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The Skeletons In Our Closet by hpfan45
Chapter 6 : Library Excursions
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Chapter Six: Library Excursions

“Thank Dumbledore its Saturday” Callan says from the line of couches near the wide and airy Ravenclaw tower.

I nod my head distractedly. It being Saturday haven’t made me less tense. The weather also hasn’t helped with my mood. I glance again at the rainy splattered windows with nervousness so in tune now that I don’t notice my slightly twitching body.

“Acey are you okay?” Callan asks me softly touching my arm as I walk by. I jump at the contact and give her what probably looks like the least reassuring smile ever.

“Course” I murmur again. I get up from the couch avoiding her stare. I walk over to the wide windows, the whole Hogwarts grounds below me from a freighting height. While the rain patters hard against the panes I let my nervous eyes wander across the ground.

“You did the essay for Potions?” Callan asks from the sofa. I shake my head pulling my Ravenclaw cardigan closer to my chest.

“You seem a bit jumpy lately...the news of the disappearance has a lot of people worked up”

“Not me, just had too much caffeine this morning” I answer back automatically, my eyes still on the grounds growing dark from the clouds even though it was 1 in the afternoon.

“I’m sure they’re fine...I wonder if the disappearances are linked” Obviously they are linked Callan, since they disappeared on the same bloody day. I wish she would just let me be.

She waits for my response but I am suddenly in a white shock as I see two figures climb up the front stairs. As I peer down I touch the glass window, my warm touch causing it to fog around my fingertips.

“What are you looking at Acey?” Callan asks. Valerie gets up from besides her and comes to see what I’m looking at, a little frustrated by my lack of conversation.

“Some people are just coming to the castle Acey, its just the little dead girl’s parents to come speak to McGongall.”

I try to swallow my bile but I still feel it coming up and rush up the stairs to my deserted dormitory. I throw up the bathroom door before hurling my breakfast and lunch in the nearest toilet. I kneel over panting, crying. I stuff my fist in my mouth to muffle the sound and let the hot tears flow down my closed eyes as I rock back and forth on the floor.

I lay down on my bed my eyes closed, a few minutes after the throwing up episode. I feel clammy and not altogether well. I lift up my shirt and check my pale stomach to see how the healing is going. Scorpius did really well.

A knocking interrupts my self body scan, and I find my voice and yell “Come in”

Its Callan looking worried and a little tentative to disturb me, “Hey Acey I know your not feeling well but Scorpius Malfoy waiting by the entrance of the Tower for you”

“Oh yeah, we have a project to do together-must of slipped my mind” I lie easily getting up from the bed. Callan leaves the room and I look in the mirror before going down. I look a wreck. Bags underneath my eyes-which are still red from crying a few moments before, my skin blotchy and pale, my hair limp. I looked more like a corpse than a teenage girl. I take some blush and rawly rub it into my cheeks to give myself some color. I lightly coat my lips in red to hide it’s ugly blue tinge.

“Better” I murmur to myself, “Slightly” I add as I open the door and head downstairs. I hide my eyes as I pass Callan and Valerie still sitting on the couch and walk straight through the door and into Scorpius.

“Hey there! Little eager to see me?” he jokes before noticing my state. His youthful smile fades as he brings his arm around my shoulder and guides me down the endless stairs. I glance up at his face that looks ahead worried. His shaded blonde stubble grows out and I see the stress of our situation show in him too.

“Where are you taking me?” I finally ask

“You should recognize this path seeing as all your folk live here” I take in our surrounding for the first time and realize I do in fact recognize the familiar paintings as he leads my to the Library.


“They don’t call you Ace for nothing” he laughs at his own hint of sarcasm.

“No one calls me Ace, Scorpius” I say patiently finding it hard not to smile around his attitude.

He just laughs and pulls me closer to him and I let myself sideways hug him, “I think I would of died if you didn’t come and get me out of that Tower” I whisper.

“Hey we have more than enough deaths on our plate without you adding some more” he jokes quietly back

I give him a questioning look about to ask why we’re going to the Library but he mets my eye and shakes his head as in ‘not here’. I look around to see Auror Ryan Ashford leaning against a oncoming pillar watching us.

