Ok so this if for the happy couple Brayln and Amber (I hope I got the names right). Congrats guys and may you have a great marriage full of love and happiness! = )




I squeezed her hand as we walked side by side towards Hogsmeade. The day was cold, and snow fell like magic almost.


‘Harry, were do you want to go to first?’ Luna said, turning to look at me with her bright silvery eyes.


I shrugged, ‘I don’t know, where do you want to go?’


‘Let’s keep walking, maybe we will find a store that we haven’t been in before.’


There was Luna’s sense of adventure, and her wanting to be different from everyone. It was one of the things that made her so beautiful and—WHAP!


A snow flew around me in a shower; I rubbed the back of my head as I turned around, ‘Hey! Who was that?’


Every have that feeling where you know what your thinking is in your head but it feels as if you’ve said it aloud so you get embarrassed with whose around at that time? No? Maybe it’s just me then….


‘Well, well, look what we have here! Scare Face and Looney holding hands! Ah, what a perfect couple!’ Malfoy started to laugh, after the war he had been let off because he had pleaded the ‘I was innocent but I had to fight for the Dark Lord if I didn’t want him to kill my family.’ Yes, it is a plausible excuse, but personally the world could do without some Malfoy’s if you—


‘Ow!’ I hissed, grabbing at my forearm.


‘Don’t think that, its rude Harry.’ Luna whispered next to me as she stood smiling at Malfoy, her hair was covered in snow – apparently I wasn’t the only victim. 

I didn't give a second thought to Luna knowing what I was thinking, it was just one of her many talents.


I huffed and turned to Malfoy, ‘Can you just leave us alone?’


‘Oh, oh, that’s the best you can come up with?’ Malfoy said, stalking towards us.


‘Yes, it is.’ I replied, moving just a fraction in front of Luna.


‘Harry, not here, just let it go.’ Luna whispered behind me, taking my hand as I reached for my wand.


I relaxed a bit at Luna’s voice and Malfoy noticed, ‘Taking advice from a women Potter? Guess she really does wear the pants, does she have the bollocks too?’


‘Shut up.’ I snapped, ‘Leave her out of this.’


‘Oh, is that a sensitive area, maybe then—’


‘Harkspen!’ The spell echoed slightly before Malfoy flew backwards, his hair a bright pink.


Malfoy looked up at his bangs, ‘What did you—’


‘I didn’t!’ I turned to Luna, ‘I swear I did—why do you have your wand out?’


Luna, with a small smirk on her lips placed her wand back behind her ear, ‘Shall we continue our walk Harry?’


Before I could answer she took my hand and pulled me half way down the block leaving Malfoy in the snow.


I smiled and squeezed her hand, ‘You are so amazing, you know that?’


She smiled, ‘Yes, but you can wear the pants – personally I have always preferred dresses. Particularly yellow ones.’


I laughed and wrapped my arm around her as I kissed the top of her head.


‘I’m serious Harry.’


And the laughter began again.


‘Oh! Harry, can we go in there?’ Luna grabbed my hand like a small child would and looked up at me with her big daydreamer eyes.


I looked up at the store, there wasn’t really much to see. It was made of a dark and old brick, the windows were dirt-streaked and the door looked rotting. I scrunched up my nose a bit.


‘Why in there?’ I asked skeptically, to me it was some place where nothing good to happen, to Luna though it could have been a castle.


‘Just to look around, no one else is in there.’


‘Ok…’ Not the answer I had been expecting but I let her drag me into the store anyway, what could go wrong, right?


Wrong, Luna was a good head shorter then me so I was the unfortunate one to walk face first into the cobwebs covering the entry.


‘Hello?’ Luna’s voice bounced of the walls and came back to us, ‘Is anyone here?’


‘Aye, deary, I’ll be right with ye in a second.’ My head turned this way and that looking for the owner, who was no where to be found.


Luna never seemed to let anything bother her, so while I was standing on guard she decided to go skip over to the counter and to see what there was to see.


‘Luna maybe we should—’




I let out a small shriek and turned around, I heard Luna giggling in the corner.


There stood a small women stooping with white hair and wrinkles around her face, making her look old but wise none the less.


‘Gosh, you scared me.’ I said pathetically, I threw back a playful glare at Luna who continued to laugh.


‘Well, I could have guessed that son. Ye practically made a puddle on my floor, but come, come what is it you two are looking for? Perhaps something to give to the young lady?’ She said, whispering to me.


I looked over my shoulder to Luna, who was intrigued with something behind the glass counter.


‘We just came to look.’ I said, keeping my eyes on Luna.


‘Alright, come, come, lets not leave your lady bird alone.’ The older women hit the back of my knees with the cane and pushed me forward.


