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Great Scott!

‘What?’ Lily spat

‘You’re jealous, that’s what’s wrong, you’re jealous that Gloria and I kissed,’ James said walking toward her

‘No I’m not and I thought it was just Gloria that kissed you, the way you told it you didn’t partake in that night’s activities,’ Lily said

‘You are jealous, otherwise why would you be reacting like this?’ James asked coming to a stop in front of her

‘I’m not jealous, I’m just upset that you would let Gloria think you like her therefore leading her to kiss you and you turning around and letting her down, it’s not fair; she likes you and you let her,’ Lily said walking away from him

‘How was I meant to stop her from liking me, I didn’t make her like me in the first place,’ James argued following her

‘You should have let her down,’ Lily said stopping and turning to face him
‘I did, that’s what you’re upset about remember,’ James smiled

Lily looked all around the corridor before she folded her arms

‘Why are you pretending to care for Gloria all of a sudden?’ James asked
‘I’m not pretending,’ Lily said irked
‘You don’t like Gloria, you never have and now I know why,’ James smiled

Lily stood there looking at him she wanted to hit him and kiss him at the same time

‘You like me,’ James said his smile broadening

‘God, don’t flatter yourself,’ Lily said abhorred turning around again

‘You do,’ James half laughed

‘No I really don’t, not anymore not in any way shape or form, you’re tainted,’ she spat with as much venom she could muster

James’ face darkened

Lily watched in satisfaction and then she felt guilty.

‘Well, look what we found,’ someone said behind her

She turned to see Cane and Octavious, she sighed and rolled her eyes

‘Bugger off the both of you,’ she said pushing through them

But before she even got two steps away Octavious’ hand shot out and grabbed her upper arm roughly and pulled her back, the force with which she was grabbed shocked Lily and she didn’t move

‘Get off her,’ James said stepping forward and pulling out his wand and pointing it at Octavious who suddenly let go of her like he’d been burnt

James stood there his wand still pointing at them, he reached out a hand and grabbed Lily’s wrist and pulled her back toward him

‘You hexed me,’ the Slytherin said his eyes mad

‘You touched her,’ James replied now pushing Lily away from them and near a suit of armour

Before she knew it the three boys were duelling, two against one and James was doing pretty well for himself

‘STOP IT,’ Lily heard herself yell as the boys continued to throw hexes at each other, blowing each other off their feet and progressively moving down the corridor

Lily pulled out her wand and shot a stunning spell that got Cane square in the back and he fell to the floor, as she ran toward them James and Octavious turned the corner out of her range of vision

‘Go get a professor,’ Lily ordered a painting of a monk who looked slightly stunned
‘Now! go get one now!’ she yelled to the floored painting, who nodded and then ran out of his frame

Lily tore after the duelling boys and by the time she’d turned the corner they were already at the other end, as she ran toward them she saw Octavious shoot a spell at James with such force that it threw him against the wall and he fell in a heap on the floor.

Octavious looked at what he had done and then upon hearing Lily’s footsteps he turned, looked at her and bolted in the opposite direction

Lily stood looking at the crumpled figure on the floor

‘James,’ she whispered
‘James?’ she called a little louder to no response

She ran toward him, she saw drops of blood seeping through his white shirt and she dropped to her knees and ripped his shirt open, he let out a low throaty groan.

There was an angry welt across his chest that was barely bleeding...

So here they were, Lily letting herself fully register that she did care for James in more than a friendly way, that she had judged him and wrongly so, that she now had feelings for him, one’s that she had tried to suppress and had obviously just over flowed.

‘I may be tainted but you still couldn’t wait to get my shirt off could you?’ James said looking up at her

Such relief flooded through her that she fell from her kneeling position to sitting against the wall

‘He got me good,’ James said looking down at his chest and then looking at Lily

She was already looking at him her heart still racing from the revelation she had just had, she began to lean in
She was going to kiss him she was so relieved. James saw the look in her eyes and was moving toward her as well.

‘What happened here?’ came the crisp voice of professor McGonagall

James and Lily sat back.


Lily sat next to James’ hospital bed tediously explaining what had happened, Professor McGonagall stood tight lipped and looking livid.

‘I’m going to get Professor Slughorn and Professor Dumbledore,’ McGonagall said turning

Lily turned to look at James, he was already looking at her smiling slightly

‘How are you feeling?’ Lily asked placing a hand on his forearm

‘Tainted, you?’ he replied

Lily smiled sheepishly

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I was just angry,’ Lily explained sheepishly still

‘Lily Evans? Angry? Never!’ James said sarcastically

‘Won’t you stop, I feel terrible,’ Lily said with a sad smile

‘Oh love,’ James said with a laugh reaching out and taking her hand and pressing it to his cheek

The small and unexpected gesture made her feel funny again and they locked eyes, he had a look that she could quiet place but it made her wriggle in her seat

‘Mr. Potter you have some visitors,’ the Matron announced

Lily let her hand drop from his face and she went to pull her hand out of his but he held fast and placed their hands on the bed at his side and turned to see who was coming.

Remus and Sirius appeared around the curtain Sirius hand holding on to Autumn’s who rounded the curtain a second later.