“Afternoon Miss Breton” he rumbles, the shadow on his chin darker than Scorpius’. I untangle myself from Scorpius' arms gently and walk over to him. Scorpius follows warily behind me.

“Looking for clues in a hallway, Auror Ashford?” I ask slightly mockingly.

“You know all things in Hogwarts start in a hallway. Might of been this one” He says back raising his eyebrows at me, “This your boyfriend?” he nods towards Scorpius.

“Malfoy, Scorpius Malfoy” Scorpius says reaching over to shake his hand. Auror Ashford takes it, “We’re just family friends”

I ignore their pleasantries (though neither really looks pleasant) and address Asford again, “I’ve seen more of you on this case than Detective Burns. I thought you were here just for...security?”

“I’m here for a lot of reasons, pray not one of them are you” he says. I resist rolling my eyes at him-or punching him for that matter. He’s not that much older than us, though punching a Auror looks pretty bad especially when on the hotlist for possible murder.

“You been crying?” he asks a little softer this time noticing my eyes, and well my whole general appearance. I fight the urge to hiss.

“Not more than any other teenage girl. See you around Auror Ashford” I say smoothly ending the conversation, walking away. Scorpius is already hot on my heels.

“Lets hope not Breton...”

We walk away, once far enough Scorpius hisses at me “What the hell was that about? Do you want to get us deeper in shit?!”

“I don’t like that Auror he seems to know too much...” I say back. We’re now walking at a faster pace to the Library

“What were you so upset about anyways?” Scorpius asks

I pause then answer “I saw Jackline’s parents coming up to the castle through the window...and just panicked”

“You have no reason too, everything is going to be fine” Scorpius says again pulls me towards him. I know he can sense the tenseness in my voice.

“Why are we going to the Library?”

“Al and Rose are in there. Rose said to get you, we’re trying to figure out who or what S.P is from that bracelet we found yesterday”

“Ah, makes sense. Found anything?”

He shakes his head, as we finally reach the Library. We go inside, the regular height of sound is increased, for even its Saturday, it is a rainy Saturday in which most take refuge to the Library, since it does have some of the comfiest chairs hidden in corners made for days like these.

We pass tables full of students, most doodling and talking, some casually reading snippets inbetween their conversation, others tucked in the book rows talking. Nearly everyone isn’t doing much work except Rose and Al seated at a table in the back by the window.

Laid out in front of them are dusty books, with a bunch of candles at the center of the table lighting the darkening space. Rose writes down a note on some spare parchment every few seconds while Al concentrates on reading.

Scorpius and I sit down, Rose waves her hand to acknowledge me, her head still stuck in some books while Al looks up and gives me a wide smile.

“We could use a Ravenclaw right about now. Here is the pile of books we already read through while this is the pile we need to go through” he says. Scorpius picks up a book, handing one over to me.

“Honestly we should invest in something called computers for Dumbleore’s sake” Rose murmurs flipping through a thick volume.

“Those muggle things? What do they do?” Scorpius asks

“They use electrically to find the answers to anything” I insert. Rose looks surprised of my muggle knowledge. I shrug and reply “Muggle Studies,”

We read and read and read for a few more hours. I start taking notes on some parchment like Rose, stating the book where I got the information from.

Magical Profiling of 1918 reignited the Anti-Muggleborn movement...Muggleborn’s History

Sandra Pervilia was a known researcher of blood in South American, her expeditions lead to the discovery of Vampires...Pervilia of Vampires

Much of English language comes from Latin, used as a root. Universally known, magical spells derive-

“This is pointless. I have enough useless facts to make a hundred crosswords for the Daily Prophet. I think we need to search somewhere else” I announce

Every looks relived to be interrupted from each tedious book they have open. Rose answers me first “Where else can we look?”

“I know somewhere...” I lead off smirking for the first time in hours

“Oh no no no, I know where you’re thinking” Rose says shaking her head.

“Oh stop Rose. How do you think I get O’s on all my essays? My incredible knowledge of smally known facts”

“Where are you talking about?” Al asks, he and Scorpius both looking confused.

Rose whispers they have to lean in, “The Restricted Section”

Scorpius laughs, “Who cares?