‘Ow.’ I hissed to myself as she walked past me.


‘What has caught ye eye young’n? Perhaps the necklace? Aye, that catches a lot of girls attentions. Not most can afford it though.’ The elderly women said.


‘How much is it?’ Luna’s eyes stayed focus on the necklace. After the back of my knee stopped throbbing I walked over to her side. She seemed mesmerized by the necklace. It was a simple silver chain with a deep-colored amber drop hanging from the center of it. It was beautiful and Luna seemed to love it.


‘Its 20 gallons.’ The women said, gently fingering the stone with sad eyes.


‘Oh…’ Luna sounded disappointed and quickly turned her attention to a different counter.


As she moved I came up to stand were she had a minute before.


‘Its beautiful, where does it come from?’ I asked, looking down at the necklace.


‘Aye, it comes from Scotland, only a few of the ambers where given out, three to be exact, this is one of them.’


‘Can I see it?’ The lady handed it over the counter with shaking hands. I took it and held it up to the light, it really was striking, ‘Does it have any magic to it? Is that why girls swoon over it, like you said?’


‘The legend says that each stone keeps the wearer of it safe from harm, it’s only a legend though of course. Each was said to have a different power, one to see the future, one to see the past, and one to see a person’s true heart.’


‘Yes, I know.’ I figured the chain carefully and then I turned to look at Luna, ‘You said it was 20 gallons, correct?’


‘Yes, it is meant to be given to a true love.’ The women said, looking at me with lively, young eyes. Eyes that seemed to look right through me.


‘What is the power this one is meant to give?’ I asked, gazing once more into the stone’s depths.


‘This is to see who a person really is.’


I smiled, ‘Luna doesn’t need any help with that.’


‘Harry?’ I turned to look at the small Ravenclaw, ‘Are you ready to go?’


I nodded, ‘One second, can I meet you at the Three Broomsticks? Hermione and Ron should be there any second now, and I don’t want them to think we ditched them.’


Luna looked at me with questioning eyes, but nodded and headed out the door.


I set the necklace on the counter and pulled out my wallet, but before I pulled out the money the lady grabbed my hand.


I looked up to her confused, she just shook her head.


‘You can have it, love has no cost and neither should the necklace.’ She took the necklace and with skilled hands wrapped it in a box, ‘She is a lucky girl.’ She said as she handed me the box.


I took the box with a thankful smile, ‘Are you sure I can’t—’


She shook her head, ‘Just let the young girl know that you love her, that is payment enough. I saw how you looked at her, the feels are real you just have to let them be known.’


And with that she gave one last smile and started towards a back room. I stood there for a second, before leaving.


I tucked the box into my jacket and tightened my scarf before looking back one last time at the shop. Yes, it was dingy and not perfect – but sometimes a person’s heart makes up for all that like it had today.


I placed my gallons on the counter and left with a small smile in my eyes.


The warmth in the Three Broomsticks was very much welcomed, I found Luna at a table in a corner and headed towards her.


‘Hey, no Hermione or Ron?’ I asked, pulling my jacket off and taking the seat next to her.


‘Oh, no, they were here, but the owner kicked them out because their argument got to loud for her to bear.’ She said, her usual happy tone not changing a bit with the news.


‘Good, cause there was something I wanted to tell you.’ I reached for my jacket as Luna took a sit of butterbeer.


I looked up to see her upper lip coated in froth, and I let out a small laugh.


‘What is it?’ Luna asked, cocking her head and looking at me with a smile.


I grabbed a napkin and wiped her upper lip, ‘Nothing, it was nothing. I do want to give you this though.’


I handed her the box and she looked at me curiously.


I smiled, ‘Well, open it.’


She pulled off the ribbon keeping it closed and opened the top, once she caught sight of the necklace her yes lit up and a smile spread across her face, ‘Harry, its beautiful, but its too much!’


I pushed it back towards her as she tried to hand it back to me, ‘Take it Luna, I want you to have it.’


Luna looked into my eyes as she bit her lower lip, I could see her debating, she wanted it but she also knew the cost and didn’t want to put me out any.


‘Luna, I love you please take it.’ I said, gently taking the necklace form the box and holding it out to her.


Her eyes grew as she looked at me, ‘Y-you…l-love me?’


I smiled and motioned for her to turn around, she did and I put the chain around her and fastened it.


‘Yes, and only you.’


She leaned back into me as she smiled and fingered the necklace, ‘I love you too.’


I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck chastely, ‘Good, because I wouldn’t expect anything less from my number one fan.’


Luna’s laugh rung throughout the room and everyone turned to look at us.


I smiled, let them stare, because I was in heaven and didn’t give a care to whatever they thought.



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