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                When I got up in the middle of the night that day I really didn’t mean to eavesdrop on James and Sirius’ hen talk.  I really was planning on just going to the loo and then going back to bed.  But part of me was curious as to if Sirius had told James about what really happened at the wedding so I crept outside James’ guest room and listened in.

                “Who was she?” James asked in an excited, yet hushed tone.

                “I have no idea, mate,” Sirius answered back.  “It was dark out so I couldn’t see her face.”

                Ooh, they are talking about me, I thought almost girly and childish for my reaction but I eagerly awaited to hear more.

                “So you don’t know her name, her age, her ethnicity, what she looks like or anything, do you?” James seemed somewhat disappointed.

                “Well if I had to guess I’d say she was probably of English or French descent.  She talked about her father being a pureblood and it sounded like that traced back a while and most pureblooded wizarding families are French or English.  And if I had to guess I’d say she was around our age.  Other than that no I don’t.  All I know is that she knew who I was.  You called me Padfoot and she figured out who I was and called me by name.  She must have gone to school with us.  That’s the only way she’d know my nickname.”

                “Well maybe we could get our hands on the guest list or something and try to narrow it down that way,” James suggested.

                “How are we going to get the guest list?  I can’t quite go up to Mrs. White and tell her that I need it to find the girl I cheated on her daughter with,” Sirius pointed out rather sourly.  I was beginning to wonder if my disappearance was making him moody and why.

                “Well then we’ll ask Anya to get it for us,” James stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.  “She must know where it is and no offence but she doesn’t exactly like Angelie so I don’t think she’d beat you to a bloody pulp if she knew you cheated on her.”

                “You think I should go up to Anya and tell her everything before asking her to find me the guest list so I can find this girl?  You do realize once I find this girl I’m going to have to break up with Angelie, right?”

                “I know that, you know that, Anya’ll probably know that, but that doesn’t matter right now.  All that matters is that you find this mystery woman who made you so happy since obviously you’re miserable with your current girlfriend.”

                “What makes you say this mystery woman made me more happy than Angelie does?”

                “Pads, I saw you after you met that girl.  You were practically walking on air and I’ve never seen a girl do that to you therefore she must have made you happy where your jetsetter girlfriend doesn’t.”

                My stomach erupted in fits of butterflies as I heard James’ words.  I was glad that I had that effect on Sirius, but at the same time it’d have been so much easier if he’d just let it go.  If he searched for me there was only so much I could do to hide from him and I really didn’t want anyone to know about my momentary weakness.

                “Alright, fine, I’ll talk to Anya in the morning.  Can I go now?”  Sirius’ voice was amused and slightly annoyed.

                I audibly gulped before hightailing it back to my bedroom and shutting the door as quickly yet as quickly as possible.  I grinned to myself before flopping down on my bed, and practically floating to sleep without even caring that I still really needed to go to the loo.

                I woke up almost before dawn with the same grin plastered to my face.  Sirius Black was trying to track me down after just a night together.  Just a night of cynicism and a bit of snogging and he was grinning like a fool.  I probably would have been too, but I had been too busy being mortified to grin. Well after all he was an amazing kisser.

                “Er, morning An,” I heard someone mumble awkwardly.

                Immediately I sobered up from my euphoria.  “Morning,” I tried not to sound as chirpy as I felt as I realized Sirius Black was watching me from my sofa.  “No offense, but what the hell are you doing here?  I know a lot of birds would die of excitement to realize that the great Sirius Black had watched them sleep, but I’m just a little crept out.”

                “Oh erm it does look like that doesn’t it?  I wasn’t just so you know.  I just er I needed to ask you something,” he kind of rambled slightly, looking adorably flustered.

                “I’m waiting,” I crossed my arms in front of me expectantly.

                He sighed, “Well what would you say if I told you that I cheated on Angelie at Adaya’s wedding?”

                I tried not to smile as he admitted unknowingly what we did to me.  “Then I’d tell you that if you were really worried about what I thought that you shouldn’t be gossiping with James about it when the walls are this thin.  I heard the entire story yesterday.”

                “Oh,” he blanched slightly.

                I shrugged, “Can’t say I’m surprised.  No offence but you’re not exactly the type to stick to one girl faithfully.”

                He seemed slightly outraged by my observation, “What’s that supposed to mean?  I could stick to one girl if I wanted to.”

                “Oh so you’ve just decided to be a cheating bastard in all your previous relationships if they lasted long enough for cheating to even take place,” I retorted drily.  “That’s so much better.”

                He gave me a diluted glare, “Are you going to help me or not?”

                I rubbed my chin thoughtfully for a moment, “Not.  If the girl was at the wedding she’s probably related to me and I might actually like her so I can’t risk siccing you on her just for you to find someone new moments later and leave her broken hearted.  Though now that I think about it we do have some transvestites in the extended family so it could be a he.”

                “First of all I’m not going to go through all this trouble finding her just to get someone else and second of all, trust me it was a girl,” he assured me.

                “Prove it,” I challenged, not wanting to put myself out there just too be ditched later if he even deemed me worth his time in the first place.  “If you can stay loyal to Angelie for two weeks I’ll find out who she is myself though I already have a good guess.”

                “Two weeks!  You’re going to make me stay with Angelie for a whole two more weeks?!  Are you sadistic or what?”

                “If you didn’t want to be with my sister then you shouldn’t have gotten with her in the first part, which was what?  Last week or something ridiculous?”

                “It was a week and a half ago actually.”

                “Ah well that explains it then.  Your relationship has just hit its peak.  I always knew when the sex went the relationship would go right down the tubes with it.”

                “Hey the sex hasn’t gone yet.”

                I gagged slightly, “Oh for Merlin’s sake, Black, this is my sister we’re talking about.  Please spare me the mental images.”

                He huffed, “Fine.  Two weeks and then I want her name.”

                “Fine,” I agreed with a slight nod.

                He nodded back before moodily storming out of my room.  I smirked as he left, but suddenly the smug look slipped right off my face.  Oh fuck?  What am I going to do in two weeks when I have to tell him that girl was me?

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