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Disclaimer: Sadly, anything you recognise is J.K.Rowling.
The quote italicized is from GLEE, and said by Rachel.

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As I sat there, supposedly studying, but instead, contemplating my love life, I couldn’t help but glimpse over every few seconds to where he was sitting. I remind myself everyday, that chances are slim, but the simple pleasure of staring at him was gratifying in itself. But it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. I wanted to be close to him. I wanted for him to know me. I wanted him to love me. I needed him to love me.

This was unhealthy, it was. I’ve been losing sleep even more, the final year is approaching, and in a few months, I’m never going to see him again. I can’t bear the thought of living without him. Even though, right now, I don’t technically live with him…

I sighed in despair. At this rate, I’d fail my Defence Against the Dark Arts test tomorrow, and he’d never notice me. It just wasn’t fair how he was so damned good at everything he did. And how he looked so damned good.

He was laughing with James, Remus and Peter now. I saw James ruffle his hair, and glance hopefully at Lily, but to no avail. She at least, was completely immersed in her studies. I was prettier than Lily, according to my so-called “best friend” Kara, but you never knew. She loved James Potter, so that probably made her biased. Or maybe it’s just the fact that sometimes, best friends lied, and stabbed you in the back.

I still couldn’t get over that traitorous betrayal. My only distraction from it now, was him.

He looked around appreciatively, no doubt eyeing up the many girls staring at him, from all grades. He dismissed the disappointed first years, second years, third years, fourth years, and fifth years with a quick blink of his eyes, but I felt his gaze lingering on me for a few seconds more. I tried to stare back seductively, but I don’t think it worked. Half of me was attempting to be that type of desirable and alluring girl that he always went for, while the other half was still the fan-girl.

I slumped back dishearteningly, I had obviously hallucinated the acknowledging stare he’d given me. Instead, he’d gone for that older seventh year, who had lifted up her robe, and flaunted her perfect, slender legs.

I saw James slap him on the back, like he seemed to do often, and next second, the two had disappeared outside, already with hands entwining and his mouth dangerously close to her lips. With a smirk at me, she deliberately rested her head on his shoulders. I glared back defiantly. Someday I’d get her. Someday, that would be me. Someday, he would be mine.

This was all Kara’s fault. Why did she have to blurt out I liked him? I know she tempted it out of her, but best friends should be better than that.

I gave up on my homework. There was no way I could study like this. Now that he was gone, I had lost all concentration I had ever had, and I almost felt sleepy. The raucous noise was beginning to get to my ear drums, and as I surveyed the room, I could see Lily felt the same.

She cast an irritating scowl at James, and packed her books up in a rush. He frowned at her, it was easy to see he was crestfallen. It was then that I got my idea.

There was no way I could speak to him without looking like a loser. No doubt for his reputation, he’d brush me off and pretend like I was someone he didn’t know. Pausing, I thought for a second before the instinctive mischievous side of me kicked in.

I left the room abruptly, eager to start my plan. My thoughts were broken when I walked past an empty Charms classroom and heard some disturbing sounds. I couldn’t resist, and as I peeked through the doorway, he was lying on top of her, and not yet doing it yet, but close to it. He was driven by his carnal desires, and swiftly began to undress himself, his actions mirrored by that girl.

I felt my eyes dilate in shock, and I stepped back and forced myself to go on before I saw anymore. It was horrible, to see them together. But with a new firm of resolve (I would be there very, very soon), I pushed on ahead to the Owlery.

Scribbling a note, I hastened to attach it to the nearest school owl, and almost ran back to the Gryffindor common room in my excitement.

Just as I’d expected, an owl tapped on the window, but everyone was so caught up in their activity, no one had noticed. Trying to act normally, I went across and took it in.

“James, I think this is for you,” I said, holding out the barn owl.

Fumbling with the envelope, and no doubt, filled with curiousity, he said, “Thanks”, without even looking at me.

I took the opportunity to escape out and go to my destination, and then hope, that he read the note, and followed it.

If you want Lily, I can help you.
Astronomy Tower. Now.

It was cold up there, and the wind was rustling fiercely. I had only sat there for a few minutes, when I heard hesitant footsteps on the stone stairs.

I tensed, and when he came in through the doorway, he was puzzled, yet still driven by curiousity.

“Sienna? Is this a joke?” he said, sounding more confident, and more like himself.

“It most certainly is not,” I replied, wondering how I could voice my thoughts. I went all out for it. “Have you ever liked someone so much, you just wanna lock yourself in your room, turn on sad music and cry?” I asked.

Startled, he mumbled, “well you know, I like Lily, but…”

I smiled knowingly. He took it the wrong way. “No way man! What kinds of people do that?”

“People that are in love,” I trailed off. People like me, I thought.

I could tell he was looking distinctly uncomfortable now. He didn’t like being in an out-of-bounds area without his three friends. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but feel jealous at how popular he was, and how he had such good friends – not that I’d want them as friends, it’s just that, I needed some girl equivalents of the Marauders. Friends that stuck by my side, no matter what.

I shivered as an unexpectedly chilly wind blew against my body. Teeth beginning to chatter, I tried to get straight to the point. “I’ll help you get Lily, if you help me with…”

I couldn’t end the sentence. But I think he understood. His brains must’ve been whirring in action, and no doubt he’d noticed my stalkerish behaviour and fan-girl attitude whenever I was near him. “Sirius, isn’t it?” he stated.

Shoulders shrugging, I nodded my head, and tried to look like I was in control of myself.


N.E.W.T.S were finally here. It was the last evening before we began the strenuous two weeks of testing. I tried to take a deep breath, to tell myself to finish studying for Charms tomorrow, and felt Lily’s calming presence beside me. Beside her, James had his arm on her shoulder, and his look was one of content, and happiness, even though the intimidating thought of tests loomed upon us. On the other side of me, sat Sirius. He was mine now. I smiled at that thought, and instantly, he chuckled. “What you smiling at?”

“Nothing. Thinking how good my life is with you.” He smiled. I regarded the table in front of him. He wasn’t studying. Oh wait, he didn’t need to study… No doubt he’d be cramming in the last five minutes before the real test.

His presence was intoxicating, and was making it hard for me to concentrate. Thumping my books closed, I stood up and dragged Sirius up. “Let’s take a break,” I suggested, raising my eyebrows alluringly. He took the bait.

James glanced up and grinned, while Lily raised her head and looked aghast at the thought that we weren’t studying. Ignoring their looks, I grabbed Sirius’ hand and ushered him out of the door, and towards the seventh floor. Knowing what was coming, he began to hurry too, and within minutes, we were in the Room of Requirement, on the King size bed, and making love. I could feel his body underneath mine, and I moaned with satisfaction. I could feel his hands touching everywhere, and it felt good. There was no way to describe what I was feeling. I was simply in heaven.

Although I had N.E.W.T.S the next day, I knew that, with him by my side, I could conquer everything and anything.

Author's Note: Some parts of dodgy writing. Had to end it with a fluffy happy ending! Reminder to self: Needs editing! Oh well. Reviews would be appreciated. Critique is fine! If I get the time I would definitely take a look at your stories in return! Thank you for reading!

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