“You’re telling me we are here for hours just because you don’t want to break your little moral code?” Al asks her incredibility

“Lets not all pick on the Gryffindor at once!” Rose huffs

“I’ll go. I know that place inside out.” Rose looks at me disapprovingly.

“Its under lock and key. How are we going to get in?” she asks

“I have a copy” I smirk pulling out a old fashioned key from my bag.

“Merlin, Ravenclaws are the biggest losers ever. They have a key to the estricted Section” Scorpius groans, as if he thought my Ravenclaw life was more exciting than sneaking in to the Restricted Section and reading grotesque medieval law cases.

It really isn’t.

“I’ll come with you” Al volunteers

“Rose and I should stay back and keep fort” Scorpius agrees glancing at Rose’s lips. I roll me eyes.

“Sure. We’ll be back in a few minutes...if not then come find us. I’ll leave the door open”

With that, Al gets up from the table with me and we head to the Restricted Section, passing the shadows of the now dark Library. The voices of students still in the Library start to fade as we head deeper and deeper inside until we stumble upon the grated door of the Restricted Section.

I push the key inside the lock and turn. I hear the sound of the ‘click’ telling me its unlocked and creak the door open. Al checks behind us before slipping inside with me.

Inside there’s one long hall with rows leading off to the hundreds of books too dangerous, horrid, and graphic for students. I find myself smile at being surrounded by all this knowledge.

“I can’t see a thing,” Al whispers, his breath tickles my ear and I realize in the dark he got closer towards me. I breath out shakily.

“We can’t light our wands incase someone sees them. I know where it would be if anywhere though” I grab his hand ignoring the butterflies in my stomach, and lead him down the hall then turn left and pace down that row, “The Restricted Section is divided into topics. Dark Arts being the biggest one-the one we’re in now. Here are some of the crudest books I ever read. Under Dark Arts its divided again in Magic, Blood, History, and Potions.”

“Which one are we heading to?” he asks quietly as I slow down and take a candle out of its holder, lighting it.

“Blood” I whisper. That single word seems float around ominously, and I know in that moment he too is remembering what happened Tuesday in the forest.

“Why do you think blood?” he asked, while I scan the fading books titles that have lived long past their use.

“Well Whitmenridge and that werewolf were together on something needing pure blood. It might be a potion or spell, in that case it wouldn't be in this section, but I have a feeling that we can find the answer to S.P here...”

“How does S.P fit into what Whitmenridge and the werewolf were doing?” he asked

I kneel on the floor scanning the titles on the bottom while he mimics my movements, “I don’t know, but I don’t think its a name like Rose does....A Ha! This might hold the answers.”

I pull out a medium sized book entitled “Sanguinis Puri” by Acario Thaddeaus.

“Sanguinis Puri?”

“It’s in Latin, unfortunately” I say, “but its a S.P. Also there’s two copies of this book, you know because there’s a yellow tab on the binding.”

“But we only found one copy...which means someone else was here and took it out! Acey! You found S.P!” Al whispered at me

“We can’t read this book though, its in Latin”

“But now we know that whoever did speaks Latin! This makes it a hundred times easier to find them.”

“I’m sure Rose knows more Latin than me so she can translate but I know what the title means at least” I say

“What does it mean?”

“Sanguinis Puri, of pureblood”

The air around us seems the vibrate itself from my statement. I gulp and look up at Al for the first time.

He’s kneeling next to me, the book still in my hands, the slowly bleeding candle on the floor illuminating his green eyes dully back at me. Throughout our talking he was now so close he could kiss me on the cheek. Just the bloody thought made my pale skin blush.

“You’re lipstick is smudged” he says. Like hell he was looking into my eyes.

“I ran out really quickly” I say back, still looking up at him.

“Its been bothering me for the last four hours,” he murmurs. Suddenly, or maybe it was coming but I didn’t see it, his surprisingly smooth fingers rub the corner of my mouth.

He looks down into my eyes for the first time and then there’s this second. This second I only read about in secluded corners on lonely nights in trashy romantic novels. The moment where you do something or let it waver past disappearing forever, the moment forever gone. There was no way in hell I was going to let this moment float away wisp of smoke.