‘Anything to get out of class,’ Sirius said

James and Lily both smiled as Autumn and Remus’s eyes skimmed over James and Lily’s clasped hands, Autumn’s hand squeezed Sirius and he squeezed back to show that he too had noticed.

‘Where’s Pete?’ James asked

‘We sent him to go get Rose, she’s the only one that didn’t know,’ Remus explained

Later that night in the Common Room
Rose sat on the floor playing wizard’s chess with Remus as Peter watched, Sirius sat in an armchair with Autumn in his lap as they flipped through a magazine and James and Lily sat next to each other still holding hands.

The talked amicably on all things as the common room slowly filtered out it was one in the morning when Remus and Rose went to bed Peter had left at eleven thirty and
Autumn and Sirius left a short while later to take a walk around the lake leaving a lightly dozing James and an awake Lily alone as she read from the charms text book.

‘How do you read a text book?’ James’s whisper interrupted her flow
She turned to look at him

‘The same way you read any other book,’ Lily replied

‘No, any other book has a plot and sub-plots and witty dialogue, a dashing leading man and his virtuous leading lady’ James said readjusting his position

‘You must stop reading trashy romance novels,’ Lily said with a smile

He smiled in return and then sat up a little straighter

‘How are you feeling?’ Lily asked

‘A little tired,’ James answered honestly

‘Did you want to go to bed?’ Lily asked a sudden onset of butterflies erupted in her belly

‘Well I’m not allowed in the girls dormitory, the stairs won’t let me up and I doubt highly that you would survive the stench of my room,’ James said

Lily sat stock still, the butterflies gone for her stomach had fallen to the floor but her heart was beating so hard she was sure James could see it palpitating through her shirt

‘Joking Lil’,’ James said squeezing her hand and laughing

Lily let out a long breath but not in relief it was the long exhale of the realisation that she was in fact considering it

‘You looked like a gnome caught in wand light,’ he said still smiling and turning to look at her, he caught the look on her face and his brow furrowed lightly

She still sat like a statue her heart continued to pound and a fresh wave of butterflies erupted. She didn’t understand they were just sitting there, staring at each other

‘Lily?’ he asked looking at her

She opened her mouth and then closed it again, just staring at him.

And then she swallowed

This seemed to be a sign to him and it was and she was so elated that he had read it correctly.

He licked his lips slowly and swallowed himself before he sat in toward her and began leaning forward, she let out a sigh of relief as she saw him coming toward her, his head to one side and she closed her eyes.

It felt like a century before his lips lightly touched hers, just once. She kept her eyes closed, it was like he was testing the waters, seeing if this was truly what she wanted.

Still with her eyes closed she licked her lips, her breathing shallow, she waited but nothing happened, She had thought it felt amazing and that was just a shadow of a touch. She could still feel that his face was very near and she could hear that he too was breathing heavily. He was waiting for her just as she was waiting for him.

She let out a little sigh...

James fully pushed his lips to hers, one of his hands cupping her head as her hands moved sinuously up his arms and one rested on a shoulder as the other touched his neck. As they deepened the kiss the room grew hotter and the air scarce.

They pulled apart finally still holing each other, their foreheads resting together, their breathing laboured, and their they stayed for a moment, collecting themselves.

The next morning as the seven sat at the breakfast table, Autumn and Sirius opposite James and Lily. Remus next to James and Rose opposite him with Peter of his left, they spoke again Sirius’ hand on Autumn’s leg as she fed him bacon. James and Lily holding hands under the table, Rose and Remus discussing the effects of belladonna, Peter happily read a comic.

Lily watched as James quickly and casually injected a joke into Remus’ and Rose’s all of a sudden intense conversation. Both Remus and Rose shot James a look and then both reluctantly smiled and dropped their conversation.

Lily smiled into her tea and looked over to James to find that he was already looking at her. He too was smiling and she put her cup down, James leant in and gave her a small peck on the lips that she readily received. James took the cup of tea from her hands and had a sip himself, Lily watched him and then they both turned back to their friends to see them staring at them.

‘This is new,’ Sirius said casually as the rest gaped at them

‘Nah, I told you I’d get her one day,’ James said with a smile bringing their entwined hands up to his mouth and kissing her hand.

‘I said it was new, not unexpected, after last night we were all placing bets to see when you’d actually get together,’ Sirius explained pulling out a galleon from his pocket and flicking it in James’ direction.

James caught it and looked at Lily in turn looked at him with an eyebrow cocked

‘I didn’t bet,’ James said more to Lily then the rest

‘No but the earliest bet was made by Rose and she bet two days from tomorrow so the money is yours,’ Sirius continued as the remaining four pulled out a galleon each and threw it at James.

‘Three days that’s all you gave me?’ Lily asked Rose in disbelief

Rose looked up, tucked her chin in and cocked an eyebrow

‘At least I gave you three days Missy, you’re the one that jumped the gun not me,’ She said in a rather self-satisfied way

Lily pursed her lips though she was still smiling

‘Alright, next bets are on when they get married and then when they have a kid,’ Sirius called.


Hope you all enjoyed it, let me know what you think
lots of love

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