday, the one who gave you her number.”

“Oh yah her, um I actually don’t remember what I did with that, I think I might have lost it…don’t tell her.”

“Haha you lost it?”

He just shrugged not answering her and smiling.

“Well you better watch out because she’ll be back around 6:00pm after she gets out of class.” Crap she really just needed to shut up, and stop encouraging him to talk to the girl.

“Oh good,” he said actually sounding more intrigued then she wanted to hear. “So is there anything I can help out with here?” he asked quickly changing the subject.

“Well actually I wanted to go to the back to sort through those boxes you put back there last night and check them off on my inventory list. You can do that if you want, it’s pretty straight forward. There’s a clipboard in the back with a list of all the shipment orders and all you have to do is check off all the orders that arrived and then bring it up to me so I can add them to my computer catalog system.”

“Alright sounds easy enough.” He said as he walked towards the back.

            She watched as he made his way to the back, she didn’t even notice what he came in here wearing since she was working with a customer at the time. Today he was wearing a black button shirt that he had rolled up to his elbows and had the top two buttons left undone exposing his collarbone as well as leaving the shirt tails un-tucked from his dark faded jeans with well worn looking Italian black leather shoes. She was pretty sure he could wear a chicken suit and still make it look sexy. She sighed and went back to work.

            A few hours later she amusing made Draco go around dusting shelves with a frilly, dainty looking feather duster. Even after he insisted that it would be so much quicker and easier if he used magic to get the dusting done. But she pointed out that he couldn’t do that while muggles were present. He just didn’t want to be seen holding a frilly feather duster and she admits she just wanted to see if he would actually do it if she asked him to. She tried desperately hard to cover up her amused smile when Ginny walked in.

“Hey, what are you doing here?” She asked as Ginny walked up to her.

“Hey I came by wanting to kn…” she did a double take, “Is that Malfoy dusting?”

“Um yeah, he’s helping me out around the shop today.”

“Huh, I never thought I see the day of Malfoy doing physical labor…wait isn’t he suppose to be a cat?” she asked lowering her voice on the last part.

“He changed back early, we um went to the soup kitchen last night to volunteer which earned him some extra time.”

“Huh interesting” she said still watching Malfoy, then turned and looked up and down at Hermione. “Is that why you’re all dressed up then? I mean your wearing heels, the last time I saw you wear heels was at my wedding.”

“I’m not dressed up.” she said. “I just saw this in my closet and thought why not? As for the heels well nothing else looked good with the dress so I wore them.”

“Uh huh okay then, hello Malfoy.” Ginny said looking past Hermione’s shoulder; damn-it how long was he standing there?

“Weas…Ginny.” He said when Hermione sent him a warning glance at him.

“So what brings you here today?” Hermione asked her again.

“Well actually my parents have Lily for the night and Harry and I wanted to go out and celebrate our good news,” she said patting her flat stomach. “And we were wondering if you two wanted to join us, we’re going to the Thirsty Turtle Pub here in London.”

“Ginny you’re pregnant why would you want to go to a pub?” Hermione asked.

“I’m not going to drink, in fact they just happen to have to the best fish and chips out there and I’ve been craving them for the 2 days now. And they have a live band that plays and everything, please say you’ll come.”

“Okay yeah I’m game,” then she turned to Draco. “What about you, do you want to go, or do you have other plans tonight?” Hermione asked hoping he didn’t have any other plans.

“No, I’d love to go.” He said.

“Great,” Ginny said excitedly. “We’re going around 8:00pm, so just come by when ever you get done closing up here. Well I’m off to do some shopping see you two later.” She said as she waved bye to both of them.

Just as Ginny left Lisa walked back in, “Oh Draco, you’re here perfect. I was hoping you show up. I wanted to ask you something.”

            Hermione watched as Lisa made a b-line towards Draco and took him by the arm and led him away from the counter where he was leaning up against. To Hermione’s dismay he went without complaint focusing all his attention on her.

Sorry everyone it took me so long to update, I had to get through 2 weeks of finals before I could add to my story. I know this chapter is kind of boring and nothing really happens but I promise there is so much more exciting things to come. So please keep reading and reveiw to tell me what you think!! :)

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