I lean forward half closing my eyes, he grabs me by my waist pinning me to the bookcase behind us. I clutch his hair pulling him closer, breathing in fistfuls of air between our desperate snogs. I forget everything as he slides his hands lower with practical ease I most obviously lack. I never liked being bested at something.

My heart thuds as his hand travel up and down me as I start to unbutton his shirt. I’m glad of the low light for I’m sure I’m not much to look at compared to rumors of his conquered girls.

I push him back gently and his naked back falling onto the floor. Still snogging, I straddle him as his hands move from my chest to my arse, going up my skirt. My breathe quickens and my body moans with pleasure at his touch. My mouth moves to his neck and I feel him smile as I begin to slowly suck on it.

I could stay here forever, just being with Al.

“Ahh bloody hell! I told you it wasn't a good idea to come looking for them!” Scorpius voice from above groans with disgust.

I shriek sitting up still straddling Al. I am not one who snogs in the Restricted Section of the Library. Well I wasn’t.

“Keep it down and put on some damn clothes!” Rose whisper yells, blatantly not looking at Al or I, both topless.

“Quit staring at my girl like that!” Al says getting up and socking Scorpius in the arm. I quickly take my shirt from Rose.

“Ah, this is a bad moment” I say

“Really bloody bad moment” Al whispers, looking angry that his best mate and cousin interrupted us.

“Did you find the book before your hormones overtook you?” Rose asks testily now turning back around as Al finishing buttoning his shirt.

“Actually we did, and I told you so” I say shoving the book in her chest, already picking up the candle and walking away.

“Told me so, what?” Rose asks tetchy following me, Al and Scorpius with her.

“Restricted Section always works”

“We should go get some dinner before we talk about this. We’ve been working for hours” Rose says as we leave the Library, books on Latin translations, endless notes on parchment, and our freshly stolen copy of Sanguinis Puri.

“I’m not going down to dinner looking like I just got shagged” I insert, still trying to straighten my skirt.

“I can make you look at you just got shagged” Scorpius says wiggling his eyebrows. His new favorite game in the recent half hour is making sexual hints and innuendoes to me because it gets Al mad.

Al comes up behind and slaps him on his head as I stand smiling.

“I got a idea!” Scorpius starts still rubbing his head, “No wait let me finish thinking about making slow love with Acey” Rose herself smacks him this time.

“Alright, Alright! Seriously though, I got a idea. No! I got a plan” Scorpius corretts himself.

“Leave the plans to Rose and I” I say to him

“Let’s just get some dinner in the kitchens and we can still talk about the stuff there without anyone hearing”

“Thats not a plan, thats a suggestion. There is nothing plan worthy in whatever you just said” Rose says in her Rose voice she has.

“Maybe....though I bet anything that damn Ashford is keeping a eyes on Rose and I since our interrogation of sorts. We can’t be missing from meals. Especially all four of us at the same time.”

“Why does it matter if we’re all gone?” Al asks, “Scorpius and I aren’t connected to you”

“Now we are. Acey had to stop and have a little chat with that Auror on our way down to the Library. He now knows that we-”

“-go to the Library together?” Al finished raising his eyebrows.

“I think Acey is right. Lets all try and look like we’re having a normal dinner at our tables then meet back...in the kitchen”

“I don’t know how to get to the kitchens!” I say.

“Damn Ravenclaws. Keep forgetting we have one” Scorpius says Al and Rose.

“We’ll go together after dinner” Al promises me smiling.

“The quicker we find out about that night the better” I say before going into the Great Hall and dividing into our houses, like we barely know each other.

Another chapter! Hopefully this was quick :) I had this half written and cranked it out in a hour. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you) I no longer have a beta, I'll just put this straight through the queue.

S.P? Turning out to be a thing not a person. New thoughts?
Al/Acey? What do you think? Too soon? Is it really love or lust?
Favorite joke Scorpius makes in this chapter?
& Auror Ashford is still hanging around....

It was a much lighter chapter but the murders are still lingering....
-becca xx

P.S. I wanted you to find out fully about S.P but I already made this chapter too long :/

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The Skeletons In Our Closet : Library Excursions


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